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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Cock Crazy Girlfriend And I

group sqerlyassman 2017-11-02

I kept picturing that massive dick ripping Sarah in two, which just made me pound Kelly harder and harder, I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. "Oh god, Oh god" Kelly kept screaming as my cock ravaged her ass, "I'm going to cum!" Her body convulsed in a massive orgasm and she collapsed onto the chair. Kelly and Josh soon walked over, I sat up in my seat, and my heart started racing as his cock got closer and closer to my face, until he was just inches away. Kelly pulled her fingers out, and I suddenly felt his cock start to push against my virgin ass. Josh kept pushing until half his cock was buried inside of me, then he started long slow strokes going deeper with each.


I Love to Play Tennis (Kelly's story)

group irish626 2017-11-02

David was panting so I gently licked his balls knowing that this would drive him wild…..then I got down and rubbed hic cock all over my tits and squeezed them together engulfing him… I then wrapped my lips around his tip and sucked up and down…. David pumped my pussy as I tongued Misty’s hot cunt and he played with both of our tits, Misty juice was running down my face, she squirmed and wriggled on my face…. David was pumping me hard and I was moaning, she felt these vibrations on her clit, David thrusted harder and I sucked Misty’s cunt like there was no tomorrow… I came hard, moaning and sreaming and shuddering, I milked all the cum out of David’s cock as he came… Misty thrashed wildly and came, saturating my face.


group adel5000 2017-11-02

Shortly after this, Jeff leaned forward to ask me a question and I noticed his hand went to kelli’s thigh, where her dress had now been pushed up very high showing a lot of leg. “I find it very exciting, I just wanted to keep you from doing it if you didn’t know that Rick got off In me” Kelli said, “In fact, that makes me very hot, please don’t stop.” “Oh yes” Kelli moaned as Jeff began to eat her pussy. Jeff pulled away from our mouths and moved down the bed, Kelli watched him as he took my cock in his hand and began to stroke it, while with the other, he began to touch kelli’s pussy.

My Wife is Your Wife

group DJincredible 2017-11-02

My wife, Angela, and I were really good friends with Stephen and Emily, so we went on dates–and even vacations–with them all the time. I felt my cock slide up against Stephen's as they both got pressed between our wives' wet pussies. The shaft of my cock rubbed against Stephen's as he slid into my wife, and I simultaneously fucked his. I could feel Stephen's cock and balls pressed against mine while we fucked each other's wives at the same time. Fuck her until the cum pours out of her cunt and onto Stephen's cock!" She moaned in pleasure, approaching her own orgasm. My cum dripped out of her pussy and onto Stephen's cock while he fucked my wife.

I'll Do Anything You Ask...

group literary_wizard 2017-11-02

I started to raise to answer it, only to be pushed down back on the couch as Sarah walked to the door, opened it, and swung her arms around a man easily 6'2", 190lbs with a solid frame who I could only assume to be Brandon--handsome in his own way, though rugged would not be the word used to describe him. So, with that in mind, I broke contact from his dick, closed my eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could and tilted my head back as Sarah simultaneously rushed around to our side--it was her turn for the perfect view.

Tanya Supertits Ch. 01

group Full_time_stud 2017-11-02

They maintained a suggestive poise that seemed to be saying "Stick your big thick cock in my mouth and we'll see how long you last." Many men had done just that and most had had the entire contents of their balls swallowed within a few minutes. Billy had fucked hundreds of big titted tarts in his time but he was not the first, nor would he be the last man to be broken on those massive round bazookas he had given his daughter. "Let me help" I said, and wiped his man meat across both juicy tits. As the once mighty stud Tanya had chosen to destroy unloaded into her expectant mouth my buddy Tim had Jo lap up his copious seed.

Becky's Initiation

group Senschal 2017-11-02

And start rubbing her g-spot, too." He dropped another kiss or two on my back, and kept his hand on my clit, rubbing and stroking it in just the right way as he slipped his cock in and out of my aching, dripping pussy, moving it so it hit all my hotspots inside. I slid mine into Becky's asshole, and she and I both started cumming at the same time, her screaming into the air, pulling a breast up to suck on her nipple while the other nipple was being tugged, and I came screaming into her pussy, still keeping the rhythm with her clit in my mouth, pressing up on her g-spot, and feeling erotic heat rush through all parts of my body as he strummed me, sliding into and out of me, and then I heard him begin to cum, too.

Jenny Plays Away Pt. 05

group Woody Woodwood 2017-11-02

I felt a wave of pleasure flood over me, and at that point took hold of his cock and began to slowly rub up and down as I licked around the top and then slowly engulfed the head of his cock in my mouth and gently sucked. As I continued to grind my wet and sloppy pussy onto his face I went back to sucking and wanking his cock hard, and I squeezed his balls gently as well. Mark continued to suck the juices from my cunt, and lick and nibble at my clit, and I could feel his cock harden and knew that his spunk would be in my throat before too long.

