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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Artsy Fartsy Three Way

group Sally123 2017-11-09

Sheena looked very much like one of those Cosmo magazine cover models with a bad case of acne. Sheena moved her face in between Mary's legs and began licking her cunt. As Mary's orgasms finally subsided, suddenly the two women dove on his erect penis like a couple of little girls fighting over a lolly. Don's erection came back, and he moved from sucking Sheena's tits and repositioned himself behind Mary in the doggy position. Their bodies began to move like a machine as they all strained to reach orgasm together. Suddenly there was laughter in the room and they all looked up sheepishly as Doug and Bob reappeared from their journey to survey the depths of decadence which had been reached in their absence.

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 14

group toomuchinmyhead 2017-11-09

"She has wonderful breasts," she continued, "I can feel her nipple getting hard under my hand." Walt watched as Danielle planted a soft kiss on his wife's ear; watched a tremble run through her as Rhonda responded to the younger girl's caress. Danielle kissed along the bones at Rhonda's shoulders as Walt felt hands slip to his cock, gripping the base as his wife rose and lowered herself on his shaft. Walt sucked at her slim muscle, and felt his arousal jump when Rhonda pushed his face aside to monopolize Danielle's mouth, sucking her ass from the younger girls tongue. He watched his wonderful, erotic and sexy wife lick the wet pussy above her head, saw the underside of her tongue stretch as she entered the younger girl's opening, watched her lips wrap themselves on the delicate labia and suck.


Wild Night Ch. 3

group Fritz 2017-11-09

"Man, your wife really gives good head," said Scott referring to Barb. I put the next tape in and it was all three girls having their lesbian orgy in the shower, later that night -just like Barb had described. This one showed Tom and Scott and some other girl, performing virtually the same sex that Barb did with both of them. I could see she was much younger, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but it was definitely Terry -Barb's drinking buddy, and daughter of her best friend. I told Barb to call and invite Terry over for dinner, and not to let on that we knew anything. Barb told her that it was imperative that we get those video tapes from Tom and Scott.

My former mistress from hell. Part 1

group 2017-11-09

I knew straight away it was my mistress. "Oh fuck" I thought to myself, "I'm being a*****ed" as I felt the strangers bulge rub against my exposed pussy. I knew this was bad, but little did I know how bad it was going to get. I heard a voice yell "get that filthy slut out of my car!". I could feel the cold straight away, so I knew we were outside, and the cracking of twigs beneath my feet told me must be in the woods. I heard my mistress cry out, "I want that bitch worn out by the time we get there!". "The little slut claims to be a virgin!" My mistress yelled, "let's see for ourselves".

Ambition Fulfilled

group london_james2010 2017-11-09

"That's Ok James, Brad here has been, how should I put it?" She replied looking at a guy leaning on the bar his long legs stretched under her stool quite near to her ankles. "Well I didn't darling, I don't know about you," she said resting her elbows on the bar and leaning back making her dress ride even further up her slender, shapely, bare thighs. I think she must have slid her bum forward a bit on the stool for his leg went right up between hers, onto her thighs, pushing the hem of her skirt even further until his leg, just above the knee, pressed against her white, panty covered mound.


Daddy's Game Night

group WinterCame 2017-11-09

"Will you be on your best behavior?" Daddys hand moved to the bottom of her chin, and pulled her face up so she was looking him in the eye. She curled her tongue around the head and pushed deeper, then moving back up to appreciate it, before going down again, repeating the process over and over, feeling Daddys cock respond each time. Finally she made it back onto her knees atop the table, but was left very little time to settle before she felt a body press up behind her, and two large hands grip her waist. Her eyes shot open as she looked up at Daddy again, who was now thrusting into her open mouth, pushing the head of his cock against her throat.

My Best Friend? Ch. 01

group nighttimestories 2017-11-09

Seth stood up and headed for the pool and then he dove in coming up on the other side right in front of Jen. He must have grabbed her tits or pussy on his way up because she squealed as he did. As Warren was licking her pussy Seth got out of the water and went to Jen's head and laid his cock on her mouth. Jen got up on all fours as I watched Warren grab his hard cock and slid it into my wife. After a couple of minutes of intense fucking and Jen groaning from the assault Warren stiffened and this time stayed in her and shot his load inside her pussy.


Labor Day Party Ch. 01

group nully 2017-11-09

I handed Sal the reins of the barbeque and went inside to take a piss, and there I saw Maria and Donna hanging out with two of the guys from poker, Marcus and Derek. I pushed it open a little, and saw Marcus laying on the bed, naked, his fat black cock standing straight up. Marcus nodded his head, and I watched my wife open her mouth and start licking his cock head. "Oh wait, that's right - you WANT to see your wife with a big black cock in her mouth!" Marcus' words hung in the air until Maria lifted her mouth off his cock with a juicy 'pop' sound.

