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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Camping Trip

group zildjian 2017-11-03

"I don't want to sound like your mother, but these thunderstorms can be pretty harsh in the mountains this time of year." She smiled, glancing at Emma's body in a way that made her uncomfortable. Emma nodded and began pulling the stove from her pack, smirking at Joel as she did so. We can have a lot of fun tonight." Emma stared at Joel with shock as Jane took her hardening nipple into her mouth. Emma wrapped her hand around the base of Joel's rock hard cock, teasing the head with her tongue before swallowing as much of him as she could. "Have a good trip, you two." With that she turned and began walking up the trail the way Joel and Emma had come from the previous day.

Isle of Lays Ch. 03

group SkinandSin 2017-11-03

She'd already selected her chambermaid (Jamaica, a willowy mulatta with endless legs, sparkling gray eyes and a lean, definitely feminine body any red-blooded woman would turn lesbian over), her butler (Miguel, who else?), her chef (Pietro, Italian, naked, with a 12-inch monster of a wang, killer obliques and delts, and a gorgeously wicked gleam in his clear green eyes) and a physical trainer/masseur (African-American, Matthew, with close-cropped hair, chocolate eyes you could lose yourself in, a beautifully-sculpted body, and hands that looked capable of playing Charlaine like a virtuoso violinist would play a solo Mozart piece on a Stradivarius at La Scala).


Private Party Ch. 01

group rench 2017-11-03

Holding my body against him I could feel the throbbing mass of his cock pressed hard against my ass. Lying on the table I felt Paul's helmet hot and smooth as he rubbed it backwards and forwards from my clit to my ass. Feeling a hand under my chin I opened my eyes to see one of the other guys stood in front of me cock in hand "Open your mouth." was all that he said. The guy with his cock buried in my ass pulled me up his hand gripping my titt's as he kept thrusting. The guys arms were wrapped around me, my legs being spread over his knees as his cock slid in and out of my ass sending waves of stars and heat up my spine.

I Cucked Him in the Club

group Ecotic_Erotic 2017-11-03

I had a couple more drinks before I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and I took Aaron by the hand onto the dance floor. He pulled up my dress a little, put his had firmly on my ass and said "I'm going to fuck your girlfriend Aaron. "Good" said Reagan, and he pushed me into the mens bathroom with the hand that was resting against my bare ass. The Reagan got me up onto my feet again, looked at Aaron and said "I'm going to show you how a real man fucks a girl OK bitch?" A couple of guys who needed the bathroom came in from time to time and just laughed at Aaron sitting there on the floor and gave Reagan a fist pump.

Unexpected Pleasures

group EternalCabanaBoy 2017-11-03

Francie had come with me to the movie theater to simplify matters, but I was surprised when Lauren followed the both of us to my car. "Hey Francie, why don't you, Adi, and Mita head on over to your place and get things situated and Lauren and I will stop by the Liquor Barn and pick up some stuff?" I suggested again. Lauren reached forward grabbing the back of Francie's head in her palm and pulled Francie forward into a deep kiss, a far cry from the peck on the lips that Francie had expected. Following her instruction I sat down as Lauren turned Francie's face towards her and once again locked their lips together.

Mom Sandwiched By Two Uncle

group chandan0707 2017-11-03

Mom smiled and said sabra karo bhaiya pehle ekdum bada ho jaye fir khub chusungi and then mom put his cock in her mouth and started sucking like lollipop ane licking on it’s entire length other uncle was fingering moms pussy and making her too excited for approx 1minutes mom gave hot blowjob to uncle and then switched to elder uncle's cock and started sucking it while sucking her hands were busy shaking other cock and both were treating mom like perfect raand. Mom was moaning too loudly and enjoying till then younger uncle sucked her boobs and was trying to excite her as much as he can and suddenly mom came and moaned loudly and said to uncle to cum outside of her pussy elder.

A Story About Friends

group strangemagic 2017-11-03

The empty locker room was always a great place to be after a long day of working with people who want so badly to be in good shape, but lack the discipline to achieve it. The portion of the video that focused on Mary was something like a scene from a porn flick that Jefferson had watched in his adolescence. Devon was Mary's long time friend from her last year of high school. I like having everything I need in easy reaching distance," Devon replied, and shot a bird at Mary for emphasis on her point. After slipping off her shoes, Mary undid her tight jeans, and in one fluid motion, pulled them down to her long legs, and, to Devon's surprise, a triangular bush of hair above her lady parts.


Lights and Sirens Club

group lonelyinny5 2017-11-03

Jeff continued biting her nipples and grabbing at her breasts with one hand as he pushed her panties aside with the other and slide inside her with one slick thrust. But before she had a chance Jeff had coaxed her onto her back, spread her thighs and was fucking her again as Jake stood at the head of the stretcher unbuttoning his pants exposing his exquisitely naked flesh, so hard and long. "Now let's see if this lovely Doc knows how to suck a cock as well as she seems to fuck", Jake said to Jeff. Jeff moaned heavily as he felt her pussy tighten and spasm and fought the urge to cum at that moment.

