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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Who'd Have Figured Ch. 01

group D-Man123 2017-11-04

She shifted on her seat and turned toward Patty but looked down at the rug and continued, "Besides, Steve was really being an ass this week so I let him be by himself this time." Jenn said, still looking down. "First, pretend it's Jeff's - I mean Steve's cock that you have in your hand and then do what comes naturally." Patty took the rubber dick and began to lick around the shaft and surround it with her lips, getting it wet and ready for work. "Actually, I could use a break, then I'd like to try *that* one." Jenn said, looking at the realistic cock in the suitcase.


Sex at the Club

group horny_bi_girl 2017-11-04

Now you've got two fingers in my hot wet pussy, Melita is playing with your cock and kissing you. I start sucking on her sweet tits and she slides two fingers into my pussy. Once in awhile you take your cock out of my pussy and rub it all over my clit which makes me mooooan, 'oohhh fuccck!!!!' Melita is fingering your ass soooo good you scream that you're about to cum. I reach up and start playing with Melita's beautiful tits and you fuck both of us with the double ended dildo and play with our clits. I climb off of Melita, come to the end of the bed and fuck myself with my dildo as I watch your cock slip in and out of her.

Husband Shared Me With Our Son

group nckboy 2017-11-04

It looked and felt like my husband was getting his pleasure on knowing I had been unfaithful to him, his cock felt extra hard and big inside me tonight Hubby’s cock bucked and twitched wildly inside me knowing he was going to see his wife get fucked by their son Nick’s hands tightened then he grunted and began to come, squirt after squirt filled my sex cave as I panted, still with a cock in my mouth going in and out. Shit, I had my son then my husband then both fuck me together, coming in my mouth and fanny at about the same time, but what was all the shrieking for.

Meeting Mom's Friends

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-03

Louise leaned forward and slid her red lips over my cock and began sucking me as Christina looked up at me smiling. I went from being scared to death that my mom's friend was going to tell my parents about my affair with Christina to being sucked to the heavens by my mother's best friend so you know my head was swirling as I stood there, my cock on Louise Reardon's mouth. I just came by to check on the house, I have a key and, well, once I saw you both and realized who you were, god, I just watched and wanted what Christina was having," she said as she pulled down her panties and stood there, now naked like us.

Hurricane Party

group wantsomefun1951 2017-11-03

Except for people who tried to drive through rushing water or who insisted on going back into their flooding homes to save one more thing, no one died. "Sir, you'll do more damage to your house screwing plywood to your window frames than the storm is likely to do." Ace leaned over the bar and said to me in a stage whisper, "Guess who's next drink is going to be real, real weak?" "Yeah, if we get an inch of rain, Main Street turns into a river," Ben said. The dripping guy said, "Not funny, Ace. Got any paper towels?" The Harvey Wallbangers were a pleasant change from my usual beer and whiskey, and Onyx and Jae were more fun to look at than Ace.


Ski Cabin Seduction

group wdelander 2017-11-03

I mean, I wouldn't want to give Mark the wrong impression either." Kate was a little intimidated by Suzanne's outgoing physical nature, and sometimes felt jealous of how easily her friend flirted with the guys. The two women actually knew how to give very good massages, and the men really were a little stiff from their afternoon exertions, so the session fell into a relaxed rhythm as Kate and Suzanne spread the warm oil over the men's backs and shoulders, and worked out the kinks in their muscles. Tim wasn't sure how he felt about Mark touching his wife's near naked body, and he avoided the big man's gaze as he knelt down next to Suzanne.


Sunday Survivors

group AlsMind 2017-11-03

Ian and Isabella , and James and Alison we had already spent time with and everyone felt they knew Megan and Mick. One more bad hand and all these girls get to see what you have to offer big boy." Kirsten, Megan and Isabella exchanged interested glances as if to say 'maybe more to James than meets the eye'. It felt strange watching Kirsten's bum walk off alongside James but the feel of Megans's hand on my thigh was an ample distraction. However lovely it was to stroke the thighs of curvy Megan it was going to be sweeter still to watch those tiny lacy knickers pushed down the long white thighs of Alison and answer the true blond question.


Meeting My Best Friend Down Under

group littlemissysweet 2017-11-03

After 10 years of talking, Luke finally convinced me to board the long plane ride to see him in Australia. I walked behind him a couple steps and couldn't help myself from sneaking a quick peek at his butt in those just tight enough jeans ...luscious was the only word for it. As we walked towards him he pulled off a pair of dark sunglasses and placed them into his black hair, revealing a pain of piercing dark brown eyes. Luke walked around back to pull my bags out of the car, and both men escorted me into the house. I thought about the feeling of Luke's sexy muscular chest and his pecs rubbing against my nipples through my thin bra. My finger flicked furiously against my clit as I thought about Luke's sexy blue eyes.

