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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...Part 2

group Bman8in 2018-11-01

I saw both of the ladies’ bodies tense up and saw J push her hips down on Jenn’s face, while Jenn thrust her hips up, slamming her slick, shaved pussy into J’s waiting mouth. I looked deep into her sparkling eyes, which were still filled with unfettered lust and said: “Jenny, may I fuck your pretty, little, shaved pussy again?” I saw Jenn’s eyes fill with additional desire and felt her hands fly to my cock. I could feel Jenn’s sucks at my thrusting tongue become more frantic and I opened my eyes to look at Jenny’s sweet face. Jenn’s hip bucked and heaved and as she screamed again, her pussy shot a load of girl-cum right into J’s waiting mouth!

Special Report

group nox661 2018-11-01

Another man approached her as she continued to read from the prompter and he too emptied his load on her face. A line of men formed in either wing, taking their turns one at a time to approach her, empty their load onto her and then leaving. She obliged him and turned to face him, doing her best to continue reading the headlines, though her voice was now obstructed by his fingers. He took his cock and rubbed it through the cum that already covered her face and then forced it into her mouth. The unending tide of men continued to approach her from either side, ignoring the fact that she was now being fucked on live TV, and emptied their cum onto her in wave after wave of molten semen.

My first threesome

group SirSpewalot 2018-10-31

She laughed out loud and walked ahead of me to bed, her body plump and firm and sultry and her hair falling near to her waist over a thick ass that ordinarily wouldn’t have interested me at all; that night it fascinated me, and despite our recent bouts I still began to feel the old tinge. I started pushing back and forth, feeling his cock enter me deeply and pull out as I plunged into Hannah, whose cunt soon squeezed tightly in another orgasm. I was semi-hard by this time and enjoyed her talented mouth even though I wasn't close to coming again, and soon her body was pushed down on me and her cunt shoved against my face as Sol began thrusting into her.

my first true 3some

group crazyaces212 2018-10-31

Mike did his little boyish laugh, and said, "Well you know I'm down." I looked at him with shocked eyes, but smiled. It felt so good, it was hard not to moan, but I sucked Mike's dick, and he played with my hair, and I looked up every once in a while to him smiling. Paul decided he needed a turn at getting head, so I flipped around, and Mike fucked my pussy, really slow at first, while I sucked Paul's cock. I felt an orgasm coming on when Mike was fucking me, and Paul was definately enjoying my tongue playing with his head. I looked up at Paul and smiled and right then he came in me, and it felt sooo good to have his cum in me.

Hysteria 3

group Kim 2018-10-31

Victoria was on her hands and knees, face to pussy with Amelia. She could feel Amelia’s warm breath on her swollen clit and Lucas’ thick cock pushing at her open hole. She watched as Lucas eased his plump head into Victoria’s slit, mesmerized at how stretched her pussy was getting. When he had over half of his shaft inside, Amelia sucked the puffy clit in front of her. Victoria tickled the open slit with her fingertips, watching Amelia’s clit twitch each time. When he felt Amelia’s tongue lick at his shaft, as he pumped in and out of Victoria’s pussy, he lost it. Wincing from the sting of Lucas pulling his fingers from her ass, she slumped forward, resting her head on Amelia’s soft thigh.

Holly Takes Them All: Part 1

group CustomErotic 2018-10-31

Grinding to the music, she felt a rush as her wet pussy rubbed against his cock which she could feel throbbing behind his soft dress pants. Taking him completely, she felt overwhelmed as both her mouth and pussy were filled and her body shook as she was rocked between to hard cocks ready to explode. As she felt a wave of hot cum splash against the crack of her ass and run down, she grabbed Matt’s ass pulling him deep again sucking with everything she had until his dick twitched and pulsed in her mouth firing a large load of cum into her throat as he gripped the back of her head bucking with pleasure. After swallowing her tribute and taking a breath, Holly looked around the room at all the turned on guys and one girl and started thinking about what to do with the other ten cocks.

Big Girl with a Fat Ass

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

A tall, good-looking young black man living in Boston. Roark College's Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Rugby, Volleyball, Soccer, Rowing, Ice Hockey, Football, Golf, Fencing and Wrestling along with Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Rugby, Volleyball, Soccer, Rowing, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Fencing, Golf and Equestrian. A tall and thick, large-breasted and big-booty young black woman I ran into in one of my classes. A lot of black women treat the black men in their lives like dirt, and yet they get mad when they see a brother dating a woman of another race. I spread the plump black woman's big butt cheeks and pressed my cock against her booty hole.

1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 17

group boo_dreaux 2018-10-31

"Baby, come on, you KNOW its what you need to do; don't worry about the rest of it, mom and pop were smart about their stuff, set it up to minimize trouble for us; it ain't no big deal, okay?" Jo replied to comfort Tess' feelings. "Here, I think one won't do you any harm," Jo said as she handed a beer to Meg, another one to Tess and kept one for herself, "help you relax, okay?" "I want one of those," Tess cried in a mock voice of jealousy, her hands still a-mixing, her head extended towards the smiling Meg who obliged Tess by giving the younger sib a quick peck to her lips as Jo had done to her.