A Night at the Bar

group arcticrose 2017-11-03

I place one leg on the wall behind you as you push the egg deep inside me, you lick you fingers and kiss me again, deep, hard, I breath you in. In the cab, on the way to the club, you run you finger tips across my legs and inner thighs, you push the top of my dress down to show off more of my cleavage to the cab driver. She sits between us in the cab, we both have our arm around her, you begin to kiss her while letting your finger tips play on my neck and in my hair. She begins sucking your cock with laying on her side, I gently crawl between her legs, placing one arm under each leg and placing my hands on her stomach I start to lick her.

The Steam Room

group jamie1987 2017-11-03

I thought about the young Italian (or Spanish) couple, and how they were probably going to fuck when they got back to their room; or maybe they'd fucked before coming to relax by the pool? He sat down to the right of the younger guy, watching the girl suck our cocks and wanking. Then they swapped round: the girl gave head to the older guy, while her boyfriend took my cock in his mouth. The younger guy took that monster cock in his hand and started jerking him off furiously. The older guy grabbed my shoulders, holding me still, as his younger associate grabbed my dick in his hand and again began jerking furiously.


group Susan C. 2017-11-03

As she looked out of the window, and saw him pull up onto the drive, she smiled and felt her nipples get hard. He'd been so erotic, pushing her onto the bed, then letting his rock hard dick penetrate her until she wanted to scream in pleasure. She kissed her boyfriend, and watched her lover come into the house. As he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked hard, she screamed with pleasure. Just as the bed was rocking with full force of the passionate sex, her boyfriend came in. Her lover forced his dick into her mouth, and she sucked hard.

Tammy Goes Black After the Prom - Part II (Tammy&#

group dwayne369 2017-11-03

When he suggested we go to Tony’s house to fuck, my pussy got wetter and I almost said YES as I wondered what it would feel like getting fucked by this young stud’s big black cock. I knew that before the night was over James was going to be claiming my married white pussy with his big black cock. Prolonging the pleasure so he could take full advantage later by driving his big black cock into my married pussy that only my husband had fucked. James kept telling me how bad he wanted to fuck my tight married pussy with his big black cock. At that point I knew I was going to get fucked by James big black cock, all my sensibilities melted along with my pussy.

Alia bhatt ( indian actress ) Sex ( imagine )

group cuteb0y25 2017-11-03

"Shit man!" replied the guy that just heard the story of the young cute bitch Alia Bhatt get fucked for the first time in her life by her two co stars. Seeing Alia's attention to her right side towards Sid, Varun spoke, "So, you are a virgin, right?" asked Varun feeling bold, "......YES!" said Alia proudly after looking at him for a moment to assure her decision to tell him. "Yes!" replied Sid with a sly look, with this they both picked up the sexy young star Alia and then enjoyed one of the most amazing nights they ever had in their lives.

The Circle Ch. 26

group SteveWallace 2017-11-03

In the lounge, Bob found Mike and Kurt nursing cups of coffee and talking with Sheila, Tina, Willow – recovered from her group sex adventure with all the men the night before, and Alice. Mike said to Bill, "They're asking us if we want to join their circle – this intentional family, as Alice called it." Jim and Sheila stepped out on one of the porches of the new addition, and looked across at Bob and Tracy, and down on Lynn and Mike just as he extracted from her pussy. Bob said, "If the group that wanted to start one wasn't too far away, I'd be willing to mentor them and help them problem solve."


Riding Tyler

group ccat99 2017-11-03

I wasn't sure why I was getting turned on listening to my boyfriend tell me about how Tyler would lick his ass first...then Tyler would suck his cock....I wondered if Tyler ever fucked him since James stories usually stopped at the cock sucking. When I finally 'came to' I turned to find James close to my ear, his soft kisses on my neck as he held me while he stood behind me, both of us standing on the couch while Tyler continued to lick my pussy making my body jerk as he teased my clit which was still in that after-O ultra sensitive state. I watched as James took Tyler's cock in his mouth and sucked as much as he could while he used his hands to twist and fondle his balls which were smooth and tight like the rest of Tyler's body.

Strip Poker Gone Wild

group threesomedreamer 2017-11-02

I started by kissing and sucking the tops of her lushes mounds slowly spiraling my way towards her left nipple, watching her breathing go from deep to shallow, until I finally took her nipple in my mouth and while sucking lightly I swirled her nipple with my tongue. I don't know if her right is more sensitive or if playing with her left just made her more sensitive but as soon as I took her nipple in my mouth she gasped letting me know to suck harder, I was really getting into it when Ann said the time was up.

