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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Angela's First Kinky Threesome

group jasexy28 2017-11-06

Holding her ass cheeks in my hands, I let the tip of my cock touch under her pussy and could feel her smooth lips and nice soft bush of pubic hair, then lifting the tip I placed it gently against her lips and pressed slightly into her. At this point Angela took her boyfriends cock from her mouth and let out a lovely long sigh as I began long slow strokes into her pussy and could feel the pantyhose rubbing the underside of my balls each time I sank into her. I wasted no time in sucking up the cum that was spilling onto his cock and then with my mouth open, I covered her pussy and slid my tongue into her hot wet folds.


His women

group 2017-11-06

As he fucked her, he spanked her ass till it was red and raw and kept ramming his ten inch cock deep in her cunt. He then filled her hole with cum and told the girls to switch places as the one girl would lick his cum from the others cunt he began to fuck the one. After over forty minutes he filled the black ass with his warm jez and then put her on her hands and knees and played with her cunt while his cock got hard. As she licked her cunt and he fucked her ass the black girl began to scream as she came time after time. He went to the little white girl and played with her cunt before he shoved all four fingers deep in her licked hole.

Training Program

group R. Richard 2017-11-06

Under Lenore’s careful tutoring, Len made all the right moves and slowly worked up to the point of feeling Lenore up after the cake ran out. The big man decided that physical confrontation was to be avoided but managed to talk Lenore away and I found myself with Brenda. Brenda took a deep breath to remind me that she had really big tits and then said, “Len, when one girl goes topless, all of the girls have to go topless or they lose their boyfriend. After a time, it was just Chris and I; Brenda had managed to work her way back over to somebody else. It turned out that Donna was not afraid of exhaustion, big cock or total control.

Kates Sorority

group RonRyder 2017-11-06

But those lithe figures, the way their hips swayed as they walked, that mysterious smile that seemed to say 'admire all you like, but don't touch': no question about it, Kates girls were the class of the campus. "Got a minute, Jim?" said the Kates girl. "See you then," the Kates girl said, and with a swirl of her skirt and a brief 'Mona Lisa' look back, she walked off. As their grip tightened, so Jim's fingers edged higher and higher up Melissa's thighs and began to brush against her pussy lips, at first tentatively, then more firmly, parting them, thrilling at the warm moistness of their inner walls.


Cancelling Our Dinner Plans

group Donatien 2017-11-06

As we're finishing our drinks, Stephanie jumps up, turns to me and announces "Well, if you'll excuse us, Jay and I should hit the shower before getting ready to go out." After about a half a minute, they switch roles: Stephanie begins massaging my balls with her lovely hands while I enjoy head from a guy, for the very first time. Soon, Stephanie makes it clear that she would enjoy both Jay and me by grabbing our cocks, squeezing them together, and alternately licking and sucking each of our hard members. Why am I not surprised also when Stephanie, with a little hip movement, frees Jay's cock and pushes down my head so I engulf it in my mouth?

Decisions Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2017-11-06

I went on, "There are a lot of 'standard' roles people try to fit around a marriage -- husband, father, lover, wife, mother, harlot, mistress, companion, friend, cook, housekeeper, babysitter, playmate, provider, supporter, and ..." I took a deep breath, "I can't think of any more right this second. I took my suitcase into my office and tossed it in a corner then opened my laptop and sat at my desk and stared at my computer screen thinking of what I could do to rectify the situation with Pam. I certainly didn't want to do anything that would jeopardize my relationship with Emily.


Photo Finish

group sddcfreak 2017-11-06

Sandy expected that Mark would love the photos and acquiesce to her request for a video. According to Sandy, the only problem Mark would've had with the session was if in fact someone was having sex with her, he wanted to have been there. Sandy also related that Mark had agreed to participate in her proposed video project. Sandy then reminded me, "It's Mark's fantasy to watch me having sex with another man." Sandy also stated, "When the time is right, I'll give you a signal." I now knew why Mark wanted to make sure Sandy's mastery of providing oral pleasure was captured on film. Sandy began rolling Mark's cock across her cheek and lips.

The Student House – part 1

group pinks43 2017-11-06

Finally, the subject got round to sex and what we did and didn’t like, I kind of kept quiet and just listened, Amanda was into just about anything except anal, Dan was into nudity but especially exhibitionism, James was very honest and admitted that he wasn’t much into foreplay but loved to make the girl cum as many times as he could especially if she was multi-orgasmic. James had this funny little digi camera that he brought out and started flicking off shots of the two of them and I think this really got Dan into it because what with watching Amanda getting her fingers all wet and watching the screen, it wasn’t very long before he was shooting cum all over his hand and cock.

