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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night of Tits and Lips Pt. 01

group Devotetas 2017-11-02

'Hi Angie, nice to meet you,' I said, admiring in an instant her long legs, the tiny skirt that barely covered her bum, her tits which had obviously been squeezed into a pretty black bra clearly visible under a simple white top, unbuttoned just far enough to make you want more. When Julie said how much I worshipped her cunt and sucked her labia, Angie had let out a great sigh and said how much she needed someone to worship her tits and suck them right now. Like a man possessed I still held the tit in my two hands and kept the nipple in my mouth as I dragged at it, pulling it this way and that.

The Breeding of Chris

group 2017-11-02

I wrote this fantasy for an online friend who gets turned on by big hard cocks and lots of cum. the next time you cum will be with a big black cock breeding you is and your arms begin to pull on the restraints until you feel his cock burying my face in your wet panties, hard cock shooting cum in my own wet and slick with cum the pleasure begins to mount, the cock so big cock slides back and forth on all the slick cum until I orgasm adding panties, all wet and warm, smelling of cum and sex. fucking every hour or two keeping you warm and wet with cum.

Drivers Lounge

group Shanbabe4u 2017-11-02

Sam knelt and began to spread my cheeks apart, his tongue probing my moist cunt, playing with the lips and then back up, up until he circled my soft brown hole, teasing the muscles apart, probing. Paul exclaimed, "Oh jeez, he's fucking her ass!" He too had stepped closer and realized where Sam's cock was. Paul announced he was cumming first and so I put his cock in my mouth and gave him head till his semen filled my mouth. Now it was my turn with the help of Sam. I hammered myself up and down on him now, his cock filling my tighter channel while I rubbed my clit and pussy vigorously.

Back to ESU

group ksfunguy 2017-11-02

I kinda flirted with her and told her that "Denise and I have alot of fun together and we still have the attitude of living life to its fullest and just enjoy things as they come." My hands were wrapped around Traci's low back and I let my fingers hang over onto her ass. Denise and I both decided to go for it and planned on asking Traci to come back to the hotel with us and sit in the hot tub and have some more drinks. Denise then told Traci that she had an idea of going back to the hotel and continue drinking in our hot tub.


Club Paradise Ch. 03

group dutchpantyraider 2017-11-02

Off course I already knew Bibi's big hooters and Nicole's smallish B-sized tits, but I had never had the pleasure to admire them in the flesh, let alone fondle those beauties outside of my daydreams. Nicole, Bibi, Harold and I followed Linda, Corey and Cynthia into the bar. Linda, Harold and Nicole were in an intimate embrace on one settee, so Bibi, Cyn and I settled ourselves on the opposite couch. During my pleasure time with Bibi and Cynthia Harold had been in a similar position. Bibi and Linda took my member at hand stroking me to full erection. She was naked from the waist down, took my member in her hand as she squatted down and guided my tip between her full pussy lips.


Rendezvous–With Wife & Other Woman

group Stephen7Redo 2017-11-02

"It had better if you know what's good for you." Mary's hand traveled from her husband's chest down to where she surrounded his hard cock in her warm palm and started to pull on him gently. As Carla continued her expert work on his cock, taking more of his shaft between her wonderful lips, Mary didn't just sit back at this point but began to lap her tongue up under his swelling balls. He lay back propped up on his elbows and stared at the two nearly naked women, Carla licking the remnants from her lips and Mary licking hers and fingering his cum that had drooled down her neck and chest.


Special Massage

group youme69er 2017-11-02

With Kirsten massaging the foaming lotion into my arms and Scotty to my feet I could only guess as to which one would reach my rod first. Then Scotty poured water over my rod while Kirsten rubbed it to ensure all the foam had been removed. Soon Scotty was licking away at the soft folds of Kirsten's pussy. Starting with the head I watched amazing as the entire 10 inches of Scotty's rod slowly disappeared into down Kirsten's throat. With a hand on my rod I gently eased the head between Scotty's hands into Kirsten's pussy. Soon Kirsten broke the kiss to Scotty to moan in pleasure as an orgasm rolled through her body.


A Spa Built for Three

group silvastormcloud 2017-11-02

Ali was wiggling her ass in rhythm to the strokes from my tongue, when she turned her head and said: "Fuck me baby, I need your cock", before turning her attention back to Cloud's bare pussy. Ali then began licking and sucking my balls as I slid my dick back and forth, in and out of Cloud's mouth. I felt my balls tightening as Ali sucked one into her mouth, and I grabbed Cloud's head tightly between my hands and she took my dick into her throat as I shot my first load straight down her throat. We began taking turns, kissing, licking Cloud's lips, and clit, and tongue fucking her slit until her hips were thrusting to meet us.