Bachelor Party

group Sabineteas 2018-10-31

When Jim leaned back from Ashley, he looked over at Lynn, just in time to see her face splattered with his brother’s come. As she sucked on Jim, Lynn watched Liz and Ashley. Lynn took him in her mouth and started sucking the new guy as Jim sat down to watch her. Just as the guy started to relax, Jim pulled the butt plug out of her ass, making Lynn gasp. Lynn lifted herself up to her hands and knees and while trying to catch her breathe from the butt fucking she just experienced, she watched as the two guys fucking Liz and Ashley shot of inside them.

Stuck in an Awkward Situation

group Rebellious_Soul 2018-10-31

Then suddenly, the most unlikely of things happened, and you thought, "What the fuck, guys?" I meant it was pretty lousy to go from a young conservative teenager, to a cumslut within a few hours. "Girl, you need a little bit of adventure in your life," my best friend, Mindy, told me over the phone, once I finished unpacking the last box of junk, I brought over from the last house. I waited there for about half an hour until I heard two guys laughing with Mindy chatting away as if nothing was wrong. At first, I felt weird about a man squeezing my bare ass, but I started getting into it.

OHGirls: Hard Life as a Hooker

group ohgirl1 2018-10-31

The other guys lined up and took turns getting blow jobs while Hondo drove his big dick into my hole and then pulled out to let me suck him off while one of the others entered me. Eight cum shots filled my slit, mouth and ass that night and early morning before I left them all sl**ping on the floor, my naked body now covered in dried cum and a cigarette once again hanging from my lips, while I walked from their apartment building to my car. The other two held me to the hood of the car as I felt him plunge into my cum filled holed, fucking me for about 8 or 9 stokes before he pulled out and, guiding the head of his spunk covered cock, slide between my butt cheeks.

Sarah - Part Seven

group mike8253 2018-10-31

Fortunately, Sarah finally joined us, played with Trish’s nipples, twisting and pulling on them, and then stuck her tongue in to lick my shaft while Trish sucked on just the head of my cock. “I want his cum!” Trish said, looking like a wild woman as she stroked my cock hard and fast and looked me in the eye. When the two stopped kissing, one or both had swallowed, and Trish returned to lick the remaining cum off of my shaft and her fingers while Sarah sucked on Trish’s nipples.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 3

group GreySessed128 2018-10-31

I look up and she says, “You didn’t think that was all did you, Pet?” I smile brightly and lean forward, parting her pussy lips with my fingers and sinking my tongue in her cunt. Beth leans in close to me as Julia walks by and says, “Of course she does,” before turning my face to hers and covering my lips in a sensual kiss. As Julia is setting our plates on the table, Beth leans close to my ear and says, “Cum now Pet. Let her hear you cum as he fingers your oh so wet snatch.”

My Mary Janes

group TheDevilsWeakness 2018-10-31

My boyfriend held my Mary Jane heels in his hands, pushing my legs back, til my knees are touching my shoulders. You guys were too busy 'gettin busy'" My boyfriend's younger brother was eyeballing my tits hanging out and I could tell he was getting hard. Jay lined his cock back up with my mouth and Matt got busy working a lube covered finger into my ass. I tightened my sphincter on his outstroke making him hate to leave. Dropping a hand down between my legs, I pushed two fingers into my cunt and convulsed into another orgasm. My groaning made Matt's hips twitch as he plowed one last time into me, painting the inside of my ass with his spunk.

Friday Night Poker

group Banes1 2018-10-31

Molly, my wife is shuffling the cards as Josh, Tim and Mack and I watch. Molly finishes teasing him and moves to Tim. She straddles his lap, rubs her wet pussy over the bulge in his tighty whiteys. "Sit back down, Josh." Molly straddles his lap, rubbing her pussy on his bulge. When she finishes teasing Josh, Molly stands and steps back. She reaches behind herself with one hand and unhooks her bra. "Remove those tighty whiteys, I want to watch you studs stroke your cocks." Molly extends a hand to her slit and rubs her swollen lips while caressing her breasts. Molly releases Mack and Tim's cocks and they stroke themselves to orgasm, covering her breasts.

All in a Day's Work

group JacksonLee 2018-10-31

Jessica was standing with her hands on her hips looking down at the biggest cock Polly had ever seen. Polly placed her hand on Daniel's balls and began to fondle them as Jessica moved her head faster and faster on his cock. Stoking at her pulsing lips she reached out with her other hand and grasped Daniel's cock feeling Polly’s wetness, too, as she lowered herself down again. With her left hand inside Jessica’s bra and stroking and squeezing her nipple, Polly lowered her right hand and put it on Daniel's cock. He stood up and positioned Jessica and Polly on the couch and stood before them, his cock only inches from their mouths.

