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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First BBC

group denniscarpenter 2017-11-08

So when he got back I said, “Ray – Dawn thinks you don’t like her” he replied, “what gave you that idea Dawnl?” And he turned to her and kissed her fully on the lips pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, his left arm went over her shoulders pulling her to him while his right hand cupped her left breast fully squeezing it gently as he kissed her. Ray said “only fair I get a feel to eh?” and Dawn moved back in her seat and parted her legs slightly hitching her dress up slightly, I could see from where I was sitting that she was not wearing any undies and then I watched Ray’s had move up the inside of her thigh – her pussy lips were slightly parted and looked moist – Ray’s fingers found her clit and he started to rub it gently her right hand now squeezing his thigh as she trembled at his touch.

Revitalizing Our Sex Life

group Johnsexlife 2017-11-08

I did not take him long to totally strip Linda naked and to start finger fucking her cunt as she stroked his cock. I went of the plan at this point as Linda asked the guy to eat her cum filled pussy. Guess she was better than I was at it as Linda had one orgasm after another and the nurses mouth was soon replace by a doctor's cock in Linda's hot pussy. Everyone seemed to join it a once and it was one hot scene as at one point Linda had a cock in her cunt, one in her ass and two in her mouth while stroking two other cocks.

Threesome Memories

group thesecretbykimmy 2017-11-08

During one night of drinking, Alice came up to me at the local bar that was our regular hangout and told me that she thought I was hot. Alice came on my cock almost instantly, and began shaking violently as she banged me hard up against her door. When It was time for me to leave, Alice said, "Every Time you fuck Mo, I want you to come here and fuck me after...don't clean up after you are done with Mo." Before long, at a late night party, when I was leaving with Mo, my friend Lou drunkenly said something too loud about me and Alice, and Mo overheard it. Mo was so turned on to see Alice come so hard, Mo yelled, "Damn this girl is so fucking hot!."

Training of a Pleasure Girl

group Serpentsage 2017-11-08

"Come in Erin." Rachel said snapping the cell phone shut and backing away from the door a few feet as the nude muscular woman approached the threshold and step over it her man Evan equally as muscled and equally as nude close behind her. "She has already had an orgasm Evan." She said pulling her hand from the younger woman's cunt and reaching behind her to allow him to lick Rachel's juices from her fingers while she leaned forward to kiss her host forcing her tongue into the young woman's mouth to explore another wet orifice.


The other guys dick

group arselicker 2017-11-08

He opens his eyes looks at your arse, groans and says "Fuck yeah, I'd love to try out that tight shit hole." He looks down at you with his raw cock sliding in and out of your mouth. You pump me in and out a few times before you rest your naked tits on my chest reach back and pull your arse cheeks up and forward opening up your pussy just that little bit more inviting the stunt cock to join us. The feel of our mouths together combined with the cramped hot wetness of your cunt and another cock grinding it's way in there rubbing both of us at the same time.

Anthony's Birthday

group Insatiable 2017-11-08

"Let's dance," Miya said grabbing Anthony with one hand and Cyn the other. Miya found her way behind Anthony, Cyn moved in front of him and together they began to grind against him. Anthony was torn between watching Miya's hand cupping and squeezing the large breast and the two beautiful feminine mouths slipping and gliding over each. When the kiss had finished, Miya kept her hand on Cyn's breast, but looked at Anthony when she spoke. Knowing it would make Miya crazy Anthony turned and kissed Cyn. He heard Miya groan as she watched. Then he smiled to himself and thought, "more interesting than watching two women make love to each other?" About then, Miya had begun to slither her way down Cynthia's body.


Captain Jack

group Captain Jack 2017-11-08

She said I have something you can take to help you stay hard for a long time and maybe even make your cock a little bigger. She was kissing the head again and she said, I want that big cock in my pussy. I was like a mad man I started ramming my cock into her cunt with every ounce of strength I had and she was fucking back as hard as she could. We fucked like that for a half hour, and then she pushed me on my back and squatted over my rock hard massive cock. I looked down and saw her pussy lips open, I pushed her legs further apart and drove my cock all the way in to the hilt.


Surprises aren't Always Planned Ch. 02

group D6KTA 2017-11-08

I have 1 job and that's to do what Jen does, so I grab her by the hips and attempt to keep the same pace, thrusting the full length of my shaft inside Jen with every stroke withdrawing so no more than the tip was left inside and pushing back inside faster than before, Jen's moans increasing with every motion and I can feel her Kegel muscles tensing around my girth, she was close to climax in seconds due to this extreme level of hornyness, Sam convulsed through her second orgasm allowing Jen to stop and enjoy my work.