Snowed In

group Mr Ed 2017-11-02

Actually, even though I worked at a hotel bar near campus, I never saw very many college girls. When I went to the bar to fill their drink orders, my mind raced with thoughts about how great it could be to be snowed in at a hotel with 15 beautiful, athletic women. They asked me about fantasies and without thinking I blurted out that being in a room with a bunch of beautiful women was great. The mouth at my cock was quickly replaced by a hot wet pussy as one girl slid down my hardness. After licking one girl to orgasm, she slid off my face and I could see the other bed for the first time.

California Adventure

group wildone162 2017-11-02

As I walked up to the pool area, I could see my guys and many more, mostly young in swim suits and shorts, with drinks talking, doing the mingling thing. Looking around at all the guys smiling, I was instantly turned on, and could feel the wet material on my nipples rubbing against them. We walked to his bungalow, just off the pool area and as I went into the bathroom, he handed me what looked like a tee shirt. As we laughed in our tight group, one of them finally made a statement about how my nipples looked poking my tee shirt. When we finally finished, some of them walked me back to my bungalow and said goodnight to me in my tee shirt, holding my wet clothes.

Gangbang for my Cuckold Milf Pussy in a Pool Hall

group Milfxtc 2017-11-02

The owner was now standing right beside the table, his big 8 inch cock pulsing in my direction and catching my eye as I lay there on my back being pounded with a cock in my soaking pussy and one pumping in and out of my already well-fucked mouth. Grunting and moaning loudly as both cocks pumped my pussy and ass, I reached out to grab that 8 incher and pulled it towards my mouth, licking my lips in anticipation of how great that cock was going to feel sliding across my tongue and all the way down my throat.

And Action!

group Unihorn 2017-11-02

As her tongue took the voyage from it's base his erection started to take shape, the more Tree licked the more it grew until it must have measured 10 inches, her hand moving from his balls to it's head, as she rolled the palm of her hand over the glands of this throbbing tool Rik let out moans of pleasure, begging her not to stop. So much so that she soon decided the break was over and knowing that the situation might never arise again began to kiss Rik's thumping purple bell shaped head, he was playing games now as he flexed his PC muscle again and again, Tree was chasing it around, her frustration replicated by the squeezing of my cock of which she still had hold.



group petercee 2017-11-02

After a trip away for a week we came home and found some movies had been moved and one particular photo album had been moved in our bedroom along with a couple of Anne's sex toys, though I couldn't swear to it I thought a photo of Anne nude and in a suggestive pose was missing. Of course the day came along when sex reared its ugly head, I was away and Anne had said goodbye to a friend at the front door while wearing next to nothing, on going into the kitchen to make herself a coffee Harry wandered in the back door.

Just another Walk in the Park

group SaraOz 2017-11-02

He looked around and saw the boys and then at me and said 'are you sure girl, you want them to see?' I smiled, and just went to his cock and started to kiss and then lick and suck it. He sat back and I went to work, and it was not long before his hand had pulled the tie on my dress and the front fell down and my young boobs were in the air, and the man put his hand on my boob to play with my nipple as I sucked his cock. I got up and was walking off and thinking it had been a great night in the park with guys all feeding me so much cum...But I had lost my panties again.

Pantyhose Seduction Ch. 02

group nylondad 2017-11-02

Rich wanted to know if I would consider "dressing up" for he and his girlfriend and it would be just the three of us. He said that the part of a guy wearing pantyhose and watching that guy suck off Rich would send her off when they discussed it. He said that I would dress up in heels and pantyhose with a skirt and she would watch me suck him off. She said that she introduced Rich to heavy doses of vitamin supplements and as a result of those and working out four days per week he lost ten pounds. Before they left, Audrey gave me a heavy duty kiss that lasted about twenty seconds while Rich stood there and watched.

Court in Session

group sexylilthing 2017-11-02

I was the only black person in the court and there were only two other women - one assisting the Defence and a dreary looking lady with glasses and her hair in a bun who was typing everything that was said. "The Defendant is being charged with a number of crimes and the verdict will rest on the testimony of this Witness, Miss Katie, and whether or not she is a slut. The small cock pulled out of my pussy and I felt his warm cum landing on my tummy and tits. I felt myself being pulled away from the table and a tall man started to push his nob against my pussy. The men had stopped licking my body due to the amount of cum that coated, but the ladies of the court were happy to keep at it.

