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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

House Sitter

group janehart000 2017-11-09

A friend of hers is going to the Florida Keys for a week and wanted to hire me to stay at her house while she was away with her husband. (I was lucky if I wanted to get something from home it was only a 15 min drive to my house.) My little VW bug was pulled up to the garage. "We're good thanks Mark, I'm house sitting for the Strong's, my name is Rachael, and this is my friend Chloe!! Then I went over to Chloe and sucked her nipples wet with cum. We said our goodbyes to Mark and Chloe and I went back inside and took out bathing suits off and proceeded to bed

Limo Love

group NoJo 2017-11-09

Lena looks Carl up and down and replies in a husky voice, "Yes, he's quite promising, but I'm afraid he might not think that much of us girls yet. Carl and Lena look into each other eyes, almost like lovers, both of them prodding and tweaking Gina's nipples until they're sore. At her climax, Lena grabs Carl's hard-on and tugs at it rhythmically, leaning forwards and kissing him sensually on his mouth with her big, warm slippery lips. Tina, Carl and Lena crawl back to the back seat, leaving Gina to recover on the floor. Tina puts her hand on Lena's leg and says to her, "look, they're all shagged out after all that work.


group _Savannah_ 2017-11-09

It's just that she, well dammit Archie, she's fuckin' wild. "I'm just sayin', she's wild. With all he'd learned. "So, Savannah, I must say, my buddy Dan didn't tell me just how beautiful you really are." Approaching cattily, Savannah held up a long, gleaming black glass "apparatus"; though not very thick the rounded nodules along the length concerned him. Perhaps he can learn from your mistake." "Suck my cunt, Bitch!" Thank God he knew how she liked it, what would make her go wild, or he'd be in serious deep shit. She plunged three of her fingers into her sopping cunt and swirled them around. She walked backed to the rear position (pun intended); he heard some wet sucking sounds.


Ringing In The New Year

group We2LikeFun2 2017-11-09

After looking at Susan for what seemed like several minutes, Terri grabbed my head and turned me around and said very seductively, "Wouldn't you rather look at what I have waiting for you?" Terri took one step back and pushed the straps of her dress over her shoulders and then wiggled out of her tight skirt. Terri laid her head on a pillow and Susan climbed between her legs and started to kiss her on her neck. Susan's kisses started to go further down her body, where she began teasing Terri's nipple, taking her nipple into her mouth, sucking on it, and then tugging it away from her body. Especially when I saw Susan starting to kiss Terri further down her body and teasing her belly button.

Sharing John Ch. 02

group RedRooster2004 2017-11-09

"Is this conversation turning you on?" She playfully asked though she already new the answer as she reached down and wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock to begin a gentle stroke. At that moment, John's hard cock was being sensuously teased in long slow strokes by my lover's soft bare foot through the thin fabric of his pajamas. For the following twenty minutes, I stood frozen, half aware of the movie before us, but mostly focused on the gentle squeezing of my cock and the heavy breathing coming from Zennia 's chest. On the screen, I could no longer see the movie for in it's place was an image of John's thick cock followed by the imaging of Zennia's face come to rest over it.


90% True Ch. 01

group rhev 2017-11-09

I'mma fall over fif I dun get help." I looked around for Jen, but she was still standing near the front door in her thong and bra, talking to our friends who were getting ready to leave. My cock again twitched, and all I could think was that my girlfriend Jen must have told Nina how much I love eating her out, that the number one thing that gets me going is the smell of her pussy. Nina pushed the two cum slicked fingers into her mouth and licked them and then whispered to me, "He really wouldn't mind if you bent me over the sink right now and fucked me you know." I was so horny at this point that I didn't realize that her slurring was completely gone.


Movie Day Ch. 02

group dreampilot79 2017-11-09

"Sounds like fun to me." Sue said as Sally bent to lick the head of my cock. What can a man say when he’s looking into his wife’s smiling face while he feels another woman’s lips sliding up and down his cock? For the next 15 minutes Sally and Dan and Sue and I sat around on the couches and made small talk, as if nothing had happened, as if nothing was going to happen. Dan shut off the lights and then sat beside my sexy Sue as he started the movie with the remote control. For the most part, I was lost in what the girls were doing to me, but on occasion I stole glances at Sue. At first she looked like she was in heaven with two cocks to play with (one of her dearest fantasies).


Carla Likes to Watch - Me Ch. 04

group Marlene 2017-11-09

Suck my dick hard so I can shoot hot white cum on your cunt slut." I watched his dick as he pushed it towards me and then opened my mouth to take the head in. I pulled off the black guy's cock and turned my head in time to see her lift her mouth off of his dick and take it in between her two hands. I got on my knees on the dirty floor but before I paid attention to my hot CD I looked over to see Carla with her mouth getting tickled by the black guy's pubes. And then the inevitable happened and a big cock was pushing into me and then the head just poured into me and the shaft went balls deep into my ass cunt and started fucking in and out.


