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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 03

group shanti2010 2017-11-08

Grabbing her thighs to split her legs even futher, the over-weight young man sent his long oral member far up into the tight opening, swirling it around her asshole ring and rectum aperture and once he had lapped up the sweet confection he had placed in Vijaya's rectum, he withdrew his tongue to grin up at the naked Tamil beauty, his face smeared with jam and feminine secretions. Moving quickly, Ashok circled around to the opposite side of the table, bending his slender body over his sister-in-law's other luscious mound of femininity and drawing the jam-coated nipple into his mouth, he drew on it vigorously while his fingers dug into her warm flesh.


The Drug Trial Fiasco

group SierraSprite 2017-11-08

I was leaning against the garden gate with a glass of punch when I noticed Evelyn coming out onto the veranda and sweeping her eyes over the guests gathered for our cousin Emily's engagement party. Evelyn gave me a kiss and said, "Timothy, I am horrified to learn that the twins are sharing your bed. Out of my clouded mind came the thought that the girls from Wisconsin needed loving too, despite what they just said. I had called Sandra before leaving work on Friday, telling her nothing seemed to be happening with the first dose of the drug and I was taking the second pill right then. A little voice said it was only three am, I needed sleep, and my new blessings could be analyzed further in the morning.


The Party

group gforsythe 2017-11-08

without hesistation, I grabbed my wife, woke her up and we left the party, she slept most of the way back to the hotel, I got her up to the room, took her shoes off and put her straight into bed fully clothed, during the night I must have fucked her 6 or 7 times, it was so horning to get on top of her and feel the wet pussy as I fucked it, and to feel all the cum on the panties, stockings and bra, I just thought it was the horniest thing that has ever happened, even in the morning when she awoke she was not aware of what had happened only that she was covered in cum, she asked me how many times I came in her and on her, I just said I could not get enough of her.

Lesbian Couple : Natural Insemination

group billstew 2017-11-08

The woman who was going to receive my husband's donation was in a loose rob that covered her and her head was in the lap of her partner who was dressed also in a robe. My husband even was able to joke a when he asked with a smile if they were sure they wanted a baby with all of the midnight feedings and having to stay home at night. I asked her why they didn’t do this before, and they said that it was because her partner was too nervous to have an orgasm, even when they both had sex together before my husband came into the room.

In Like Flint

group Rockwell 2017-11-08

“Gee, I’m starting to feel like a bitch in heat,” Janilyn said, touching lightly the center of her flesh-colored bikini panties with the back of the hairbrush. “Hey, look someone’s coming!” Janilyn said excitedly. “Hardly like,” Anvil said but gawked the same way Janilyn did and anticipated. It seems we’re in a western movie having a dialogue with a bounty hunter,” she said facing Anvil and then turned to the man. “I’m coming too, yeah I’m coming, oh Jeez, this is big…so big…so full…” Janilyn voice reached high pitch as the big bang hit her like lightning. “I don’t want to take this lying down,” Joe Speedo said and stood up, his dick straight like his six-shooter.


Just The Three of Them

group alecxavieredmond 2017-11-08

Tiana's thoughts were abuzz from the feverish stimulation of Cash's mouth on her breast, Rich sweetly tongue kissing her and then becoming aware of Cash pulling her dress down on her hips and his fingers wreaking delicious havoc on her delicate vulva as they sought out her moistening inner reaches. Seeing and hearing how much Tiana was enjoying Cash's efforts, Rich took hold of her breasts and pushed them together until her nipples were almost touching and began licking and sucking on both of them like a man possessed. Cash and Tiana's tongues swirled together on the crown of Rich's cock and their hands stroked his shaft and balls, coaxing out the heavy load of cum he'd been holding back.


Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 02

group wildest1 2017-11-08

My fingers slid along Ken's shaft as I watched, my other hand holding Ken's ass cheek aside so that I could see Reid's cock slipping inside. Reid spoke up, reaching around Ken to stroke his cock, and that was an intriguing sight: his hand sliding along your length, his eyes also on me, "Look what I have here for you." I looked between them, stood, turned and bent over the bed, reaching through my legs to play with my pussy. I spread my legs, reclining on the edge of the bed, letting out a moan of arousal watching them advance until the heat, the throbbing hardness of Ken's cock was there between my legs, still gripped in Reid's hand.


Poly at the Party

group Red_Writer 2017-11-08

"Raymond, I'd like you to meet Janet, a special friend of mine," Joyce said by way of introduction when they had reached my corner. Toward the end of the night, as people were leaving, Joyce liked to be stationed near the changing room on her hands and knees giving cocks and cunts one last lick before they go. "Joyce says you know how to make it last," Janet said smiling sexily. "Nice cock you have there, Raymond," Janet said when her breath steadied and her eyes cleared. "I work here in the city," Janet said, then closed her eyes briefly to enjoy the new stroke I was giving her. Janet was kneading those big tits of hers and I've always liked to watch a woman work towards her own satisfaction.


