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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Set Up (You Need This) Ch. 02

group MrTheDevilMan25 2017-11-07

Can you pick up something for lunch on the way back?" Joanna asked with a slap on Ben's butt as he walked away. Ben bought a nice suit with a red tie, after Joanna texted him the color of the dress she was planning on wearing tonight. Ben looked back to see what was going on and the girl from the airport was there, wearing a sexy smile. "Let me guess, you like being naked all the time now, right?" Ben asked sarcastically, grabbing himself a taco. Joanna then started to rub her body over Ben, brushing her breasts in his face then turning around and grinding her ass in his crotch.


Night shift fun

group Loipyu 2017-11-07

Last night at work was pretty slow, and most of my work was done by 1am, just setting at the nurses station looking at the computer and trying to kill time. We have interns and residents that cover at night, and they are pretty fun to talk to (average age is 25-28), will in walks Dr Jones, a young looking guy, pretty cocky, but fun to tease and flirt with. Now this really got me going, and I moved around and untied my scrub bottoms and they dropped to the floor followed almost immediately by my panties, He stopped sucking and pushed me down onto the bed and dove his hungry mouth straight into my hairy bush, what he wasn’t was good at oral sex, but he did make up for it in desire.

Two's Company but Three's Heaven

group gas826 2017-11-07

I had been away from Tina for three weeks so I was looking forward to a long night of passionate hot sex. I could not imagine how I was going to get into Tina's sweet love tunnel with Kelly sleeping ten feet away. She pumped my cock a few times and smiled at me as she noticed her roommate writhing in ecstasy in the bed a couple of feet away from us. As I stood there with my 7 inch raging hard on fully erect, I heard Kelly moan, "Oh, that's a nice cock". Tina then straddled me and guided my raging hard cock into her wet pussy. Tina was moaning louder and louder while Kelly was grinding her pussy on my face.

Soft n Silky

group Wundermutt 2017-11-07

Standing where everyone could see him, he said, "Ladies and gentlemen, earlier tonight during the shopping, I promised our lovely young hostess that I would show her a way to enjoy good wine that she had never seen before." He looked directly at Lynda. Lynda took care of that wine she had poured around his cock. When she moved her mouth away, Lynda poured more wine on the cock and Angie was right there to get her taste. Lynda was lying in the middle with Tara on her right and Angie on her left. Tara moaned and started working her hips the moment the champagne was poured into her cunt. Steve was between Tara's legs, drinking wine from that glass and finishing what Brad had started.



group Barnaby 2017-11-07

I wanted to give you a very special treat so I asked my new neighbors, Jim and Missy to help me out.” She motioned them to come over into camera range. Missy moved the camera rapidly down Sabrina’s body and I could see that Jim had slipped effortlessly inside her sopping vagina and was already pushing in and out very rapidly. Missy zoomed in on her clean-shaven snatch between her luscious ass-cheeks just as one of the guys pushed deep inside of it, causing Sabrina to moan uncontrollably. Missy apparently expected this as she caught a nice fleshy close-up shot of Sabrina’s initial ass violation and then immediately moved around to her face which was winced in pain.

Getting Neighborly

group sjl1701 2017-11-07

“All kinds of variety, if you know what I mean.” Mark smiled and reached down with a hand and gave my still hard cock a fondle. I sat back and spread my legs, Pam moved her mouth to my erect cock and took it between her lips. Pam moaned nicely as she took my cock into her mouth. I licked hard on Pam’s clit as Mark took one last deep thrust and moaned loud as his cock unloaded cum into her pussy. After enjoying the feeling, Mark began pulling back and was soon slowly pumping his cock in and out. I was feeling good all over as Mark moaned loud and thrust his cock deep into my ass.

Night Swimming

group ubertroll 2017-11-07

Watch," and before Sarah could raise a word of protest, Julia began to stroke her lower lips with one finger on her right hand, and began to tug on her clit with her thumb and forefinger of her left. Do you want to touch it?" at that, Julia put down the vibrator, placed her hands behind her, on the back edge of the bench, and pushed her pelvis forward, so that her coccyx rested on the forward edge of the bench, her yawning pussy, and included clit, barely three feet from Sarah. Sarah began to cross, and whispered "Last street" to the stowaway, who, showing tremendous, but at that moment unappreciated strength, removed one arm from Sarah's shoulder, and moved her hand, timing against Sarah's walk precisely, up between her legs, and into her slit.


Sharon's Surprise Ch. 01

group SharonMWF 2017-11-07

"He used to be a great fuck, not as athletic as Kelvin, and couldn't last as long as our black friend, but all in all a good cock that knew how to satisfy a cunt," she said crudely. "Well, all I recall is a very large uncut cock, a torn thong, and some very good fucking," I said, "Oh yea, and some guy watching," as I stared directly into Bob's eyes. "Ok, so I can get fucked by Tony any time, I am going upstairs with Sharon's husband," Marijean said, "Sharon can work out the details with Tony and Bob."