Pornstar Nina

group goofiegumdrops 2017-11-08

"You want to suck some more dick you greedy fat cock junky?" Asked the brunette as two of the guys got on the table and stood either side of Nina, she acted like a cheap trollop as soon as two hard cocks were thrust in her face.One of the guys grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock all the way in her mouth and skull fucked her hard before the other guy grabbed her hair and done the same, they continued relentlessly taking turns fucking this cock-worshipping whores mouth and throat, whilst she had her arsehole violated hard and deep and her tits and belly cropped hard and slow.

Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 03

group still_goin 2017-11-08

Then Randy stood up and gave me a big hug and I could feel the head of his cock right up against my pussy." I gestured by putting my fingers against my cunt lips. I started to suck the tip of Randy's penis and I couldn't help thinking how hot Anne must be feeling looking at me suck that huge cock that filled my mouth. Fred didn't mess around, he just went for it, licking her pussy with abandon, so while Randy was just beginning to tease open my cunt, Fred's tongue was forcing its way through the Sea of Anne.


Business & Pleasure in a Hotel

group TalliePA 2017-11-08

On the other side of Abianne’s bathroom wall newlyweds Lila and Bello glance nervously at each other and back at Donna and Kurt, a couple they’d contacted via the internet. Donna mounted Bello’s impressive cock and his wife fell into place behind Donna, placing her hands on the other woman’s breasts, and the two women kissed and rubbed against each other as Donna rode Bello. Next door, Lila had dismounted Donna and settled on Kurt’s hard on, who had moved from Bello’s feet to the edge of the bed. Bello placed her on the bed and she watched as Donna, a beautiful curvy Italian, straddled her own body, placing her hairy mound on top of Abianne’s shaved pussy.

The Taxi Ride Home

group EroticBrigid 2017-11-08

I leaned back down again, pulled Adam's cock free and again slowly licked him, this time from top to bottom. Taking his cock in hand, he positioned my mouth above and thrust his hips up as he pushed my head down again. This time pulling with my mouth as I moved up as well as licking and sucking as I took it back in. Behind me, the taxi driver groaned and, both hands on my hips, pulled me back onto him as hard as could. With a final sigh, the driver rammed hard against me, leaned over me a moment, then collected himself and backed out of the car. So I sat up and swallowed it all, then leaned back one final time to lick Adam clean.

Fire & Ice

group Jack T. Ladd 2017-11-08

Kelly pushed her now naked body brazenly back at Colt and immediately felt the hot hardness of his cock eagerly press up against the entrance to her wet pussy. Kelly, her eyes closed, moaned softly against Bret as he massaged her breasts and teased her nipples to become hard sensitive nubs while Colt worked her panties free of her hips, down her legs. Kelly could feel the heat from Bret's hard erection pressed against her excitedly, hotly, pushing against her ass, as he sucked on her earlobes and kissed her neck. Quickly, urgently, they discarded their clothes, whilst she caressed her own body, massaging one breast while slipping her other hand between her thighs, down along and inside her soaking pussy, feeling the hot wet slipperiness envelope her fingers.



group CyranoQ 2017-11-08

I started as we always do, gently running the black suede tails across the skin of her back and buttocks, letting her feel the softness of that which would soon be hard. Used to her responses by now, I waited for the signs of relaxation and acceptance before starting to gently flick the tips of the lash against her, gradually building intensity until I was moving around the bed. Picking up the other flogger, and delivering twelve hard, quick strikes, six to each cheek, a delicate filigree building along with the sweet, sharp sting, intensity building almost to breaking point. In the event, a successful attempt, her gripping pussy joined by the pull of her hands, the searching of her lips, and the intensity of the look in her eyes, urging me on.

The Shared Ride

group activeimage 2017-11-08

A couple of times on the way home I had fallen asleep at the wheel and this scared me and my wife so we decided to look into the possibility of getting a car pool going with some of the people I would talk to on the radio as I drove to work we had our own little club we would meet every third Thursday for breakfast at a diner along the route to the city. I could not take my eye off of her she was beautiful long blond hair, Under that white silky blouse were Breast the size of soft balls, and just as hard I bet, an ass that would not quit, and those legs under the mini skirt were as great as my wife's , she had on open toe shoes and I could see her feet were very well taken care of and looked as if they needed to be sucked.


