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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Confessions of a Nightclub Manager Ch. 02

group love_to_be 2017-11-08

Vanessa was a good-looking girl, about the same age as Jo with shorter hi-lighted brown hair and the most amazing backside Philip had ever seen. As she finished the other two coffees with a tap of the teaspoon on the mug Jo came bouncing down the stairs wearing a pair of small cotton shorts and a little t-shirt that hugged her chest tightly revealing the small buds of her nipples on top of a pair of nice pert breasts. Jo held her coffee in both hands and turned to face Philip, leaning back on the counter and giving him a big smile. Vanessa was taking charge of the whole situation, which Philip appreciated because he wasn't really sure how the girls wanted things to happen.


The Hazing Ch. 05

group jallen944 2017-11-08

She had been grateful when someone came in to untie her arms from behind her back and free her ankles, but then they tied her wrists to the posts of the bed and locked what felt like a bar between her ankles, which kept her legs spread wide. It really did feel good, just like her sister had told her right after she had done it that first time in her bedroom when she was fourteen and Christine, two years younger, had watched. Pam moaned, waiting eagerly to feel this man's cock between the lips of her cunt. Another image appeared in her mind, of herself on her knees, straddling this giant man, moving slowly up and down on his big cock, just the way he liked it.


Labor Day Party Ch. 02

group nully 2017-11-07

Derek looks at the scene in front of him -- Marcus laying on the bed, my wife Maria's wet mouth wrapped around Marcus' cock, and me, naked, my hands tied to the bedpost above my head. "You know, on top of those cum-kissing pics, I did also see that you have looked at quite a few sites that involve the cuckold sucking the big black bull." Maria starts stroking Derek's cock, and he steps closer to the bed...and closer to my face. "Mmmm, look at my cocksucking husband on his knees like a good little bitch cuckold," Maria says as she moans from Marcus' tongue and fingers.

Two girls and the Glory Holes in Germany

group 2017-11-07

'No wonder 'E', you have the top flight sales every month', she turned and looked back at me as I closed the door, her large smile spoke of innocence and deep throat in one beam, 'I dont include the cost of Blow-jobs', she replied, and she laughed again, 'Glasses', she said holding the bottle aloft, 'Lets get pissed and find lots of German Sausage', I dove into the small bathroom and alighted with the toothbrush glasses from the sink, 'To eat or suck', I asked, referring to her last comment, 'Why 'M', both of course', she retorted with ease, 'One in each of my horny holes', and as she poured, I felt my own pussy start to throb, 'I am for some of that', as we clinked glasses and downed the first of many and varied drinks, we were off to Offenbach, and a theater 'E' frequented every time she visited, she was a horny girl with a big sexual apatite, 'This place has cocks coming in all the holes, you chose and suck and fuck', I laughed at her descriptive enthusiasm, 'You mean a Glory Hole', she nodded, 'I even went in wearing my shitty uniform one night, I left my carry bag in the front foyer, went in for a couple of hours, then left for the hotel, and slept like a baby'.

Every Girl has her price

group 2017-11-07

"Do you want fries with that?" "No thanks," Kyle answered looking at the girl's name tag. have seen your face!" he said as he held his hands out." "What?" Juana asked looking at his Juana heard Kyle tell the woman to come to him, and the tape went blank as she did as "I made even more than you thought I would." Kyle looked at Juana and handed walked into the restaurant, and remembered Kyle's words, "Look happy." Smiling at a middle age her and said, "Nice outfit, Juana." She smiled at him and answered, "Do you really like it, there wants to buy you a drink." Juana looked at the guy, middle aged and already half d***k.

For the Seniors

group purplepanther25 2017-11-07

I bet Carl that if the baseball team won the championship I would let him and the other graduating seniors take me to the middle of the baseball field, right on the pitchers mound and cum all over my face as I suck their cocks, it was a win, win. Carl was the first to grab my tits and squeeze my nipples; Zack joined in and grabbed the other as I had Jack and Max's cocks in front of my face, alternating in and out of my mouth. Suddenly I felt a familiar rough, wet surface run over my pussy, someone was eating me out, and by the amazing feeling of it and how close I was getting to an orgasm I knew it was Max. He was on his back, his mouth between my thighs as I practically sat on his face.

New Beginning Book 1 Ch. 01

group screedbear 2017-11-07

In walked Fred, totally nude swing free and average penis size I would guess 6 maybe 7', and totally shaved not like last time I saw him maybe 4 months ago, where he was unshaven, and unshaven all over with a nice long beard. He made one last comment, I see some of us men might need some attention, and Megan I think also needs urgent attention given the state of her stiff boobs, I know they are big but they seem a little stiffer and the flood coming between her legs looks like it will soon drown us all.

keg party

group patty169 2017-11-07

he asked if i wanted to take alittle walk and i said ya so we started down a woodsy path...and we came up to a picnic table and we started kissing and even though i knew i should stop him i didnt,he reached down,pulled up my mini and put me on the picnic table and said "im gonna fuck you hard". not long afterwards the first guy blew his load in my pussy and said to his friend "all yours man" and he pulled it out of my mouth and fucked me untill he came in me too.

