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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Coming 2 America Ch. 02

group King_of_Kuwait 2017-11-05

Julia gives me a naughty expression, and kisses, then sucks on one nipple, followed by its twin—stopping her pumping, abruptly, she sets those fat tits around my cock, and starts to fuck me with that sweet titflesh. Stopping every few seconds to kiss at my balls, or what of my cock remains unhidden by Gianna's mouth, Julia starts to take the darker girl's clothes off, rapidly. She says a couple things over the next few minutes that I can only assume are along the lines of, "Oh God, John," or "You're so good." Julia either watches or gets involved by kissing me, praising my efforts, or allowing Gianna to pour some of her ecstasy into her mouth.

Girl Games Pool Party

group dandeminion 2017-11-05

I knew she was slender and good looking – but knowing that intellectually and actually seeing her long lean legs tapering into her narrow hips and flat belly, seeing her perfect palm sized breasts with their tan little peaks floating free in the water are two completely different things, as the twitching in my loins reminded me. I let it go, and then pulled myself close to her, my hands still on her hips, so that she could feel my erection pressing against her as we were nose-to-nose, her legs coming up around my waist. Then Erin came up for air, rubbing her tight little body that I knew so well against me, and Jamie slid back under water, reaching for me.


Taught Some Lessons By an Older Couple.

group 2017-11-05

Yvonne arranged herself on all fours, John sat in front of her so she could suck his cock and Chris moved behind her and started to push and probe her pussy with his cock until it slipped in. Yvonne started cupping and lightly squeezing Chris' balls and stroking his cock, which despite already cumming twice was springing to attention. I relinquished his cock as he lifted me up on all fours right next to Yvonne who was still having her anal cavity probed by Chris' fingers. He left his cock inside me as I started to cum a moment later, clawing at my clit like a woman possessed, then collapsing forward in a whimpering mess, simply overcome by orgasm.

Her Fantasy Come True Ch. 03

group tmh10 2017-11-05

No sooner than I had put my lips over the head and licked on it than Mike pushed his hips forward and pushed his cock into my mouth. I had a nice view from the back side, watching as she ground her love box into his mouth, Mike licking and thrusting his tongue into her greedily. Soon I felt Mike's fingers stroking the bottom of my cock shaft as I pounded Karen's pussy. So, I pulled my cock from Mike's mouth and planted it back into Karen's pussy. That's it--keep going--I'm gonna--ohhhhh!" was all Karen could say before she fell forward and bucked her hips furiously against Mike's face as she peaked in wave after wave of an intense orgasm I hadn't seen in a long time.

Christmas Oral Gangbang

group yourtoy 2017-11-05

As soon as I got there, I met a guy named Tom. He was probably about 32 or so and a bit more confident. A few guys had come up and we were chatting when Tom returned, with a friend of his. He then pulled out his cock and said that he was to be my first of the night. No sooner than the door shut, it was open again, this time by a much older guy. He never said a word, pulled out his cock and grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth. I did what I was told and he then grabbed the back of my head and jacked his cock off in my mouth.

Chinese Wife

group B. Beattie 2017-11-05

Seeing that nobody could see us, she started slowly stroking my cock right there on the beach, asking if I wanted to fuck her right now. She told Dee she had never seen a cock as big as Charlie's and ask if it hurt when he fucked her. I watched as May moved over and sat between Charlie's legs and began to slowly stroke his huge cock up and down with both hands. We watched as Dee took May's place, climbing on top of Charlie and taking all of his huge cock in her bald pussy. I slipped my hard cock into her cum filled pussy from behind and started fucking her while watching Dee and Charlie.

Who's Gonna Stroke For Us?

group BrooklynObserver 2017-11-05

Bree laughed and placed Brett's hand on her left breast, which looked equally alluring to the watching boys. B said he'd do it, and Bree walked around the coffee table to the couch and leaned over the boys, her tits hanging in front of them like fruit. His friends alternately watched B's hand squeezing Bree's tits and his hand rub up and down his cock. John and B stood, their hips pressed together, pumping their hard red cocks, pointing at Bree's tits, which she held hungrily in position for them. Once the boys had squeezed the last drops of cum from their cocks, Bree stood and told them she was going to shower.

The First Time is Always a Bitch Ch. 02

group peeder_exposed 2017-11-05

"Relax," Scott said to me, but I could sense him shaking a bit all the same as he affectionately fondled the stiffening shaft and swelling head of my cock in full view of all the men in the room, not to mention his wife, who softly murmured, "oh, yeah, Baby," in apparent approval. With an explosive gasp, Scott pulled my hand away' rolled toward me and started rubbing his cock against my thigh. Scott mumbled, "sorry," but kept away at me, jacking my cock in slow rhythm to the music Dave had put on the stereo. Maybe he thought staring me down would distract me from cumming, I don't know, but before the song was over, I lost my chance at Janis when I came in her husband's hand.