Night Before The Concert

group jmattix_man 2018-10-31

As he heard a gasp and a quiet, "Wow," Josh broke his kiss with Bridge and looked down as Rain reach down to feel his balls while Jazz reached and grabbed his still hardening cock, stroking it slowly. "Oh, uh, girls, get close to each other and open your mouths, quick," Josh said, taking his now wet cock into his hands as Bridge leaned back slightly and the other two got around her. As Jazz reached up and wiped some cum off Bridge's cheek and stuck it in her mouth, Rain said, "Don't worry, Josh, we won't tell anyone whats happening tonight.

Midget Man Tames Tall Girls

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

Standing four-foot-six, broad-shouldered and muscular, with dark brown skin and curly Black hair, Larry Winters the Jamaican dude from the neighborhood of Queens, New York City, had fucked lots of hot chicks of all colors in his forty five years on this planet but he had never fucked a sexy blonde-haired and deliciously big-bottomed Caucasian WNBA superstar. Larry Winters asked his buddy Etienne Mathieu, the Haitian-American stud from the City of Miami, State of Florida, how he was doing under the lovely European Australian goddess Athena Kensington. The brother from the island of Haiti replied that he was doing just fine, with Athena's weight practically smothering him as he thrust his hips vigorously, slamming his thick Caribbean cock deep inside the tall and big-bottomed White woman's tight asshole.


A Fucking good time Chapter 1

group gber1 2018-10-31

The only difference now, was her screams vibrated the cock in her mouth, as the hand on her blonde hair shoved the tool down her throat again and again. The man with a tight grip on her soft, gentle ass shoved deeply into it, finishing as well, leaving a large shot in her colon, but also pulled out and sprayed her back with his seed. He, in similar fashion, slapped his now soft dick on her ass cheeks, rubbing some remaining cum on the cheeks before disappearing. A man with even bigger hands guided his penis inside her used hole, and with one thrust, sent enough force to force her head forward, completely taking the dick in her mouth and throat.

Extramarital--Chapter 9--Trouble in River City

group prairiedogg 2018-10-31

"You know, Robert," she whispered to him, "If you ever want to feel more like a man than last night, give me a call, or stop by the hotel this week and I'll do my best to help you." She slipped him a post-it note on which she had written her cell phone number and her room number at the hotel. Zach realized that she was going to make him cum if she continued, so he pulled away from her pussy and said "Baby, if you want to get fucked today you'd better quit that. "If you want to feel even more like a man?" Robert thought about that for a few minutes as his mind wandered back to Saturday night.

Rememebr Me? A Threesome Story

group nicole_keleigh 2018-10-31

Senior year, AP Physics the teacher assigned the two of us and another guy, Eric to work together in a group project. Nothing happened the first two times we got together to work on the project. At some point, we forgot about the due date and sexual tensions, innuendo and the like filled the room. His thrusts were wild and intense, but before he came he pulled out and Eric took a turn. Alex's cock buried inside my cunt, my mouth working Alex's dick at the same time. Eric came in my mouth, filling it with a large load of cum. Alex came deep inside of my pussy, filling me with a thick load of his sperm.

Mindy And Me - Continued

group PhilAnders 2018-10-31

Not long after that, Mindy sent me a message asking if I could come to her home on the afternoon of the 4 th of July and take part in a cook-out with her and her girls and then stay to watch a parade of boats on the lake and a fireworks display celebrating the 4 th . Mindy suggested that everyone would be more comfortable if we took our clothes off and sat on the deck overlooking the lake, I noticed that Stacy and Lacy smiled when everyone agreed to strip but I thought nothing more about it. Mindy, being the mother, took charge and said that the three of them would have draw cards from a deck of cards and that the one that drew the highest card would get to enjoy my cock this time.

No Strings Attached - Chapter 8

group EmBee 2018-10-31

As your ass relaxes I gently insert a second finger and start sliding them slowly in and out. Your beautiful ass is fully exposed and I enjoy stroking it gently as I tell you that you have to pay for requesting that threesome - for taking that huge cock of his into your mouth and then into your tight little ass. You turn your head to see Angel’s sister, Maria standing at the end of the bed staring first at my erection and then at your bright red ass. I slide my cock back into your mouth and as you go to work on it, Maria starts flicking your pussy lips with her soft tongue.

Lilly and Katie's Night Out 2

group Loveyou 2018-10-31

They sat in a booth talking and casually finding reasons to touch each other lightly, soon Jake said, “Why don’t we dance.” Lilly and Katie looked at each other and each grabbed one of Jake’s hands and lead him to the dance floor. Jake reached behind Lilly’s head and pulled her closer to him as her parted her lips with his tongue, Lilly unzipped Jake’s pants and pulled his rock hard member out of his boxers and began jacking it off with a level of skill that Jake had never experienced. Katie moaned and ran her hand up to Jake’s rock hard cock that was barely contained by his pants.