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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rented Out Ch. 06

group voluptuary_manque 2017-11-05

The first night we all got together both Hercule and I took advantage of that fine ass of yours and you loved that, even though you didn't know half the time it was my honey. Well guess what, baby, at least half those people were guys and your prostate was just as happy with them as with a long chunk of silicone." She leaned her face close to his and whispered, "And way down deep in your brain you know it, don't you? Shirley tightened her hold around his chest as Hercule's big left hand took hold of Mark's hip. Hercule, still solidly erect, withdrew to let Shirley gently roll Mark off with a kiss.

The Beaunies Tragedy Ch. 04

group TOOL_BOY 2017-11-05

Chris watched as Momma Mousey kneeled before all the boys, stroking and sucking their cocks, slurping and bobbing her mouth up and down all over their growing hard shafts. The kittens moaned and groaned again, their youthful exuberance getting the best of them at times, especially the boys fucking her pussy and ass, grabbing her hips and pumping and pounding their cocks into her warm wet holes as hard and as fast as they could. Chris finally managed to get his jeans undone, and pulled out his hard cock, he began to slowly stroke it up and down in his stoned state, precum leaked from the tip all the way down his shaft and got his fingers sticky.

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 05

group AC_Pandorra 2017-11-05

"I'm gonna fuck the brains outta you, sexy," she announced whilst she pulled her lips apart with one hand and inserted the short end of the toy slowly deep inside the gaping entrance to her tight canal. "Really," she showed me an evil grin, "I just felt like ripping a heart from a chest, dancing on it with my high heels during the night till it is rendered into a nice delicate piece of meat and have it on a slice of toast - real rare." They both showed real interest for each other and it was nice to see how they bickered playfully if Richy made one of his remarks and Rose was not slow in giving him hell right after.


Pam's Party Hoe-Hoe-Hoe Down

group kcamal 2017-11-05

Chase, who was known for not being bashful was already naked and holding his erect extra digit tightly in his hand, said "you are standing there showing us your tits and you have allowed Kenny and Patrick to suck them while we watched and now you say that you want to quit?" There are more guys that have not had a turn and it wouldn't be fair to quit now. Claudio's eyes closed and he said "oh fuck, yeah this feels so fucking good." He didn't look at me for approval after that as he started rocking back and forth banging my wife while I watched.


The Briefcase Ch. 09

group MissSenses 2017-11-05

"Would I hurt you, Jess?" Eric asked, his hand stroking the top of hers, ignoring the tight little movements she made, the need to have him thrusting inside her. The chauffeur opened the door and Eric stepped out, he held out his hand for her, and Jessica emerged. "You're an amazing woman, Jessica Alexander," Eric whispered at her open lips, standing curbside at the open door of the limo. One last glance into her eyes, "You know the number, Jess." He turned in his seat to face forward and then the chauffeur closed the door, making his way around the long stretch until he disappeared, closing himself inside. She crossed her legs and then looked out the one-way windows, the chauffeur patiently stood by the closed door, waiting for Eric to arrive.

Menage au Trois

group kinkynkazoo 2017-11-05

An exotic beat begins to play and Debbie grabs Leigh's hand and heads towards the dance floor, giving Kaz a nod to follow. Leigh's every bit as excited, her hands moving up and down her body as she grinds to the beat, her eyes moving back and forth between Debbie and Kaz, making every effort to excite them with her gyrations. They hold hands while walking down the narrow side street, Debbie in the middle with Leigh on her left and Kaz on the right. Having brought two women to sexual delight, their screams of pleasure still ringing in his ears, Kaz concentrates ever more on his own orgasm and cums deep inside Leigh in a great groan of sexual bliss.

June, er, Melissa and I Call on Bianca

group Boxlicker101 2017-11-05

When I looked, I saw Melissa's tongue probing the lower edge of Bianca's love hole, which was making her fuck more strongly into the beautiful face. I devoured all the delicious juices that had collected and began thrusting my tongue between a pair of Melissa's inner and outer lips, starting just below her love hole and slowly licking toward her clit hood. My mouth knows Bianca's pussy intimately, and I can't usually see what I'm doing anyhow, so I would have a close-up view of Melissa's very beautiful face and her agile tongue as she licked one of the most beautiful asses I have ever seen.


