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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Boyfriend's friend... the last night

group hannahjane 2018-11-01

Well, as those who have been following this will know that on the Friday night, Andy, John and I were playing games and ended up being a little naughty. Amy was last out of bed and was asking how the night had gone after she'd left. This time though we managed to get Amy to be a little more daring with the understanding the game stayed within those four walls. I then dared one of the boys to do it to Amy. She was mortified but didn't want to go to bed too early. Amy was naked with the most beautifully shaved pussy, although she kept it hidden quite well, and the boys played with each other.

Melissa brings a friend

group silverlining 2018-11-01

She leaned in, gently bit his earlobe and whispered, 'Please, baby...make me your dirty little slut tonight!" In response, Shawn's hand slipped higher until his fingers were grazing Melissa's pussy. The elevator doors had barely closed when Melissa spun around, pressed her little body against Shawn and lifted her face for a kiss. On unspoken agreement, Carrie shifted from where she had been riding Chris so that she could kiss Melissa, her little hands skimming Melissa's body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples the way she knew Melissa liked it. Shawn saw Chris cupping Carrie's breasts and kissing her as Melissa tightened around him, pulling his dick deeper and deeper inside.

Training the Freshers

group DanielleX 2018-11-01

“Come on girls, time for you to taste the cock!” said Megan, pointing to Joey’s stick of candy. Joey stood with his eyes closed, hands on hips enjoying his special treat, until Jasmine nodded and I instructed the girls to stand up and bend over the sofa. Jasmine and Megan spread the girls' ass cheeks just for the fun, and we all got a good look at their tight, puckered holes. Joey was now finger-fucking the other girl and held on long enough for Cherry to have a loud orgasm, her body jittering and trembling as she climaxed on his cock. We all took turns to get Joey hard again and he fucked me and Jasmine, while Cherry, Amy and Megan had a three way.

Educating Brittany Chapter 2

group SeanR83 2018-11-01

I sat on the couch telling her to get on her knees and suck me, she did as she was told, taking my cock into her mouth. I watched a Brittany got into position and bent over the couch, Harry got behind her and slipped his cock inside her. I kissed her slowly as Harry took the opportunity to climb behind her and slip his cock inside her. I sat up and told Brittany to sixty-nine with my friend, I watched as she took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him off. I could feel her body start to shake once more and I could tell by the way her ass was gripping my cock that she was close to another orgasm.

A Blunder Leads To Bliss

group Trainman2k 2018-11-01

"I'm Wanda's sister, Wendy," she said as she slid her chair over and offered me a place between her and the lady that had just moments before been rooting for my ass to be relocated somewhere above my shoulders. With nothing to say as a response to Sue, I turned to Wendy and asked if she knew whether or not Wanda was going to be here tonight. When it came time that we had to leave, I heard Wendy ask Sue if there was any place open where we could go for some cheesecake. You remember the rule, don't ya Mister Commando Man?" Sue asked me, obviously thinking I was trying to bullshit my way into Wendy's pants.



group tcg 2018-11-01

“No Love, he’s busy driving the boat, and it’s too dark to see anything,” I heard the guy explain softly, his free hand closing against the side of the young woman’s head and he held her there while her legs strayed further apart and he slipped his hand down the front of her panties and continued to work her firmly, her fingers suddenly still and just clinging to his sleeve, her hips rolling and bracing while his fingers searched up inside of her. His arm held Catherine up easily as he gently swayed to the imaginary music, her skirt tucked up at the back and her panties on display and as they danced in front of a guy sitting on the floor, he reached up and felt her slit, Anthony holding her there while he leant beneath and had a look up between her legs, his fingers pressing into her little panties.

Morning Glory! (Part 2 of the Nearly Twins)

group OldGeezer 2018-11-01

Gerry was so out of it by now, her breath coming in snatches as her head strained back, and I replaced Karen’s hand with mine, and let her work on Gerry’s clit. I hand entered my vision and started to stroke it, as Gerry used her slippery pussy juices to lubricate Karen’s asshole, and then she grabbed some more of her cum and applied it to my cock, taking perhaps rather more time to do it than I might have expected. Then she moved away and went to slide her hand under Karen to stroke her breasts, which I slid my cock, slippery with Gerry’s juices and my own precum, along and between Karen’s lovely full bum cheeks.

Camping With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-01

Kelly was working Patrick over – sucking on his nuts, fondling his sack, stroking his cock with her hand, dropping all the way down on him and sticking out her tongue to lick his nuts while she sucked him. That turned Kelly on and she came off my cock and shouted out another “Oh Fuck!” orgasm. As we lay there, Kelly told Patrick about the guy who had watched us fuck the day we were hiking and how he jacked off all over on her. Kelly told me later he was starting by sucking really hard on her clit and pulling it into his mouth.