DONNA - Pregnant threesome

group maturemancock 2017-11-03

“You couldn’t do a pregnant lady a favour could you” I asked him, he said “Sure what do you need”, I looked at him and I’m sure he got a little embarrassed, I walked over to the lounge area and said “Follow me” as he did we got to the sofa I turned and put my arms on the back hunched over, “I need fucking”. As both lads sat at the side of me I said “I need fucking” Michael was quick to turn towards me and carry on kissing me as he had done, I moved my hand down and was rubbing his cock, as it grew bigger it didn’t take me long to unbutton his jeans and pull them down thus releasing his erection, as I rubbed him I soon pulled his boxers off.

Persuasive Sales Presentation

group johnthomas221 2017-11-03

After one particularly uninhibited session of amazing erotic stimulation and orgasmic sex in his office, Dave told me that he wanted me completely exposed to him and so wanted to shave my pussy. Dave obviously saw my body language and read my mind, and quickly said, "Oh come on Sally, just tell your husband that you thought you would give him a little surprise that would spice up your sex life with him." "I think it's time to get totally naked for Matt and show him your nicely shaved pussy," he said slowly sliding my thong down to my ankles. Having one man finger my pussy and rub my clit, with another massaging both nipples made my body shudder with erotic stimulation.


Anne's Development

group Joe Peters 2017-11-03

She was cleaning out my pussy with her tongue when she pulled her face away and opened my lips as far apart as they could go and dropped some spit on my gash and started to insert one finger at a time until four were gently stuffed inside. I'm going to fuck you for a few minutes very slowly so you can get used to this feeling and we'll clean you up and then you can slide this big boy up there." I was stroking her pussy with the dildo and she asked about what it felt like to have a load of cum squirt in there.


Amie dose it for hubby part1

group 2017-11-03

The mental picture of my petite blond wife willingly taking all that bare black cock and letting them dump their cum into her pretty little pussy instantly got me hard. My 28 year old wife got ready for her night by having a manicure with her nails finished with a shiny clear polish (her nails are very long and hard and some have thought she has fake nails) and a waxing of her pubic hair, Usually she leaves a little blond landing strip but for this occasion she decided to have all her hair removed and she now was as bare and smooth as a baby's bottom all away around to her ass. The three black men felt her breasts, pinching her nipples and run their hands all over her body including her pretty little pussy and one even reached around and fingered her butt hole.

What Are Friends For

group 2017-11-03

Jackie had Max lay on the bed, where the webcam was aimed, and proceeded to kiss his chest and flick her tongue on his nipples. Max wanted to touch Jackie's hot pussy but she pulled away as he moved his hand towards her. Jackie told Jessica she wanted to surprise Max and give him the pleasure of having sex with two hot women at once. Since the head of Max's dick was in Jackie's mouth, Jessica ran her tongue down his shaft then sucked on his large nuts. Jackie helped hold Jessica up while she squatted to place her tight twat on Max's throbbing dick. Max pulled his cock all the way out of Jackie's wet beaver and slid it in her tight ass.

Emma's Awakening Ch. 04

group marquisdeslut 2017-11-03

She wasn't used to having her asshole stretched, and he only had spit for lube, so it hurt going in, but soon Emma was blissed out with Tommy's cock filling up her ass. The hard metal and the hard cock slammed into her, and Emma started gasping and moaning, getting louder and louder as Tommy fucked her. "Tommy, are you going to join a game, or-" Don stopped cold as he saw Emma spreadeagled, her face awash in pleasure against the car hood, his son's cock driving into her ass. Before he could sink his cock into Emma, James entered the room and grabbed Tommy, hauling him away. She could barely feel Don's cock pounding her, with James's huge black dick hammering her asshole and the stranger fucking her throat.

Long Arm (pits) of the Law Ch 2

group belab 2017-11-03

“ Darling I am surprised you like my armpit hair” she said “Paul he is turned on by underarms come kiss the masses of hair in my underarms” Taking my head she thrust her hot hairy armpits into my face. And then without warning she took my entire cock into her mouth and started to suck as hard as she could. I told Jane I was about to cum, and she once again swallowed my cock into her hot mouth, just as I exploded. As it stood to attention, Jane put her leg over me and slowly guided my throbbing cock to her sweet wet hairy pussy. Once I was in properly, I placed my hands in her hairy pits and we started to fuck like there was no tomorrow.

Threesome with Lila

group SuperBill 2017-11-03

Lila then moved her mouth to my dick, quickly gobbling up my hard log, while my wife was kissing me. I told Lila that my wife loves to be eaten out, so she moved between her legs and put her lips on my wife's wide-open pussy. Covered with pussy juice, Lila moved up to my wife's face and began kissing her and mauling her boobs. My wife moved her head to Lila's large breast and began to suckle the fully engorged nipple. After making Lila cum again with her tongue, my wife told me it was time for me to enter Lila, with my hard dong, and fuck her really hard. My wife reached around me and tickled my balls while I slowly moved my cock in and out Lila's wet cauldron.