With Mrs Sharma, Mom And Maid - Part II

group chandan0707 2017-11-02

It was the very next morning after my fucking night with Mrs. Sharma and I was free coz my mom wasn’t in home, the maid whom mum appointed wouldn’t come today as I had called up a local worker( whom I had believed to be her hubby) near her home and told him to tell her not to come. I was shocked and angry so I started complaining and accusing her for not wanting to have sex with me it continued for some time till she agreed to come to my house with breakfast and fuck me. Afternoon hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm faster Shanu didn’t I teach you that to excite a woman you should be fast said Mrs. Sharma who was beneath me gasping for breath as I was fucking really hard.

Rock Star Ch. 03

group KnottLynnHardey 2017-11-02

Meanwhile Trent moved to her head and began to rub his cock over her features, filling her nose with his smell and making her mouth water, eager to taste him once more. Opening her mouth wide, her song filling the space for a moment Payton offered her tongue to Trent, who placed his tip on it and slid along the soft pink appendage filling her face with his tool, muffling her song. Growing more ardent in her need to reach fulfillment Payton began to suck harder on Trent and to arch her back, thrusting her ass out to encourage Nicolas to drive into her more powerfully. Starting with the tool in her hand Payton lifted Nicolas' shaft from her mouth and began to lick and suck his balls, her song muffled by his weighty sack.


Bisexual Orgy Birthday

group marriedpervs 2017-11-02

I moved behind her, taking my time, looking, my erect penis gently touching the black material that hid Tanya's bottom from view only just. Tanya dropped to her knees, her gorgeous dark eyes looking back up at me as she began to suck on my cock. I took the hint, and dropped to my knees, my tongue quickly burying it's way into her pussy, lapping at her lips, her clit and then combining the licking and flickering motion I have used so successfully on Dee for the years of our marriage. I Knew Dee would enjoy hearing about it, and the thought of my wife sucking my cock as I told her about this amazing sex with Tanya, made me jam it back in, this time to the hilt of her very wet cunt.


Saturdays On Candy

group deanmcstreets 2017-11-02

We all, even Candi, busted out laughing and Candi said, "On that note, think I'll grab a beer, and I got your biscuits right here!" as she slapped her sweet bubbly ass through the fabric of that tiny, thankfully tiny, little Catholic High School girl in trouble skirt that was starting to really catch my eye, among other things. She can't wait another second,....repositiong on the couch between the two of us, Candi puts her sweet little bubble ass up in the air right against my throbbing dick and goes down on Morgans big black cock with a slutty vengeance.

Cinema Slut

group cahab 2017-11-02

It was awkward to keep pace deep throating this guy whilst the other cock plunged in and out of my ass out of time, and I was thankful when it was removed. I looked around, and the big man was sat on the end of the row of armless seats, his fat cock sticking up like a lollipop. Immediately he was finished the cock that was in my cunt began to speed up and just as one cock was removed from my mouth another was thrust in, and he came immediately, spattering cum onto my tongue as he pushed past to bury his cock in my throat and make me swallow another load of ejaculate.

A Weekend Away From The Office Ch. 02

group RubieRed 2017-11-02

Lana begins pumping her head faster at the same time Sandy's moans are vibrating against Jared's cock. Just as he is cleaning Lana's fingers his hand joins Lana's at the back of Sandy's head he pounds her face a few more times moaning and pulling at her hair. Jared is faced with Lana's tight, fat ass and Sandy's dripping wet pussy. He takes the fake cock from Sandy's pussy and rubs the drenched head against Lana's puckered little entrance. She feels two fingers enter her own cunt as she's tongue fucking Lana's pussy as she rocks against the fake cock in her ass. Lana has never felt so full, with Jared's large cock filling her ass and Sandy's three fingers again buried in her pussy.

Cassie Gets Some Overtime Ch. 02

group Shamelesslywet 2017-11-02

I looked up at him and, as we made eye contact, he slammed his cock into my throat with a particularly hard thrust and then pulled out. "But maybe I want to fuck this tight, little hole!" he said as slowly leaned towards me, the blunt head of his cock putting more and more pressure on my virgin asshole. He knew that, with the gag in my mouth, I had three options: turn around to stop him, pull the gag out and yell, or let him fuck me in the ass. I slowly eased back onto Mr. Decker's hard cock and Adam moved forward with me, continuing his assault on my mouth his hands on the side of my head.


Liz Is Willing: A Private Sex Club

group lizshusband 2017-11-02

While I was in Prague fucking Lucie , Liz was often staying at a private townhouse in Manhattan that a very wealthy couple basically turned into their own private sex club/brothel for their very wealthy friends. Kara's email stated that basically Liz was being whored out at the Upper East Side NYC townhouse of a young wealthy Wall Street couple who often threw sex parties with their wealthy friends. While she slowly squeezed my cock with her pulsing pussy muscles, Liz said that Tom explained they didn't live at the Townhouse full-time, and that a security guard Ellis, would always be in the house. Liz said " Molly ate out my pussy while Tom fucked me."

