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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Checking On The Cabin

group upforalmostanything 2017-11-03

What I saw was my sister-in-laws best friend, Kerri, naked on the kitchen table with Shelly’s head buried in between her legs eating her pussy. Shelly pulled her head from Kerri’s dripping pussy, and began to move to kiss her then she must have seen me out of the corner of her eye. Shelly dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck the head of my full seven inches. I got down next to Shelly and began to lick Kerri’s clit as she tongue fucked her. Shelly began to tense, Kerri sucked and licked her clit harder and faster. Shelly pushed my hands away and began to rub Kerri’s clit.

My Name is Viv

group jandafun 2017-11-03

Jan had always wanted to watch me get fucked by another man, so he kneeled by my head and pointed his cock at my mouth. Sean started to French kiss Jan's cock and me at the same time. An even bigger surprise came when Jan grabbed the back of Sean's head, pulled his cock from my mouth, and inserted it into Sean's. I watched as Sean willing allowed Jan to fuck his mouth. Sean kept thrusting away at my pussy, while accommodating Jan's cock. Jan's cock pumped its hot cum deep into Sean's waiting mouth. Sean moved closer to Jan and put a hand on his cock. Jan let out one final moan as Sean pulled out from his ass.

Two for One

group Eroscribe67 2017-11-03

Megan got to her feet and grinned lasciviously, straddling Greg but lifted her hips so the tip of his lovely long curved cock just brushed her fleshy pink labia. "When I let Greg fuck my pussy, I want your gorgeous cock in my ass. Dylan groaned and snaked one hand down between her ass cheeks to cup her dripping wet pussy, slipping two fingers inside and eliciting a sharp gasp of pleasure from Megan. Dylan hunched over, not the most comfortable of angles and grabbed her slim but shapely hips, spreading her ass cheeks and couldn't help but watch Megan's sweet wet pussy engulf his best friend's cock.

Surprise Party

group JustLoveSex69 2017-11-03

Deeper and faster again and as she almost seemed ready to pass out I could feel the pumping electricity flow through my cock and as I felt myself explode inside her, I saw the very second her eyes opened wide as she felt my gushing orgasm and her own immediate quivering orgasm came as she bucked and thrust herself onto me to control the last of her climax. Jamal nodded with a smile, Lidia twinkled, Ellie sat on Dan's lap and beamed while Dan kissed her cheek, Mike held up devil horns with a grin while Olivia gently elbowed his ribs and Steve looked genuinely proud and happy while Madi honestly had tears in her eyes.

Theater Group Threesome

group hotterchemistry 2017-11-03

The last set was coming up so I told Rick that Barb and I had a room upstairs and were going to have a party which he was welcome to join if he liked. Rick went to play his last set and I booked a room, came back, and while Barb and I danced I pressed a note with the room number into Rick:s hand. I handed Rick a drink and Barb crossed the room to get her glass, when she came near, I grabbed hold of her and pulled her close and french kissed her, my hands glided down to squeeze her round butt in front of Rick. There was absolute silence as I watched the movement of Rick's hand, invisible under her kulat, enjoying the "feel" of Barb's left breast.


Virginities Lost Ch. 3

group Leo Davis 2017-11-03

"I can't have sex!" Joan protested, but we tied her arms and legs to the bed and pulled the soft ropes (which Karen had retrieved from her room) tight enough to leave her spread-eagled. Karen began to move a feather around one of Joan's breasts, and I started to tickle her clitoris. We tickled her to climax seven or eight times, and as Joan had done before, Karen begged us to stop. Joan and I synchronized our movements, and Karen began to moan and shudder each time I got all the way into her. Joan moved her fingers all around in Karen, occasionally rubbing my penis through the membranes separating her hand from me.


My Big Oops

group mdiver 2017-11-03

One day while at work, I received an email from Jim that simply said how much he enjoyed our weekend adventure. After a few minutes, he looked at me with a big grin and said, "Do you think your boss, Sandy, has more in mind for us this weekend?" Sandy was all smiles and said she took Brian out to the car and gave him a BJ just like I wrote in the 'now infamous' email. Dinner really set the tone when Sandy said, "Since this whole thing started from a road trip, I'll tell you about our first time." What she told us was in very graphic detail of sexual play while driving.


Fondest Wish Ch. 07

group velvetpie 2017-11-03

Donovan had the master bedroom and Amalie's room was just down the hall, tastefully decorated in earth tones. Amalie took her hand and led her down the hallway to Donovan's room, grinning as we rounded the corner to the master bathroom. Creamy golden candles gave the room a soft glow, revealing Donovan sitting in a bubble-filled tub, an iced bottle of champagne floating in a silver bucket, three glasses setting on a silver tray next to his elbow. "It's time to formally welcome Kara into our family." Amalie hefted the bottle, handing it to Donovan and watching as he filled the glasses, handing one to Kara and remaining by his side. Kara wrapped her hand around Donovan's submerged cock, a smile on her face as she emptied her glass, turning to the man whom had changed her life.