Caught In The Act

group Rummy-the-Diva 2017-11-07

“Please, please put your cock in my cunt, I want you to fuck me while I lick your wife’s pussy.” She said. I had a perfect view of my wife’s sweet pussy and Melissa’s tongue lapping away. Slowly, in and out she fucked my wife’s cunt with the dildo, lowering her head to take Karen’s clit between her teeth. Melissa said, “Why don’t you cum all over your wife’s sweet pussy while I make her cum with this dildo.” In a flash I was out of Melissa’s tight hole and stroking my cock above my wife’s cunt. She was crying out in pleasure, rubbing her fingers in my cum and coating her nipples, while Melissa licked my cum from Karen’s pussy.

Sunny Daze Threesome (MFF) - Part 1

group jm_xxx 2017-11-07

(Sunny gets up and marches over to the pool stairs and slides in gasping how cool the water feels on her aching nipples, and her now moist pussy. (Sunny smiles and turns around, only to realize that Steven is pulling her back into him, at which point Sunny can then feel Steven’s hard cock pressing into her ass, which makes her gasp briefly, then moan and giggle.) (Racquel has made it into the pool and approaches Sunny who has now pressed her ass into Steven’s throbbing cock.) Steven begins to reach for Sunny and Racquel, stroking their nipples through their bathing suits, then lowering his hands to their pussies.

Erotic Fencing Lesson Ch. 2

group SamStuart 2017-11-07

Carol had her hand on Tara's head encouraging her to go deeper with her tongue. Tara continued to lick harder and faster Carol was encouraging her telling her how beautiful she was. Tara said "I have been wanting to get you alone for sometime now." Carol nodded her head and said "You thing we did not have this whole evening planned by accident Hmmmm…" Tara and Carols' hands both stroked his cock and balls. Carol and Tara took turns sucking his cock and balls. Carol understood the cue and went sixty-nine with Tara and licked her clean shaved pussy. Ed entered Tara slowly; she moaned feeling his hard cock enter her tight pussy. He could feel Carol's tongue lapping his cock and Tara's pussy.


group Curioser 2017-11-07

She squeezed her legs together on my thighs, mashed her lips against mine, and, after one last desperate lunge, her whole body went into spasms, shuddering up and down its length, like guitar strings vibrating in a sustained open E. Yes, it's coming, now, you're making me wild, I can feel my toes starting to curl, I'm going off, I'm, I'm, yes, I'm gonna come pussy juice all over your long, hard cock!" Then she was humping and thrashing like a wild horse below me and I felt a warm gush of liquid splash out of her cunt and trickle over my balls.

Second Zumba session ...

group SlutAurore 2017-11-07

I tell them they make me good effect, my pussy was very wet. We test the remote and it make a lot of effect (more than in pussy) (the session can be interresting). Before I return on music, he tell me they count the number of mistakes, and I have gages on how much mistakes. They play with the remote and I make lots of mistakes(18). They play non stop with remote, and I make lots of mistakes. I'm so excited, they want me to make my first gage, and masturbate now to cum. So I rub my pussy and my clit trough the swimsuit, and I cum very fast and very hard.

Three Times The Work

group And 1 2017-11-07

Alarna grinned as she watched Andrew moan in pleasure as her two friends proceeded to take turns sucking his cock and balls. Alarna and Nancy meanwhile watched Andrew thrust into Trixie while locked in the 69 position licking each other's pussies. Andrew felt her ass tighten around his cock and he knew that soon he was going to fill Nancy right up with his cum, "Oh Nancy, mmmmm I'm going to fill your tight hole with my cum so deep you'll go crazy!" Andrew said his balls slapping against her tight butt. "That's it Andrew I want you to fill this little slut's ass with your cum," Alarna whispered in Andrew's ear as she watched him pound into Nancy from behind.


First MMF Threesome

group LISABABYDOLL 2017-11-07

With his back still towards me, I spooned in a little closer to our guest and started running my right hand up Mike's thigh, slowly going underneath the shorts, but careful not to actually touch him. I could feel how wet my underwear was and my breathing clearly tipped Francis off as I felt his hand go between my legs, only to discover he'd been beaten to the punch, as Mike continued to rub me through the material. The only thing missing for Francis was that he wanted a better view of the action – he really couldn't see the look of desire on my face, and I knew this would bother him, so moved back to the bed, pulled me up with him so our heads were on the same pillow, and he started spooning with me from behind.

Me a whore for black gangbangs

group 2017-11-07

The room was crowded as I was led through, my heavy tits swinging as I crawled behind Ben, people both men and women, touching me, stroking my bum, fingers between my legs touching my wet pussy, others crouching down to feel my tits, one guy knelling down, sniffing and licking my arse and pussy, pretending to be a dog. The last time he was home, he said he'd like to meet Ben, suggesting I invite him around, to a dinner party we had arranged for the weekend just past, none to subtly intimating he wanted to watch us fuck afterwards.

