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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kelsey's World Ch. 06

group riverboy 2017-11-07

It would be easy to manage, look good in a windblown Jeep, and in Marsha's opinion, look sexy as hell on a petite girl with a body like Kelsey's. "My mother's gonna shit her pants," Kelsey said, her eyes still riveted to the new look in the mirror. "That was before I got it cut," Kelsey said, "But afterward, yeah, he liked it too." "Hi, Kelsey," Happy said, looking over her outfit. "Yup," Happy said, glancing at the big, braless tits under the little white shirt. It looked to him like she just wanted to get Koop out of there for a little fun. "Jesus, Kelsey, why are you interested in an old guy like me?" Koop asked.


Time with Diana Ch. 05

group pubescfnm 2017-11-07

Diana arranged for a chef to come to our apartment and prepare, serve and clean up after, the meal. Diana entertained each cock at her mouth in turn with her usual deep sucking and nibbling. No longer a bum hole virgin (see My Life as an Exhibitionist Ch 4), I was none-the-less still new to having a cock shoved up my arse, thankfully after some attentive lubrication. And now Diana's originally conveyed fantasy was being fulfilled, with the added bonus of having a third cock to satisfy in her mouth. It erupted inside me, but I had felt only his body stiffen and heave, and the semen drop down my leg as the cock was withdrawn.

Office Lunch Leaves with Creampie

group TheycallmeMrBig 2017-11-07

As soon as the Boss unloaded his cum in her ass, he pulled out and another Officer plunged his cock in his place and began to pump her. After the last man had emptied his cock in her ass, the Secretaries filed out of the bathroom and began to lick and suck the cum up as it dribbled down Susanne's cunt lips as it flowed from her asshole. As I began to pump back and forth, one of the secretaries that I think was Brenda moved in behind me and started finger fucking my ass while she was biting me on the butt cheeks.

Peach and Daisy's Day Out

group XXXNoBounds 2017-11-07

Several deep breaths later Daisy pushed Brain onto his back and sat up, with a smile she slid her hand down his bare chest and into his pants, pulling his rock hard dick out, then with a wink began to jack him off slowly. Not one to let a woman down Brian picked up speed thrusting into her harder, he was about to begin massaging one of her breasts when Daisy moved her head down, sliding her tongue over Peach's left nipple she started to suck on it with her mouth leaving Brian to tease and massage the right.

Meeting Mike and Jane

group manifestman 2017-11-07

"Yes," Jane replied while looking intently at Debbie, "The management told all the girls to shave there because it makes that area less obvious to the audience in the subdued lighting in the clubs, But I love it shaved anyway so I keep it this way, Here feel how smooth it is." Debbie's body slowly built to a frenzy of ecstasy and passion, she reached down for Mikes hard cock which he brought up to her mouth, and slipped it between her lips. Jane moved her hand down Debbie's body and slipped two fingers between Debbie's still open legs, and inside the outer and inner lips of her pussy amongst my sperm lingering there.


group Edge23 2017-11-07

I leaned forward and started to undo the front hook on Becca's bra, Ashley moving her hands so I could release Becca's breasts from their confinement and push he shirt from her shoulders. Ashley moved her head away from Becca's cleavage and began kissing her again, which was a greater turn on than before. Ashley chuckled and whispered, "Let's show him what else we want to do to say thanks." She raised Becca from the floor and pulled her toward the stairs by the hand. Becca didn't look like she was up for much either, so I pulled my dick out of Ashley's hole and began stroking it over her belly.

Julie Juggs Big Black Cock Gangbang

group gfunk45 2017-11-07

"Well," Julie replied, massaging her huge tits, "I was hoping you guys could help me with a little problem." She began slowly dancing from each man to the next, making sure each one got a good look at her incredible assets. "God, I love big black cock," she gasped before stuffing her mouth again, this time taking the prick to the back of her throat and doing her best to swallow every hard inch. Jesse, filled the void with his nine inches of black cock goodness as Tyrone held Julie's face to his balls. She pushed her massive juggs up for him to fuck as Tyrone and Jesse knelt by her face and took turns stuffing her mouth with their enormous, black cocks.


Mile High Luck

group gypsy palliser 2017-11-07

He swore he could hear the wet, smacking sounds of the flight attendant's fingers playing with her hot pussy. He shoved his manhood inside of her, three more times and on the third he fucked her so deep and hard he felt her pussy clenching and gushing all over his hot exploding cock. He ordered a drink and stood by the dance floor and watched as he waited for the stewardess and her twin to show up. As the lap dance ended, the fleet manager stood up and the stewardess approached him from behind, embracing him and pressing her firm breasts against his back. The sexy little stewardess raised one leg and wrapped it around her sister's ass as she rubbed herself against the twin's hips.