Ann and My Neighbor's Daughter

group ronniemcdonald 2018-11-01

Ann instinctively opens her mouth to accept Jen’s tongue and then Jen sucks Ann’s tongue into her mouth. As Jen and Ann kiss, I lightly touch my finger on Ann’s clit. But she still deserves to be fucked in her ass.” Then she stokes my cock for a minute or so with more KY.Jen guides the head of my dick to Ann’s lubricated pucker hole. Jen is moaning uncontrollably and gripping the bed sheets as Ann methodically alternates by sucking Jen’s clit then running her tongue deep into her pussy. Ann is totally into giving Jen pleasure and is getting off on the aroma of sex and the running pussy juices.

Including the friend part two

group lovely_lady 2018-11-01

With one hand spreading her lips apart she used the other one to run a finger up and down her cunt. “I want you to take the place of my hand, spread me open as I rub my clit.” She spoke to Ethan. Henry was rubbing his cock hard. “Rub it baby, let it hit my face like you know I love. She loved the feel of his hard cock on her face. As her mouth opened to lick his cock he rammed it into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth. He grabbed his cock in his hand and teased her cunt with it. He fucked her mouth fast as Ethan fucked her cunt hard.

And then we were three (Chapter 6)

group Vacheron58 2018-11-01

One of the things that we had been talking was my interest for my wife to enjoy eating pussy and to experience the satisfaction of feeling better when a woman is “whorish” because her sex is so fascinating. My experience every time I eat my wife’s pussy is that I love the taste of her juices and that at a   particular moment I begin sensing my wife’s sexual electricity to begin culminating on orgasm with all the moves women get at orgasm. Sure enough the gag came off, I felt Nancy ’s pussy on my mouth and very shortly after my wife’s cock was penetrating my ass. Being fucked by my wife and making Nancy cum from the pleasure that my mouth was giving her.  

Big Women Anal Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-01

What first attracted Jack Springer to Bianca was the fact that the large black woman was very comfortable with herself and her sexuality. Adam, a tall and massively muscular black man who had been working in the porn industry for ten years was thrilled to be working with Bianca. The six-foot-three, 250-pound black stud doesn't often get to work with female performers who look like real women and not models. He smiled when he saw his best friend Jeff having a grand old time with a large and lovely young black woman. Bianca took one look at Adam's eleven-inch uncircumcised black super cock and licked her lips. Adam reached down and patted Bianca's gorgeous black booty as she licked his nuts and stroked Jeff's thick cock.


Our First Threesome

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-01

I really liked what I was seeing and couldn’t wait to have him fucking my hot cunt as Harry shoved his fat dick into my wanting mouth. He climbed onto the bed and asked I’d get on all fours that way I could suck his dick as Steve fucked my hot cunt. Steve stopped fucking me for a moment to watch me suck Harry’s cock. Harry then told him that I love to have my ass fucked with either a finger or vibrator when a cock was buried in my cunt. He then stated that he loved to watch a woman suck off a guy and admitted he always wanted to try sucking a man's cock to see what it was like.

More than a Lodger…Part 4

group DarkSide 2018-11-01

We were going to ask Jenny and Steve, my best friends, Gary and June and Amanda who is about your age…” she said as she raised her head and bit her lip in anticipation. Innuendos flooded the conversation and I heard Amanda commenting that she couldn’t wait to fuck Steve’s cock, right in front of Jenny. I made my way over to Laura and Steve and left Amanda licking on Jenny’s pussy. Steve and I fucked Laura intensely for what seemed like ages, but I knew that I couldn’t hold back much longer and I gushed my spunk into Laura’s arse while I also told the room exactly what I was doing.

The Club

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-01

While I enjoy the reactions that I can get giving a blow job, I've never been particularly turned on by them, but there was something about the perfect mouth wrapped around these cocks and the look in her eyes that made it thoroughly enjoyable to watch; this woman obviously enjoyed sex. Paul was kneeling by my head, and I reached up and wrapped a hand around his glistening cock, pulling him down to my mouth. As I started to try to swallow Paul's cock, Luke began to finger fuck me, sliding two of his thick fingers in and out, while his thumb played with my clit. I moaned around Paul's cock in appreciation, which led to Luke adding a third finger, stretching me and filling me up.


My Girlfriend and I Share a Huge Cock

group Spurtz 2018-11-01

He asked her what she thought of me sucking his dick and she said it was totally hot, and it really turned her on. Even though she had said before hand that there was no way she wanted him to fuck her, I could tell she was totally into his cock so I suggested that she at least try it to see what it felt like. She had some trouble getting his huge prick started into her but finally got it going and she began riding him while I sucked his balls and tongued her asshole. Gia helped, grabbing both cocks and jacking them together and then she started sucking the heads of our pricks, going from one to the other while I jacked them.

Fallen Angel

group Delicious1 2018-11-01

Tiny now rested a foot on the edge of the bed I felt the firm spongy head of his cock smack my ass a few times before he moved to the entrance of my wet slit with one massive thrust he entered me, my virginity lost in that first stroke. As Tiny and Mike moved off Joe took Tiny's place he asked me to turn over which I did willingly opening up my legs to him, his long cock twitched as he stood between my legs he picked my leg up over his shoulder and slid into me he worked at me with long, slow and deep strokes.

