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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Afternoon with the Girls

group thisridiculous 2017-11-09

Alison looked like she was embarrassed to be enjoying the feelings I was causing her, as if she didn't want Cassandra to see, so I let off for a moment. I could feel Cassandra's body start to build up to a second orgasm, so I held her there and concentrated on getting Alison caught up. My cock still throbbed, but I was tired too, especially my arms, so I lay on my back between them: Alison on my left, Cassandra on my right. Cassandra giggled too, and she moved her hand down, letting Alison cup my balls while she rubbed her fingertips at their base. Alison watched, amazed, and still cupping my balls, as I gave my cock to Cassandra, and she took it into her mouth.

A Beach Fantasy Goes Wild, Warning

group 2017-11-09

After her body was bathed in the warming rays of the midday sun, she like most nude females, found herself in the mood for sex, and accidently on purpose, finished-up gently stroking her new partner, into arousal, without really indicating her own need, at that particular moment in time. On their last passing one of the men openly stroked his hard cock, stopping long enough for her to appreciate his yearning desire, and with her knees open as wide as nature intended, she shielded her eyes from the glaring sun, to indicate she was fully aware of what he was doing, she dropped onto her side and half cuddled her new man, and started to fondle his large cock to life, while the two men moved on to give her time to start.

blackmailed wife part 8

group virtusvirtus 2017-11-08

and start to undo her shirt,all the way,take it off and slowly pull down her bra,exposing a pair of tits that i did not think they could exist,just incredible,so perky that i could hang a shirt on,the puffy nipples look so succulent and juicy.She smoothly move her hips and shoulders in every way,very slowly swaying her upper body like a belly dancer.She quickly get up,pull off my trousers,she balance on her knees around my hips and slide her hand under the school uniform.She grab my prick, lift the skirt to show me how she is pressing my dick along the slit and start to go up and down rubbing my cock on the clit.She looks at me and say''Take me,i want to be yours,do of me whatever you want''i pull down her head,kiss the marvelous mouth and deflower her,she moan as i pump my cock deep in and squeeze the tits harder and harder ,she push them out even more and as she climax shei am about to explode,she say''Yes,hurt me if it please you,i am all yours,I LOVE YOU''I grab her face and say ''I LOVE YOU TOO''i am about to explode,she pull the prick out of her pussy and start to suck it until i flood her mouth,she swallow everything and continue to lick the cock till is perfectly clean,look at me and say''Thank you so much,i will gladly do whatever you want''....more to follow

Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 09

group darkknight0307 2017-11-08

Angelique did as he wanted, with the promise and hope of going home the only thing driving her as she climbed slowly up his legs and sat upon his lap, watching the scene before her with apprehension and secret, shameful curiosity for what was going to happen. Before she could do anything, Mikhail's hands cupped her breasts, his rough fingers toying with her hardened nipples as the redheaded Casey slipped to her knees in front of Angelique. On her hands and knees upon the bed, with her ass and bottom positioned into the air with her face planted into the soft sheets that were scented with the lustful scents of the girls, Mikhail had the perfect view of Angelique's hot pink folds displayed before him.


Candy Cane Legs

group TxRad 2017-11-08

Harold laughed and said, "See, even Lisa agrees." When Lisa looked at him funny, he grinned and added, "I licked my lips and so did you." "Yeah, leave the lady who wanted to know about the size of Harold's dick, out of this," Lisa said with a grin." This broke Kelly's stare as she looked around at her friends and whispered, "Change in plans so grab your panties girls, mom wants us downstairs for a candle blowing and a quick toast to Christmas." "Yeah, like the cops raiding the party to find the screaming woman," Kelly said with a blush as she eyed the front of Harold's slacks out of the corner of her eye.


