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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three's Please

group MichaelRoberge 2017-11-04

I began rubbing them vigorously as my panties fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, all the time feeling her soft little hands massaging my ass. The moment we walked in Kelly must have caught her roommate's gaze because she sat right up and began walking over to the two of us with a look of anticipation on her face. "Maris, if this thing is as big as it feels we're both in for a very good time." Marisa just smiled as she lifted my shirt up over my head, sensuously rubbing my pectorals and gliding her hand over my tanned back muscles.


Four Nights of Freedom: Night 04

group Mike Franklin 2017-11-04

Cindy stepped away from my mouth and Trish released me from hers, I sat on the edge of the tub, cock sticking straight up in the air. Trish didn't swallow my load when I had finished, instead she turned to Cindy, pushed her head back and opened her mouth, held her mouth over Cindy's and let the cum she had just sucked from me drip from her lips and into Cindy's waiting mouth. Cindy was working on my semi-erect penis again with her mouth, trying to breathe life back into the beast, as Trish lowered her shaved, pierced pussy onto my face.


The Game

group Tigerhawk 2017-11-04

After a few more uneventful turns, Matt was told to lie down while Jessie massaged his neck. Kathy was told to lay down while Matt and John gave her a sexy back massage. As "rent," Jessie was to kiss John while massaging his cock through his pants. For the next couple of minutes, four of us watched while Jessie French kissed Jessie and gave John's cock a massage through his cotton pants. After a minute or so, Jessie opened her mouth wide and started to deep throat Matt's cock. As Jessie moved off of my face, I could see Kathy laying on her back sucking Matt's cock while John knealt between her lags and licked her pussy.

Another Maid in Montana

group JorisKHuysmans 2017-11-04

She fucked me from behind, fingers sliding in and out of both holes, as she kissed my neck and back, saying "Amy, you're so beautiful, I want to share you with my friends, I want you to know what it's like to be truly worshipped as the big beautiful woman you are." "Don't stop licking me," she said, her big ass grinding into the bed inches away from my face as she rubbed one of her big round tits. I licked at Sue Ann's wet, slippery pussy while Katie climbed atop Burt, dildo in his ass, and whipped his butt with the riding crop.

A Night of Firsts

group defan 2017-11-04

I had absolutely no idea what she had in mind, but after dating for this long, I was convinced that she would not do anything to hurt me in any way, so I said, "Totally." As she stood up, she said, "Let's get started then, this is going to be a long and fun filled evening for everyone." I followed her downstairs and as we poured another cognac she told me that she wanted to bind me to the pool table and have fun teasing me through out the evening. The stereo was turned back up, but I could still hear the sounds of clothing being removed, when I felt lips next to my ear and instantly recognized Ann's voice when she whispered that I was really going to have a good time.

f***ed to Watch and Suck

group joesal 2017-11-04

The two boys stared at each other in shock not sure what to do "Dude you better...." began Billy when Tammy walked back out of the bedroom totally naked. "Waiiiiiiiiiit a minute" she said, "You can taste my pussy.....on his cock" she said as she pointed at Billy's throbbing,dick "What the fuck?!!" exclaimed Johnny as the boys looked at eachother stunned. Tammy stopped for a minute to look up at Johnny who was watching all this with dick in ahnd "You know how I never let you blow in my mouth?....well take this" and wih that she began working on Billy's cock harader and harder. "Return teh favour prick." Billy looked at the dick in front of him, smiled and then, to Johnny's shock, opened his motu without a fight.

Customer Service

group BuntSingle 2017-11-04

My ex-boyfriend said it smelt like sewer water but he had no taste" " Is there anything else you are looking for?" All I could think of was the old line " I guess a blow job is out of the question" but of course I couldn't let that come out of my mouth. "This is going to be fun." Amanda said " I tell you what - How about Lisa and I each select two outfits and we will compete with each other to see which ones you like the best?" Snapping back to reality I said " I like it but I would love to look at some jeans and a casual shirt."

My English Vacation

group TahoeCat 2017-11-04

"I want you Manny, I want your touch, your kiss, and your hot cock buried deep inside me." As I said this I ran my hand up his arm to his neck, then pulled him into me and kissed him. I began to feel my body shake as he continued to play with my breasts and getting closer and closer to touching my hot wet pussy, but not quite going all the way. "You're not frozen now," I said and touched his hair and started pulling him closer to where I needed his kiss more. I felt the bartender spit on my asshole and work his finger in and out, slowly opening me more and more for his cock.

Room 214: And On, And On...

group EastTennessee 2017-11-04

I grabbed Lisa's right arm and pulled her onto her back in one savage jerk, and without even a single moment's hesitation positioned myself over her, entered her, and drove my dick into her until the front of my hips pressed her into the mattress. Even as I was positioning myself as closely as I could to Lisa's mouth, my wife proceeded to coax yet another orgasm from deep within her lover's body with both her mouth and her demanding fingers. When I opened my eyes and witnessed my wife licking my cum off of Lisa's face and sharing it with her, I felt the stirring of my next erection.

