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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Couple

group ava23 2017-11-06

"I think this should be fun for all of you." Jenny leaned over and whispered in Sarah's ear, "let yourself enjoy this, you won't want it to stop", and walked away toward a man standing at the bar. Sarah was pushed back gently on the bed, feeling a mouth move from her neck to a nipple peak, a soft tongue sucking, biting... When her climax started to let up, Sarah looked down and saw the woman had moved to the bed, and her shaved, glistening pussy was just under her face. As she started sucking on the swollen clit, the woman let out a small sigh and the man behind her, still inside her, started ramming her again, pushing her face into the pussy she was licking.

My Wife is a Slut

group Erlikkhan 2017-11-06

I was so turned on by the thought of Joanne riding my brother's cock that I fucked her three times that night and once the next morning. Joanne sat down between Brian and Jim. I lent her some chips but after three hands of very poor play she was down to her last few. She looked up at him licking her lips and breathing hard like she was about to cum just from the feel of his cock which, knowing Joanne was probably not far from the truth. She held her mouth open while her lips and tongue massaged the head of his cock and her hand pumped him harder and faster. Joanne was going crazy slamming her ass and pussy hard against Mike's cock each time he thrust it into her body.


How I Became a Slut Ch. 04

group sophiewilliams 2017-11-06

Back at the hotel I reached for Amber's necklace, the one Greg said he liked to watch her put in her mouth, and I smoothed it between my fingers. "Daddy has a surprise for you, Amber," he grinned, "do you want to know what it is?" It was now time to play the innocent daughter. "That's it, Amber," he groaned, "your daddy's little girl now." I closed my eyes and continued to lick his cock, running my tongue over it, coating his hardness in my saliva. It was Harry; clearly he didn't want to be left out as he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my face.

We-95 Conclusion

group oldhippie1949 2017-11-06

Rob looked a bit confused and asked if we'd had problems on the road but Bobbie poked him saying, "That's not what she meant, silly!" At least, she was smiling when she said that. Bad choice of words!" Bobbie took Larry's dick into her hand and pulled it close to her lips but not between them, making a loud sucking sound. Larry now moved over to Rob and as Bobbie said "I dare you", Rob beat her to it and said, "Thanks but I pass on both." Larry took another hit and passed the joint back to Sheila as he dipped back into the tub. Sheila told them to pick up the action so Rob unhooked the bra and exposed Bobbie's erect nipples rising like pink buds.


Kelsey's World Ch. 31

group riverboy 2017-11-06

Barb was doing it mostly because she wanted her friend to experience all the fun, but there was also a part of her that was excited by the idea of recruiting a new couple, and she thought Matt was cute and sexy so it was a win/win all around. "So," he said when he handed her a freshly opened bottle of beer, "I hope I'm not out of line saying this, but Wendy's told me some things. Matt was hoping Barb meant with her, and from the look on her face he was pretty sure she did, but it was Wendy's birthday after all, and Barb had mentioned a man. "Age is a funny thing," Barb said a little sheepishly, when she realized Richie at eighteen was perilously close to sixteen.


Playdate with 2 couples

group shaun_jacobs 2017-11-06

I was sitting on the couch looking at these two getting naked, the blond with large boobs and very long legs, the red head was short and curvy. I played with their boobs and clits waiting for my turn to bury my cock inside their clean shaven pussies. I turned them back on their backs and started fucking the blond hard while her legs is spreaded and bend to her head. The blond lady started screaming like we killing her and her boyfriend rubbed her clit harder and i started fucking her harder and she squirted, her cum was dripping down my legs. Her boyfriend was banging her while she alternated between sucking our cocks, while we played with her boobs and clit.


group upbeatunicorn 2017-11-06

I was vaguely aware that Cass was moaning and writhing in response to my actions, but I was completely unaware of the effect that my actions were having on Michael until I felt something brush against my ass. I realized Michael had positioned himself behind me and his stiffening cock was pressed against my ass as he reached his hand around to finger my pussy. I'd been so close to climaxing for so long, Michael only had to pump into me a few times before I felt my muscles contracting and I had to take my mouth off Cass as I screamed, my orgasm taking over my body.

Room 214: The Beginning

group EastTennessee 2017-11-06

No sooner had the door to Room 214 closed than my gorgeous wife and her equally beautiful girlfriend were sharing a deep, probing kiss. Lisa's hands caressed, in a very familiar way, my wife's sumptuous ass while Laura returned the favor by working over her lover's incredible breasts. It was either push the "Stop" button and bend them both over right there in the elevator, or stop the agonizingly wonderful nipple work, so reluctantly I grabbed two handfuls of thick, curly hair—one tawny blonde, the other midnight brown—and pulled them off me, directing their faces together. I lifted Lisa's right leg up onto a chair to allow my needy wife better access, and she showed her thanks by leaning around the left and kissing me passionately before moving back to the delicacy awaiting her.