Carrie Ann and the Wayward Sons

group DrSqueaky 2017-11-08

A dozen years ago, Jake found a stripper for Dustin DeWynn's bachelor party, and it was the first time we'd ever heard of extra services. I started to say I didn't when Jake stepped in and said "Don't worry about next time guys—I think I've got something lined up, although it may be a little different?" I didn't really believe that there would be an 18-year old submissive coming to service us at our next party, but Jake said he'd take care of the entertainment for next time, and that's all that mattered really. "Come on, don't waste our time!" Jake snarled, "I said SHOW yourself to them." Eyes still downcast, she brought her hands to her crotch and pulled her vulva wide apart.


The Art of Threesome.

group k1ztw 2017-11-08

As Orlando and Johnny chatted her thoughts drifted to other things and she could feel her nipples tightening as she imagined how Orlando’s hands would feel roaming her body, touching places only her husband should touch; how his weight would feel pressing down on her, his hardness pushing into her. This time Orlando wasn’t holding back, he increased his pace, reaming her cunt with his T-shaped tool, his fingertips gouging her hips as he fucked her harder, faster, each thrust forcing her mouth further onto Johnny’s cock, her moans vibrating through to his balls as they viciously fucked her from both ends.

The Good Ones Are Always Bad

group BJMalkovich 2017-11-08

Jen, a Christian girl, had never had sex before, a tight and petite young blonde whose virginity and innocence were especial turn-ons for Colin and Wade; she was saving herself for Jamie, her boyfriend, whom she planned to marry after college. When she got their, Colin and Wade exchanged lustful glances, examining Jen in all her glory; she was wearing tight blue jeans that left little to the imagination, and a low-cut blouse that invited their attention. Jen nodded, barely mouthing an, "Okay." She looked over Wade, nervous, not being nearly as acquainted with him as she was with Colin. She started pumping his cock in her hand, and then Wade leaned in and started kissing Jen. She felt her pussy growing moist as they kissed more deeply.

Cock Puppet

group Rosethorn20 2017-11-08

Holding you down as I mate you with my seed?" Davey had removed his pants as he talked and at the first graze of Davey's hard cock against his open, lubed ass Bruce screamed and eyelids fluttering started frantically fucking forward into Jane and back against Davey. She reached up to put her hands around Bruce's neck as she started grazing her clit against his body, molding the double-dick in the confines of her raw pussy where it squeezed round and round every millisecond and Davey's hand came up her arm to curl hard around Bruce's throat so Jane wrapped her leg around them both and felt how hard Davey's ass was working his red hot fuck pole into Bruce faster and faster.

All So New

group Throwawayaccount68 2017-11-08

There was a party coming up at the end of the week, John, Ryan, and I were all going and I know we'd all be drinking. He was talking to some of his friends, and I found myself in a room with Ryan, and some mutual friends, Kevin and Adam. Time passed us by and John was still in the other room, I still flirted with Ryan while the other two guys were talking to us. Kevin and Adam brought their cocks to my face so I could suck them, while Ryan went down on me. All three of them got up and got dressed and walked out of the room while I was still there, naked, covered in the cum of three men, on the bed.

A Turn of Events

group BebeEversJ 2017-11-08

I knew it was a real turn on for him to watch me going down on Tom. He was getting the same attention from Sharon but his eyes were on me. Here again I had to admit that the timing was right, it sent a jolt through me as he bit down on my clitoris and for a second I did think how this must feel much like a cock going up my ass. I had not said any thing but when Tom went down on Nancy I thought about how it might feel to ram my cock up Tom's ass as he licked my wife. Oh, my god how bad I am getting I just thought that maybe if there was a third guy Nancy could take a cock in the mouth at the same time.


Susan Opens Up

group jasexy28 2017-11-08

Just then as I was fucking her pussy and thinking that I was ready to cum inside her, my cock slipped out and Susan took hold of the shaft and began to jerk me off. Susan then pushed my cock down towards her pussy as my cum spurted out into her hand and across her stomach, she managed to get the tip pressed up against her wet lips and I pushed forward and was back inside her again. As I sat back on the bed and looked down at her cum covered pussy, her husband put his arm under her left thigh and began to rub his fingers across her wet pussy lips.