Durango Bootie: The Next Morning

group High Desert 2017-11-09

“Oh, so you want to be like that huh?” And with that Garrett grabbed Chelsea by the sides of her head, turned her towards him, and moved his cum-drenched cock all over the little Mexican girls face. She didn’t scream but instead let out a low gutteral moan and shook as my cock pushed deep inside her quaking pussy. TJ began slapping her ass, “Come on you lazy slut, ride back on our cocks.” Laura raised her head and tilted back. “That’s it you little whore, show your Daddy how much you lick my cock in your ass.” She clenched her teeth tight and began moving even faster with TJ meeting her thrusts with his own.



group raiderh 2017-11-09

The living room binds are open and I can only imagine what the neighbors would see if they care to look closely: me, standing behind you, pushing you forward over and over as your tits sway in the opened robe, your beautiful face showing every expression of lust and sexual satisfaction. Your weeping pussy has soaked the comforter, which I know you can feel and would normally piss you off since you spent so much time picking out the decorations for this room, but you're so turned on right now that you find yourself rubbing your clit against the cold wetness as my tongue snakes in and out of your ass.


group terrytel 2017-11-09

There was my mother-in-law, her knickers by now taut below her fanny, legs apart, a black guy rhythmically pushing at least a couple of fingers in and out of her twat, whilst another behind her was mauling both tits. Quickly her knickers came off and leaning back against a tree trunk she opened her legs and asked whether or not they would like to shove their black dicks up some white cunt? Giving it a few seconds to empty she wiped her inner thighs and fanny down with her knickers, strode over to the other man, grabbed him by the dick and led him to a fallen tree trunk.

Tabby and the Amazing Mansion House

group Tabby18lover 2017-11-09

Tabby turned and lay face down along the bench as Cliff started working the oil into her shoulders and neck. The way Tabby was lying her breasts were well pressed to the wooden bench, but Cliff was able to slip a hand around to feel one through the fine blue bikini. Tabby poured a little oil on her hand and began rubbing it into her brother’s legs. “Oh, Tabby, oh yes,” Cliff moaned as the delicate hand slipped along the rigid shaft, the veins stretched tight along its length. “You have a great touch Tabby,” Cliff hummed as the dark haired beauty rubbed down toward the towel. “Hmmm…yes, babe,” Cliff exclaimed as he felt his cock throb in her little white hand.


Mike & Andrea Ch. 05

group bwhaleml 2017-11-09

Mike had not missed a second of what just happened, neither the leg draped over Eric's knee nor Andrea's sight path. Andrea felt herself inhale a sharp spike of air and actually let out a little whimper knowing if Eric tugged to hard the couple across the way would see her sexy under things. The instant Melissa turned about Eric and Andrea renewed their kissing as Mike's hand flew back to Andrea's shorts. Warm soft skin greeted his touch and Mike guided Eric's palm over Andrea's leg controlling its motion and direction. With Eric's hand over his, separated by the thin lace of her panties, Mike sunk that finger deep into his lover lifting and opening her as much as he could as he kissed her moist lips.

Lisa Meets Her Man

group Lisa34d 2017-11-09

From our conversation and everything Cindy had told me I really wanted to make a good impression. As I played with it I looked up at him and told him what a beautiful cock he had. He told me he was in love with me but knew that at some time one of us would want to have sex with someone else. I love dancing with him because he holds me so gently but at the same time I know he is in total control. When we returned to the bar we were greeted by some very nice compliments as to how good we looked on the dance floor. We both had a good time on the dance floor and after two songs we returned to the bar.


Mona & Jack - A Different Sex Story Ch. 06

group MONALISALEE 2017-11-09

Mona just said "no reason to deal", as she pulled the next two cards from the dare stack; one card said she had to give oral sex to the player to her right, which was John and the second card said she had to engage in intercourse with the winner of the last hand, which was Jack. Jack got on the bed and kissed his wife whispering, "Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Mona's smile gave him the answer as she pushed his head down to her breasts. Mona's hand moved up Jack's leg to take his stiffening erection and pull it to her mouth and give him one of the best blow jobs ever.


No Regrets Ch. 01

group NurseSally 2017-11-09

He closed his eyes for several seconds as he got all the way hard, and once he was fully erect, I heard Deb whisper something to Dale, and from that point on, both of their eyes were locked on Alex's erection as he worked his tool. But, from the moment she saw Alex's cock in the hot tub Saturday night, she hadn't been able to stop thinking about how it would feel sliding in and out of her, or how happy it would make her husband to finally have his fantasy come true. Apparently Dale brought it up numerous times after we left, even asking her point blank if she'd like to feel Alex's big cock pumping in and out of her.