Annie's Sex Diary 01

group fannyanny 2017-11-04

As I was lying there like that, dreaming of us getting caught though I wasn't going to let Tim know that (that will be our little secret diary); there was a noise on the ladder leading into the hayloft. I forgot all about Ben as my wet pussy rubbed up against Tim's cock and I pulled his boxers off around it. At this point Tim seemed to become aware of Ben and was about to voice a protest but I put a finger to his lips as a moan and smile came from my lips. Taking Ben's lead Tim's fingers showed up and began fingering my hole, going in and out slowly.

Icing On The Cake

group RiversEdge2010 2017-11-04

"I absolutely love it," Jocelyn replied that day, flashing a casual smile to her girlfriend before she began scooping the sperm off her face in thick helpings into her wanting mouth, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of her friends' seed. Jocelyn's fingertips glided over her wet clit and rubbed it around in circles as she started bucking against Heather's hand, the sight of the young girl's face being painted with more semen obviously arousing her. Finally, when it was finished, Jocelyn collapsed on the bed beside Heather's cum-soaked face just as she brought herself to orgasm so hard that she began to squirt all over their sheets while thrashing about and screaming her girlfriend's name in ecstasy.


CvsN 12: Joe's Sleepover

group Tx Tall Tales 2017-11-04

Debbie and Beth had Joe bracketed on the couch, and it looks like they were both whispering in his ears. Beth reached out and grabbed Joe's hand, tugging him along, Debbie broke free, and went to turn off the music and turn out the light's on the way. Once in the room, I let go of Beth's hand, and gently guided her towards Joe. She went to him, and gave him a big hug and a kiss, and as they broke apart she slid to her knees and started unbuckling his belt and pants. Beth got the message, and leaning over her, let Joe's come slide out of her mouth into Debbie's. "That was good, Joe, looks like you're half way to having your dream come true." Debbie teased, giving Beth a nudge.


A Night To Remember

group Katie_did_it 2017-11-04

As soon as his cock was licked clean, I looked up into his slightly glazed eyes, and whispered "Hey lover, I think you better get dressed, before the other three think we're fucking up here!" And then laughing, I stood. Under the cover of the large opened menus, Keith's right hand stealthily slipped below the table and quickly snaked it's way across the thin material of my skirt covered legs to my left inner thigh. "Well Cher, she didn't seem to mind – in fact she gave me a wink when she left the table – but I think I better talk to her before word gets around." Keith slid out and I excused myself and headed towards the bar where she was now standing.


Island Fever Ch. 25

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-04

"You know I love you," Devon moaned upon their shared kiss, her velvety tongue gliding and twirling like crazy within Kristanna's mouth. Kristanna sighed and rolled her head about as Devon used both hands to violently massage and grope her little, sweet ass. I then leaned over and traced the back of my right hand upon Devon's shoulder as she was nestled between Kristanna's thighs, offering up her own brand of oral homage. As a direct result of Devon's curious tongue, a series of moans and sighs were emanating from deep within Kristanna as she gently worked my erection into a slow-burning frenzy. Devon, who had been licking and swiping away at Kristanna's pussy with her tongue, looked up at us with an odd expression.


UK wife Hayley – shared for the first time

group esum 2017-11-04

I must have had a bit too much to drink, as I confided a few secrets in him about my wife’s fabulous tits and how she likes titty play and how having her nipples pinched and squeezed turns her on, as well as having her bum massaged and slipping a finger up her arse drives her wild, describing how her neatly shaved runway leads to her large clit, and telling him how she pants, whimpers and moans when she cums. My sexy little wife was whimpering and moaning with the fucking she was getting but soon started to gag on Mick’s cock, Karen didn’t move and held my wife’s head firmly as Mick f***ed his cock into her for a minute or so, then Mick started to pull his cock out of her, there was saliva dribbling out of my wife’s mouth as she gasped for air.

Long Before We Were Married

group plez2tease 2017-11-04

I also tell her I think she is getting turned on knowing that Russ is watching me play with her nipples in front of him. As I am holding her tight to me and loving the feeling of forcing my cum into her hot pussy, Russ grabs her hair and pulls her mouth off of his cock. He tells me the first time he came, he pulled out and let his cock rest on her stomach and his cum filled her belly button and was running out over her stomach. He tells me, he would normally wrap his cock in pair of her dirty panties and would fuck them as he sat next to her and played with her tits or pussy.