Diary of Passion

group Lizette 2017-11-08

I felt his hands on my ass as he pulled me closer to him...his tongue finding its way back...I leaned down, and began licking him...just at the top of his cock...then taking it in...sucking...A few minutes went by as his tongue probed me...licking and lips wrapped tight around him...taking his cock as far in as I could...and then together we came...each giving the other the taste of our orgasm...I turned around...and came up to him..."Kiss me Pet, taste your sweetness as I taste mine." Our tongues probing each other's mouth...kissing was pure sensual pleasure...Well, diary, I have indulged much to you this time...but as I said, I enjoyed being the Mistress...I think I shall like spanking him again...seeing his skin glow so perfectly pink...

couples sexual exploration

group 2017-11-08

She said her name was Mia and turned to my wife and said your husband is sexy, then she grab my wife to dance, and I was thinking is that a trans, and then I was alone so played on my phone didn’t want any eye contact. Then my wife said I want to ride this huge dick, she straddle Mia and slid that fat head deep inside of her wet pussy. I was ready to blow so I was focused, and putting in hard work with a smile on my face…ohh yeah, Mia is pumping like crazy then I hear I’m going to cum and next thing I know I feel this hot wet thing on my ass and was in shock to what happened then all of the sudden I bust a huge load in my wife’s ass.

Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 4)

group pinks43 2017-11-08

All this time Kevin was soothing my shoulders and neck as I gently came down from yet another huge ‘O’, he picked me up with his wonderful tool still buried in my arse, turned my face to him and kissed me passionately on the mouth. He froze, his head came as far off the bed as it could, he tried getting away from the pain, but Jen had her full weight on him now, so I pulled the whole thing out but immediately repeated my action then started a wanking rhythm on the dildo in his arse. He slumped down again, I went mad, Jen was trying to smother him with her fanny and Kevin was smiling at the pain fucker must be going through as his own cock corkscrewed my bum into the bed.

Parting Gift

group ChokoLitStixxx332 2017-11-08

True to his word, the bus driver also crawled in so that as Jerod and Amber 69'd(with half their body in the luggage bin- half their body out), he came from behind and plastered his long tongue deep inside of her asshole. "Fuck," Jerod moaned, as Amber dug her nails into his ass and pushed a good six inches of dick down her throat. Amber felt like her body was on fire throughout the whole process, because not only was Jerods tongue twirling around her pussy- Felix sucked on the back of her neck, causing goosebumps to run up and down her spine. "Fuck, Jerod stuck out his tongue, as he and Felix sodomized her ass, and Escondido leaned down to hammer the flare up her pussy.

Thanks for Flying Türkiye Airways

group al_Ussa 2017-11-08

I reached into the pocket of my leather jacket and pulled out one of my business cards, handing it to the sexy punk rock woman sitting next to me. Maja and me continued to make conversation during the flight, even as the veritable army of air hostesses went back and forth through the aisles. I couldn't help but lick my lips a bit as one walked right past me, her shapely ass shaking back and forth as she handed out little bags of pistachios to the customers. Maja reached over and began to kiss the air hostess, hiking up the poor woman's skirt and feeling up her already moist pussy.

The Julie Journals: Cricket

group Shady_Lady 2017-11-08

"Now my turn" Robert grunted but before he could cum Stella wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft and held him half out of Julie's pussy. Stella was mumbling as Julie's head began to spin thinking, "surely she can't want that in her ass." The thought was turned to reality as Julie saw Roberts black cock move into view and position itself at Stella's star. Julie heard Stella yelp as the head entered and as she watched Robert pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Stella's ass. "Isn't he dreamy?" Stella murmured stroking Julie's breasts, "and so big, and best of all he has brother who is just as big." Julie layback smiling as Stella went on "and tomorrow they are both going to fuck me at once if you want to watch...or join in." Julie let her mind wander thinking, "let's hope the rain doesn't come tomorrow."