The Administrative Assistant

group LadyFrederika 2017-11-07

Then it was Jon's turn: pulling back his foreskin and pressing his swollen cockhead up against my young pussy lips, he creamed three times, rapidly, covering my seam with come, right up to my urgently clenching asshole. I rubbed their come all over my body, licking it off my hands, even turning around and thrusting a sweetness-smeared finger right up my ass and looking at them to witness their gasps of arousal. I would sit in my little office under the stands, hearing the cheers and boos, but I'd be reading a copy of Penthouse Letters, or maybe one of my own nasty stories, and I'd be flicking my wet bead furiously, getting myself so aroused that I just couldn't wait to get fucked.

Nocturnal Emissions

group OtisNoel 2017-11-07

Her body collapses into mine, her pussy still in spasms, she kisses me, still fucking me, she half grunts, half husky whisper, "go me...I want" The body behind me pressed itself up against me, her pussy strategically placed at my tied hands, arms reaching around me and pulling the tight ass deeper into me, my cock reaching deeper into the tight squeeze of the girl to my front. My fingers working the cum drenched woman behind me, my cock pumping in and out of the tight little body being forced onto it from the arms around me, and the rising sounds of pleasure from in front of me and across the room, all led to my excitement building much quicker than I ever imagined after have cum twice already.

The Long Lap Dance

group eyeswideshut588 2017-11-07

"I was so wet on the plane waiting to be an hour away from landing," Sara said looking hungry. It didn't matter because I wouldn't be able to even think about that until much later, right now the only thing that mattered was the feeling of a wet pussy grinding my cock, and the tits on either side of my face. Then I noticed that the girl that suggested the lap dance, Laurie was sitting in a chair legs spread with her hand in her panties, but it wasn't me she was looking at, it was my girl's ass that still was rocking slightly back and forth with the aftershocks of the orgasm that she had just had.


Ghost in the Machine Ch. 3

group Guitman69 2017-11-07

Lisa watched as Jack rubbed his hands all over the woman's ass cheeks and down to her wet pussy. Jack pulled out of the blonde woman and turned to face Lisa. She looked down to see the blonde holding one of her large breasts in her hand and rubbing it up and down Lisa's wet pussy. The blonde leaned down and started to kiss the inside of Lisa's legs. Lisa let out a deep sigh when she felt the blonde's mouth on her sex for the first time. Lisa grabbed onto her bonds and let out a scream as the blonde would flick her tongue over her clit while applying the gentle suction. He pussy clamped down on Jack's cock and her whole body started shaking.

Back Road BJ

group cer_mal 2017-11-07

Bret sat down on the bumper of his truck I bent over sucking his big cock as Fred ran his hands over my ass slipping his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I was naked bent over deep throating Bret’s cock with my legs spread and pussy exposed with Fred fingering my soaking wet pussy when a truck drove by honking after he passed and never even slowed down. Again Bert asked me if my husband was in the Van. Fred was frantically banging his fingers into my soaking wet pussy and after I drained Bret he turned me around and made me swallow Fred’s cock.

Millennium Party

group Penelope Caesar 2017-11-07

Her mother Millie raised the idea when she met Sandra MacArthur, Em Brenner, and Charly Smith that weekend for one of their six times a year sort outs of anything that needed seeing to for the block as a whole. These two couples were also obviously each very content with their partner; though it came out over the meal that Angus had had to demonstrate to Em that he did not come prematurely nowadays, and Charly said to Em that John was simply too big for someone her build to have every night. By that point everyone was demonstrating some bites, Angus with Ruby, Terry with Charly and Ian with Sue. Brian and Millie even exchanged a bite or two with John and Em..


Houseboat Itinerary

group sxldv8 2017-11-07

Dale takes advantage of the opportunity and, obviously having already disrobed before reaching the bed, runs his hands over Nikki's curves and backside and thrusts himself into her hungry, waiting pussy. You and Dale exchange grins of obvious enjoyment, and you quickly lower your mouth into my waiting pussy to indulge in my taste. As I hear Nikki moaning in rhythm to Dale's thrusting into her, I reach my head up and flick my tongue across her clit – her crotch is still in my face at this point. Unsurprisingly, you're not as vocal as Dale but nevertheless, your enjoyment is known and as your body shuddering subsides, you gently lower yourself away from my ass, and retreat to Nikki's curious looks.

Alton's Adventures

group sexdrivesme 2017-11-07

Jerome moaned, "Oh yeah, suck my balls boy!" I sucked and massaged them and then moved back up to that big, beautiful cock of his, licking it and sharing it with Julie, our tongues dancing around his shaft and then our mouths met around his cock head. The smooth, round orb felt wonderful moving inside my mouth and I struggled to fit his very large sack into my mouth, opening wide and using my tongue and hand to force his heavy balls in, sucking them, running my tongue around them, causing him to shiver and moan, "Oh Fuck, you a good Bitch!" I sucked them hard and moaned around them as Julie slid her third finger into my ass.


