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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Whole New World - Chapter 2

group wilbert 2018-12-01

As she slipped her manicured fingers inside the material we both let out a moan at the same time, Rose pulled my cock free and I leaned back against the counter allowing my head to fall back. "Mmmm, this was in my dreams last night baby, but in my dreams it was only 6 inches long, this must be at least 7 and it's all mine....for now." She said as she looked up, giving me the biggest come to bed eyes I have ever seen. She stopped stroking my thick cock and pulled my boxers down before dropping her mouth on to the shaft, she took the whole thing effortlessly to the back of her throat before returning to the head to lick and suck my soft purple knob.

A Young Woman's Perspective

group Pussyismypleasure 2018-12-01

Jill bent over at the waist exposing her rounded ass for the young men who now clamored over their workstations to get a view up her skirt. Jill excited by Dave’s touch left the book where it was and turned towards Dave. Looking down she saw a huge bulge in Dave's pants. Jill engulfed Dave’s cock with her hot mouth nearly sending Dave over the edge. Kate slipped to her knees eager to take Dave’s limp cock into her hot mouth. Jill, rubbed up against Dave’s back and reaching around grasped his thick cock. Jill guided, Dave's cock into Kate’s tight ass. Kate, with her hand on her clit and Dave’s thick cock in her ass, began panting.

Friend and Lover

group CirceWand 2018-12-01

I can’t say I’m not flattered, and god-knows I’ll enjoy the play, but I have an idea, a twist to the tale if you like that might just help you decide.” My brain was whirring down a million paths, making hurried plans, and I was making it up as I went along. Shifting to the side so that Patrick could also see this amazing moment, the first time I intimately kissed a woman in front of him, I put my tongue at the bottom of her swollen pussy lips and licked all the way up in a smooth and gentle lap until I reached her bud.

Poker Night

group rckbkr 2018-12-01

The men begin to undress and as their massive cocks spring to life, your breathing speeds up and you feel like you're ready to explode. You take him into your mouth and begin to suck while you're slowly being pounded. The dick you had been sucking on originally, returns to your warm, skillful mouth and another man kneels by you and slaps your clit with his hard cock. He slowly enters you and you moan so hard, that the vibrations cause the man inside your mouth to erupt. The feeling is such a turn on that you have another orgasm before the man inside you was all the way in.

Bisexual Domination

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

As was Hector Sanchez, the good-looking and obviously gay Latino guy who cleaned the Hotel floors. The plump Latina joined forces with the gay Latino guy and together, they sucked my cock. So, I told Maria to lick Hector's ass. I grabbed hold of Maria's long black hair and rubbed her face against Hector's ass. A feisty and homophobic Latina was licking a gay Latino man's ass while a bisexual biracial man watched. The sexy gay Latino stud told me he was having the time of his life. Watching Maria's tongue dart in and out of Hector's ass was so fun. I get to look at a hot Latino guy while fucking a plump Latin woman in the ass.

Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room Part 2

group frogprince 2018-12-01

Elin wanted to have more right then but Dylan and Steve needed to slow things down and recover. Dylan bit at and pulled Elin’s lower lip sucking it deep into her mouth. Dylan rose up off Elin’s left breast and moved back to her mouth sucking her tongue again. Dylan spread Elin’s lips and plunged two fingers deep into Elin’s throbbing hot wet pussy. Dylan pulled off Steve and slid up the bed rolling over getting up on her hands and knees. Steve got on his knees and grabbed Dylan’s hips plunging his cock deep into her waiting hot wet throbbing pussy. He was moving fast and Elin was munching Dylan with three fingers deeply in her pussy stroking Dylan’s g-spot.


group Simmerdownchick 2018-12-01

As if rehearsed, Rob, Kris, and Gary filled the car with a loud, “Oooh," and laughed as Kris passed the joint to Cain. Liv's heart beat faster, and she thought of nothing but Cain as they continued kissing, their passion building to a point where neither wanted to stop. Kris continued to play while Gary, Rob, and Nic sang and watched, smiling at each other when Cain lay Olivia on the grass and pulled off her torn, 501 cut off shorts and lacy underwear. Nic took a long drag from a joint, and without saying a word, put her hands on either side of Liv's face and exhaled smoke into her mouth.

A Visit From 'Boyfriends Past'

group JosephWrites 2018-12-01

Jason pulled back to about eight inches from Sandra's wet pussy and sucked hard on her inner thigh, like he was giving her a hickey. "Holy shit, that was so hot." "You really know how to make her cum, Jason." "No wonder she likes it the best from you!" "Sandra, you're the sexiest girl on the planet!" Daniel stared as Sandra pulled his hard cock free and licked all around the head. "And you owe Jason a turn in that tight ass of yours, don't you?" Zach pinched Sandra's other nipple just as hard. Zach grabbed Sandra by the hips and pulled her up until just his cock head was left inside of her. Sandra looked at Zach, smiling with Daniel's cock in her mouth.