Recollections Ch. 09

group Kaadorix 2017-11-06

In the dream, Dad actually gave me his blessing for my marriage and lifestyle choices with Alexa and Merissa, and our kids. While Merissa was obviously well aware of the fact that this was my way of avoiding the subject of my father, and any other issues I was currently facing, she would never turn down the opportunity to feel my lips on hers. At times - like now, even - I wished Merissa was more like Alexa, who would stand up to me - and insist that I talk about Dad, and cycle through my thoughts and emotions, my ongoing grief.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 02

group SteveWallace 2017-11-06

To take my mind off the small rivulet of blood running down my neck and dripping into the sink, I went back to thinking about how I felt about Sheila and Fran. Sheila said, "More than what you saw, we love each other." She reached across and stroked Fran's hand. Fran said, "I think this is a grand experiment that we started last night. At night there is some mystery in the dim lighting, romance in the candles that dot the bedroom, and increased passion knowing you'll end up cuddled up with someone you love after mind-blowing sex. I wanted to explain my thoughts about love that morning, but Sheila held her hand up. I left it to Fran and Sheila as to how they wanted to divvy up the remaining space in the apartment between them.


El Scorcho

group DiaperedSiouxsie 2017-11-06

Nicole looked over at Sara with a sly smile as she took Jimmy's shirt off. Jimmy grabbed Sara's face and kissed her as he undid his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. Once she finished, she collapsed over to the side and Jimmy dropped down to lick Sara's juices off of Nicole's face. Nicole got off of his dick and sat on his face while Sara nestled his manhood into her waiting cunt. Sara bounced relentlessly on Jimmy and Nicole grabbed her face and kissed her, running her thumbs around Sara's nipples. Sara leaned forward and slowly licked her way from Nicole's left breast to her right and she started cumming.

Jo's Story

group WCTDP 2017-11-06

Pamela responded quickly, telling Jo how beautiful her picture was and saying she wasn't looking for anything serious, just a good time. Soon Pamela broke the kiss and started to work her way down Jo's body. Comparisons to Darren left Jo's mind, however, as she felt Pamela's fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy. Jo hardened her tongue, thrusting it in and out of Pamela's pussy like a small cock as her fingers continued to massage Pamela's clit. Instead of answering, Pamela got out of her chair, pulled Jo out of hers, and started kissing her right then and there. Jo also wore a garter and some stockings in anticipation of fucking Darren tonight, knowing he enjoyed the way she looked in the lingerie.


Tia on the Phone

group Silvertuch 2017-11-06

"I'm using that long double ender on me." Tia said and started moving the rubber cock in and out of her sweet pussy. She let the phone drop onto the bed and moved her ear close enough to hear most of what Cheryl said. Tia jammed the rubber cock deep into her pussy and held it there with her knees as she used both hands on her tits to pinch her flesh while she trembled all over with her pleasure. She held the rubber cock inside her with her knees but picked up the phone again with one hand as she kept toying with her breast with the other. Tia closed her eyes and concentrated on Cheryl's voice encouraging her through the phone and the toy inside her.


Mikey, The Adventures of a Bi Boy Toy Ch. 01

group Lobo70 2017-11-06

"Looks like someone's ready," Jen said squeezing his hard cock in his pants making him groan. She then pulled away and turned around and rubbed her ass against his hard cock trying to burst out of his pants as he reached around to cup her large tits and rub the nipples through the thin dress top. Mikey looked down as he saw both Jen and Ed licking and sucking his hard cock. Mikey reached up to run his hand through Ed's short dark hair as his head went up and down his hard cock. Jen smiled as she watched her husband suck the young cock of Mikey. She reached out and added her hands to the top of her husband's head as he dove up and down on Mikey's young cock.


Used & Abused: The Katie Chronicles

group Gethsemane 2017-11-06

Without letting me remove my lips from Ben's shaft, Todd picked me up by my torso, twisted me so that I was now facing the ceiling and, as Ben slowly stood up straighter, arching my head downwards, slammed me down on the lab table at the front of the room. When Trevor, the boy-next-door up at the cottage had fucked me l had started by giving his modest-sized prick little kitty-licks to get him hard. Right away I knew I had said the wrong thing, because Ben immediately slapped his cock across my face. "Swallow this, bitch," he sneered, grabbed my hair and began face-fucking me harder than Bill or Todd ever had.