Platonic Friend to Party Fodder

group dpingjessie 2017-11-07

Using one hand, I located Katie's sweet spot and spread it open a bit before putting my tongue back on her body, this time pushing the tip into her pink pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. "I've wanted this cock inside me for so long," Katie said as she looked into my eyes, now beating me off. "Come on." We hadn't had sex with each other in a couple months by this point and I'd honestly been hoping for some action going into this night, but I wasn't going to entertain the idea of a public display and wasn't particularly attracted to her in that moment, not to mention I didn't take her seriously.



group LingerieRobot 2017-11-07

Prison, for the lucky ones, but Daniel had seen the way that the cops looked at Andrée, an Algerian girl who spat in their faces, and knew they would vent their rage onto her if they could. There was a group of about seven of them -- Andrée, Luc, the dark-haired girl (whose name was apparently Sylvie), the bearded anarchist (Piotr, although that may have been an alias), and two other men who were just as quiet as Daniel. For the first time, he realized what Andrée saw in Luc. He seemed chubby with clothes on, but here in the shower Daniel could see that it was mostly muscle -- not exaggerated, arrogant muscle, but the thick arms and chest of a worker.



group ppfppc 2017-11-07

After setting my girlfriend/future wife up now numerous times at our place and after swapping girlfriends, with Sergio taking my girlfriend and I taking his in separate rooms at hotels for a couple weekends now, Monique my girlfriend has become more receptive and willing to party with our new friend Sergio and others.. It really helped that whenever we made love and while i was licking her pussy I would always talk up and create erotic fantasy sex stories with Sergio or guys from her work or mine where they seduce and fuck her at a party, a bar, her work, my work, in bathrooms, in jacuzzis, pools, cars and even on boats!

Ice Maiden Ch. 02

group some_boy 2017-11-07

"Actually, that's her, sucking your cock right now!" I said, and with that, Sashi popped off, looked up at him, gave a big smile and a little wave and then got back to business. Sashi wasn't having any of that: she pulled off and took a long hard look at the wet member, palming it from underneath with her hand splayed out flat, like she was carrying a tray of drinks. Sashi fought through the sleetstorm and kept stroking, using one hand to transfer cum from her face to Boris' dick, and the other to milk out the rest of what Eddie had left.

A Little Revenge

group fun_tracy 2017-11-07

They then started to move and I edged back a bit, I watched as Michelle lay on her back across the bed, facing away from me and then Eric came swaggering into view, his hard cock bouncing as he positioned himself between her legs and guided his cock into her. "Just so you know Leroy, she shouldn't drive, this is her third." Chloe said placing the drinks down on the table before going back the bar. My orgasm began to build and I played with my own boobs and pinched my own nipples as I looked at him in the eyes, he got faster and faster and then collapsed on me as he came deep inside me again, this time it coincided with my orgasm.


Chronicles of Chris Ch. 05

group CABONE 2017-11-07

Between Joni's soft lips on my cock and Sara's on my nipples, I relaxed as I enjoyed their touch. She then matched Joni's pace in a feathery touch on my dick, before sliding her chest over my face and presenting a hard nipple to my greedy lips. Joni settled down into my arms after the kiss and then turned her head and looked at Sara. Joni was kissing along the inside of Sara's thighs and it looked like she was barely grazing the skin, teasing Sara with her tongue and lips. I looked back down at Joni and she was continuing to tease, licking and kissing around Sara's pussy, but never making direct contact.


Office Fun Times Three!

group LuvsPreggers 2017-11-07

She wanted Christine to shove her silky tongue deep into her pussy, but she knew she would have to wait until the time was right. "Okay, my love," Christine said to Lora, "Get ready – you're going to get fucked like you've never been fucked before!" With that, she motioned again to Jim, who aimed his throbbing prick at Lora's love opening and began to slide it in slowly. It took a few seconds for it to register in Lora's fuck-soaked mind, but it felt just like she was being filled with cum! Now, as she lay there feeling Jim's semen seeping out her pussy, Lora knew that she had been wrong. The first thing she wanted to do was lay underneath Christine and lick her pussy and Jim fucked her.

A Night with Ashley and Friend

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-11-07

"Oh, baby!" Kayla purred as she put her finger lightly on my bare chest as she slowly worked it all the way down to my rock hard cock, then both she and Ash began kissing me all over my body. "I forgot to tell you that his mouth is as talented as his cock, didn't I?" Ashley laughed as she watched Kayla cum in many earth-shattering orgasms from my attack on her snatch. I could feel the great amount of cum building up inside of me as my wife and Kayla taking turns jerking me off and quickly rising to the top; I knew I was quickly going to shoot off to a most tremendous orgasm, and soon.

