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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Girls Next Door Ch. 02

group VictoriaOh 2017-11-06

"I – I'm, uh, I'm g-g-gonna c-c-c-c!" He stammered out and Terri looked up at him, winked, and then backed up a little bit and let her breasts fall away as she took his cock fully in to her mouth and began to suck on it like it were a popsicle. "Time for you to fuck me, Bobby!" She said and pressed her mouth against his and drove her tongue past his lips in a deep French kiss as she let her weight fall over him and drive her cunt down over his cock like a well fitted glove.


When Worlds Collide

group makofin 2017-11-06

You are standing there embracing your wife, Diane, when you feel the sting of the riding crop upon your ass cheek. It's your turn Craig, you know you love to eat pussy." "How very noble." I turned your face towards your kneeling wife, so you could see Mako standing over her, his gigantic cock hard and ready. "That you want to slip your long, hard stiff dick into my wet, dripping, tight, hot, cunt." I breathed before I let my tongue travel tantalizingly up the underside of your throbbing prick. "I know you want to please me Craig." I un-cuffed your hands and moved over you so that my silky cunt was just brushing the head of your cock.

Fallen Priest, Risen Erection

group latinafmm2 2017-11-06

When Father D came to his new parish, he very quickly befriended the nuns there, the only one that he couldn't move was the Mother Superior. Mother Superior stopped for a moment, she couldn't believe that Father D would say that to her, she tried to look at him, to see if he was serious. From that moment on, Father D made the Mother Superior into his special slave, he had a special spot made in the alter for her to hide away during mass, so that she could give him head while he celebrated the weekly rituals. Often during the week, the Mother would surprise Father D with a treat, she would use the choir loft to hide his other slave nuns, where none of his parish could see them.

Don't Delete: Open This!

group body_artist 2017-11-06

If Brian Peters had been asked to name the two sexiest girls in last year's senior calculus class, without hesitation he would have said Jessica and Kaitlyn. Her body writhed wildly and Brian alternated between watching her breasts, her legs and her ass as the girl thrashed about on the bed. Kaitlyn was a little more subdued when Jessica moved onto the bed and placed her bare breasts directly above the other girl's face. Brian watched as Kaitlyn opened her mouth and began to lick all around Jessica's nipple. Brian moved behind her and let the girls kiss while he played with Kaitlyn's ass and clit.


A Motorcycle Ride to Remember

group tbunther 2017-11-06

There were two men here and I could feel a hard penis against the right cheek of my ass as the second man got my belt and zipper open. All of the shocking sensations at once, the cold metal against my penis, Rachel’s hot flesh pressed against me, the dildo stretching my ass and the wicked thoughts running through my head were quickly bringing me to the edge of a huge orgasm. Rachel slid the dildo deeper into my ass, then I felt her hips moving forced into a quicker pace by Rob pushing his way in and out of her pussy.

Prankster Ch. 10

group Paris Waterman 2017-11-06

He turned to the girls and found: Sheila, who was down for girl on girl, and anal; a red head named Sissy, who wore a red, white and blue cowboy hat, and her friend, Elaine, an ample-chested brunette; Ginger, a brunette who would turn eighteen in an hour's time, along with her friend, Tori, another brunette with closely cropped hair; and a pretty, but plumpish blonde girl named Hailey, who was wearing a bikini and a jaunty black, cowboy hat, and her friend, a brunette named Mavis, who had agreed to go down on each other.


What Happens in the Hot Tub... Ch. 03

group perfectgentleman 2017-11-06

It had been six months since Brett, Miranda and Jesse had shared a game of truth or dare it Brett's hot tub that ended in his bedroom. One night while Brett was with Miranda they got a text message from Jesse. Miranda and Brett tried to get Jesse out of her funk. "So I wanted to ask you that day, what is your dirtiest fantasy?" Jesse said. "Well, I really want to have two guys and you at the same time," Miranda said. That night they talked Brett into another game of truth or dare in the hot tub. It was only about the fourth round when Jesse asked Miranda to tell about her dirtiest fantasy.

A Birthday Bonus

group MrFacepainter 2017-11-06

The young girl suckled on the head of my dick, those long, mascara-caked lashes fluttering up at me as she giggled, her glossy lips wrapped around my cock, the strawberry-scented sparkles rubbing off on the throbbing, oozing shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. The poor, unsuspecting Summer squealed and jumped back as Ryan's first blast of steaming hot young cum burst against her messy cheek with an audible splat, streaking up across her ear and coating her pretty pink plastic ear-ring. "We're both going to get you, whether you like it or not." The poor girl bobbed her dripping face up and down on the throbbing cock, her pretty pigtails bouncing up and down, the soft blonde locks caked in the drying cum of two men.