My Dearest Amber

group swingtime91 2017-11-05

Kathy kissed Amber on the lips, then started moving slowly down over her body. Mark did just the opposite, kissing Amber's feet, and then started moving slowly up her body. Kathy and Mark each placed a finger under the waistband of Amber's panties, and then slowly pulled them down. Amber pulled her friend's hand from her crotch and moved Kathy's moist finger into her own mouth. When Mark reached Amber's crotch, he placed his lips over her pussy. Kathy by this time had pulled her hand from Amber's breast and placed it over her own crotch, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Amber reached up and placed her hands on Kathy's hips, and then pulled her down onto her mouth.

The Awakening of a Slut Ch. 05

group masterofnymphoslut 2017-11-05

Tommy and Shannon pulled up to the front of Hank's condo as Jean and him were standing inside the lobby waiting for them. Tommy and Shannon talked a lot about the baby, while Hank and Jean talked about how things started between them. And while we're at it, I'll have my bitch work with yours." Tommy looked over at Shannon and squeezed her tit discreetly like Hank had done. . ." Hank got that devilish grin on that Jean had grown to love, "that I own you, and your going to make me glad I'm a man and your master." He paused before he continued. Tommy chuckled, "I think my bitch needs to be milked." He looked over the seat at Hank.


Home for the Holidays Ch. 05

group jt123 2017-11-05

Amy let out a long moan as Leslie lay her on her back and began to move back and forth between her tits teasing them softly with her mouth and hands. Leslie continued for a long while until she moved upward slightly and began to let her own heavy tits dangle over Amy's mouth. When Leslie finally moved away from Amy's pussy they stayed in bed fondling and kissing each other's tits. As Katie and Megan moved toward the stairs to go down and Tom and Amy began to go up Leslie and Diana looked at each other and smiled. By the time Amy pulled off Leslie's bra and let her big tits spill out Tom couldn't stand to just watch and he moved over to his wife's side.


The Circle Ch. 52

group SteveWallace 2017-11-05

Zoey and Lolly's babies, named Ashley and Christopher, were growing like weeds, already toddling around the house, following the four year olds from Sheila and Alice, and the three year old class that included Monica, Tina, and Ellie's tots. Bill, Steve, Kurt, and Mike wanted to do something on the men's side of things; and Steph, Renee, Ellen, Tammy, Jess, Stacy, and Nancy all wanted to become a porn star representing the newer females of the house. Jim whispered to her in a voice that teased, "You're my dream girl - my own personal ice princess." He recalled how Sheila along with Monica and Zoey had been ice princesses when he, Matt, and Bob had decided they wanted to date and then mate with them.

Our First Time

group 2017-11-05

When we have sex, during our foreplay, when I slide a couple of my fingers into her I would like for her to suck my cock at the same time. Soon, as time passed by, I started thinking of about another guy fucking my wife while she gave me some good blow job. She would spread her legs and fuck off my fingers and suck my cock while I was telling her that. I had wondered if a guy nearly 8 years younger than me would be interested in fucking my wife, but all my doubts faded away when he sat next to us and began rubbing his crotch. We changed positions and my wife started sucking my cock.

Saturday Job with a Difference

group LucyCanyon 2017-11-05

Surprisingly Lucy did not answer directly but said, "I think Fen might need to explain further, but I will help in any way I can." She looked directly at me and smiled, a little of the feisty spark I had remembered appearing again as she did so. Lucy had no hesitation, only turning to look at Fen as she reached under her own skirt and demurely slid down her legs and over her feet the knickers she had been wearing. I thought back to Fen's last comment about a "stricter pair" and decided that there must be something teasing Lucy inside her knickers, and which each time I hit her gloriously exposed cheeks was driving her towards her own explosion.



group The Pack 2017-11-05

I joked to Phil that it was a pity that Tina hadn't finished what she was doing as I was sure to get a boner if Laura was sunbathing naked, after all, just one look at that gorgeous figure and red muff was sure to get me hard. As we were both nearing orgasm a picture of Laura's shaved pussy provided that final extra bit needed for me to send my hot cum shooting into Tina's cunt. "Ooh, I can feel you starting to get moist inside Laura" said Tina "but then so am I, I have never felt another girls cunt before." Seconds after that Tina moaned with pleasure partly from her own orgasm and partly from Phil's cock as he really went to town fucking my wife's face.


Santa’d Not Approve of This

group Writerotic 2017-11-05

My senses were filled with her pussy, and she rode my appreciative tongue like it were a cock pistoning in and out of her hot little cunt; the warmth of her radiant ass on my forehead. It felt like Brooke licked my warm balls and made her way up the length of my aching shaft, then she took my length into her hot mouth, sucking as I moaned into her pussy. That and the ever-present sexy sounds the girl's mouths made as they tasted and tongue fucked were all I could take, and I shot my load, spurt after ecstatic spurt into Brooke's wonderful pussy.