The Page

group Biligaana 2017-11-07

Shiny and wet, the mans cock disappeared and then reappeared from the blondes mouth. Although he was getting a little aroused from watching the movie, the sound of her voice caused his cock to harden completely. As the camera panned down a little further, he noticed that the man in movie had on a cock ring. As he mulled it over in his mind, he watched as the blonde on the screen spread her legs and positioned herself over the mans cock. "Ohhh yes, I love that" she said "I love watching a man come." Returning to a seated position he reached for the bottle of lotion. With one hand on his balls the other stroking his cock, he turned his attention back to the screen.


My Journey To Perversion Ch. 5

group Linda Jean 2017-11-07

“Oh honey, I am ready, let me come baby.” I heard him say, “Oh you were, I’m sorry, I wanted to see how you could handle this.” I felt him inserting a nice fat cock inside of me, I looked down, and he lay there smiling as he slowly slid the big fat rubber cock inside of me. Paul said “next, but fuck her ass, she is too close, one of the black guys jumped on the bed and as he lifted my legs up as far as the ropes would allow, I felt him inserting his cock in my ass.

Friends in the Booth

group SecretHowl 2017-11-07

I worked my fingers slowly in and out of her pussy a couple more times before pulling them out and rubbing the juices all over her bare ass. Finally, the guy pulled back, and gasped, "...oh fuck...!" as his cock slipped out of Melissa's warm, wet mouth. I pulled back and licked my lips as another cock push through the hole close to Melissa. Looking back at the guy I knew was watching us through the glory hole, I seductively licked a couple fingers, then rubbed them up between her legs. I smiled nervously at the guys leaning against the wall as I pulled open the door to a booth right in front of them.


Dear Dirty Diary - last part

group AdorableLaura 2017-11-07

Louise composed herself, looked directly down at my pubes and said out as cool as a cucumber, “Oh look Laura, you seem to have caught something on yourself.” She reached out to the bow and continued, “Here, let me get it off for you.” Of course, the damned thing wouldn’t come undone and every time she pulled at the bow, the bell jingled. With the three of comfortably reclining on the bed, I sat up, spread my arms back for support and continued, “My recipe calls for the bird, to have all packaging materials removed.” Louise lifted up and pulled off my slip while Doug peeled down my stockings.

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 01

group DeftProseForYou 2017-11-06

As my eyes glaze over red with sheer anger, I keep reading the profile: "Horny woman, looking for a real man to treat me like a lady on the street, but a freak in the bed." Under the self description, you listed well-rounded / well-pounded ass, fuckable face, dripping pussy - and that you know how to use it and let men abuse it. You are so intent on sucking the come right out from his balls, you do not notice the three large black men entering the room - hell, the door is left wide open - anyone can walk in. The black guy with the foot-long had no competition in the room, so he just kept sitting next to you - one of his hands was now fingering your pussy.

Discovery Ch. 03

group D H LAW 2017-11-06

We arrived about six-thirty and found Mike, Jane, Lisa, and Matt on the patio with drinks in hand. We drank and chatted for about twenty minutes and Jane asked Jen and Lisa to help her get the rest of dinner on the table. He shot another load at Jane's face and then finished by inserting his cock in Jen's mouth. We settled down into the water with Jane to my left, then Matt, then Jen, then Mike, then Lisa, and back to me. As I looked across the Jacuzzi, I saw Jen on the deck on her knees with Mike's cock in her mouth and Matt's dick pounding in and out of her cunt.

His Creampie was in The Cards

group cpluver 2017-11-06

Kim said to the other girls, "You know one of them is going to swallow more cum in a night than any of us ever have." They both told Sheila, "No way, we're not into swallowing cum, so please hurry up and start sucking because we're about to burst." Jake stopped sucking Natalie's tit for a second and said, "Get your mouth over here already." Suck harder, oh fuck yeah; I'm going to cum in your mouth now, get ready." You better be ready, when he cums, you're going to drown," Joanne said with glee. Joanne giggled at me and said, "Is that what I would look like if you did that to me, Stan?


Penny's Freaky Friends Ch. 1

group AngelzDevil 2017-11-06

I wasn't sure what to expect, and Penny was vague too, but she did tell me that only those new people that everyone "liked" ever got invited back for a second visit. "Ooh" said one lady, about 60 (or so), as she watched me grow erect, and a similarly aged man, close to her, licked his lips and started stroking his cock. Come on fuck his hot hole." And he pulled his stiff cock out of my mouth and rose to go around to behind me. Ronnie's cock still purple and hard, and Flo smiling contentedly "Ronnie take that rod and fuck your wifes hot cunt, NOW!" commanded Penny. Finally he pushed his thumb into her cunt, and started to fist fuck her, as she calmly sucked his cock.