A Story of Friends Ch. 01

group unabashedurchin 2017-11-03

I nearly lost it when she looked up at me, but I held it together, and said, "You don't have to, Rochelle, you are already amazing." She smiled, my cock in her mouth, and then plunged the rest of the way down, my cock forcing open her throat after I felt her inhale, and then finally I felt her lips, kissing the root of my shaft, and her tongue slide out from under my cock, licking at my balls as I resisted the urge to face-fuck this tiny girl who is now deep throating my cock.


The Tease

group lori Annette 2017-11-03

Everyday Mandy would watch the beautiful blond couple get on the elevator and head to work. Slowly Emily began to smile as the dirty thoughts poured into her head. "Oh nothing" Emily coyly said "I was just wondering what we should do to pass the time" her blue eyes slid slowly to her husbands, as a knowing smile spread across his face. Emily's breasts were inches from Mandy's hungry mouth, as she licked her lips at the thought of running her tongue across the pink nipple, but she was afraid to do so. "Feel free to stop in our ride in the elevator whenever you want, Mandy" Emily whispered as Jack took her elbow and went down the hall to their apartment.

Men's Night Out

group TiggerHunter 2017-11-03

"I'll tell you Jack," Ray started," it just doesn't seem fair you get to go out and still have a fine piece waiting for you at home." I am warning you...a girl could get herself spanked for a lot less than that, and I have half a mind to take you over my knee right now and teach you some respect," Ray challenged. I wanted the guys to see her nude, to touch her, and to experience first hand the lust I felt every moment that I was near her. I found it very enjoyable shopping for that very short red party dress, though I could never share with Annette the excitement of seeing that black haired sales girl model it for me.


Daring Birthday Pt. 01

group Winterscumming 2017-11-03

I dare you to sit over the corner pocket - where your 1 ball is a heart beat away from going in - hike your dress up and let me drink a shot from between your legs." Jazmine disappeared from her post beside me and Anitra turned my face to hers so our eyes were locked as I felt Marc's tongue teasing my clit. Pulling back slightly she whispered against them as she slid a finger inside my soaked pussy, "Now Birthday Girl, Marc is going to show us all what he's packing and fill this greedy little hole up."


Forbidden Fruit

group Tigerpaw46 2017-11-03

You love the way it looks when it gets stiff, the way it feels as you stroke it, the pleasure it brings when you when your hot milk comes squirting out that little cum-slit." Verdi nodded and agreed, telling both Suzi and I how nice it was to finally fulfill this fantasy. I want you and Suzi to see my creamy jizz fly out my tiny hole, and squirt all over your filthy faggot prick!" I can't cum from oral stimulation and I wanted them to watch me stroke myself anyway so I kneeled in front of Verdi's still stiff cock and began working my sissy penis.

Fan Club Orgy

group wakedad8 2017-11-03

Obviously, this was the place to be on game day and I could sense Katie's excitement by how well she relaxed and meandered around meeting people. Kimmie looks like a little girl as she is even smaller than Katie. She looked like a young little 18 year old teenie bopper now and my cock was getting even harder. Her hands joined Billy's in exploring Katie's boobs, which were now being exposed as they pulled aside the material covering her soft snow white skin. Jack was busy trying to tear off Dana's tight jeans; she actually has to stop sucking me and stand up to help remove them. She was having a hard time concentrating as her pussy was busy getting a good lashing from Jack's ferocious mouth.


Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 03

group pjwolf 2017-11-03

I was mostly looking for anything I could find about the woman I saw with him at the hospital...but instead, I found this." Holly pulled some folded papers from her purse and handed them to Rachel. After instructing Holly to remove her shirt, Rachel began to rub the cock between her full breasts, which strained against her teal, lace bra. I watched as Rachel picked up the strap-on cock and began to push it up and down between Holly's breasts. "Let this cock tit-fuck you while Jenny and I suck them." Holly did as instructed as Rachel and I began to lick and suck her nipples and tits.


Slut Boss

group demonfingers 2017-11-03

The two men switched places and the last man unzipped his pants and showed her his fat massive cock and told her he was going to fuck the shit out of her mouth and make her suck all of his cock if it choked her to death he didn't care. He pulled out laughing at her and said smile for the camera you fucking whore, and shoved his cock deep into her throat again. He started to pull out, only to fuck her mouth with his cock till he came deep into her throat. He then pulled it out and placed his massive cock up her asshole and slapped her across the face repeatedly and made her suck the plunger handle clean, until he came deep into her ass.