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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Polish Pecker and his Girlfriend

group ukvoyeur3 2017-11-04

I’m getting a face fucking of note and not much satisfaction down below, so I pull away and PP immediately gets her on the bed, jams his dick in and starts pumping like a teenager doing it for the first time. I relax for a second and then pull out and discard the condom and allow him to clean me, and then he pulls out and I reciprocate – carefully cleaning around the rim of his uncut cock and sucking out the last of the juices, before turning the attention of my tongue to her cunt – deep licks, probing for juice, while at the same time stimulating her.

Birthday Getaway

group tcfan09 2017-11-04

I grabbed her left hand and placed it on my crotch, to show her how hard I was from her little walk out of the bathroom to the bed. Her other hand reached into my boxers to pull my dick out, slowly stroking it, getting me hard again. Her legs moved up closer to her breasts and she grabbed my dick again and started to stroke it. John got in the bed next to her, smiling at her and trying to ease her mind about this, if there was any fear left in her. Not one to upset my woman, I grabbed her amazing hips and started to insert my hard dick inside slowly.

Unexpected Invitation

group beaugueste 2017-11-04

When we arrived at a large set of twin carved wood doors, Fisher pulled out a key card and opened the entry to a room containing overelaborate luxury I hadn't imagined. a villa?!" I rushed forward through the living room to the large glass doors, peering into our private yard - fenced off from the world - that contained a small pool and hot tub, a fountain, a patio with a table and chairs, and a putting green. Shaking his head, Fisher led me out of the room and down the hallway to an enormous bedroom that held a king sized bed, a long dresser that ran along the near wall below a mounted flat-screen, as well as a desk, several plush chairs, and a large sectional sofa in the corner.


The Fat Older Men Change

group prettynun2010 2017-11-04

The men were kindly and friendly to her so much, and she was grateful for the job at Molty and Craig's station and Fatin's coffee shop that they had offered her. The girl started thinking and felt that these friendly and gentle fat older men look so attractive, so merry and so strong. Nun reached out a hand and started to stroke the fat British man's cock for him. The woods filled with the moaning of three older men and the slapping sound of Molty's girth and Nun's ass while he fucked her anus mercilessly and then exploded, filling her dark anus with a huge load of his seed.

A Ring at the Door

group chicagophotoman 2017-11-04

Sue heard Tom's zipper coming down and his jeans hitting the floor, she came up form BJ's hard cock and turned to see Tommy walking toward her with his cock out and his shirt going off over his head. She sucked harder on Tom, getting him rock hard as BJ started fucking her pussy deep, shoving her toward Tom's hot dick. Sue was coming close to Cumming again as BJ started to really fuck her hard, her tits shaking with every thrust, Tom's cock deep inside her mouth as she tried to concentrate on both men at the same time. When Tom felt BJ's tongue flicking over Sue's pussy and his cock he went off, exploding inside her, wave after wave of cum shooting deep inside her tight pussy.

Old Friends

group Oazeal 2017-11-04

He started kissing his way down Bryon's body, first nibbling at the nape of his neck, then sucking a nipple in his mouth, then tracing a line with his tongue across Byron's tight stomach and finally reaching the base of his cock. "Well go get it, honey" ordered Byron, "If you want to fuck with the boys, you might as well look like one." I ran to the other room and quickly removed what was left of my clothes and put on the harness that held my 6" rubber cock. With a cock in each hand and my tongue up a guy's ass, I was in heaven, (I'm such a slut) but soon Byron was begging me to let Larry fuck his ass.

Chat Room Meeting

group First_time_bi 2017-11-04

I found out quickly that most people on the internet were posers looking for fantasies with no real intention of ever meeting, but then I came across Cynthia and Lou. They messaged me first saying that they were a bi married couple, mid 40's who were looking for a younger man to play with them. Cynthia whispered, "How do you like your first touch of another man's cock?" I just moaned and gave it a little squeeze. "Michael, put him in me." I grabbed Lou's cock, took another lick, and then placed it at her lips. "Oh God, fuck me Lou. Keep sucking my clit." I sucked and licked and loved watching his massive cock penetrate her cunt.

My First Bi Experience

group urated 2017-11-04

She started working my cock then stopped and asked “can I suck on Ray too?” I had never had a girl with an extra guy before and was a bit nervous but the whole thought was starting to sound interesting. I was very hesitant as I got into a position where the head of that big cock was just inches away from my mouth. Then there were more flashes as Anne grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of us sucking cock. He pulled out and said “your turn!” I moved into position and started to guide my cock into her freshly used pussy and she was still nice and tight! He moved around and stuck his cock in her mouth as I worked her hot pussy.

