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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Annabel: The Horniest Slut...

group English Bob 2017-11-05

"As you can see, my friends, Annabel has already enjoyed her first present of the night directly from me, her husband and, sadly, it will be some time before I can offer her a second." The stranger looked up at jack and Ripley, his voice now almost pleading, his face showing no sign of sarcasm or jest. He suddenly became aware that, for some time, his eyes had been closed and, now opening them, he saw that Annabel's husband, Andrew, had some how managed to join them in the cubicle and was at this very moment, with gritted teeth, jerking off over his wife's face.

A Menage Among Friends

group KittyKatt 2017-11-05

I watched the guys as they exchanged looks and then Tony shocked the shit out of me when he said that they both had discussed it, and thought that the only way they could feel comfortable thinking of me is if they shared. Tony looked at Andy and said"Dude, I don't know about you but I 'm going to cum if she keeps sucking me like this. By this time Andy had gotten a third finger to join the other two and as good as it felt I was with Tony, I was needing a cock to fill me. I looked at Andy and smiling told him I wanted to taste his cock anyway and that I needed to be fucked at the same time.


Dirty Debbie Gets Owned

group snakebyte 2017-11-05

Debbie watched from her window as Gabbie deep throated her boyfriend's hardness. As Gabbie got her ass pounded by her boyfriend, Debbie fucked herself hard with her toy. Gabbie took his cock and licked him clean loving the taste of her girl juice, her ass and his sperm all at one time. Debbie shyly started licking the hot young dark haired beauty's panties, tasting the teenager's sweet juices that were pouring out of her wet hole. Debbie sucked Gabbie's little hard clit as she started to finger fuck the younger girl. Debbie than stuck her tongue inside Gabbie's wet hole, using her tongue to fuck the gorgeous young lady's cunt. Gabbie's boyfriend obliged, shoving his cock deep into Debbie's tight sphincter.

Pro Bono Ch. 1

group Bob Peale 2017-11-05

Tony Linn wasn't the type of lawyer Angela Benton normally would have had representing her. Ivy league undergraduate, top ten law school grad, a prestigious federal clerkship and a $300 an a hour billing rate with one of the most influential law firms in the state, Tony was the kind of attorney Angela read about OTHER people having. "I called you both in here to apologize to Ms. Benton on behalf of the court for your deplorable performance," Judge Evers shot Tony a withering stare. His chest was broad, his body nicely defined, and to be honest, Angela had wondered several times during the course of the trial about what the lawyer might look like naked and in bed.

Shopping Can be Fun!

group Wetfemme 2017-11-05

He pulled back the curtain, stepped in and said, "Well, little Miss Sales Whore, I'd love for you to make my slutty girlfriend cum all over your tongue too, but I have a hard-on that's about to explode, so you're going to suck my cock until I tell you to stop." If you know what's good for you, and you want that tip, you better open your mouth, and eat my girlfriend's wet, nasty cunt." He continued fucking her so hard, with his hands clamped omto her hips. It was so incredible to look down and see a beautiful little hot slut eating out my pussy, licking me and sucking me, and then look up to see my gorgeous boyfriend pounding away at her hot, tight ass.

Imported Pie Ch. 3

group mufdvr5 2017-11-05

It was very warm from the fucking he just gave her, not to mention the hot load he had just filled her with, and I was right there licking and sucking on her dripping snatch, which was very sensitive. There I was, licking and sucking at her cum drenched pussy, and there she was with two hard cocks in her face, and said that she wants more! The sensation of a real flesh cock in my ass and her sucking and moaning on my cock was quite intense as she kept pushing and pulling at him making sure indeed that I was getting a thorough fucking.

Perfect Ending

group MathGirl 2017-11-05

John had me sit down on the floor beside him, and he put his arm around me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. I started to turn into John's bedroom, but he said he wanted her in the other room, because there was no way she was getting into his bed until she had a thorough washing. I thought John did me pretty thoroughly a few times in the last week, but it sure wasn't like what Georgia just got. After a long, lovely kiss and lots of body rubbing I asked Georgia if she would like me to wash her. The way John kisses my pussy is wonderful, but Georgia really, really, really knows how to do it.


Vulnerable Silence Ch. 02

group deafguy 2017-11-05

At that point, the man covered his eyes, since he couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I'll give you a few minutes for you to decide." The waiter walked away to get the man's water order. The man couldn't stop thinking about the letter, which took him back to that devastating ordeal. The man looked up, and couldn't believe his eyes. They got out, and as Nicole walked to his side of the truck, the man grabbed a semi-auto handgun from the backseat and pointed it at her. "Now, I've got you, bitch!" The man tossed his keys to Nicole and demanded her to open the door. All the ladies (sans Danielle) arrived, and the man had them in his control.


