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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Monumental Opportunity

group vividlyyours 2017-11-04

C continued, "All right then, I'm going to show you how to keep your man wrapped around your little finger." With that, she stood up and dropped her robe completely, then walked to him and knelt between his feet wearing nothing but her bikini panties. "OK, it's time for lesson number two," C said with a smile, "I'm going to teach you where jewelry comes from." With that, she gently moved his wife back to the side and took her place between his knees, her gigantic rack resting against his thighs. "Everyone has a unique flavor, and his cock tastes the same as his chest or neck." She returned to licking the shaft like a pro, then stopped and said, "Here, you try it.



group sindybislut 2017-11-04

Then she thought, 'if Kurt is locking up the workmen must be gone.' She headed for the door to men's lockers with an excited bounce in her step. "He came out of the locker room a few minutes ago and looked like a kid who was caught raiding the cookie jar." The door tried to open and a pair of annoyed voices could be heard outside. Cindy glanced at his crotch then up to his face, "I've always wondered if the rumors about black men are true." She heard a muffled chuckle as Matt sat down on the bench press machine beside them. Matt grasped Cindy's hair and guided her head in a series of short shallow thrusts followed by a deeper longer thrust that pressed into her tonsils.

The Truckers

group Patrick_B76 2017-11-04

Jody went back to sucking Williams cock as Charlie fucked her furiously. William lay on the bed and Jody straddled him, she held his cock and positioned her pussy over the head. Unbeknownst to Jody, as she was enthralled with Williams cock impaling her stretched pussy; Roy had taken off his clothes and got on the bed behind her. Bill was back on the bed kneeling next to William; Jody took his cock into her mouth without thinking about it. Jody's ass was a virgin and the new penetration was painful, but nothing compared to Williams first pounding of her pussy. She lay still on top of William as Roy slowly began to explore her virgin ass with his cock.

Becoming More Than Friends

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-04

He said well yes, certainly with Joe and Joan, but as far as here, I think it is ok, but maybe only a couple of times a year. I was getting hard watching the action and I looked over and Jill was stroking Joe, and I felt Joan with her hand on my cock and so we sat with the ladies giving us guys a hand job. Joe had a big smile on his face as he watched Joan moving her hands all over Jill. I looked up and Jill was down on Joe and I watched him holding her head in place as he fucked her mouth and went rigid and she took all he had to offer.

My Day At High School

group hotgod1816 2017-11-04

I started licking the other's tits harder and she screamed out in pleasure, I moved my left hand from her breast down to her legs where I slipped it inside her bikini bottoms and began rubbing her pussy. I got off the second girl and let her lick the cum of my fingers, I slid my cock deep inside her and started moving back and forth. "We know you've wanted us, now we're going to make your dreams come true baby." She walked toward me boobs bouncing up and down as she did, got right up beside me and started licking my ear and moving all around my body. Jamie started riding my dick faster and I felt her climax on top of me, but she pulled out before I could cum and said it was Meghan's turn.

Saturday Night

group Speakeasy 2017-11-04

Joanne has perfect, no sag, huge breasts; the kind that makes every man in the room - and a few women, too - whimper that he wants to fuck her. Joanne is pretending not to notice while she moves her legs in time with the music and drinks her long neck, lifting her amazing breasts with every gulp. She looks at you and moves closer to give you a kiss, an incredible, passionate soft moist kiss that makes you feel like you and Joanne are now two people joined into one incredible fuck machine. There is come flowing down your legs, an anonymous cock inside you, and you are starting to have another orgasm.


Confessions of a Porn Star Ch. 04

group SusanJillParker 2017-11-04

"...and do you, Liz, promise to participate in the swinging lifestyle, to swap partners, and to have sex with hundreds if not thousands of men and women in the course of your marriage," said Father O'Malley. No doubt, many of the swingers in the swinging lifestyle were jealous of Liz. Assuredly, while doing what they loved to do, they all wished that they could earn money having sex, instead of giving it away for free. While Mitch stood off the set behind the cameras, he watched his wife having sex with men and women while making porn movies. Under the guise of making a porn movie, they had their wicked sexual way with Liz in a pool hall and on a pool table while Mitch watched from behind the cameras.


The Nastiest Tale: Puking & Gagging

group SafeSexting 2017-11-04

That thought made her feel horny, and she also had to take a leak, so she stood and headed toward the alternate ladies' room, the one with the live human toilet slaves, to piss and get her clit sucked on at the same time. Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. She dropped to her knees when he entered, and he strapped her head back into the harness, returning his cock to its rightful place inside her mouth.