Night Out

group SweetPABaby 2017-11-09

Suck my cock.“ Chris is saying in that killer British accent, breathing hard, watching me with his big brown eyes. I know you do.“ his hands are in my hair, pushing me onto his cock, and I’m going to cum soon, I can feel it building inside of me. I’m pushing back against Mikes cock, and Chris is so hard in my mouth, and he’s saying He pulls his still hard cock out of me, and I let Chris out of my mouth, and we’re all rearranging ourselves, switching positions, trying to figure it out. Like a chain reaction, he’s getting off now too, and as Chris is slowing down, Mike looks me in the eyes and thrusts deep inside of me, so hard now.

The Dinner Party Ch. 03

group Kiwilass 2017-11-09

She looked over at Barb straddling Tony on the couch; her legs spread as he fingered her pussy. John groaned and pulled his wet dick from Maxine and she watched as Tony slipped from Barb. Tony lay over Maxine's back, his dick wet with Barb's creamy pussy juices, brushing up against her frustrated clit. Maxine watched as John wet his finger and slid it between Barb's fabulously soft ass cheeks. "Oh fuck yes!" His hips pressed up against Maxine's lovely round ass, his cock splashing cum deep inside her. "Oh fuck Max. Your pussy looks so good!" John groaned. John opened his eyes in time to see Maxine cum, her face a vision of agony and ecstasy, her nipples hard, her pussy clamping around his dick.

Email from Cindy's Box #07

group little_asian_cherry 2017-11-09

Of course, after a day like today, with a nice long lull of just a wonderfully awful story about how Sierra went for a run with Ted and Ethan while I was cooped up in a cubicle, well, my brain is almost teasingly suggesting that I hike up my skirt under the long jacket and take proper advantage of my pocket pockets. I realize I'd been spacing out, thinking of this girl I'd never met, my own body substituted for hers in my mind as Ted sneakily slipped the shorts off her butt right as she knocked on Ethan's front door, baring her tight little ass to the world.


I Am a Gang bang Whore for My Husband and His Frie

group judo57 2017-11-09

I eagerly open my legs to allow you to finger fuck me and with your other hand you grabbed at my right nipple through my tank and squeezed it so hard that I cried out and came almost immediately, the pain and pleasure pushing me over the edge. You put your arms around me and lowered a hand to push my shorts down, giving them all a look at my curvy ass."This little cunt has been asking to be gang-fucked like this for months!" You turned me around and pinned my arms behind me, your huge fat cock still bulging through your jeans into the small of my back.

A Psycho, a Gun, a Knife and Sex! Part 1

group AnaOkie 2017-11-09

He then turned his attention to me, with his hands on his hips he dryly stated, “How unexpected to find me a witness, what shall I do with this little sweet morsel?” Feeling defiant and actually not as scared as I should be I replied, “I’m sure you will do as you will for a crazy psycho that you are.” He looked at me with quite a shock expression then rubbed his stubbed chin. Now my heart started beating like a scared jack rabbit, and with a breathy taunt I said, “You are, NOT, going to kiss me!” He grinned then looking like a sexy sadistic lunatic. You crazy mother fucking psycho!” With my other hand I grasp what felt like an 8 Inch cock or so thought his jeans.

Jenna's Diary

group CHEWEY 2017-11-09

I want to feel Carl shoving his hard, thick cock deeply in and out of my tight pussy!" I whimper. Pumping his finger into our wet trembling pussies faster as we rub each our clits together harder, in circles in unadulterated bliss as John slides a finger into each of our asses. Seeing John slamming his hard cock in and out of you while I sucked your clit and licked his member as it slides in and out. I can feel Carl shooting his hot load into my quavering ass, sending me over the edge again as John grabs your hips, fucking you harder than you have ever been fucked as we both whimper in pleasure at the sexual pleasure we are getting and giving.

The School Fete

group david62 2017-11-09

I don't swing that way, but if I did, you would really tempt me." Julie replied, an intense look of concentration as she moved to the other women and gently stroked her tits with the back of her hand. We're in the middle of a school for goodness sake, one of the teachers must come round at some point to check on things," Julie replied, her confidence returning. They tried to pull the towels down and their legs together, but both girls could now see each others pubic hair and then their cunts as four hands reached their labia, spreading the lips and gently penetrating them. Julie managed a final muttered, "Please stop," then grabbing the back of a boy's head as she started kissing him, forcing her tongue in his mouth.


Sarah's Birthday Party

group sarahsmith1989 2017-11-09

I really liked receiving high grades in school and so I ended up spending large amounts of my time in university studying. We would dance with guys, and refreshingly they just wanted to have a good time, we didn't have to deal with much horny bullshit. "To our little Sarah becoming a woman!" My friend at the head of the table said raising her glass. "This way you can go out and play with light swords all night." She explained. Finally I walked up to a cute guy across the way and asked if I could play with his 'glow stick'. "I haven't had big dicks like these in me for a very long time," I said.