Kelly's New Experiences Ch. 1

group Develish 2017-11-05

Trying to fit in, Kelly began to drink as well, and found herself being approached by a few guys, all of whom she wouldn’t dream of even looking at! Kelly wasn’t too sure, and then she asked whom should she try it out with, Sarah said she should get some drunk guy, that he’d be too wasted to really know what was going on, so that Kelly could take her time. It was know time for Kelly to put all her learning into action, Sarah insisted that Kelly go back downstairs and get a proper guy who wasn’t so drunk and to blow him off.

O'Rileys Nightclub

group sexy_lil_doll 2017-11-05

I was going to let my full breasts strain against the fabric and I knew that Joe would certainly spend the entire evening looking to see whether my little brown nipples were hard and poking though; it would drive him nuts. I moaned into his mouth when I felt him pull my coat out of the way, push my skirt up around my hips, and his hand sliding back between my moist thighs. Joe unzipped his trousers and brought his penis out, his hand continuously stroking the shaft, and said teasingly "Look what I have for you, baby". I enjoyed the feel of her face against me as she nuzzled my groin, using her nose and chin to separate the fabric, then groaning when her hot wet mouth finally touched my semi-erect cock.



group madjack1 2017-11-05

tell my other mate to come closer so I can say to him when she;s on me shove it up his arse she like it that way & I tell my other mate to put it in her mouth, well she starts to fuck me my mate moves behind her & puts it up her arse &my other mate fucks her mouth, there we are with her taking three cock at once dirty slag it wasn't long before she get a load in each hole she was loving it, after she got up & went to the bog to get cleaned up, by the time she came back I was hard again so I put my cock up her arse & fucked her for a bit, I then fault like I want a wee so I let it go up her arse & I filled her with piss take that you dirty slag laughing my head off it was running down her leg my mates sitting there watching started to laugh at this I pulled out of her to watch my piss run out of her & on the floor, best about it was she thought she had pissed herself, we laughed when she ran in the bog before she came back we got dressed & was waiting for her I told her we would be back Friday,

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 14

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-05

"Okay Pamela, I think it's time we face facts here," Kristanna nodded, examining the contents of one of her bags as they sat next to each other upon the floor. You don't need all seven of those vented hairbrushes." Kristanna patted Pamela on the hand and gently told her, "You just need one." "I don't think Piper and Kaden are over our long trip from Peru, either." Pamela reached into one of the grocery bags and took fresh chicken breasts out of it, removed them from their package and then began chopping them into small strips as if she was an expert chef. Thus, Devon and Lindsay had slowly been working on a nearby room over the past two months, transforming it into a nursery for the next two little ones who came along.


Mary's new roommate

group slapnuts69 2017-11-05

Mary got up, wiped most of my cum off threw on a shirt and went after Kayla. He smiled and said, "That would be fun, I wonder if they would go for it?" I told him that I knew that Mary would and we decided to try it the next day. Kayla and Jim went out in the early afternoon, my job was to be fucking Mary around 4:00 when they got back. Mary wanted to move into her bedroom but I told her that we couldn't watch the porn in her room and that worked. Mary looked and them and said "Well, do you want the couch or are you going to fuck on the chair.

Wildest time yet !!

group andrea0817 2017-11-05

So I smacked him with the whip, made him yelp and took his hand and stated for all to hear “I want to start my party with you.” He glanced at Noreen as if asking for the OK and I assume he got it. K2 started to pump her big time, pulling out till just the head of his cock was inside her then slamming back completely in a single long stroke. A couple powerful thrusts more and K2 holds deep and lets out this guttural growl as he starts shooting his seed inside a climaxing girl who wanted it oh so badly. So I asked, “Did he hold your ass up high with your face in the pillow for a long time after he came?” She says yup and it was a great cool down position.

Fantasy Club

group RaeLove 2017-11-05

My laid my hands on his shoulders, John and Brad's hands moving to my hips and sides to help settle me down onto Shawn's cock. When the other man had bottomed out, hands gripped my sides and arms, pulling me up into a kneeling position over Shawn with the two cocks still inside me. I opened my eyes and looked over to John, watching as his hand moved hard and fast over his cock as he watched us, his eyes trained on the point where the three of our bodies met. Shawn was gripping my shoulders to make me lean down closer to him so that he could suck and bite at my nipples, while Brad continued to rub my clit furiously.


After the Morning After Pill

group peterswiftt 2017-11-05

Friday morning while our husbands were at work, Mary phoned and asked what I thought of the idea of having her young next door neighbor Kyle pop in on us when we're in the midst of the action on Saturday and I said, "how are you going to get him to do that?" For the next two or so hours Mary and I were sexually pleasured by three men in every way and what made it so exciting was the fact that we had no need for the pressures of guilt and remorse and our husbands could never look down on or feel ill toward us in any way because as far as they would ever know, it was all their doing and in their minds, we were oblivious to their actions.