Late Night Movies (chapter 12)

group oregazm 2017-11-02

She immediately put a tape in and hit rewind after doing so “Now it’s important bud…” Daddy said toward me, “…to let us know what YOU want. Mommy’s lips smacked as she kissed daddy’s asshole then turned to look at me smiling big with the front of her face gleaming with spit. I stopped for a second thinking I was doing something wrong before she started yelling, “Don’t Stop!” and later, “Ahhhaaawwww fuhhhhuck!” Almost immediately after that happed Daddy let my boner slap back against my stomach and frantically got onto the mattress, hovering over mommy and stroking his cock. “Give me a kiss.” She said smiling, her face still gooey with cum that had now gone clear and started to run down her neck.

Beach Party Daze Ch. 06

group sandysummer 2017-11-02

They kissed deeply for some time, then Jane started scratching Becky's back. Becky picked up the tube of lotion from between Jane's legs and squirted a white trail from her knee to her slit. Jane's eyes were closed but Becky kept looking across at us. When I looked Around I noticed another guy leaning on the end rock, watching the girls. Hank was feeding her his cock and we settled into a slow rhythm as we watched Jane take Bill's hard meet into her mouth. He stood and watched Becky getting double ended and I joined Jane and Bill. "Jane, you should help Becky clean up, she looks like she needs a tongue lashing......"


When 2 Becomes 3

group JMlitero 2017-11-02

One hand on the floor, the other rubbing and pushing Doni's cock into her mouth, while her body was stretched out behind her. He began to rub his throbbing cock watching as Doni lifted Evelyn's mouth away from his cock and joined her on his knees. Smyth rested his head back against the wardrobe and switched his gaze from Evelyn's breasts rocking back and forth with every deep thrust from Doni, to her lips around his cock, sucking and gagging. She kissed Smyth's lips harder, grasping his shoulders, preparing herself for Doni's cock. He rubbed off, wiping hers and his cum all over his cock as he watched Doni slam his hips into Evelyn's backside, making her scream aloud.

The Triplets

group JonoX 2017-11-02

When I was naked with my cock sticking straight out, I walked over to the bed, roughly flipped Tammy over, spread her legs with mine, and pushed my stiff manhood into her all the way with one quick thrust. I put my hand over her mouth just as her orgasm was finishing, pulled her head back against my shoulder and whispered in her ear, “You’re a good fuck, Tammy. Her gorgeous blonde hair was spread out on her pillow, so she looked like an angel that had fallen to Earth and was waiting for me to give her her first fuck. All three girls were beautiful, but looked identical, so fucking Trisha was going to be just like fucking Tammy and Tracy.

The Gentlemans Club

group cobrazulu 2017-11-02

As she collected herself, Kimberly got her pussy sucked and licked by both Amber and Andrew at the same time the combined effect was electric and sent her squirming again, and starting to feel wanton and a growing desire to fill herself with her husband. Andrew begins to drive himself harder into Amber the pumping is so strong Kimberly feels like she is getting fucked herself by Amber's tongue in mere moments of pumping both girls spasm and moan through another. The action takes a fast turn as Andrew starts pumping hard and fast into his wife Amber can feel the hard pumps from Kimberly's tongue and moans in orgasm yet again.

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

group fearthisss 2017-11-02

You're okay with people seeing you with a cock in your mouth, you can't wait to get fucked in the ass where they can see, but you draw the line at my fingers in your pussy?" "Hey man, why don't you take your dick out of your hand and come over here and grab her tits." Dana's ass literally puckered, she gasped, and Steve's jaw dropped. Steve came close enough for me to grab the phone from him, and I turned it around, switching back and forth from him and the back of her head to my cock pounding her ass. He wasted no time reaching down to grab her amazing tits with both hands, his stiff cock practically slapping her in the face.



group RejectReality 2017-11-02

"Oh yeah, that pussy's tight," Mike said, and then let out an explosive growl as he slammed his cock into her hard, the tip pushing up against her cervix. Helen was rapidly building toward a climax when Ron said, "Give me a shot of that pussy," and stepped away from the bed. Mike slapped his pussy-slick cock against her lips a couple of times, and Helen didn't think twice about her juices covering him when she sucked him in. She regained her senses with her breath after a couple of minutes, just in time to see Mike walk into the room with a bottle of water, his still stiff cock bouncing with every step.


Andrea, John and me.

group Andis_dan 2017-11-02

I brought out the jay, and we smoked it while Andrea snuggled with John and played with his cock in his pants. I went into the kitchen to make everyone drinks, and when I came back, Andrea had John’s cock in her mouth. Andrea took off her dress and bra, and John immediately started sucking on her big nipples. Andrea took off John’s clothes, and started back on sucking his cock. I sat back in the recliner, took out some lube, and slowly started stroking my meat while watching Andrea and John maneuver into a 69 position. Andrea gasped when the big head of John’s dick entered her pussy. Andrea loves to watch me suck dick, and was fingering her clit until she came.