Birthday Wish

group aw twins 2017-11-05

The men removed her arms and legs from the shackles, picked her up and carried her to the table in the center of the room. Again, if you truly wish for all to end, just say your safety word." He was trying to remain in control, but he wanted so badly to push her over the edge. At the same time, they caressed each breast with their hands and mouths, pulling at the clamps, flicking their tongues across the exposed flesh, sucking and rubbing with wild abandon. Once the brunette was ready to cum, she grabbed the head between her legs and pressed hard into it, grinding, moaning, rotating her hips in time with the tongue swirling around her clit.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 06

group Turbidus 2017-11-05

He handed Chad a tee shirt, emblazoned with the club's logo and relieved Amy of the now mostly empty schooners. Chad gestured toward the bathrooms with the tee shirt in his hand, while pulling his wet shirt away from his chest. Chad stood there and Amy pushed past him, ignoring the gasps and giggles from the crowd waiting for the ladies. You taste any beer?" She asked as she pulled Chad's head forward seeking his mouth. Amy handed the man back his beer before looking at Chad. She fell to her knees and let go of her right nipple, wrapping her hand around Chad's cock, sliding the foreskin back, exposing the purplish shiny head.


Road Trip: Beach Blanket Anal

group Benny024 2017-11-05

When Jill's orgasms subsided, I began to step forward, but Leroy, who had moved closer, immediately began to force-feed her vacant, subservient mouth, his already hard, black cock. When Jill's pussy came to rest on my nose and mouth, the sexual aroma of her feminine juices and the men's sperm, quickly brought my mind back to the task at hand. After a couple of minutes, Jill began frigging her clit as she grinded her ass on the base of my hard cock. T then lifted Jill's legs up and pressed her knees down against her voluptuous breasts with his left arm, as his right hand lined his huge cock up with her sperm-drenched asshole.


Unexpected Visitors

group FilthyAngel 2017-11-05

As they both leaned back on the couch locked in a passionate kiss, Paul took the opportunity to push his hand into Katie's thong and she smiled inside when she heard him gasp at just how wet and hot her pussy had become in that short time. By the time they were both naked, Mike was rock hard and Katie was telling him how big their cocks were, how they'd both fucked her and dumped their loads inside her, and laughing as Mike groaned and buried his face in her cum drenched pussy, licking every last drop of it out of her before filling her up once more and telling her what a dirty slut she was and how much that turned him on.

Another Saturday Night Pt. 01

group MrsYoung 2017-11-05

My husband, God love him, is one of the blessed with a nice sized 8" cock with a thickness that stretches me out so fucking good, and while the spirit is willing the poor guy's flesh is weak. One reason we started swinging, I think, is because he wanted to see me good and fucked. I started playing with the husband and I watched out of the corner of my eye, because I couldn't turn my head I had his cock in my mouth. A hand reached around and squeeze my tit and I only slowed down riding my lovers cock to turn my head.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 16

group shanti2010 2017-11-05

Tamil slut moaned with passion as she felt one of Venkat' hands slip inside her open blouse and squeeze one of her bra-covered breasts. Sulaiman loved the sight of Shanti's Tamil slut head as it bobbed up and down over Venkat' cock, her right hand busily frigging its thick base. It was difficult for him to adequately concentrate on the road, but he somehow managed to do so, Venkat unsnapped Shanti's bra and nearly ripped it off as the slut continued to moan and wail under Sulaiman's finger prodding and tongue. Meanwhile, as Shanti continued to have her breasts and pussy fucked by two different men, she thought of what it would be like if the van had glass walls.


Arista's Wild Night

group Velvet25 2017-11-05

And a matching short black skirt that only reached to her mid-thighs if that far. Already she'd won two games but this game was far more important. Chewing it nervously, she reaches her hands under that tiny skirt and slips those black silk panties down her long creamy legs. "Ok so you won.. moaning out she gasped and her head moved back as she started to orgasm now, cries coming from her as she was laid back onto the table on her back now.. none left her alone.. She wanted more, oh god she wanted it all.. But she wasn't left alone. The her second orgasm hits.

On the road

group danni1 2017-11-05

As he pulled his boxers down she gasped as she could feel Andy push his cock against her hot hole and she got to see how hard John was. As they kiss Dannielle can feel Johns cock rubbing against hers as Andy continues to slowly fuck her. Andy can feel himself getting close to cumming and pulls out of her ass standing up watching Dannielle suck off his mate. John begins to fuck her faster as Andy gets to his knees and moves his cock towards her ass. “I want to see you cum” she whispers as John leans in and kisses her cum covered mouth.”Oh fuck yeah you slut” John says as he leans back to watch as Dannielle wanks her cock as he fucks her.