Man vs Prude

group fatckinfl 2017-11-06

Clyde had moved aside for Ben. With a condom form fitting his monster cock Ben began his journey into Claire's soaking pussy. She was on her hands and knees doggy style with Duke still licking her pussy and Alex slapping her face with his cock. Alex leaned back and began to stroke furiously, Ben grabbed her shoulders with one hand and a fist full of hair in the other and thrust his hips forward with all he had, and poor Duke was soaked with Claire's nectar and was changing places with Mike. Two others flanked her to her left and right with a nipple in their mouths and their cocks in Claire's hands.

Sugar Twins

group dreamchaser66 2017-11-06

He gently kissed my forehead and ran his hand through my long blonde hair before running his tongue down my body once again stopping short of my pussy, where he paused to shoot me a somewhat evil little grin. "Its okay baby I want this to happen." Dan said as he gently pulled me back on the bed and kissed me deeply. I took Dan's dick back into my mouth and began teasing it then I felt Mike enter my moist pussy from behind. It took only seconds for Dan to blow his load into my mouth and for me to have yet another electrifying orgasm only this time with Mike fucking me!

Foursome Fun For The First Time

group Mammoth 2017-11-06

After a few minutes, Susan said, "let's go join Paul and Gina". I proceeded to join her and started sucking on Gina's right tit as Susan had the left one well taken with her mouth. After eating Susan's pussy for a very long time, I moved out from under her and went behind her to see her beautiful ass. Susan was still eating Gina's pussy when I started to kiss and lick Susan's ass. I could tell that Gina wanted a cock inside of her, so I moved out from Susan's ass and told Paul to fuck Gina. He proceeded to mount Gina while I pushed my hard member into the sweet pussy of Susan while she was on all fours.

Tori's Gang-Bang

group tkinsc 2017-11-06

Bernie reached his hands up and began pinching Tori's nipples as continued to swirl his tongue around her pussy and hard clit. Faster and faster Tori sucked, her lips pistoning up and down Bernie's throbbing cock like a machine, while her tongue swirled around his shaft and head. Bernie's body stiffened and he gave a grunt as his dick twitched and the first load of cum erupted from his balls and shot from his cock-head into Tori's waiting mouth. Tori continued to dance; making sure each guy got a good close view of her pussy, which was completely shaved except for a little patch of brown hair just above her clit.


Sketches – Beads & Pearls Ch. 02

group Wilson Spalding 2017-11-06

I was ready to do Jess' right then and there but Lord help me; I wanted another round of high-risk nookie. Jess picked out a champagne-colored flapper dress – just like you saw in old photographs. The four of us were mid-conversation, all small talk about New Orleans and Mardi Gras, when she leaned over a chair to see what I was looking at. He wasn't a bad looking guy and I wondered if he saw me as competition (from that point, he danced with Jess more than I did). I spun Jessica like a rag doll and the more I saw her groove, the more I wanted to see her writhe.


Hot Porn Inspires Janey to...

group Longjohn007 2017-11-06

A few minutes later Jane came in wearing the black stockings spiky fuck me shoes and a little red dress, I'd also bought for her. Soon her dress was on the floor and Jane began to fondle her breasts, her nipples already exposed, the basque she was wearing beneath it being half cupped. Dave's brother came deep inside adding to the stream still dripping out of Jane's cunt. We took it in turns to lay underneath Janey fucking her streaming pussy, before sliding our cum slicked dicks into her arse... I can't remember who was underneath, but Jane soon had another pussy load of cum and an arse well lubed with jizz.

Road Trip

group 2017-11-06

She looked down at her mother's spread legs and slid her hand down her thigh to her wet pussy. In the elevator, Krista grabbed her mother close, sliding her tongue deep into her mouth while she aggressively groped and rubbed her pussy. Carrie pulled her face away from her daughter's pussy to get a breath. She felt Chris dig his fingers into her fleshy hips, pulling her towards him harder as he fucked into her harder. "Fuck me baby....fuck me with that hot cock..." Carrie looked up at her daughter who was recovering from her orgasm. "Cum all over mommy's face, Chris....I want to lick her clean. Krista, true to her word, bent down and started to lick the cum off of her mother's face.

Submissive Threesome

group KateSingletary 2017-11-06

He grabs Melissa's pussy hard and breathes into her ear, "Are you going to cum for daddy? He was fully clothed and had two younger girls naked waiting for his cock. Her body collapsed backwards slightly as his finger fucked her with one hand and cradled her back with his opposite arm. He turns to Melissa, "God damn, i want to fuck you." He takes his fingers out of melissa's pussy. "Suck melissa's pussy juices off my finger." Melissa laughs and grabs his cock and says "I said I Want it in my mouth." Melissa takes out his hard cock and begins suffocating it with her mouth. Red with fury, he holds my head in place, forcing me to watch her sucking and kissing it.