My trip to the grocery store

group 2017-11-05

I was so horny I wanted to taste him too, I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth and I said "let me return the favor" and he got up pulling his hard cock out of his pants I was on my knees ready and willing to take it into my hot mouth my lips were open waiting as he smacked my face with his hard cock, I took it with my hand and I stroke it slowly then I licked it up and down its lenght as his precum ran donw its head I slowly wrapped my lips around it and I started sucking on it gently at first, stoking it at the same time "mmm umm mmm" I moaned as I stroked and sucked on him unawared that Rudy was home already and he was standing at the door watching me be a good little slut, just like he wanted me to be

The Seducers

group Slickman 2017-11-05

"So how is Eric holding up?" Amy asked Mark as he walked into the small bar located only a block from Eric's party. Mark was a newly wed himself and had left his newly pregnant wife at home so he could party with his long time friend. "There they come now." Eric whispered to Maria as Mark and Amy walked out the door into the parking lot. Amy directed Mark away from Eric's car as he pulled from the parking lot. "You know now that I'm getting married maybe Amy and I can go out with you and Maria?" Eric asked.


The Maytag Repairman

group jim313 2017-11-05

Randy's cock started to stir in his shorts as he told her that he has a special certificate for servicing that type of equipment and walked over to her and looked into her eyes as he cupped her bare pussy in his hand. I withdrew my thick erection from her ass and lay back on the bed as she went inside and came back with a wet and dry towel and proceeded to wash and dry my penis thoroughly while she told me that she wanted to suck me to orgasm as she couldn't wait to taste my cum juices.


Leaving the Navy Ch. 06

group Scorpio44 2017-11-05

I was thinking about Krystn demanding to be seen as a woman, having taken the initiative and prepared for her brother's birthday and how she had dressed to come to the meeting. As Sandra started towards the kitchen I said I wanted to take Krystn out for dinner. I like having you sit close and hold my arm and I want you clear that I'm Dad. I may be new in the job but I know there need to be boundaries. I helped clear out the room for Della and then left to get Krystn and Sarah from school. When we went inside the house Sandra, Della and Pat were sitting at the table.


Exchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 01

group eric shawn listo 2017-11-05

Valerie kept her dark hair short and I longed to clench the short hair in my fingers and pump her mouth but I knew from past experience if I did she’d stop and I’d be sitting there with a raging hard-on and no help. Darlene opened her little mouth and said, “Feed it to me, Val. Feed me this big cock.” Anyway, Valerie was driving her hand into Darlene’s bare pussy when Darlene looked up at me and said, “Do you want to fuck my tits, Danny?” Valerie, her other hand softly caressing her sister’s body, took a suck at the head, and said, “All gone? Valerie soon groaned deeply and began kissing Darlene’s big tits while my cock fucked them.


Carrie from Ayr part 2

group 2017-11-05

I asked Sam to show me what he had done to the car and as we were looking at the engine and he was telling me a part he had replaced I stood behind Carrie and started fingering her from behind again. She moved her legs a little apart and when she did that I pulled her skirt right up and said to Sam. “Don’t you think she has a nice bum?” Carrie never said anything she was standing there shaking a little, it wasn’t nerves she was just so fucking horny, I said that not only was her ass great but I thought Carrie might be wanting some attention to her pussy as it was dripping.

My Two Girls

group stonedcrab 2017-11-05

I have always been attracted to tall, thin, small breasted girls and now that Tracie wasn't crying she looked beautiful. There was a school football game that she wanted to go to and she asked if her close friend, Monica, could come with us? But Monica kept coming back to Tracie, kissing her and telling her she loved her. Monica dived into her sex, licking and kissing it until Tracie turned around to eat her as well in the classic 69 position. Tracie turned to me, kissing me as I smelled Monica's sex on her mouth. Not being shy I spread Monica's legs and went down on her, smelling her well-licked cunt and asshole, probing into her vagina with my tongue.

A Surprise Dessert

group hotngr82002 2017-11-05

The four of us went out to the back yard and when Tom and Grace saw my tree, they both just stood there staring and said, "Oh my, look at that." Well, I smiled and asked what the heck was going on. Before I knew it, Tom was holding me, kissing me deeply with his tongue probing into my mouth, fondling my breasts making me so hot. Grace was now fully into my pussy, her tongue probing into me like a hard cock. Tom laid me down on the bed and Grace came up and gently kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue with my nectar on it. Grace and I smiled and I went to Tom's still very hard cock.

Wet, Wild Night

group reji_chan 2017-11-05

Nick groaned and slowly thrust into the tightness of Damien's hand and I whimpered more, spreading my legs wide after I grabbed my lovely purple bullet from the nightstand drawer. "Oh yes," I heard both of my men groan and I opened one eye slightly, watching as Damien slowly jacked Nick's hot shaft off slowly and I could already make out a large droplet of pre-cum dripping down his length. Watch me take Nick into my mouth and suckle him until he comes." Damien said huskily, his lovely green eyes half lidded and I felt my breath hitch more. Just until I explode, which won't be long." Nick panted, his hands balling into fists as his hips started thrusting into Damien's wet mouth.