A Night Out With Friends Ch. 03

group wyo_girl 2017-11-04

"I was thinking about the games and us maybe playing with the others at the party but I just assumed Hayley and David would expect everyone to take the real action someplace else." Hayley ushered us through the living room to the back patio where they had tables laden with finger foods and David was pouring drinks. Hayley and David had a couple of tables set up outside but it was getting a bit crowded out there. A couple of harem girls joined us at the table right after we took our seats. "I think we're going to just watch for a bit." He took my hand and held it as Hayley smiled and moved on to the next group.


Complex Family Ch. 06

group PaulStevens 2017-11-04

"Exactly, you know me too well Brandon." Mel said with a smile before getting serious and asking, "So what do you say, you ready to make me a mom next week?" Believe me sir, I have nothing to do with nor do I want anything to do with Sam Carthington, I regard him as a future-extremely-unfortunate-distant-relative." Robert looked puzzled for a second before Brandon said, "If you're wondering why I'm on your doorstep the short answer is this." Brandon then produced an invitation and handed it to the bewildered Robert. Brandon nodded and said, "While Ashley and I were on the island with our friends Katy and Mel, I killed someone.

A Casual Threesome..?

group Please Clothing Off! 2017-11-04

Grinding myself against Andy with such force that my knees are still red (from rubbing against the couch), I felt the first spray of Chris's orgasm spew into me. As Andy and I ground ourselves against each other harder and harder, I felt Chris try to mount me once again; I reached back with one hand and shoved him away, resting my head against Andy's shoulder as we both climbed towards orgasm. I could feel myself about to orgasm, and I (as is the habit) bit into Andy's shoulder, my teeth clenching his shoulder and my pussy clenching his cock as I felt those familiar but always welcome spasms of my vaginal walls.

Tommy and Tina's Adventure

group Pegasus_Flying 2017-11-04

After about a half hour of watching the video, Eddie said to me, "Tommy, I ain't into having my dick out in front of a guy but I just gotta jack off." He pulled his prick from his shorts and started stroking it. We loved the look on the faces of the guy's and girl's and Tina especially liked the way they talked. Tina hugged me as soon as we got to our room and said, excitedly, "Oh my God Tommy, maybe Bobby and Della are what we want." Tina said that she told Della that she hoped that she meant sex, and if so, that yes we were up to it and wanting it to happen.


The More The Merrier

group DaintyLilSadist 2017-11-04

Tessa's body was garbed in her sexiest night-time apparel, that consisted of a black lace demi-bra with matching panties and garter. "Doesn't she look delicious, babe?" Hunter's deep baritone caught me off guard, rattling the very immutable foundation of my composure. "I'm going to , uh, make us drinks." I threw a smile in Tessa direction. I was absolutely certain that that wasn't going to be one the worse thing, I'd done by the end of the day. The only person who's going to be wearing metal bracelets tonight, is that gorgeous blonde in the livingroom." I flashed a smile back. "Did somebody say gorgeous?" I looked up to see Tessa posing in the archway of the kitchen entrance.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 01

group phunandsex 2017-11-04

"Well, Jim" I said "She has gone over the dam with that crap." "I can't even get a hard-on anymore since she started this nonsense." Our sex life had been dwindling for a long time as would most any couple who had been married for 35 years. "Hey I want a piece of that, Renee slid over and started licking Jim's head but she went further and put her mouth all round the cock and started moving up and down. Carol said, "Take all of his cock in your mouth." Penny did and started moving up and down. Alan said, "Carol is having another sex game session in a week Wednesday at 10am.

Suburban Style

group Nottingly 2017-11-04

Dina fell uncomfortably speechless, until Ted piped up, "We had some after-party partying at our house too." He smiled and shook his head, "I thought that party was a bad idea, but Cheryl turned out to be right. Blonde, pony-tailed Nora with the sweet face and big round eyes, who I'd stripped at the last party, looked dressed for the office, with a starched white shirt, crisply pleated black pants, and the highest heels in the house. Nora put her bare butt on the cushion and looked up at Scott, legs together, hands on her knees, back straight, nipples reaching out like they were trying to make up for their lack of high ground,


Within the Storm

group BBPrince 2017-11-04

The girl stepped closer and the woman stroked her sex with a finger jutting upward, hardening her clitoris as her hand moved back and forth. Not like most men, the woman knew what a woman wanted to feel, and with a naturalness borne of experience, she stroked on the girl’s clitoris and thrust a finger deep into the girl’s vagina. The storm outside was but a mirage of the storm they were caught up in; and then there was no turning back...the girl no longer had a choice, as she sucked and stroked the woman, she felt the huge wave of a climax rising within her like a tidal wave...blocking out everything else.