Timid Amanda has Outdoor Sex

group DeborahDelRey 2017-11-08

Nathan and Stephan talked their way into joining Amanda's tiny picnic. She swore to god she felt legitimate goose-bumps where Nathan's fingers brushed against her neck when he attempted to whisk the perfect curls out of Amanda's eyes. It's not every day a girl like Amanda gets the full attention of two hot boys. Stephan did not sit still either, he quickly joined in the fun, kissing and nipping at Amanda's neck while his hands worked to free her plump, gorgeous breasts from her dress and bra. Stephan rammed his dick down Amanda's throat at the same time Nathan's dick plunged into her pussy. She came hard at the thought and feel of all the sensations washing over her as Nathan and Stephan emptied their cum inside her.

Bareboaters Ch. 05

group Jim Dogget 2017-11-08

On their way back to their charter boat from a trip to the beach they invite the crew of Coq D'Or, Jack and Pat, to come aboard for drinks. "Jim, we can't have people coming on the boat with me looking like this," said Mary. Jim did wonder if maybe Isobel was right and that Pat's soft and tender body was what kept Jack happy in his bunk at night. "I like to ride too," said Isobel thinking back to what had happened on the beach, and enjoying the fact that he was running his finger thoughtfully along the back of her hand where it lay on his knee. Jim thought Jack's familiarity presumptuous, but for Mary's sake he said, "Oh, that's OK -- don't think about it."


Under The Red Roof

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-08

Lisa knows about us, doesn't she?" I expressed my thoughts aloud, also glad that Michelle kept her booty clean so that Missy's tongue didn't ruin the taste of my wife's latest culinary effort. Between the lesbian rimming that I could hear from Michelle's tongue slurping her way up and down Missy's crack, the splendid bust pressed against my face, the loving kisses planted on the top of my head, and the exquisitely wet and tight twat surrounding my dick....I just couldn't keep it up forever, and my cock finally shot out the contents of my balls into Missy's cunt.

A Billionaire's Life Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2017-11-08

On the other hand, Taylor and Cassandra were always my priorities, so the other women in the house didn't get me as much as they may have liked, especially Mia. In the past week, Mia had taken a cue from Rebecca and moved in with us as a renter. Sure enough, the sound of high heels on the floor got my attention and I looked up from my magazine in eager anticipation, expecting Mia since Rebecca wasn't a fan of heels and I knew Charlotte would be with Taylor. Kate immediately took Mia's hand and then wide-eyed, she looked to me with endless hope and longing on her face. Mia simply giggled as she left a finger inside Kate's pussy and grabbed onto the opposite hip, rolling the slender model off me and onto her back.


wife likes

group exstoner 2017-11-08

Maria grabbed a glass and the bottle and started to pour herself one, as she bent over I noticed both of my friends staring down the front of her dress, it had hung open offering a perfect view of her lovely full tits and pert little nipples! As Eric continued to apologise, Jed and I walked up to the bed and looked down at Maria's glistening pussy. I quickly got between her legs and started to fuck her again as Eric and Jed looked on. I went into the bathroom to clean up a bit and when I walked back into the room I found Eric pumping his cock deep inside her while Jed is still wanking his dick in and around her mouth.

Steamy 3sum

group NicoleSmt 2017-11-08

Melanie's hands slowly work their way to her own bared breasts and she can feel herself become aroused. Erik wasn't aware of what was happening but felt a presence pass him by, when Melanie strode up the bench to reach for Angela's tits. Melanie squatted beside Erik as he licked his girlfriend, and asked if he would like some help. As Angela moved towards him, she took him in her hand and guided his sweat-covered dick inside her. Not to be left out, Melanie was in front of them both, her hands simultaneously playing with Angela's tits, and Erik's hanging balls. Melanie brought her hand down to rub Angela's clit as she got it from behind. She licked her fingers clean and gave both Angela and Erik a kiss.