Gangbanged Mom

group bava12 2018-12-01

My friends were so horny after watching the porn movie and they all asked me “can we all fuck your mom as well today” so i got angry and told no ways. Now mom was moans turned into screams as she could bear it and was saying “fuck me slowly, fuck me slowly beta” I was smacking on my mom’s Ass very hard so that we can’t get more excitement and so was Karan smacking on her boobs and rest of my friends were slapping on different parts of my mom’s body and we were also stretching her hairs forcibly so that she also get excited.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-01

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

A Bisexual Muslim Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

"The wicked and fun things I've done to that booty," Jamal said, laughing, and Zekri nodded, and smiled, then unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick cock. For a moment, Sagal stopped eating my pussy and looked at her husband as he got fucked in the ass by another man. Working two fingers into Sagal's wet pussy, I slid my tongue into her asshole as she spread her big Somali ass cheeks wide open for me. "That was intense but damn good fun," Zekri said, panting, as he rolled off of Jamal's dick. Meanwhile, Jamal bent over and I watched, amazed, as Sagal got behind him, and proceeded to fuck my husband's ass with the strap-on dildo.

Wedding Cake Island - Part 2

group blin18 2018-12-01

I squeezed his cock hard in frustration when he didn’t respond; he gasped and realising the game had changed he kissed me back, his tongue twisting against mine, crushing our lips together as he brought both hands up to my breasts, stroking the undersides like I showed him before touching the nipples. I started coming on the second last stroke and on the very last one Rupali grabbed my hips hard, grinding into me, standing up straight and holding me off the ground, twisting her hips, stirring her cock in my pussy while I dangled in the air, screaming and swallowing and kicking my legs like a puppet as the orgasm convulsed my body.

Afterschool Rendevous

group KittyKatLuvsU 2018-12-01

"Miss Lauren...," she says quietly, walking over, pulling her dress over her head. I pull her into my lap, and start thrusting against her round butt, and I hear her moan. She pulls away slightly, and grips my boobs, and starts to tease me, licking circles around my hard nipples, her smooth tounge flickering over them. I climb onto the desk and pull Jason to me, wrapping my legs around his waist, and Ms. Henzi takes his cock fully into her mouth. I start to hump his back, and hearing his moans turn me on even more.I get off the desk and put my fingers into my warmth. She puts her head between my warm thighs, and I feels her tounge roaming over my clit, licking that special spot.


How I Became A Slut

group lindseyaggie 2018-12-01

She cut my panties off and stuffed them in my mouth then pulled out a vibrator and started fucking me with it. She pulled the panties out of my mouth and asked me if I was a bigger slut than her. She put the vibe back in me and tied my cut up t-shirt around me to hold it in then said she was going to bed. She cut off my panties and said that sluts always sleep naked. She pushed my cut up panties into my mouth, covered my face with my shirt and said that was about to change. Ashley asked again who was the bigger slut and I said she was.


Ivy, Barbie and Me, Pt. 1

group Tryingit50 2018-11-30

Not one to pass up a good opportunity, and not quite far enough gone to sanity to just dive directly into Barbie until I’d had a chance to see how Ivy really felt about it, I immediately jumped on our bed and fed my hard, throbbing cock into Ivy’s tight little mouth while I began to pinch her pink nipples. Ivy was relentlessly pounding her pussy mound into Barbie’s, then just when Barbie seemed about to reach her peak, Ivy suddenly engulfed one entire nipple in her mouth and sucked, her tongue was moving so fast I could see it swirling against the inside of her cheeks, while she shortened her strokes to a wild gyration of rubbing just their clits together.

B&B: 2. Fairy Godmother

group torchman 2018-11-30

Gretchen turned back toward him with the mirror in her hand and, grinning, said, “I am, and that’s not all.” With that, she lifted the front of her dress exposing her newly waxed bottom. Gretchen felt Gary’s hand as he reached under her costume and began to stroke her ass. Gretchen recovered enough to smile at Gary when he broke contact and looked up at her and asked, “How are you feeling?” She felt it twitch and harden even more. Gretchen continued to stroke her husband as Sue kissed and licked her pussy. Gretchen let Gary’s softening cock slip from her lips as she began to arch her back and press her pussy into Sue’s face.

marks cottage

group Eve 2018-11-30

  Five strangers hands were now gliding over my entire body, gently squeezing and massaging my breasts, legs, arms, shoulders, while the tongue in my pussy was now fucking and sucking me.   Mark kissed me and said, “there is lots more of this to come before the night is over.”   All the other hands were now caressing all parts of my body that was open to them.   Faster and harder he drove his cock into me and when the crescendo came, my own body shuddered as my   orgasm reached a climax and at the same moment, Mark emptied his hot seed up into my throbbing pussy.