Boarding with Linda Ch. 09

group Irish Moss 2017-11-08

At the agreed upon cue when we both felt the time was right, Linda reached for Jim's crotch, massaging his cock before straddling him and planting her lips on his, while I slipped my hand up along Irene's smooth inner thigh under the hem of her dress while pressing my lips against hers. Jim let out a moan so I looked up at Irene again as I was slipping her panties over her feet and she was watching as Linda started sucking Jim's cock. I didn't know about Jim but I was in no danger of cumming even despite Linda's skilled cocksucking, in part because I was so focused on enjoying Irene's pussy while trying to provide her with as much pleasure as I possibly could.

iCarly: iGet Caught In The Middle

group bobcox69 2017-11-08

"She didn't say exactly, all she told me was that it's something we're all going to like," he said, secretly taking pics of Carly's ass as she pulled up her jeans, the brunette girl not realizing that the skirt fell open when she bent over, showing Freddie her bare ass and a slight view of her trimmed pussy. "I want you to cover Carly's tits in your cum first," Sam said to him, kneeling between Carly's legs and pulling her legs apart, eyes on Carly's mouth and Freddie's cock. "I know," Sam said smugly, leaning forward and wrapping her mouth around Carly's tit, starting to suck Freddie's drying cum from her chest.

f****y secret

group adel5000 2017-11-08

were looking down into my ass and pussy as Tyrone toyed with my Tarra said, "No way would we tell Dad. Tarra said, "You don't need to apologize or be embarrassed, Mom. sees me naked like Tyrone said." Robby said, "I know a man with a big dick that's dying to fuck Mom, if you want to suck my dick, you don't need to tear her eyes from my pussy, and Robby wanted that nipple just as Tarra said, "That's right, Mom. "I want the same thing Tyrone got--the works." I want you to teach me how to suck a cock all the way down my getting her pussy smacked with her legs wide, aimed right at


group elia_cdl 2017-11-08

Wednesday evening Carol said I should invite the guys over for a home cooked meal the following Saturday. Then I just about laughed out loud, thinking that Carol was trying to fix Gina up with one of my friends. I'm going to fuck all three of your friends." I wanted to protest but the look on Carol's face gave me pause. I want you to help me suck this beautiful cock." I hung my head and walked over to where she was sitting on the floor in front of Mack. She smiled and said, "I think from now on you should invite your friends over much more often." I felt her hand on my cock and then her fingernails digging in slightly.

Phone Sex

group captivate 2017-11-08

Suzanne was lying on her back, her legs spread, her blue toy now slowly moving in and out of her hungry pussy, She was moaning and telling Daren she needed more, needed some nipple sucking. As she leaned forward to talk, Daren could see her bare thigh above her lacy stocking top and his cock throbbed back to full attention. As he thrust deeply into Kate's ass, Suzanne was moving her toys in and out of her needy body. She tightened her legs and pushed back against Daren one last time and then came, clenching his cock deep inside her as she spasmed, her juices gushing over his thighs and belly.

He Saw Mommy Fucking

group magas911 2017-11-08

just not the ignorant way Michael ever uses it] anyhow, of course, I already knew that no stud would ever use any rubber which is why I had gone on the pill after that first time when I had got myself knocked up, but Mom couldn't use the pill, and we all knew that she would never get to use any diaphragm or anything, plus, it sure went without saying that none of us would hear any of that shit about abortions [except Daddy who I think never did quite get used to all the little mulatto bastards with his name] These were babies of pure love all-in-all though and I wanted Mom to have as many as she wished for, so I told her I would marry Michael and use his money to help with my b*****rs and s****rs whatever Dad's disability check wouldn't provide for.


group WayneGibbous 2017-11-08

The room had a hot tub which Justin got ready and we changed into bathing suits and slipped into the bubbling warm water, glasses in hand. Sounds like a good time taking place across the room, I thought as Justin pushed into me and held still as I moved my hips from side to side. "Oh, Justin, um, right there, hon, yes," we heard Todd's wife, Cindy, say to my husband. In the middle of the night, Todd nudged me and whispered, "Guess who's fucking in the next bed?" and I reached for his cock and got up over him and we had our own nice, late night screw.

A Friendly Game of Strip Poker

group janders 2017-11-08

I motioned for Marisa to get up on her hands and knees facing toward Anne, and standing on the other side of the bed, I too plunged my rigid cock into her sopping wet pussy and started fucking her from behind. I thought Marisa would pull away, but to my amazement, she passionately returned Anne's kiss, and the two of them eagerly probed each others' mouths with their tongues while Dave and I pounded away at their pussies. Anne let her head fall back down on the bed, and Marisa resumed kissing her, hungrily eating my cum from Anne's mouth and licking it off her face like a kitten lapping up spilt milk.