MILF Magic pt.2

group 2017-11-03

I could feel her tongue begging to my cum to feed her, she brought her mouth around and dropped a mouthful of spit along the length of my cock, I rose my head to find my mom coming down the hall, she laughed saying “veronica you nasty bitch” she kneeled beside her and held her head forcing her to throat me, my mom rammed veronica’s head down my cock hard and fast, she started to choke before my mom gave her a breather and gave her a big sloppy wet kiss, I swore to god I almost came.

New Year's Eve Party

group jdwhitings 2017-11-03

I’ve been asked by some of the followers of our Desert Heat series to share our New Year’s Eve party with them. Attending our party last night was myself, Ginger, Pepper, Jerry and Rosemary. Wayne, the contractor who built the house and his son Ryan (yes, Cinnamon’s boyfriend) were in attendance. I told Jerry, Rosemary, Pepper and Ginger that they could retire as soon as they wanted and we had a retirement/going away party back in November for Jerry, Rosemary and Pepper. I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces when I announced our first annual night time strip laser tag game. I took another guest and circled around front, but we went almost 100 yards away from the house and kept low behind the desert bushes.


group Monsoon2003 2017-11-03

Sandy noticed and reached for my crotch and deftly adjusted my prick, moving it to the side where it had room in the pant leg. Sandy pulled off her top, leaned in to unbutton my shirt and began rubbing her bare breasts against my chest, putting her lovely face within inches of mine. Her breasts mashed against Paul’s muscled chest was a sexy thrill, but the real charge began when he started pulling her tight shorts down her legs. Paul moved in to kiss her, but she pulled away, then kneeled in front of him and began mouthing his crotch. With Paul standing over us, Sandy reached for me, wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me to her face.

Sister's Initiation

group gumbynj 2017-11-03

I could hear the giggling, and within seconds the girls had ripped off my jeans and a voice, probably Kim said "Nurse Jenny the underpants". A new hand took over and Jenny said "All right we've had our fun, but we can't let you go out with a stiffy or mum will see". "He'll do" said Beth and Kim added "Bet you can't guess which one of us wanked you off" Jenny then pulled off my blindfold, and as my eyes got accustomed to the light I could see the 4 girls standing by the sofa, all naked from the waist up.

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Ch. 03

group married40scouple 2017-11-03

With her cock still inside Mike, Marie scooped up some of his cum from the bed and fed it to him. "I don't know if I want to suck your dick again, John." He quietly said while pushing my hand away. I want to watch you enjoy this moment." I smoothly spoke to him as my cock head touched his anal opening, wet from Marie's earlier lubing. "Oh, fuuuck." Mike exhaled and his hands fell to his sides as he felt my cock head push inside him, followed by a couple inches of my shaft. I am soo fucking close!!" Mike almost begged and his breaths were coming in gasps as I pumped his cock with my hand as I fucked his ass.

Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 04

group DesperateHousewhores 2017-11-03

Jane blatantly eyed Phil up and down, while Dick couldn't take his eye's off Susan's breasts, which seemed as though they were going to burst out of the low cut red dress she was wearing. Dick slipped his hand inside Jane's bra and began to fondle her breast, noting that her nipples were already erect from the sight that greeted them on the other couch. "This is so fucking hot," Jane said as she slammed down again onto Dick's rock hard cock. Dick gently stroked Jane's breast as they both watched Phil and Susan enjoying themselves less than five metres away from them. "I'm cumming," Phil said as his cock erupted with hot white cum deep inside Susan's dripping pussy.

The Dare

group English Bob 2017-11-03

Ralph heard his wife moan deeply as Max’s fingers slid slowly in and out of her wet pussy while Carl’s digits played around the tiny exposed hole of her anus. Ralph and the other three men watch as, with a tight-lipped smile, Carl suddenly rammed the entire length of his tool into Francine’s throat. As Max sat down, his hard tool jutting from his body like a black tree-stump, Lee and Brent lowered the willing Francine onto him. Max looked close to cumming, Ralph thought, his eyes were tight shut and as he rammed his meat into Fran’s pussy his trembling fingers closed around her tight nipples. As if life was presenting Ralph with a wonderful treat, both Lee and Max groaned and simultaneously thrust one last, frenzied time into Francine’s abused pussy and ass.

Paradise Hook-Up Ch. 02

group Aruri 2017-11-03

Venezia kisses her way up Roxie's body until their lips meet, and they moan in each other's mouths as their clits rub together. Venezia begins moaning as Roxie gets a hold of her clit and starts sucking on it like she drinking from a straw. "Oh god, her pussy is so tight," Venezia groans as she tries pulling her hand out of Roxie. Venezia looks over me and rubs her pussy seductively because she knows how hard I'm getting watching Roxie cum-squirt like this onto another person. My dick throbs so hard from the sight of Venezia's completely drenched in juice that a huge gush of precum shoots through my shaft like I'm cumming.