Melanie Rides Double Again

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-01

We ended up with Melanie straddling me with my cock deeply buried in her hot pussy from directly below, my hands fondling her large, soft tits, my upper body supporting her back, and Jake on his knees with his upper body fully upright in front of her and his dick still engulfed in her mouth but now at a slight upward angle. The sight of her taking Jake's dick from behind, which I could see driving in and out between the cheeks of her lovely ass as he pounded her, her tits swinging wildly in reaction to the fevered screwing, and her scarlet lips sliding up and down my cock as she sucked and tongued energetically combined to bring my dick back to life, so that it started to fill her mouth nicely.

Will and Alessia, Chapter 1

group hornychik 2018-11-01

Since Alessia had no idea what kind of sex acts might come into play tonight, and maybe over the weekend, she got out her enema bulb, and made sure she was clean, inside as well.  She loved the feeling of fullness as she did her usual three bulbs of tepid water, and inserted the butt plug.  She went to the bedroom, and hung the tell tale scarf on the door knob and closed the door.  This was her private time, and Will knew not to interrupt when that scarf was on the door knob.  She placed a clean towel down on the bed, and took out her favorite vibrator--The Rabbit.  For solo play, the feeling that it brought on were exquisite.  The feeling of fullness in her bowel was causing mild cramps, but she knew that the mild discomfort would make her pleasure that much more intense.  She put new batteries in Roger, (for Roger Rabbit, the movie!) and proceeded to lube herself up.  She played with her pussy lips spreading the fleshy outer lips and finding the soft pink ones inside to be hot and pulsing.  Her clit was throbbing too, looking for a release. 

Screwing my way to the top

group robinbird 2018-11-01

"Don't worry about getting completely dressed Robin, Mr. Banks will be in shortly to continue. I smiled at the news and thought how fortunate I was to have such a prestigious position during such an era of deprivation and destitute.  Most woman would never allow men to abuse their positions like Mr. Peters did. How did you know I wanted you in such a position?" Before I could respond, I felt him push me against the table and unzip his pants. If you're so eager to fuck her again, you'll have to get inline with the rest of the board outside." Peters quickly shut the door and left the old man and I alone. I smiled as I felt his cock continue to penetrate me.

X-Mas Party

group tcg 2018-11-01

As I made it to the second floor after passing and exchanging niceties with other people hanging out on the stairwell I proceeded to look for Christine. There was my beautiful, hot, sexy wife wearing nothing but her high heeled leather boots, on the bed with Mike behind her fucking her hard and fast. Steve and Chris were naked and sporting some very large erections while fondling and squeezing Christine's tits while telling her how they knew she was a slut and would be theirs all night long. At some point I think she came but couldn't tell because of Steve's dick fucking her mouth. Chris continued to grab and slap her huge tits while smacking her ass in between mike's slaps.

OHGirl &Velvet: GangBang Movie Stars

group ohgirl1 2018-11-01

Manny didn’t smoke, most likely because his job did d**g tests, but I joined Luiz and Big Poppy for a couple of bowls, as they pulled up chairs and sat next to me while we watched Manny clean the pool. I took on 4 of them again and Big Poppy was able to get 3 more of their friends over before Rudy came home and those that had already had me, sat back and watched me get fucked by three more of their lucky gang. The seduction scene took about 30 minutes to shoot and then I spent the next hour and a half filming the sex scene, as I sucked my co-stars big, black cock and let him spread my legs wide on the desk while he slammed my cunt with his huge cock.

Three's a Crowd

group komrad1156 2018-11-01

"You already wear the things you said he likes most of the time—and you look amazing, by the way—so if it isn't an affair, then I just don't get it." Lori sat there for a moment then said, "Maybe he has low-T." That night Jill put on Jordan's favorite thing in the bathroom right after he went to bed then slid in next to him. She lay her head back on his chest and said, "I don't know what to believe anymore, Jordan. Jordan drew a deep breath and said, "About a year ago, I found this website where they publish, you know, erotic stories." You know, like..." Jordan paused as he was having a difficult time sharing this with his wife.


Our wild night that almost wasn't

group dc6370 2018-11-01

Lora loved fucking Seth because he has a really thick cock. The five of us enter the room, Lora hits one bed with Seth and Jorge while Cathy and I go to the other. I rolled Cathy onto her back and started eating her, made her cum a couple of times by nibbling, pulling, smacking, sucking, and licking her clit. I heard a loud grunt, looked over and Lora was riding Jorge, and Seth was face fucking her. Laying on my back, Cathy started sucking my cock (I was stunned!), while I watched Seth fuck my wife hard. The younger of the two, who couldn't be over 18, pulled out this rope of a cock, puts on a condom, raised her legs and started fucking her with a speed that I haven't been able to do since I was 18!