Caribbean Surprise

group VanillaCook 2017-11-06

Marcos and Christina immediately attacked Jen's body with their hands and lips and tongues. Marcos and Christina held each other's hands as the started to lick Jen's pussy. Marcos laid them both down and took his huge cock and started to rub it along Jen's sopping wet pussy. As Christina's first orgasm mounted Marcos stuck his massive cock into Jen's pussy. Christina got on all fours over Jen's head so Jen could taste her pussy in between her screams of pleasure from having such a huge cock fucking her ass. As her orgasm began to subside Steve and Marcos tensed up and each came shooting their hot cum deep into Jen's pussy and ass.

Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 02

group Bodington 2017-11-06

Once Octavia had pumped with her mouth Clarence's cock three times in succession she would let go of his cock and with her tongue would start to trace the length of his shaft from tip to sac with her tongue. As I was alternately in unison with Octavia sucking Clarence's cock and balls the thought of the sperm to cum was causing me to moan and I was also shuddering as I was looking forward to Clarence juices. So I joyfully tongued up his shaft as Octavia released Clarence's cock and quickly I covered my mouth with that now trembling rod. As I was talking to Octavia, Clarence obviously intrigued by the light green color could not help himself but simply went down on me causing me to be flat on the tiled kitchen floor.


Help Desk Ch. 7

group Theoden 2017-11-06

Not wanting to be left out, Paula pulled my face close to hers, offering her strawberry to me as I had done to Geneen. I redoubled my efforts on Paula as Geneen took my dick into her mouth and began to lick and suck in an agonizingly gentle way. Paula’s face was contorted in ecstasy as the fruit filled her, and when Geneen’s talented tongue began to eat the banana from Paula her moans turned into screams. Realizing that I was going to be a while at this endeavor, Paula turned slightly and began to lick the honey from Geneen’s thighs and belly. Paula leaned forward and rubbed Geneen’s clit as I fucked her, and the noises Geneen was making in Paula’s cunt told us we were doing it right.

Testing the Boundries

group joe32112 2017-11-06

I don't think I would ever consider swinging, even though we've found some fun and excitement in flirting, but I need to know where Reed's head is with all of this. "You don't really want to either, do you?" you guess correctly and go on to tell me how Mark hinted towards hooking up which sort of spoiled things for you at the restaurant which causes me to put my left knee up on my seat, put my hands on your face and kiss you passionately like I never have before. I open the door and see Maria with a hand bag and what looks like a sleeping bag lying on the ground.


The Sales Office Ch. 04

group timelord1963 2017-11-06

When she got to front center stage she could not hold her head down any longer, when she looked out she locked her eyes onto Elie. A lot of people did not know each other but all wanted to pass along their sincerest pride in the achievements the Grace, Mia and Marta made. Mia said "We know only you two could have pulled this off." Caught off guard, there were four subs charging their masters in a six way group hug. Later, Elie called The Master, she said we seem to be getting a lot of subs lately. "Elie said" I was thinking of a role reversal night so our subs can blow off some steam." "You could even dress them like Masters and Dommes."


My Fantasies Ch. 03

group ukwriter 2017-11-06

He takes some shower gel and starts to wash my body. He places my hands on his chest and tells me to start washing him. I let my hands fall to his cock and begin to wash it. I soon start to get into the swing of things and suck and lick his cock harder. You are now getting really turned watching me suck another mans cock. I look round and he is smothering his cock and my ass with KY gel. You sit on my face, he sucks my cock. You start to cum first and I have to ram my cock into your mouth to make you suck it. You feel my cock start to throb in your mouth.

The Screamer Ch. 08

group Liquor69 2017-11-06

I mean, did you do it like this?" Mark said as he spun Hank around and sucked his cock deep into his throat in one fluid motion. Mark told him he had the full resources of his firm to draw on initially but that he had better start looking to increase his staff as the workflow was going to get crazy. "I wanted to let you know about some major changes we are about to make," Gary started. When the exec's had left the room, Gary looked at Lori and told her to offer Ronnie a one year contract but to reduce the amount to one million. Ronnie walked in as Gary, Michelle, Mark, Jill and Dani were leaving.


Amazing wife anal gangbang

group adventureousmale 2017-11-06

They had put on a little act for her, each walking past her and looking her up and down, directly at her breasts, into her eyes, turning as they passed, each coming back and telling Linda that if a guy did that it was a sign they wanted to fuck her. Linda is enthusiatic in her motions and as my cock slips out several times she says don't worry, maybe it's the position or that they were just really big, but you can fuck me like the anal slut I am as much as you like so long as you know I have my boyfriends now.