The Irreverent Reverend Ch. 01

group gentlepuppy 2017-11-09

Jessica beamed brightly, the hint of a blush washed over her cheeks and then with a mischievous twinkle in her eye she looked at The Reverend and repeated his words, "Something more appropriate did you say?" He could see the excitement rise in her body and she feigned coyness and said in a sugary sweet voice, "For meeee." Pushing back her chair she looked as if she was about to rise and The Reverend said, "I hope they are the right size," and then summoning all his courage added, "Why don't you try them on?" Her eyes were really ablaze now, and she stood up and smoothed the skirt down over her legs.

Hedonism at the Shore Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2017-11-09

Linda, Lisa, Carol and Katy were all looking hot in a variety of bikinis while Carolyn, Ellen and Amy sported one-piece suits that required more imagination. I started out just watching Carol's tongue and fingers working on Linda and Katy's working on Amy, but was soon making out with both of them and playing with their tits as they massaged the lump in my shorts. That put Jim with Carol, Rob with Linda and Buck with Amy. Katy and I were the odd ones out, so I'd be fucking her on the chair, watching everyone else going at it. I started out with Carol and Carolyn, Jim had Linda and Lisa, Rob had Amy and Ellen and Buck got the chair and with Katy.

Happy Happy Birthday

group JustaNiceGuyUK 2017-11-09

Harold started to move over, happy to oblige in getting his now very eager cock back into her yet Liz held him tight, "No silly not yours," she gave him a tug and got him to sit back down as she pulled Kevin almost all the way out only a inch or so remained in her and switched him off. She leaned forward and took Harold by the base holding his cock rigid in the air and ran her tongue across the tip then down one side and up the other before feeding it slowly into her mouth she looked across at Graham then up at her husband.


Chrissy: Hookup

group Azuldrgon 2017-11-09

Mae was introduced in the story Chrissy: Torture and Reward (check my author page to find it.) and she had to pick a night where she wasn't working. By the time I reached Chrissy's bedroom, Mae was already sliding her panties off of her legs before she looked at me expectantly. Mae was working my cock, her lips bathing my length as I went down her throat before Chrissy commanded again. As I rose from my feast, I slid my cock inside Mae and started fucking her while my mouth found Chrissy's neck. Chrissy then climbed the bed and lay on top of Mae where they alternated between kissing and playing with my cock.


Wife shares herself for me.

group justfun3434 2017-11-09

My wife looked up at me and said I'm so sorry we didn't get tickets. My wife looked at me and said he's pretty cute. My wife looked at me and smiled as she grabbed ahold of it and started stroking him. After a few minutes of her sucking she pulled away from his dick and said. He started groaning as he slowed and pulled out and said suck me till I cum baby. My wife pulled her pants the rest of the way off leaned back and started rubbing her pussy as she looked at me. He took his dick out and my wife said no way! She sucked my dick clean and said She loved the taste of his and my cum at the same time.

Viva Las Vegas Ch. 02

group Sexy_Swinging_Babe 2017-11-09

He sits at our table and even though I am sure he was in the room just moments before watching me getting rammed by three men, and I am completely topless, he looks me in the eye and we discuss everything but sex. Before long I am bucking my hips, sucking on James' dick as if it is the antidote for Ebola and twisting my own nipple. My screams are muffled by the dick in my mouth and I feel Dan getting harder inside of me. James has his lips on my neck and I feel his dick slide in where Dan just vacated. James pulls out and asks if he can have one more thing...he wants her to sit on his face while I ride his cock.

The old swimming hole....part 3

group dldenney 2017-11-09

I grabbed some slices of pizza and went around the corner to the living room..."Hello for some pizza?" Jaws dropped...and I could feel 10 eyes drilling holes through my clothes...and my son gasped..."Mom!?!". As she was refilling Rick's glass, she overpoured and soda ran right into his lap...he jumped a bit, but Betty had a towel at the ready and began dabbing at his crotch....rubbing it...maybe a little too much....and said...."Oh, silly me....I think we must get you out of those wet pants....and undid his belt. Right she had started to remove Ricks damp pants (presumably just from the spilled soda....), Betty turned to the boys and said..."OK....those pictures.

Sex School Ch. 10

group Skibum 2017-11-09

Sara and Jim were just as surprised as Mike to see Janet run away from the group in tears. "Wait, I want to..." Mike started to follow Jim, but Sara took his arm and guided him away from the area where Stuart and Elizabeth were acting out their fantasy, before any of the other students noticed. Carolyn Lewis had seen Janet run out, followed by Jim, so she joined Sara to help keep Mike calm. Sara took the opportunity to give Mike some last minute advice on how to approach Janet when she had finished her shower. While Mike went to help Janet get ready, Sara went to find out from Jim exactly what had happened.