La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 04

group Fog43 2017-11-04

Dee took a moment to kiss Steve, never stopping her hand that was moving up and down Julie's back. Dee took that as a sign that Steve wanted his own nipples attended to, and sat up straight backed, continuing her slow but purposeful up and down motions on the incredibly wonderful feeling cock in her pussy. With that Dee released her hold on Steve's right nipple, and reached over to Julie. This broke the kiss of the two women, but Julie quickly leaned in and claimed Dee's right nipple from Steve's hand, sucking hard. Julie actually felt a mini-orgasm in sympathy for her two lovers, as she now cupped Dee's clitoris in her palm and extended her fingers to also stroke the base of Steve's convulsing cock.


Pozzed at the bookstore part 2

group cumluvr56 2017-11-04

"Ram the poz infected fuck stick into my cunt and plant your seed good and deep". He then straddled the guy whose ass I had been licking and pushed the big cock head into the toxic fuck hole. The guy pounding his cock in my cum pit slowed his pace and held it in as deep as he could get as his balls released a torrent of hot toxic sperm deep in side my fuck canal. I could feel his cock head pulse over and over again as he just kept squirting more and more of bug infected cum up my ass. Each time I pushed my cock in I could feel the bug infected poz cum being f***ed up inside my dick.


Nearly out of Africa

group 2017-11-04

The soldiers snapped to a sloppy attention while the agent and guide fell instantly silent; the look of fear in the eyes of both men saying all that needed to be said about the kind of power the Captain wielded. Smartly dressed in her bush outfit, Susan looked oddly out of place in this dingy shed of a room, surrounded by the three soldiers and the customs agent in his sweat stained white shirt. Susan let out a yell, a long, drawn out "aaaaahhh!" The men watched in fascination as her small anus stretched to accommodate the huge intruder, expanding from a crinkled red dot to a smooth and shiny wide ring of distended muscle, gripping the man's fat finger.

Enter a Friend (Sheri Ch. 5)

group Lykan 2017-11-04

Sheri reached down for the hem of Jani's skirt and lifted the black material until the bottom of Jani's ass globes and the narrow back panel of Jani's white panties were revealed. I could clearly see Sheri's luscious breast suspended against the material of her black tube top while Jani's tiny tits lumped at her white top and jutted enormous nipples at me. Sheri's eyes half closed in pleasure and I pulled at my cock a couple times again to show my appreciation. Sheri had an uncertain look on her face as she reached around Jani and placed a hand over each small tit. Watching my mobile manhood Jani turned sideways to me and pulled Sheri around to match.


Polly's African Adventures Ch. 05

group sarahloveitt 2017-11-04

Polly returned the smile with a lingering look into the nearest man's eyes with her best little-girl-lost look. Marina watched with a light smile in the corners of her mouth as Polly withdrew her hand with a gasp, putting her fingers to her lips in mock astonishment. Marina's warm mouth bobbed up and down the hard shaft, fondling the testicles and inner thighs with one hand, whilst massaging the base of the column with the other. But, unknown to Polly and Marina, the whole episode had been watched with interest by the Captain and First Officer on the closed-circuit TV screen in the cock-pit. Polly and Marina took the chocolate-coloured bars deep into their mouths, sucking and licking, whilst their vaginas were ravished by quick savage lunges at the other end.


The Orgy Room

group C Love 2017-11-04

We started to wonder what was up, especially when Roger, who was Katie's boyfriend walked in the room. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened up and the girls walked into the room, each in a sexier outfit than the others. I could tell that Lana was getting excited, but the moans she was making sounded louder than usual, then I heard a man's grunt and remembered that there were three other couples in the room. Underneath Janey and TJ, Katie and Roger were making more noise than any other couple. Finally, the sounds of orgasm started with Janey, and within a couple of minutes made their way through all of us.

Day Labor

group Dakota_North 2017-11-04

He was working her shorts as well, unzipping them and allowing his fingers to dart inside, brushing against her bush and teasing her wet pussy. Vance's thrusts were powerful, pounding his stiff cock deep inside her wet and waiting pussy. His hard cock was penetrating deep inside her, sliding in and out of her hot wet cunt faster and faster as she spread her legs even farther apart. Once they did, they wasted no time, and soon Vicki had two pairs of hand caressing her breasts and manipulating her wet pussy. She was evidently enjoying the chance to give Chuck a blow job, and her body language told Jay that she surely would love to feel his cock inside her right now.


New Boyfriend

group X_PAC6969 2017-11-04

Each time I knew she was in there with Brad I would start the cam remotely and watch on the TV in my room as they got it on. Karen used all the tricks we had taught each other to please him, she sucked him dry, let him fuck her ass, tit fucked him all with wild abandon. “Oh god Frank put you tongue inside me, I need to feel it eat me out.” Brad looked down when he heard Karen and could see my face between his girlfriends thighs. She lowered her cunt lips to my mouth and as I watched Brads’ cock slide in and out of her lips I let my tongue do the same to her.