Street Party Ch. 01

group Simitoo 2017-11-05

It is quite a turn on to have someone like Kate moving around on your lap with a pair of rock hard sexy nipples showing through her top and a skirt on the resembled a wide belt. She extracted a very erect prick from the opening, looked up and said something I could not hear then slipped it into her mouth and started to suck it hard and deep. The next thing I saw was Chris's prick coming out to the tip of Kate's lips then going back into Kate's mouth, this time his balls hit her chin. "Not that you need much reviving feels like your standing to attention already." Kate said as she climbed off me and turned around to offer Chris her rear end complete with my cum oozing out of it.


Alexis's black cock gangbang

group sexyemily69 2017-11-05

All of the guys stopped whatever they were doing to take a good long look at my scantily clad body, and I started to feel a little uneasy. I leaned over and grabbed the bulge of his pants, whispering seductively in his ear, “Does this place have a bedroom or not?” He smiled and took my hand off his growing cock, getting up and leading me down a hallway and to a door on the other side of the house. “No, please David, I-” I was cut off abruptly as one of the guys grabbed me by the hair and roughly shoved his big black cock into my mouth.

Gobsmacked Ch. 01

group BigKahunaCat21 2017-11-05

At midnight I was getting pissed so I headed up the street with the intent of a quick hello, grab Janet, get her home and blast my nuts into her. As I began to focus more on the people than their actions, I could tell it was Mark, Allie's husband fucking the black woman, and Terrell, a black neighbor fucking the white woman and slapping her ass as he pumped. While bracing against a support column for the patio cover, Molly looked back and said," Fuck away and come in my cunt". Hank, a teenage boy, 19 I think, who lived several streets away, a kid who mowed our yard, who was Molly's quasi boyfriend, was fucking Janet in the ass with hummingbird like speed.

Our Honeymoon Vacation

group VegasMike155 2017-11-04

I remember once seeing her sucking the other man's cock and at the same time the woman who wasn't pleasuring me was playing with my wife. We did one of my wife's very favorite things -- me straddling her chest and wrapping her large, wonderful breasts around my cock and moving back and forth, savoring the feel of her soft breasts on the length of my shaft, the head bumping her chin, she occasionally licking the head with her tongue as it got close, and finally cumming all over her neck, and then her making me lick her clean which I was only too happy to do.

A Friend in Need

group korpus1957 2017-11-04

Wes explained the deal to Mick, telling him he was welcome to join us and not only fuck the neighbor he had been having sex with for several months but also the wife of the guy he had met. Her tongue reached out to remove precum that was oozing from the head of his cock then began sucking on the head. His cock throbbing in her mouth, she stopped long enough to ask if he would like to join the rest of the group. His cock, still semi-hard, hung a little lower, She had him remove the rest of his clothes and led him back to the living room. We talked a little more about our group and he coyly asked my hubby if he really could have sex with me.

Heightened Senses

group Tookinkyforwords 2017-11-04

I can't help but moan with pleasure as I look down at your mouth stretched round my cock and your perfectly clad ass resting on your heels. As you fully lubricate my cock, I begin to thrust into your mouth, sliding my hands through your long hair to hold the back of your head as I do so. Before long I feel the need to cum, but resisting the urge, I pull out, leaving your perfect lips, open and searching for my cock. I then cause my cock to pulse which raises the tip and as you rock back, allows it to slide, balls deep into you wet pussy.

hotel sauna with mom

group chrisbob1994 2017-11-04

'hi sorry do you mind if i come in as the ladies is out of use' mum said to this guy. I just sat the watching as her head was going up and down on barrys cock sounded like a wet blowjob too. 'ill be with you in a minute' mum said going back to sucking barrys dick. mum took simons cock from her mouth and said ' i love sucking cock' 'i duno if i can do that, his my son' mum said looking over wanking simons cock. 'well guys im fully cum covered im going for a shower,' give it an hour or so, you no my room number we could go again if you like' mum said walking out.

Dance Often

group Artemis87 2017-11-04

I moan against her mouth as she grips my hips and takes her body in a slow roll against mine. His hands reach around to cup my breasts as his mouth moves to my neck. He combines tongue and teeth as he moves down my neck to my shoulder; his hands working my breasts the entire time. Her breasts press close to my face as she leans forward to pin my hands into the mattress. She moans and rolls her hips into me as I drag the fabric down with my teeth to expose a pink nipple. I release my hands from above my head to pull his hips closer to me. I feel her legs on either side of my head as wetness presses against my lips.