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 14

group Samuelx 2018-11-30

My name is Jasmine Petit-Jean and I am a big and chunky, six-foot-tall, big-booty young black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton. There are a lot of sexy guys with muscular bodies, cute faces and big dicks in the city. There are a lot of freaky chicks with big tits and fat asses all over the city of Brockton too. I love licking a woman's pussy almost as much as I like sucking a man's dick. His long-time girlfriend Jennifer Saint Augustine is something of a sensation on campus too. While l licked every last drop of girly cum from Jennifer's pussy, Alexander finally came. A little while later, Jennifer and I licked every last drop of cum from Alexander's cock.


The Truth Shall Get You Off

group Espresso 2018-11-30

"Put your guns down," John demanded of Soren and Yelena. John, with his tan, athletic build, the darkest hair I'd ever seen, and alluring green eyes that added up to one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever had the privilege of knowing. "So you moonlight as Soren's lackey?" I said to Marcus as soon as I got eye contact with him. "You know what I'm going say," Soren said firmly to John. "A truth serum," Soren announced, looking at me again as if John wasn't there. I shot Soren a look of disgust and slowly went over to John. John stood behind me, much like Soren minutes earlier.

The Game

group mranonymous7 2018-11-30

When Andy took the dismally tormented man’s rigid cock in her mouth, Brian’s body immediately went rigid in his wife’s arms and he whispered his thanks to god and shivered violently at the intensity of the feelings. With a big smile, Andy moved her face forward and her mouth reclaimed Brian’s hard cock so she could finish the task for her needy friend, and brand new lover. Brian started moaning softly, and before she realized what was happening she felt his hand wrap around the back of her head and pull her face tighter into his crotch as he shot his load down her throat.


Babysitter’s Adventure to Hawaii - Chapter Six...

group KJessica 2018-11-30

I was still convulsing on their bed, so after Kay had cleaned Jon who got up going to take his shower, she moved on to me very quickly, holding me and hugging me very close trying ever so hard to calm me down from what she knew was my most wonderful orgasm. Jon and Kay stayed on the beach for a few hours and then came back up to their room later taking showers so they could spend that evening just going out to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing; a time just for the two of them so they could be alone and enjoy each other’s company.

Aiko and the Aliens

group Scorpionicus 2018-11-30

Since Aiko loved sucking cock and was curious about the alien penis in front of her she opened her mouth in invitation. Aiko swallowed the remaining alien cum and then pulled the male alien’s penis from her mouth. She noticed a drop of alien semen still waiting in the slit at the end of the cock and the color of the alien’s cum was a light green. The alien male who was now between Aiko’s legs moved his cock toward her pussy, then started rubbing the head of it around her clit and inner lips. Aiko wailed and writhed again in ecstasy as she felt the alien male shoot his strange green semen into her unprotected pussy.


Sodomizing Big Black Women

group Samuelx 2018-11-30

For some reason, the Brown Sugar bar is always filled with thick, big-booty sluts, both black and white, who desperately crave some dick. That's why I put Meredith Joslin on all fours, spread her plump butt cheeks as wide apart as they could go, and unceremoniously shoved my cock up her asshole. Every time my cock burrowed deeply into Meredith Joslin's tight booty hole, it was a surge of manliness. Especially the asshole of a big woman like Meredith. I guess I wanted to look into Hilda Brown's eyes as I shoved my cock into her big black ass. Looks like I've relieved yet another uptight big black woman of her anal virginity.

My Hotwife Takes Me On Vacation (Part Two)

group KenLukin 2018-11-30

“I saw you looking my way a few times,” Katie said with a smile, “I didn’t mind.” She already had about half the length of his dick inside her mouth, then she pulled his hips toward her and slowly his entire hard cock disappeared as she pushed it down her throat until her nose pressed tightly against his pelvic bone. She held his hips tightly and steadily stroked her head several inches back and forth as she used her mouth and throat like a pussy to fuck his stiff dick. She leaned back in to give his softening dick a few nice, long sucks, then pulled herself up his body, smiled as she looked into George’s eyes and said, “Thank you.” Then she shuddered and enjoyed an orgasm of her own.