The Honeymoon

group 62_goo 2017-11-04

I walked in and said to Jen, "I missed the last bus and got lost walking home. The last thing I saw was Karl and Tony, along with two of their friends watching me with what looked like smirks an their faces. Towards the end of my three-month train tour I found myself in Portugal at a little coastal village where the people were lovely and the surfing looked great. Gretchen put her arm around Jen and said, "Look up, pet." Jen looked at me and said, "I'm not sure where to start." "Tony hugged me again and said, 'I can make you feel like that all the time if you want.' I just said, 'that would be great." Later that day, I had more tea.


Teacher's Pet Ch. 4

group Shanbabe4u 2017-11-04

The two of them were making lots of soft fucking sounds and Doreen told us she was going to cum and she told Darrel to hurry up and cum in her mouth. “Would you like to suck Darrel’s cock Shannon?” Doreen asked. Darrel sat up on the edge of the tub, I slid between his legs and took his shaft into my hands. I watched in amazement as Darrel pressed his huge cock head against my lips, and pushed them open, using the head as a divider. I was aware of Doreen behind me, I was aware of Darrel’s thick cock inside me and when someone began to touch my exposed clit, I jerked and cried out as I began to climax.

The Medieval Festival Ch. 03

group silverisgold 2017-11-04

Truth be told, I'd love nothing more than to come over to your tent this morning and jump you, but sadly the closing day of the event means a lot of different things I need to attend, and the best I could manage is maybe a half hour to break away, at absolute best. She had started unconsciously humping backwards against his hand, and Luke was enjoying her response, but was brought out of it as Kiana came up behind him and hit her pink ass with the crop. "I didn't ask if you wanted that, it wasn't open for your critique!" Kiana began to get a bit rough with the dildo, turning the egg up full blast.


Lorrie's College Days Adventures

group Solonarjr 2017-11-04

Dan began to moan from Lorrie's hot, wet mouth surrounding his dick. Tim took his dick in his hand and rubbed it against Lorrie's cunt, getting it lubricated with the comingled juices flowing from her pussy lips. She could feel him deeper in her tunnel than with Dan. Tim keep telling her she was "so beautiful, so sweet and a great fuck." Lorrie was moaning lowly and began her climax with a loud " Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... Soon Lorrie was climaxing continuously and then began to "squirt" copious amounts of liquid which was leaking out of her pussy every time Kikke raised her up on his dick. I want your cum." Kikke felt his balls tensing and realized this tight pussy was causing him to reach his climax in almost no time.


Filling the Void

group brentzad 2017-11-04

Adam smiled, "Good morning beautiful," he sighed, looking at me like I was a Goddess. I couldn't believe my eyes, and when Adam began finger fucking me right in my seat, with a cute tourist from Germany, sitting inches away from me, I got so hot that I knew the whole row could smell my aroused pussy. It was like an animal, coming from the eyes, and I knew that if I moved wrong, I could be in trouble, but if I move right, this was going to be amazing. Anyway, when I got home, I was a bit sad, because, as a result of my work and Adam's job we were not going to be able to see each other until next weekend, Halloween.


Sensations Escort Services Ch. 13

group SteveWallace 2017-11-04

Yeah," Sean said as he looked at Amber as she held her breasts up to him, almost sticking a tit into his mouth. Kat and Melody smothered Sean with kisses for his progress on his weight and gave him a new challenge for the coming week. In the coming week, one or two of the girls met Sean every morning for a jog that got increasingly longer as his endurance and strength slowly build and he shed weight. Amber talked Sean into a gym membership, and got him to start going three times a week, all while continuing the morning jogging.


All Of Her

group scarletsilk 2017-11-04

Carl wasted no time in wrapping his lips around the head of Aidan's cock, eliciting a low moan from Aidan, who placed his hands on Carl's head and tangled his fingers in Carl's dark hair. Aidan met my eyes, his lips slightly parted and his breath coming in pants as Carl worked on his cock enthusiastically. Carl's hands continued to work my tits, massaging, kneading, and occasionally drawing a particularly loud moan from me with a well-timed, hard squeeze of my nipples. Aidan continued to thrust into my mouth, his hands pulling my head onto his cock. Carl began to fuck my ass with his finger, slowly, in time to Aidan's thrusts.

Prelude... Ch. 01

group Traviata 2017-11-04

Her hands groped the heavy tits bobbing on the water in front of her, her mouth jammed hungrily against the dark aureole; sucking and crooning like a starving baby. Without hesitation her face crushed the tantalizing cunt, lapping and sucking every sweet tasting drop of cum. Honey-voice's screams and cries aroused a deep, primal need within her. Grunting, her fingers violently rammed the hot cunt, licking the streaming pussy juices from her own hand. Her tongue ravished the butt hole, prodding and sucking in rhythm with her jabbing fingers forcing their way into her cunt. “Fuck me you bitch,” honey voice screamed, holding her head and wildly grinding her cunt against her face.