The Agreement Ch. 02

group jpkansas 2017-11-02

Jeff had thought she was cute, but at that stage in his relationship with Karen he was too much in love with his wife even to even imagine the possibility of having sex with another woman. "We'll see," Karen said, looking at Jeff with a slight smile. "How are you two doing?" Deirdre asked, looking from Karen to Jeff and back again. "I knew that Jeff had the fantasy of going to bed with me and another woman--that's pretty much every straight man's fantasy, after all--and I'd said that I'd be willing, but only if we could take a man to bed. Jeff felt awkward as he cleared the wine glasses and the bottle from the living room as Karen took care of what she had said.


The 1st Orgy I ever Hosted

group Gee_Bigsexyfreaks 2017-11-02

Another couple we have played with before, before the guy could hand me the $35 his wife was naked hitting the shower.....LOL....I stood around a little longer them I saw a BIG OLE ASS go in the air she was eating pussy and it was time for me to fuck, I disrobed and started to fuck, after I guess 150 strokes I let someone else hit that pussy because the lady that hadn't had sex in 8 months was getting fucked with nothing in her mouth. Now this lady and her hubby had been talking about bisexual swinging and this was there 1st time she had ever eaten pussy and she must have licked it because she was coming soon after I started fucking.

The Surprise

group missperception 2017-11-02

As the woman's mouth left her lips to suckle her breast, Melanie felt her husband's hands starting to move up her inner thigh and brush her pussy lips. She moaned out as she felt the stranger's hand inside her; she felt the woman's long fingernails scrape her lips upon entering. What she wasn't able to see was that John had grabbed the woman's fingers that were just inside his wife and put them into his mouth and sucked them clean. "Now, Melanie," John said as he spread her pussy lips with his hand, his cock still poking her, "be as nice to her as she was to you, eat her out like a good girl." This excited the stranger and Melanie could feel her starting to ride her face while her hands fondled her breasts.

Hot Tub Party

group dave110256 2017-11-02

She fucked my cock with her mouth until I had to push her head away, not wanting this to be over yet as I felt pressure building deep within me. "Fuck me hard now, make my pussy cum on your big cock," she moaned. My first splatter of cum shot so hard from my cock, I know she felt my first eruption deep within her pussy.. We loved entertaining, drinking and sharing good times in and around our hot tub. Paul wasn't a muscle man like Jack but he was tall, dark and handsome according to Sue. He was about my height and weight and looked to be in great shape, seemed very nice too.


The Bachelorette Party

group Art 2017-11-02

The one with her pussy plastered against my face moved a little now, making sure that part of her anatomy stayed in contact with my tongue, but it felt like she and the one sitting on my cock were now playing with each others breasts. Between finding the large clit on the girl I was eating very exciting and having a girl blowing me that really knew what she was doing, I was getting very close to coming again. I had a mouth full of climaxing pussy, so I couldn't say much, but I felt my shaft swell that last little bit, and then my body went stiff as I shot my first load of come down that girls sucking throat.


The Hills are Alive

group KnottLynnHardey 2017-11-02

Cale and Roger she got to know well, and they in turn learned a great deal about a girl named Pia who was an art student specializing in performance art. Pia, as performed by Trish wasn't all that bright, not dumb, but naive, and it was a joy to feel the men trying to manipulate her into spending more time with them. Trish ambled over to the path, and Scott and Rob moved just ahead of her, Stephen and Cale came directly behind her and Roger took up position on her right. The pack rubbed a bit on her bare back, but the feeling wasn't so bad that she thought she would get blisters so Trish left her shirt off, loving the sun on her bare skin.


Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 09-10

group bunny3374 2017-11-02

Jake started the shower while I brushed my teeth, then we got in the shower and washed each other, eventually making love again, his hard cock pressing into my wet pussy as he lifted me and wrapped my legs around his waist. It felt so good walking with him slowly to the pool, instead of running and diving in like we did last night when Dan and Joan were here. I know Jake loves it when I keep looking at him while I give him blowjobs, although sometimes I just can't help closing my eyes for a few seconds to savor the taste and texture of his cock on my tongue.

Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 13

group HiddenDevil_ 2017-11-02

The cheerleader had been so desperate for a good fucking that she hadn't bothered to take her dress or her high heels off – she hadn't even pulled her panties all the way down her legs, leaving them stuck around her bare thighs as she grinded her petite body against his hips. As soon as the car had pulled away from the curb, Dan's hand was already on the cheerleader's slender, bare thigh, gently stroking it, sliding under the pleated hem of Trisha's miniskirt. At the same moment, she felt Dan's hands on her waist, and then that familiar, wonderful feeling: the tip of his cock against her cunt, positioned and ready to stuff her full, filling her body with an animalistic hunger.