Selling Her Talents

group InMyHands 2017-11-09

The dress allows the eyes to view your perky breasts and smooth soft skin. Upon entering the suite you can tell it is only men who dwell here. Before continuing into the living room I turn you into me, hold you tight and kiss you full and long to relieve any tension and calm my BabyGirl. The men in their lust tie your arms behind your back and bend you over while standing. They are rough, gripping your throat, pulling your head back with your hair to accommodate yet another cock in your mouth. In between your fuckings your ass is spanked with swats and taunts from the lust driven men. A beautiful submissive slut to use, to fuck, to cum.

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 15

group KrisCherita 2017-11-09

"Men don't do much for me either," said Naomi, "I still keep the landlord happy by stuffing my knickers in his mouth and jerking him off with my feet while he watches me lick my nipples, and our cleaner works for free if we let him dress up in a maid's apron and suck my toes, and I've had a few threesomes with couples when I really liked the woman, but I've always preferred cunts to cocks. Seth continued sucking on Andrea's clit-hood piercing and fingering her asshole until she came again, and then the goth girl looked at him, and said, "Want to fuck me, freakyboy?"


What a Saturdaynight 07.Sept.2010

group 2017-11-09

then they began to fuck me, one after the other, but never cummed in my asspussy, had to swallow their seed.told me i`m not worth to get it in my pussy, only if i where a real christian girl, they would breed me, to let everyone see that im a whore for turks.but i loved it, anyway.after i swallowed, i lost count, but think, more then twenty loads of cum, they shoved a gag in my mouth and then i was filled with a mixture of piss an shoved my panty in my pussy, and i was, blindfolded as i was, led to the cars trunk, after a ride, i was freed, told to wait five minutes and then take the blindfold away.

Maid to Order

group mrwizard67 2017-11-09

With a squeeze of her little tits, Steve told Nina, "These perfect little beauties don't need a bra, so you won't wear one while you work here." With that he released her, stepped back and ordered, "turn and face me please." "If I get to choose how I serve you first, it will be on my knees, with my mouth; so you will know I want to serve and obey." With that, Nina sank to her knees, took the snaps of Steve's short in her hands, and smiling up at him added, "my I serve you now, Master? Nina pressed the bulbous head of Steve's hard prick to her lips then slowly let it pass into her mouth, much like a dick would slowly spread her pussy lips as it entered her snatch.



group Pinekone 2017-11-09

He removed his hand, and before she had time to register disappointment, she felt the smooth, round head of his hard cock in place of the thumb. With the feeling of warm breath in her ear she heard her lover murmur, "Nathan's going to take care of that clit for you, baby." Peter continued to fondle her breasts and suckle her nipples while she felt Nathan use his thumbs to spread her damp labia. She felt Peter thrusting his cock in and out of her hand while his fingers continued to stimulate her nipples and squeeze her breasts. She began to use her lips, too, exploring and caressing only the head of his cock, gradually slipping her lips over the head so that it was completely enclosed in her warm mouth.


A hooker for my husband 2.

group SFS 2017-11-09

I’d almost finished my main course, when I asked Hubby, “so what are you buttering me up for?” “No darling, though of course I love fucking you, its one of the great pleasures of my life.” “The times I did things I didn’t want to are long gone darling, as you well know.” I told Hubby. But having him watch me fuck Lothar, and the others in all likely hood, now that was different. Come here I want to fuck you, I’ve had enough of these two,” Lothar said smiling. “Now watch how a real woman fucks,” Lothar told them. I opened my eyes, Hubby was still there, he’d never seen me like this, never fucked me with this intensity.

The Perfect Game Ch. 03

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-11-09

"She knows my sister is the best damn cook in our family, and her lasagna is a good bit better than the slop we get here," Beth answered for us, deflecting the question. I suddenly realized that I didn't even know if Beth was up-to-date about the last time the game was played, and the resulting revelation that I'd actually created it. I felt kind of silly giving cards to Cheryl, Denise and Beth, but was willing to play along. Cheryl was across from me, with Anne in the middle, and Denise to my far left, across from Beth. I recalled how Denise's had been a 'puppy' the first game, and smiled when Anne got her first 'active' challenge.


Roommate Fucking Competition

group alan55 2017-11-09

The dorm room was now filled with the sounds of Barb and Jill expertly sucking cocks, the moans of the guys being sucked, the grunts of the guys fucking Sara and Cindy, and the moans of the girls getting fucked. The fucking and prep work was going so fast now that Barb and Jill hardly had time to check on Sara and Cindy's progress before having to get the next guy ready. As Barry and Roger knelt down to put their cocks at entrance to Sara's and Cindy's pussies, Barb and Jill turned their attention to the guy they had to prep next.