Slave Night at The Club Ch. 2

group sexvoyeur 2017-11-07

Watching only a few feet away, Emily looked like she was quickly falling in a trance, lost in the intensely erotic sensation of being touched so intimately by four complete strangers. Feeling this hunger, the oldest man in the group moved directly in front of Emily and began running his fingertips over her breasts, his eyes soon completely focused on her nipples as he gently pinched them between his fingers--smiling as he heard Emily softly grunt from the stimulation. As the older man continued teasing her nipples, one of the younger men standing behind her bent down and began to run his hands over Emily’s buttocks, gently squeezing and caressing her ass, enjoying both the firmness of her muscles and softness of her skin as he kneaded her flesh.


Leaving the Navy Ch. 09

group Scorpio44 2017-11-07

If Krystn couldn't go with him she would stay home and work hard to graduate and get some skills she could use to help Jim pay the bills when she joined him after she graduated. As we talked I told them about loving Krystn and Mrs. Whitcom asked if you know how to cook and clean. They went shopping for a couple suitcases for Krystn and soft bags for Jim. That evening they started weeding through their clothes and possessions. "And, one Friday afternoon I got a call from Launa at work and she said she wanted me to meet her and her lover at a resort here at the lake.


The Classroom Pt 1

group 2017-11-07

"See my pussy is wet and needs to be cleaned." My mouth dropped open and began to water because her pussy is shaved clean and those tiny perfect pussy lips were dripping wet. I walked over and began to suck her pussy through her thong. My cock was super hard now and need to get sucked so I laid her on her back and fed my cock into her lips. "I want you to put this on" she said handing me the blindfold. My nipples are being pinched hard, my cock is being throated, and balls being sucked. Jane pulls the blindfold from my eyes so I can see Mrs. Witlock licking my cum from Jane's face and lips.

A Double-D Surprise

group Jonny Cakes 2017-11-07

My cock in their mouths, in their cunts, in their asses, watching them eat each other's pussies, watching the lust on Annie's face as I pounded her best friend's big, meaty tits. "I love the taste of fresh cum, especially off a nice set of freshly fucked tits," grinned Barbie. As Annie sucked her tits, Barbie cocked her head to the side so she could take my prick into her mouth. "God, I love tasting your cock as it fucks Annie's tight cunt. It's so nice and wet with our cunt juice." With that, Barbie, who knelt at the base of the couch, moved her tits to my waiting cock. Annie, whose ass was nice and loose, moved her head down to Barbie's big jugs and sucked them.


Touch Class Ch. 09

group Uzi_Johnson 2017-11-07

I gradually came awake the next morning to feel someone alternately licking the head of my dick and sucking it. We rocked and fucked, and she whispered "Oh Jimmy, don't stop, I'm gonna come." I kissed her mouth and then felt her shiver all over, as my dick suddenly had extra lubrication for its thrusting. Shiri bent over my dick and started slurping it energetically, working a hand on it as she sucked. Shiri bit my dick carefully as she moved her ass around, her tits swaying beneath her. Shiri came, then Karen shot a bucket up her, then Jennifer screamed in ecstasy, Christine got weak-kneed when working the prongs and coming, and I filled Shiri's mouth with salty semen.

Dan's Birthday

group BobbyCoxwell 2017-11-07

Cheryl and I started a sexy striptease for Dan, making sure to touch and kiss each other's hot bodies a lot. As the orgasm subsided, Cheryl and I lay down on the bed, and started to clean my juices from Dan's face. As I started rocking back and forth, Cheryl got between Dan's legs and was alternating between licking my clit and sucking his balls. Cheryl started fucking me, which caused Dan's dick to piston in and out of my ass as well. "Help me out here honey" said Dan. I moved in beside him and the two of us started tongue wrestling as we licked Cheryl ass.

We Meet At Last

group hotlilmomma 2017-11-07

It was Amy in a stern voice instructing she would soon have more control over me, starting with having me wear women's underwear for work the next day. Just then I heard the door open and Amy was there looking at me with my cock in my hand. she whispered in my ear how hot she thought tonight was going to be and how lucky Amy was to have found a generous woman like Monica. As I moved to the dresser Amy took Emily's hand and led her to the bed, as John stripped his wife. Amy was bouncing up and down on John's hand as she moaned, "That's it Rob. cover her with your cum.

Jan pays her husband's debt

group aplover 2017-11-07

Vlad then put his big hands on her head and face fucked Jan at a nice pace making her go "glorp glorp glorp." Saliva and precum dribbled out of her mouth down her chin onto her brand new dress. Vlad, Bruce, and Cyrus took turns fucking Jan's face. Bruce pulled out and said, "Show me it's empty." Jan obeyed, opening her mouth to show that she'd swallowed that massive load. "This is so hot," said Bruce, bringing the camera in for closeups of Jan's pussy and mouth being abused by cock. After tag teaming Jan like this, Cyrus said, "I'm gonna fucking cum!!" You like getting fucked in the ass." All Jan did was grunt with each thrust of that huge cock into her asshole.