Tracy Loves a Trio

group Boxlicker101 2017-11-07

"Yeah, George, like that." Tracy returned my cock to her mouth and began slowly stroking her face forward, applying pressure with her lips, while I, equally slowly, plunged it back into the warm, wet pleasure chamber where it was wanted, and where it wanted to be. When I moved away to the side of the bed, Steve looked up, saw me and knew I had cum and removed my cock from Tracy's mouth. He kept his arms wrapped around Tracy's legs, and he kept his mouth clamped firmly over her clit, and he continued sucking and licking while enjoying the wild ride. Steve knew she had immensely enjoyed her climax, but he wasn't even close to his yet, so he kept slowly plunging his cock in and out of Tracy's pussy.


Coffee Shop Confessions

group oo0_boo_0oo 2017-11-07

Lucy looked even more puzzled, Tom winked at her and said “Go ahead babe, Lee’s going to help your feet” “Any good at shoulders Tom?” asked Lee “If you are we could really send Lucy to the land of total relaxation together” Lucy took him deep in her mouth, at exactly the same moment Lee gave Lucy’s cunt what it was crying out for, he ran his tongue over her clit. The sight of Lee eating his wife out turned Tom on like nothing before, he grabbed Lucy’s head and started to slowly fuck her mouth, each stroke exploring her throat deeper until he felt her nose nudge his pubic hair. Tom took a step back, Lee traveled up Lucy’s body and kissed her full in the mouth.

Katie and Ted Learn from an Expert

group JSipes 2017-11-07

Reggie said, "OK, now that it's all settled, I will get a room over at the motel and Katie and I will take carry of business. It was probably my imagination, but for a minute I felt like Katie really wanted to have sex with this man. Katie's patience finally ran out and she abruptly said, "Ok, if you are going to FUCK me let's get it over with so my husband and I can get on with our vacation. Reggie continued to resist her urging as he started to tease and kiss his way down her body. Reggie looked over at me and said, "The secret to good sex is to go slow and make the woman literally beg to be fucked."


Sharing His Slut

group availableslave2u 2017-11-07

Knowing that she liked her nipples pinched and tugged hard, Lee made sure he gave Katie what she liked. Another guy was standing at the side of the bed and rubbed his cock over Katie's lips until she opened her mouth and he slid his cock inside. Once her mouth was full, a third guy straddled the legs of the guy lying on the bed and slid his well lubed cock into Katie's ass. After a moment the guy in her ass, slid his cock out and the man lying on the bed lifted Katie off his cock. She began to try to close her legs and two men held them open as the pussy eater was obviously sending Katie over the edge.


group renaissanceredneck 2017-11-07

I first met Marie (the brunette) and Lyssa (the blonde) some seven years ago when I was teaching at a rural middle school on the outskirts of a fair-sized Southern city. We can't strip down and all fuck right here on the couch, as much as I'd like to..." She looked down at Lyssa and ran her fingers through the mass of blonde curls. still suckling at Marie's breast, I began to pull Lyssa's head towards my crotch. I gave a moment's thought to what was happening; having my cock balls deep down the throat of a barely legal busty blonde, and at the same time nibbling and sucking on the breasts of a brunette I'd lusted after for years...

Jennifer Cum Slut (Part 2)

group zxew111 2017-11-07

Lynn was dripping cum onto the floor from her soaked pussy and asshole and my cock & balls were so swollen as they might burst. I started eating Jen, cum oozing out of her holes, I pushed three fingers into her asshole and sucked her clit, hard. Lynn pushed me on my back and started sucking my cum soaked cock, licking the cum off of it. Four of them grabbed Lynn and dragged her away, four grabbed me, dragged me to the wall, chained up my wrists while on my knees and left me there, dripping in sweat, raging hard on, cum soaked face and chest and at least 12 went after Jennifer. A cum covered cock was pushed into my mouth, it tasted like Lynns asshole.

Sex on a Cruise Ch. 02

group mike2123 2017-11-07

I was working on Ken's cock when you got here and Dan and Tyler were taking turns on each other, but they're both versatile top guys actually so I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you wanted to drop to your knees and suck both if you wanna stick around" Dave said with a grin, as if he knew what I would do. I popped Dan's cock out of my mouth and scooped up the leftover cum with the head and started licking it off like a fucking creamcicle while looking up at him, which caused too more large spurts across my forehead.

Seducing Mr. Baker

group 724wd 2017-11-07

Jennifer's nipples had blossomed into hard nubs like the tip of a finger, and Cullen took one in his mouth, nibbling softly. Kisses rained down on Cullen as Nadia and Jen forced him on his back, his rock-hard cock leaking pre-cum. Jennifer took hold of his throbbing member, staring hungrily at it, while Nadia fed him a her left breast, combing her fingers through his short dark hair. Nadia gave up Jennifer's breasts and slid down until she was face to face with Cullen's rock hard cock. Laying back and opening her thighs, Cullen got a good look at her smooth-shaved vagina, the dark outer lips spread, exposing her erect clit.