Third Wheel Takes Over

group ryanj41015 2017-11-05

When I got back to the table, Nate took his drink and without looking up at me said, "I was just telling Kim that I have some pretty good smoke back at my house. I felt Kim's mouth leave my cock and then saw the startled look on her face as she saw Nate standing there. Then I heard him say "you like that baby" and glanced up to see Kim, her eyes on fire and her hand furiously rubbing her clit as she watched me suck him. After a few more minutes of having his cock in my mouth, Nate pulled me off by my hair and made his way back to Kim. He then got on this back and told her to ride him.

Amateur Night At The Strip Club Ch. 02

group Fondelum 2017-11-05

“Would you like to watch us James?” Allison asked, lifting her beautiful mouth off Rachel’s neck, making her moan ever so sexily. “Yes, I’d love to just watch you guys enjoy each other and when you like I’ll join in.” Allison and Rachel looked at each other with eyes full of hungry lust and began a deep kiss. “Well” said Allison, “one good turn deserves another, I’d love for James to eat me again from behind while I go down on Rachel from the front, then we can both take turns sucking your cock, how’s that grab ya baby?” “James, hon,” said Allison, waking me up out of my almost dream state, “I know your close to climaxing but Rachel would really like to feel you inside her.

Celebrating My Third Decade

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-05

I did everything I knew to do with my head between a woman's legs and pretty soon had her writhing over me, sliding her wet slippery pussy over my mouth as I tried tonguing her, my fingers spreading her open and also taking some detours up to her clit to rub and lick around. Carrie then got up over me, squatting above my cock, holding it fast as she lowered herself onto it, working back and forth getting it deep inside her and then went up and down a few dozen times. "So it's my turn, happy birthday," she said as she crawled into bed and took my cock in her mouth to suck. If that's all right," Carrie said grinning at me as her daughter rocked on my happy cock.



group SarahsHooters 2017-11-05

The woman huffed disapprovingly as Graham slammed Leda's back against the mirrored wall, thrusting his tongue into her hot mouth as she wrapped her slender legs around his hips. Would you like to touch?" Leda looked uncertainly at Graham, opened her mouth to speak and then closed it again. Leda's hair and tits were flying as she bounced energetically on Graham's meat when the door opened again and Robert, dressed in a hotel bathrobe, came in. Leda was rocking gently on Graham's dick as she said, "There's lube in my bag, Robert." He spotted the black clutch on the nightstand and reached inside for the bottle.


Cum Orgy

group Sinful55 2017-11-05

A spot on a couch opened up as the guy who had been sitting there made his way to the front, to slip his cock into the pussy of the girl on the left. I took his place alongside the two other guys who sat there, stroking their cocks, watching the two women taking load after load. I watched as the blonde on the left was taking a cock in both her pussy and ass, while a third guy fucked her huge tits while three other guys where jerking big loads out on her face. As she took my semi-hard cock into her hands and mouth, licking dried cum and ass juice from my shaft.

Bank Holiday Fun - True Story in Costa Coffee!!

group couples4couplesuk 2017-11-05

We arrived in town and found a car parking space, walking hand in hand around the shops with our sun glasses on we must have looked good as we had a few stares from people - nice stares - knowing stares. We walked slowly over to Costa and saw Kelly sitting outside in the sun with 3 coffees on the table, She looked gorgeous as ever wearing a black mini skirt, d a white shirt tied under her boobs and obviously no bra as her nippples were clearly visible and her boobs very much on display as most of the buttons were undone. The spray was a Body Shop coconut milk body lotion - Paul(a) went first and came back 10 minutes later smiling like a cat who had the cream ...

Sexy Wife and the Resort

group 2017-11-05

John watched the guy fuck Jane hard and then fill her with cum as two more guys took turns on her tits as another guy began sucking the cum out of her cunt before he fucked her. John had one woman bent over and licking and tongue fucking her ass as the woman with the small tits sucked his cock and sucked his balls. Jane now had a cock in her mouth sucking as two men sucked her big tits and another guy was fucking her ass and and one in her cunt. John like being a male whore and getting his ass fucked as he watched Jane with men and women.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 15

group shanti2010 2017-11-05

Shanti finally found solace for the 3 month exile from sexual contact and did not lose a minute to enjoy herself – her sexual needs were urgent and they had to be fulfilled, she was for a normal human in her neighborhood a religious god fearing celibate but her needs of the carnal kinds, she needed an outlet and here to quench the same finally, she lavished Mike's quivering shaft with her warm, wet tongue, brushing and grazing it along its wide underside to its hardened cockhead, washing, playing, kissing with long hungry strokes, then back down to its base and to the dark pubic hair and then lower, down around the distended lust-swollen sac of his balls, hot from his boiling cum.