Further Adventures of the Maid Ch. 05

group christinamonroe 2017-11-02

Mary knew that Betsy had come to love Jack-he enjoyed her easy company, her simple soul. She had forgotten their companion, and looked down in excitement as Thomas's hands slipped down into her low cut bodice, scooping her breasts out, pulling the dress down so that they sat high and proud, the nipples erect. She was desperate to reach a release herself, and as they watched, she played with her own breasts, running her hands down her body, feeling the seed still dripping from her and rubbing it into her sex and her belly. Betsy had taken the baby to her room to give them some peace, and Mary knew in her heart that this was the last time that she and Jack would be together, the last time she would take pleasure in his young body.

After the Game

group erinbrew 2017-11-02

I gave the bottle a squeeze, and a drizzle of thick, dark brown chocolate slid out, landing first on Chad's hand and his pubic hair, then on the base of his cock, and then slowly, as I got a feel for how fast it was coming up, all the way to the tip, where I added an extra-large dollop for good measure. What he did all that time, I don't know for sure-I was much too busy to look, and let me tell you, getting eaten out while tonguing a partner does require some concentration-but when I finally glanced over at him, he was perched on the counter with his left hand on his cock, stroking away.


Going to the Movies with Lillian

group w.b.p. 2017-11-02

I arched my back to press my nipples against his fingers.Then he slid his hands down to my crotch and pushed on my cunt through my clothes, right on my erect, very excited clitoris. He pushed my spaghetti strap top down off my body, off my breasts and squeezed and stroked my naked tits and fondled my hard nipples. In the next scene Betty was laying on her back in bed, fucking an unending line of identical naked men, her hips gyrating in a strange repetitive way as man after man stuck his big, erect penis into her, then orgasmed on her stomach.


Set Free

group BukkakeBoy 2017-11-02

Miriam now had a clear view of Louise's left hand grasping the young man's rock hard and huge cock. And as she watched, a pretty girl she hadn't until now noticed lent over from where she was sat to the right of the rock hard young man and took his throbbing cock in her mouth as Louise continued to stroke the shaft. The muscular body and virility of the twenty-something young man who Louise was wanking while his shaft went in and out of the mouth of the beautiful teenage girl. The boy's girlfriend, who had stopped sucking Rugby Stud so that he could penetrate Louise, was now kissing her boyfriend full on...from a stranger's cock to her lover's mouth and he seemed completely at ease with it all.


The Ex-Wife

group TryAnything 2017-11-02

"You like to lick my pussy now?" she asked, leaning back and bringing her feet up onto the edge of the sofa, wide apart so that I could easily see the huge, black dildo sticking out of her pussy which she lazily grasped with one hand and began to pump in and out, her petal-thin pussy lips clinging to the shaft while her tiny clit appeared to throb above it. "My pussy tastes good, I think," she said, withdrawing the dildo from her pussy and bringing it to her mouth where she sucked on the head of it before leaning forward and kissing me, one hand on the back of my neck as her cum-covered tongue snaked into my mouth.


Shy First Time Swinger Wife Ch. 01

group harukifan 2017-11-02

Even though Jason and Devon lived 2 hours away, Sean and Becky had gotten to know them quite intimately just by talking on the phone and chatting online. They learned more about Devon's love of women and men, Jason's appreciation for the female form and his favorite way to experience a woman. Sean and Devon were well suited to each other for their similar interests in research and academic learning; Jason and Becky shared an interest in performing arts. "It feels very natural, doesn't it?" Devon said, now lightly stroking Becky's thigh with her fingertips. "Are you comfortable with me?" Jason said, pulling Becky closer to him, and gently wrapping his arm around her waist.

Mary takes on the gang while hubby watches

group XXXNoBounds 2017-11-02

"You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!" Looking at Mary's open and very wet pussy, with her juices glistening on her puffy labia, had my cock as hard as stone - maybe it was the fact that I hadn't had sex for a while, or maybe it was the thought that, if I hadn't interrupted the proceedings, I would have been treated to the sight of my wife getting gang-banged by three burly guys. The small room was filled with voices as Mary joined in and urged the man still buried in her wet pussy to cum inside her.

Early Days of Summer Ch. 05

group rhys30 2017-11-02

With Laura hovering over-head, Matt had starting to jerk his heaving cock, eyeing my wife's luscious, dripping cunt, her twat lips moved rhythmically in time to her hands as she wiped away the remnants of Matt's huge cum-blast from off the wall behind our bed. I took hold of the smaller vibrator and placed it at the tip of his dick, my free hand underneath his massive cock to raise it slightly. I could feel my balls tingle and my cock swelling as I slid in and out of Laura's tight, wet hole, her cunt muscles clenching onto my stiff dick as my prostate was in a state of elation with the attention it was receiving.