Friendly Neighbors

group SFbayGuy 2017-11-04

Janice went in to shower and change and I went over to say hello to Tom. He asked me how the lake was today and I told him it went up a few degrees when Jan took off her cover-up. I yell at Jan to tell her that Tom and I are in the living room and ask if she wants some iced tea. "Ummm, salty," she said, "looks like you need a shower, too." Tom nodded a quiet affirmative and Jan took his hand and helped him up. "Oh, my," she teased, "looks like somebody's ready for some fun!" She grabbed his cock with both hands and pulled him into the shower. Jan reached for the soap and began to lather Tom up starting with his rock-hard penis.

The Fantasy of Mr. Finch

group NamelessOne 2017-11-04

Some girls, after having had an orgasm by this manner, enjoy sucking on the instrumentation of their climax." I hand Candy the cum-covered dildo, which she greedily sucks and licks clean of every last drop. Whether you like the taste or not, for the girl, next to a penis or a dildo, tongue is what she enjoys most in her vagina." I insert three of my fingers into her cunt and begin to flick my tongue across her hardened clit. By now I have recovered and with a little hand stimulation while watching Candy suck 24 other cocks besides mine, I am ready to instruct the class for the final phase of today's lesson.

The Dinner Party

group Kiwilass 2017-11-04

"Barb you're looking as gorgeous as ever!" exclaimed John reaching out to kiss Barb on the cheek, pulling her into his arms, his hands roaming freely over the silky dress. Barb and Tony both chuckled at her confusion and John kept flicking through the photos, his mouth open and his eyes glazed. Maxine felt a little afraid and then all at once she was aware that her belly was tightening and she realised that, in truth, she wanted to see Barb under her husband, she wanted to see his hard cock in her full mouth, she wanted to see them pleasuring each other. John was standing, still holding Barb's hand, watching as Tony helped Maxine to her feet.


Fantastic Fulfillment Ch. 03

group wildest1 2017-11-04

Ken's hips were bucking, fucking my mouth and as I started to cum, I felt Reid's big cock slip into my ass. I was trying to support my weight over my legs which were also over the arm rests, but Ken was urging me down on his cock, whispering lust-filth in my ear, telling me how good Reid's cock felt fucking his ass and how hot and tight mine felt on his cock. I pulled him down close to kiss him, to hold tightly to him as I rolled my hips, grinding against Ken's cock, feeling him moving up into me, deep in my ass.

Good Clean Corporate Fun Ch. 02

group robinhood47 2017-11-04

I chose one of the stacks, bending Jennifer over it and flipping up her skirt to expose her ass and shimmering pussy lips. I put my nose in her ass crack and my mouth on her cunt and breathed her in, my tongue pushed between her pussy. I pulled out of my little blonde and turned toward Gina, my dick hard and glistening with Jennifer's wetness and pointed straight at her. I pulled Gina toward Jennifer and me and pushed her down on the floor. Before I quite knew what was going on, little Jennifer had gotten down on the floor and was positioning her golden cunt over Gina's mouth. Jennifer's hands were on her own tits, rubbing them; she bobbed up and down on Gina's face.

My plan for my gangbang

group 2017-11-04

Jai has 2 close friends, Rajesh and Venkatesha. I had called Jai and told him that I have arranged a party for him and his close friends at home. Jai told me to bring glasses, munching, ice and other necessary items for drink session. Jai pour one drink without any thing and asked me to gulp it down. Jai and Venkatesha holding me by their one hand each and with other hand they started playing with my boobs and nipples. Jai then asked Venkatesh to fuck my ass and he will put his cock in my mouth. Rajesh standing near my face and Jai was ready to fuck my ass. I thanked Jai, Venkatesha and Rajesh for this wild and hard fucking.

Konomama Pt. 01

group EroticPenmen 2017-11-04

At the end of the pier was John Smith's guide, a tall man in a sharp looking suit and glasses, wearing a red arm band, showing his status as a reverend 1st class citizen. "Excellent, if you'll walk this way I'll show you to your taxi that will take you to your new home," Eric said heading toward the street, where a white car that looks like it had been made in the 80s was waiting. "Yes, your little toy is cuming, Oh FUCK!" Hilary's back started to arch and John could feel her insides spasm around his dick. "Fuck this little slut, she's only good at taking cock and eating pussy," The mayor said getting excited now that John joined in.


My Wife's Affair With The Shemale

group 2017-11-04

My cock dripped with her saliva as she sucked me for almost forty five minutes until I quickly stood up and bent her over the arm rest of the couch pulling her shorts down and began rubbing my cock against her ass as she moaned "Fuck Me" I began fucking her as Tracy pulled her shirt and bra off and knelt on the couch next to Melissa and began kissing her and then bent down and began sucking her cock as I fucked her in the ass. Melissa moaned loudly until Tracy stood up and said "Come on" as she walked to the bedroom pulling her shorts and panties off.