Student Having Fun

group Sexytime1029 2017-11-08

Sam was what one might consider a horny little k** and was always fantisizing about sex with one of his teachers and three girls in his school. I know soon that i am going to cum and i slowly pull out of her mouth and turn her around so i can se her tight pussy and her fine ass.I take a moment before i insert my penis into her vagina and begin to fuck her with quick hard thrusts and feel myslef about to cum. My dick much to my suprise does not slack but continues to stand erect Lavender is laying on her stomach on my bed and she turns her head and whispers to me "More"

My Wife's Best Friend

group naughty_bi_interest 2017-11-08

When she turned around and looked at us, Nikki smiled and pointed to the front of my robe, which rode up so high from my erect cock that she could almost see my balls, and said, "I think 'little James' approves." I took my left hand, which had been caressing Brooke's back, encouraging her to suck my cock deeper, and instead cupped Nikki's right breast, the thin pink material of the bikini covering the nipple. She then spread her best friend's pussy open with the fingers of her left hand, looked at me, said in her sexiest voice, "You want to fuck that tight pussy with your hard throbbing cock, don't you James?" she said, with that mischievous smile I loved so much.

A Camping Trip

group hodaddie 2017-11-08

So we went inside, Linda was so fucking horny, I’m guessing watching two guys doing it turns her on. We started to walk back to the tent, that’s when I heard Linda moan, I looked in and saw Bill fucking her. I went outside of the tent for a moment, I was so horny I started to masturbate, Tom saw me and came over and talked to me. We went back to our tent and I told Linda I had sex with Tom. Her eyes got real big. I went over to Bill and Tom’s tent, looked in and saw Tom fucking Linda this time.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 02

group oldhippie1949 2017-11-08

Shelley pulled her tee down a little so I could see the heart bearing the name "Linda" on her left breast about an inch above her nipple. Linda showed me her heart with "Shelley" on her right breast in the same place. "Uh-oh, I think Davy's got a boner!" said Shelley. "We were wondering if you would mind very much if we joined you for the night," said Linda, "we won't get in your way, I promise. Shelley and Linda joined us in the tub and within a few minutes were also feeling people up. Come on, Davy, let's go upstairs," Linda grabbed my hand and Shelley's hand and started to pull us out of the hot tub.


The woman next door Part 3

group wildbill975 2017-11-08

Tell me what she looks like?" I said," She is beautiful young woman who loves sex and older women." Jenny smiled and so did Amber at that and I said," She thinks you are very sexy laying ther naked and waiting for her." Amber said "I am so hot right now I need some relief soon. Once I knew Jenny was laying beside Amber I broke off the kiss and asked her," Are you ready to meet your new lover baby?" She looked at me and said "YES" I looked a Jenny and Amber turned toward her and a look of shock came over her face for a few seconds. Amber moan and said" Yes baby suck mommys tits while Bill fucks me." Jenny and I kept sucking and fucking her mom until she came hard.

the people you meet on holiday :)

group kpr1969 2017-11-08

so it comes time to head back and we all pile back into her mams and open a few more beers...her fella is very pissed and being a complete twat...the conversation gets quite heated and he really upsets his girl at which point i tell him he should go to bed...then e****t him to his room which is in another part of the building.. after making sure he is settled I stay up for a couple more drinks while my ex comforts the other girl, in the end I leave them to it and head off to bed... the other girl watches her the moves down to join here i am lay back watching two girls licking and taking turns going down on my cock...haha bliss...

Reunion Ch. 03

group beltman70 2017-11-08

Jennifer got us all settled and then asked me if I wanted to take a tour around town, just to see how things had changed. She let it out and then she looked around to make sure we were really alone before she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. Jennifer went crazy, trying to escape but Willie grabbed her head and kept her lips firmly on his cock and warned her not to bite or he'd choke her and Kyle had her hips. Watching Kyle fuck Jennifer's ass was turning Alexis on and she was riding my cock like a crazy woman. Alexis put her hands behind Jennifer's head and pulled her face up tight.


Foursome For Our First Ch. 02

group maturemadness2 2017-11-08

Janet spoke up and said, "Maybe, but tonight I just want to enjoy myself dancing, having a few drinks and getting to know all of you socially, without being made to feel I have to spread my legs for someone." When she got to the head, she took into her mouth again and started sucking it hard like she had been doing. He slid forward taking her legs in his arms and lifting and spreading them wide apart, leaned forward so that his cock was at the entrance of her wet, open pussy. As she pulled herself back off the bed, he ass came up and her legs opened up and I saw this raw, swollen, still gaping hole, that was once her tight, beautiful pussy.


I talked her into this!!!

group neilmc123 2017-11-08

Another flash lit the room and he could clearly make out his wife on all fours with what looked like her lovers cock at her face. Her husband watched mesmerised as his wife gratefully accepted the entire length of his cock deep inside her stretched ass. Her orgasm arrived quicker than envisaged as she removed her lovers cock from her mouth; her screams of ecstasy were drowned out by the squelching sounds coming from her finger fucked pussy. Knowing full well that her lover would be bragging how he fucked his wife up the ass in full view of her husband and that the guys would either be inside his wife or soon would be he decided that it be best if he left the scene and returned to collect her the following morning.