The hotel

group slutinmyhead 2017-11-06

‘Oh my god this bitch can suck’ Mark says, almost like I’m not in the room ‘mmmmm, wonder what she tastes like?’ he stands me up and places me on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. I’m on my knees as he slides the head of his cock over my gaping pussy and slams it into my wet hole ‘like that slut?’ he asks as I gasp yes and respond by pushing back onto him as he stretches me. I felt Mark stiffen and then fill my ass with a big spurt of cum, Greg followed him by telling me to open my mouth and he spunked over my face, so much that it dripped down my chin and onto the bed below me.

Brian's Story Ch. 03

group velvethammer 2017-11-06

Her nice, big tits were right in my face so I said what the fuck, and took one nipple into my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. I looked at her and said, if you wanna fuck again, you'd better suck my cock. When I was good and hard, I asked if she wanted my cock in her, she looked up and said, yes, please. I told her I was cumming and she was going to swallow everything like a good little whore and she nodded again, still sucking. I said that her mother liked sucking my cock after I had fucked her. I grabbed her nice little ass, and her tits and we just stood there in the dark, groping each other like rabbits in a burrow.


supermarket suprise too

group tantr23 2017-11-06

close up shots getting me stiffer...harder...fillming with one hand....caressing Julies sexy body with the other...big ,firm boobs....pinching, tweakng her nips.....turned Julie on her side....Petra still busy I'm behind Julie the Viagra working cock bigger than ever before....RAMPANT !! Petra on all fours over us......her tits glistening with fukjuice....melontits swaying so me'n'Julie can lik'n'suk the sexcreem....yyuuummmyyy...reaching between Julies thighs Petra guides the bellend of my huge chopper between Julies swollen,slippy,twatlips.....we both frigging Petra ....all panting and she stroking,caressing our hot,wet fukking....'d'you think that tastes as god as it feels' I ask Petra...again not a word....she just 69's us....tounging us Julies juicy bolloks....we exploring her her fluffy muffy..

Sharon's Threesome Ch. 04

group SharonMWF 2017-11-06

I felt the wetness of the two loads that were in me start to ooze from my excited cunt but I lay there enjoying Colin's finger stimulating my vagina. I lay on Colin completely overwhelmed with pleasure as I felt his cock pump a massive load of sperm deep inside me. Colin and I lay there for a few moments, his cock still deep inside me but starting to go limp, when I felt my husband move behind me. I must have drifted off to sleep for a few moments lost in the thoughts of the erotic adventure we all had experienced over the last couple of days because the next sensation I felt was Colin's limp cock slowly slipping from my vagina.

The Boss's Wife Ch. 05

group callmejack 2017-11-06

One time I saw Miko nudge Brandy after Gail had massaged her tits a little. By the time I got to the edge of the pool with the drinks, Brandy and Miko had successfully stripped Gail of her clothes and threw them on the diving board. I continued to work her pussy with tongue and fingers right through the first orgasm and as she had another I felt a small hand reach from behind and stroke my cock. Miko had moved up on the pool edge and was kissing Gail's nipples and helping Brandy by working Gail's clit. Brandy and Miko went to work immediately licking up my cum, kissing Gail and nibbling on her nipples.


Inner Freak Released!

group 2017-11-06

As I walked out the side door I glanced at the Best Man and Bus Driver, Kels was audibly gagging and throating these guys. I could tell it was the bus driver, cuz the other two (Best Man and Groom) were talking about how good Kels mouth was, like back in college. I was fucking the Ma'rme as she cleaned Kels pussy, holding the cum in her mouth. I told her, "You know what to do!" She hesitated and then as i pulled her head under Kels dripping pussy, she sucked every bit out and held it in her mouth. Kels tongue reached inside Ma'rme's hole and it gaped open with Drivers load plopping into Kels mouth.

What a Saturday

group JungleJane 2017-11-06

Going back to the bedroom I took another look through the crack of the door and saw my lovely Jackie with her nipples hard as a rock and a smile on her face to die for she truly was enjoying herself. I first start to lick her pussy and then push the vibrator deep inside her moving it in and out, as hubby pours lotion on his cock and rubs some into her ass. I took her to the shower and as the warm water washed over our bodies, we embraced and our wet bodies felt like one - we kissed and sucked each others nipples and Sara says, "Could start this all over again but the kids would be home with in the hour."

Wife Shared with husbands BF

group hubbymelissa 2017-11-06

Her hand found the back of my head again and it pulled me tighter into her breast just long enough to let me know she liked our little game, then put it back into position forming her X blockade again “Oh my god” Bobby exclaimed with disbelief, “How can it be so wet and tight, holy shit” he gasped. Trudy grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth then turning to look down at the junction of their fuck tools, still feeling Bobby's cock pulse with the after throbs of a hard cum inside her body.