Sex Slave Ch. 01

group MsErotica1950 2017-11-06

Jill was kissing Carl, loving the taste of the woman on his lips when she felt Beth slip her fingers into her pussy. “Just the thought of watching this woman eat Jill’s pussy had made Carl’s cock surge inside Beth, he wanted to see her eating Jill while he was fucking her. Once inside the room she turned to May, “well, dear I think I’m going to enjoy this.” She pulled her over to the bed, “remove the rest of my clothes May, then we are going to see how well you eat pussy.” Jill was looking forward to the rest of the weekend, she had a feeling she could really get into the roll of having a sex slave at her service........

Intercourse Inn

group Erlikkhan 2017-11-06

This was followed by a loud and satisfying moan from Debbie, which could only mean that John's cock had just slipped into her pussy. Debbie scrambled to her knees and sucked John's dripping cock into her mouth, licking it clean of cum and cunt juice. Debbie pulled John's dripping meat from Susan's pussy and licked it clean. She opened her mouth and let me slide inside, and seemed to enjoy the taste of Debbie's pussy on my shaft as I fucked her face. Debbie lowered her face, pulled John's dripping cock from Susan's pussy and sucked it clean of cum and cunt juice. Debbie continued to suck on John's cock, but with her free hand she reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy and clit.


Gold Card Ch. 09

group MungoParkIII 2017-11-06

Janis quickly moved aside and then watched as Allison took her turn on Casey's pussy, lapping the cum from her cunt and then moving up to her clit. Figuring that Allison and Casey had both had orgasms, I realized poor Janis had not, so I moved over to her and as she opened her legs, I moved in, running my tongue down her tiny slit and slipping it into her pussy. Suddenly, Allison moaned loudly and moving her hand from Janis' nipple she ground herself furiously against Casey's pussy. Allison and Casey quickly moved and began licking the cum off of my cock, Janis' fingers and my crotch as all I would do was relax and enjoy it all.

80% mfff

Urban Fantasies: Three's A Crowd

group Ben_Efits 2017-11-06

Then I'm looking at her face – Soft, pale pink lips silenced with a gag, and aristocratic slopes rising to large light brown eyes pleading me for help – and I'm drowning in my own lust wanting to sink my hands into her glorious mane of rich golden curls that surround her shoulders and waist, pooling under her back and ass. "Now," I'm asking, because my own personal honor demands I know the truth of things, her being tied to the bed arms and feet – not to mention gagged – when I walked in a moment ago not looking good for me, "Did you consent to this? "I didn't cum," he's saying as he closes in, right hand moving to still his cock, fingers clamping around the base; tip maybe an inch from my mouth, "so give me what you promised."

The Redhead

group Texasreb 2017-11-06

The gentleman sitting next to her kept looking at her breasts and her legs, before finally asking her if she would like to dance. I shared what I had shared with the new guy and suggested that the redhead unbutton one more button on the bottom of her dress which would allow the skin of thigh above her stocking tops to show. The Redhead slowly moves her hands from her breasts and looked around at me and asks if she should finish taking off her dress? She looked around the room and asks if they wanted her take the dress the rest of the way off.

The Couple's New Toy

group eroticstorytellernnc 2017-11-06

Todd suddenly felt a warmth come over his shaft as Ann pulled his cock between her lips. The next thing Todd knew Paul's cock was inches from his face the huge cockhead pointing right at his mouth. As Ann rode his cock, skillfully massaging his shaft, Todd began running his tongue over Paul's thick cockhead. When his cock was halfway inside of Todd's mouth he began pumping his hips back and forth letting the meaty shaft slide between Todd's inexperienced lips. Todd lost all control, his own cock erupting shooting huge jets of cum deep inside of Ann. As he began to cum he moaned around the shaft that was firmly between his lips.


Hockey buddy and his wife - 2

group MassMan669 2017-11-06

After she came, Pete rose up and put his little dick in her cunt and fucked his lovely bride with abandon, for about 30 seconds, until he came hard inside of her. She did as I said and Pete started licking his cum (and what was left of mine) from her pussy. I got so hot watching Pete's face get frosted by our cum and Kate rubbing her crotch on his face while her tits swayed...I got hard again. When I felt I was about to cum, I pulled out of Kate's pussy and shoved my dick directly into Pete's mouth.

Jessica Ch. 08

group damonX 2017-11-06

Even though James had left for work less than an hour ago, Jessica was still worried he might come home so she wanted to finish Pete off as soon as possible and get him out of her house. He then pulled out and began to lubricate his cock with Jessica's pussy juices as she lay face down on her kitchen table. Jessica then moaned again, this time for real, as she felt Pete's balls pressing into her pussy lips. Pete started slamming his hips downward, causing Jessica's small body to bang repeatedly against the table. Lex immediately came up behind Jessica and bent her over the table, so that her face was mere inches away from Vince's puckered ass.