Second Honeymoon Ch. 04

group jt123 2017-11-06

Michelle moaned in pleasure and lust at Vanessa's actions and then looked over at Jon and Sam who were still seated on the other bed and said, "Come here." Jon moved to her and stood next to the bed with his hard cock pointing at Michelle's face. Jon stared wildly as Michelle took at least two jets of cum into her mouth before she let the two cocks slip out and continued wildly stroking Sam. Sam sent several more jets of cum all over her face before he finally finished. Sam began fucking her ass a little faster now and Vanessa's eyes slowly opened and looked first down at Jon and then over to Michelle.

Routine Tests

group wingwagon 2017-11-06

"You like that baby?" she said to me, I barely nodded yes when the older tech began to kiss the younger one right and began massaging her big breasts. The action between these two were getting hotter and hotter and I felt I was about to become an after thought when the older one said "Oh you are nice and wet now, get up on that big dick and let me see you ride him." The younger tech was building up a head of steam on my dick and the older one was behind her licking her ass and pussy and my balls.

Hotel Massage

group blueridge 2017-11-05

I tore myself away from those massive tits and slid down her body until I found what I was looking for and with my hands scooping up her plentiful ass; I separated her legs and dove into that sweet pussy. All I know is my sperm just came racing out of me exploding inside her and as I did Elizabeth must have begun convulsing in pleasure after feeling my seed hitting her insides, which must have taken Dave over the edge as he pulled out and sprayed her face and tits with maybe a gallon – I mean he just kept shooting these big white globs of sperm all over her. It was Dave's turn to look at her bouncing ass and he wasted no time, by sliding under her and holding her cunt lips apart and forced his tongue inside her which elicited more moans of approval from Elizabeth.


Jeanie's Law Office Ch. 04-05

group jeninflorida 2017-11-05

Mike knew that Amy and Jeanie were on board and were looking forward to working for the new corporation. We need to get a head start on these changes and pick out some key employees that we want to meet for lunch this week." Next Mike dialed Jeanie and asked her to come to his office. Amy noticed that smile on Kate's face that said, "I'm very interested and want to know more." She knew by Kate's body language that it was only a matter of time before Kate came asking for a job.

I Have Never Told A Soul About This...

group zimabean 2017-11-05

I asked this man to fuck me and he said okay, took off my clothes and got on top of me and pushed his fat dick into me. Another guy got on me and pushed his dick into me and he pumped me good and hard. Loni was on her third man when my second guy filled me with his cum. This guy made me a drink and then picked me up and set me on the bar, pushed his cock in me, pumped me for a couple of strokes and then filled my gooey twat with his dick sauce. He pulled out of Loni and switched over to me, I watched his cum covered cock disappear into the folds of my sweet pussy.

Eve's Surprise

group churchlady 2017-11-05

As their breathing began to slow, Jason looked at Eve lying below him and whispered, "Have a good time!" At that, he pulled his cock from her and walked away from the bed. One of the men came to the bed and said, "Hi, my name is Eric." It was then Eve looked around and realized these men were all on Jason's softball team. Then while holding her leg, he thrust hard and deep into Eve's cunt, she screamed with pleasure, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the hard cock inside her. So he managed to reach his hand over to Eve's hot cunt, fingering her clit while his hard cock was thrusting inside her.

Embracing Completion

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-11-05

Paul's fingers were already deep in Stacy's sex from behind by the time that she found the spot on Michelle that she most wanted to taste for herself. Not wanting to cum just yet, Paul withdrew from his mistress and penetrated his wife quickly, directing her in the meantime to go down on Stacy at last. "So, what do you want me to do, Paul?" Michelle interjected, not feeling neglected because he had started tasting Stacy's anal sweat and cum on her lips, but still determined to be included in the action to an equal degree. Stacy even joined Michelle in sucking Paul's cock for a little while, before they all got tired and silently agreed to sit down for a bit.

Date Night

group roomfor1more 2017-11-05

Turning away from the bed, she walks out of the room and getting to the door she looks back saying in her soft playful voice with big smile lighting up her face, "I am going to finish what we started last night." As she leaves the room, the feel of the cool morning spring air coming through the open window leaves me shivering. I reply by saying, "Things so far have worked out great and if that is something you want to do I have no problem with it." The thought of her fucking Brad alone in the morning makes me hard and again this time she climbs on top of me.

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 05

group SexyLexy41 2017-11-05

Faith gulped as she stripped and walked over to Lex, taking the plug back off Rob. She slowly pushed it in and started to wriggle it around. He moaned through the penis gag, she kept sucking and pounding on his cock until he came just to the edge of orgasm and then she stopped, pulled off him and grinned, "We don't want to spoil the party Rob but I am aching for you amazing wife." Both Faith and Rob grinned at one another, he stepped over to her and took her lips with his, eliciting a gentle moan from her lips, though all not taking her hand off of the plug protruding Lex's ass.