Meg and I

group Wayne 2017-11-04

Imagine - I'm standing there, my cock in Meg's hand, she is on her back being eaten by her sister, she renewed the licking of her sisters pussy while working two fingers in and out of a beautiful ass, and began pulling me in closer. Meg reached around my ass with her other hand and began licking my balls. Alice sat on my face and started kissing Meg. This was turning out to be one hell of a night. Slowly, I began to relax and as I felt the pull of sleep, Meg and Alice giggled and said: Still too horny to sleep"? I squeezed and rubbed and tugged and pulled and finally I heard a soft moan - it was Meg. Then My other hand found an ass.


Gang in the Showers

group jack_the_lad 2017-11-04

Every morning at 6:00am we were all working our asses off to get to the championships and by the time we had to clean up and get to class our muscles were tense as fuck and coach made sure we got that tension released. On this particular morning Kev left the gym early to go back to his office and get some paper work done and he asked me to keep the guys going and let him know when we were about to hit the showers. Kev got off big time on having me watch while he fucked different chicks but this time he really had his audience...9 horny young lads with hard cocks in their hands and a beautiful chick on the floor in the middle of it all....

Expanded Horizons

group CarlLaFong 2017-11-04

"Oh man," Lance said turning to Nic, "Her dancing is great and one of the most erotic things I've ever seen." Rita felt her face turn a deeper red. She let go of Nic's cock and placed both hands behind Lance's head to hold his face tightly between her legs. Nic was in agony and placed his hands on her hips to pull her the rest of the way down but Rita held firm and repeated, "Just the tip." He twisted and tried to pump but Rita managed to hold him down to maintain the perfect distance between them as to keep Nic's little head stranded at her entrance.

An Encounter on the Other Side

group wildworld 2017-11-04

The Asian girl who had slid off a while back had his cock in her hands and was slowly positioning it for Linda to swallow as well. Linda held the Asian guy's cock in her hand and slid Will's dick into her mouth slowly. Out of the corner of her eye, Linda could see the young girl alternate between sucking on the cock and jerking it off, bringing the guy very close to coming. Very soon, the Asian guy let out a gasp of relief as he came and the young girl positioned his ejaculating cock right over Linda's breasts. She saw the young Asian girl come back and take one of her cum soaked breasts in her mouth, licking it with all the attention she could garner.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 06

group phunandsex 2017-11-04

In full view of Bob, Arlene got down on her knees again and started sucking on my cock. Rick started cleaning Arlene's pussy with his tongue and Bob was fingering Penny's pussy. Bob and Renee were smiling at us and fondling the other's genitalia when Arlene got on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed. After the service and they shook a lot of hands, Bob and Arlene took us into the Library and fucked our brains out. Independent of Bob, from then on when I went to Church on Sunday, Arlene and I would fuck either before or after the service and sometimes both times.

Club X

group 2017-11-04

At the same time, my fists begin to work the erections to my left and right and, as I pump the thin skin up and down over the stiffened flesh, I can feel my own pre cum cooling my tender skin as it trickles down the front of my hot hard cock. My tongue, like a soft wet carpet, is laid before this most welcome visitor to my mouth and his cock glides easily over its surface towards the back of my throat; I make a comfortable pillow for its tasty throbbing head and form a good tight seal over his flesh before working my lips up and down his pole.

Three-Way Banter

group MoronTheDivine 2017-11-04

It took me a few moments to disengage my eyes and stop falling in love with her smile, but my gaze eventually slid down her neck, to here handfuls of breasts (which were clad in a very flattering and rather revealing top), down her sleek stomach, past her skirt, pausing a moment to gaze at the shimmering skin of her crossed legs as she sat at the bar, then down to the floor, back to this man I was with. I noticed Brian looking perversely pleased watching us kiss, seeing Jess' leg raise up over my hip, pulling me toward her. I started kissing Jess tenderly, flirting with her while I felt Brian's hand sliding up and down my leg, squeezing my ass a little with every pass.



group Funkasaur 2017-11-04

Paul was a little startled when Kim raised her left hand and slapped Melody on the rump, calling to her, "That's right, girl, suck that dick! Paul hesitated and started to shake his head, when Melody looked up from her lover's neck and pleaded with him, "Oh, come on, do it, seeing that would make me so Hot." She punctuated the 'hot' by wrapping her hands around Kim's breasts and pinching the nipples. Paul, begrudgingly, got to his hands and knees in front of Kim, looked up into Melody's eyes, and seeing the insistent plea there, brought his lips to the dildo and sucked her nectar from it.