Long Lunch Ch. 5

group Ms_Messalina 2017-11-08

Our rhythms became blurred as his strokings drove me and her moanings drove him until I felt myself resist, resist, resist, resist and then explode against his hand, the pressure bursting inside my head as she thrust her beautiful wet cunt against my face and I felt her contractions hard and long. My mouth opened and without hesitation of any sort, he drove himself all the way to the back of my throat, fucking and thrusting and pushing and humping my mouth until I could feel his cock rear back in that preejaculation press and then I felt him shooting endlessly, forcefully, curling over my head and continuing to gyrate tenderly now against my tongue and lips.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 10

group FinalStand 2017-11-08

"They've both agreed to help with your Solarium," Iona shot a 'that will show you' to Rio, "and you already know the head of the Science Club but I can set up a meeting if you like." "Zane, if you become Class President Iona will be your Personal Assistant, but what does that make me?" Rio inquired. "No, dumbass, I was thinking how humiliating it is that you lied to the freshman class, telling them they all had keys to your room," Rio pointed out. "Burning Bitch Flesh," Rio gloated, "smells like victory!" As we stepped into the elevator she asked, "Did you really know it was war from that first day?"


Carmen's Wild Night

group Fuckmylilpussy 2017-11-08

She carefully licked the pre-cum off the tip, she loved the salty taste and started to lick up and down the long shaft before she felt the black man's tongue enter her slick pussy he twirled it while she writhed against his grip she slowly took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue all over. With Drew's dick still coated with her pussy juices he rubbed it up against her asshole, he first inserted a finger, her ass slowly getting used to something that big, then two fingers, he slowly pumped the fingers in and out as Carmen rode Xavier and sucked Damien, nearing his limit, Carmen felt Xavier's cock swell before she heard him exclaim, "I'm cumming you little slut, I'm fucking cumming," feeling his cum squirt into her womb she came over the edge and started to cum too.

Bisexual Holiday Discovery Ch. 01

group noody2005 2017-11-08

I leaned backwards a bit and placed my fingers on her tummy and gently moved them around in a circle as her hand reached up to caress one of my nipples which I felt getting even harder between her fingers. Then without warning she sucked my clit into her mouth and thrust a second and third finger inside me at the same time moving them very fast and I couldn't stop myself cumming over and over again. Laying beside me, kissing me full on the mouth so I could taste my own cum, her fingers still between my legs, gently masturbating and stroking the insides of my puffed lips before touching my clit again.


Cute Lil Alli Saves a Relationship

group Buck 2017-11-08

Alli was sitting on my lap watching her boyfriend shove his tongue into my wife's waiting mouth and rubbing my cock through my pants. She was yelling at Gary to fuck my wife's mouth while she was shoving her ass at my face. I once again positioned my cock at Alli's dripping snatch and drove my prick home feeling Karen's hot tongue guide the way. I heard Karen tell Gary to stick his hot cock in her virgin ass and fuck her like the slut she needs to be. Gary now had his cock entering Karen's ass, she reached up and pulled Alli to hear mouth and really started to go town on her young snatch.

The Bad Husbands' Club Ch. 02

group ThornTales 2017-11-08

Leo leaned forward and filled three glasses, and Kate grabbed one a little bit too eagerly. "How do you know Jon then?" Kate looked bemused. Leo looked Kate in the eyes, leaning closer to her. She was going to need it after this - it wasn't every day that two fit guys rock up in your living room, proposition you with fantasy-fulfilment-fuckery, and damnit she was having to turn them down, which was a shame because they were both so hot, and she'd always wanted to try... Kate grabbed the bottle of cold white, and her glass, and made for the stairs, giving them both what she hoped was a devil-may-care grin over one shoulder.

A Much Needed Camping Trip

group SG_Cummings 2017-11-08

Once he was done cumming, I sat back, turned on the dome light once more, and let his seed spill out of my mouth and onto my boobs. "I'm so fucking horny, babe, hope you don't mind," I said, slipping a hand down to my pussy. She squealed as her orgasm hit, and he must have stopped caring about the sound level as he came, because his hand fell away from her mouth and he let out his own lustful howl. I lifted myself off his dick and turned around, hovering my pussy over his mouth, and leaning over to suck him off as he worked.



group ccat99 2017-11-08

We leaned against the car kissing a little but I noticed some guys walking through the parking lot. I told James we should maybe offer to help them look since it was 'getting late'. We watched the unsuccessful search as they bobbed and weaved through the rows of cars in the darkened parking lot. We had a great view of the pool and opened our curtains a little as we sat talking about the concert. James fucked me long and hard while we grinded together talking about the 'lost boys' and how each of them would want JAMES to suck their cocks before they fucked me. I could hear James talking and hoped the other voices belonged to some cute boys.