A Sensual Lesson

group oldhippie1949 2017-11-03

I discovered that Howie was 27 and Liza was 26; that they met in college and had played together ever since; that after several years of a purely professional relationship, they had moved in together; that this band was together for a little over a year and a half, was their most successful, had already found a strong following and that their first CD would be released soon. As Howie and I took out plates and set the food containers around the table, Liza came out of the bedroom. Howie's cock was about as stiff as it could get and I asked Liza to face him, get on his lap and ever so slowly slip it into her.


What A Tip

group sandj1977 2017-11-03

John from the doorway holding more wine said jokingly" I leave you 2 for 2 minutes and this is what you 2 do." This startled Alexa and she pulled back. "Fuck me now from behind" said Alexa as she return herself around." I want to lick you pussy while John fucks me from behind" John eyes soaked in the sight as the woman lowered herself onto my pussy and slowly worked her tongue up and down. John pounded away at Alexa's pussy, as he watched me lean over and grab a vibrator from under the night table drawer. To tease her, I asked John to pulled out of Alexa's pussy, so I could sucked it.

The New Recruit Ch. 1

group Like2Lick 2017-11-03

He took the riding crop from the sergeant and began spanking her with it, using small, sharp blows, on her nipples, the tops of her thighs. As she caught her breath, she felt her thighs being spread wide and the head of a huge cock being pressed against the opening of her pussy. The hands holding her open spread her further then she felt the cock slowly begin to work its way into her poor swollen pussy. She felt a hand grab a handful of hair and the C.O. hissed at her again…”you are going to be a good recruit” and as the word recruit left his mouth he shoved the rest of his ten inch cock into her pussy making her scream.

Halloween Ho

group DainishPastry 2017-11-03

Derrick, using both hands grabs both of my cheeks and says, "This is a fine girly ass." He searches for more to say but just smirks. He stands with pants to his knees, his hard cock jutting out, his wife watching and says urgently, "All right, come suck my dick!" Perhaps worried I would change my mind. She declares to Derrick, "Oh baby, don't worry, he liked it, look!" As she points to my hard cock straining under the sheer thong, crowned by a slick wet spot. With my face between Derrick's butt cheeks, Stephanie lifts my thong to the side, releasing my cock and balls. He's fucking me hard now and every buck causes a rough jolt of my cock into Stephanie's mouth - I cum quickly, she sucks it up.

Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Ch. 05

group married40scouple 2017-11-03

As planned, the ladies hid the cameras the night before so while Mike and I were going at it Marie and Lisa were over Jenny's apartment so Jenny could tape her sister and my wife having sex the same afternoon. Marie added, "Excuse me, Mike honey, but I did let you fuck my ass as well, with our favorite toy." "My bag contains the toys so you won't see them until we are in the living room and having gotten comfortable." For dramatic effect, Lisa waited a moment and looked into each of our eyes. Looking across to him, I found myself even more turned on watching him pet his hard cock through the panties and his ass cheeks lifting off the pillow.


Health Club

group J Park 2017-11-03

Looking back at the three other women from her group, she asked if I would join them in the club's juice bar after completing my routine. As we were sipping our drinks Susan, a petite girl with a very pretty face, asked me if Jake and I would like to attend a small party at the club after it closed on Saturday evening. As Jake was fixing us a drink Judy and her husband Jim came over to welcome us to the party Across the floor I noticed Jim and Pam talk briefly, probably about Tom and Janet being so forward, then head our way. As we walked out of the bar area, with Jim's arm around my waist, I looked back briefly and noticed that Jake and Pam were gone.


Racist wife's Life after gangbang

group 2017-11-03

She took me up on the offer, going to a swinger's social club in a new by town and finding couples for threesomes. We did go out and meet couples together, from time to time, but I got more of a rush watching the other husband fucking my wife, then from being with another woman. She said the other girl worked one or two nights a week to explain her income to her parents. One night, my wife went to the strip club where the girl work. My wife and the girl was having sex when the club owner came in. My wife has also picked up men at the hotel bar she works at.

Caribbean Swap Ch. 02

group thor353 2017-11-03

With Maria on top in the 69 and Danielle and Michelle both going at the expertly-shaved and creaming hole in front of them, Mike pushed Michelle aside and said, "It looks like this needs more than a tongue, or even two for that matter," and sank his cock straight in with no fanfare whatsoever. Mike announced it was time Danielle experience what the other two women had gotten a chance to feel and moved to the other end of the bed, politely asking Michele to give up her place of honor as he climbed up onto the bed and lowered himself down on the stunning blond who laid there with an almost sublime look of pleasure on her face.