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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gem's breakdown

group JamesPrez 2017-11-02

Gem looked down between her big tits, hands playing with her nipples as she watched James lick his lips and bury his head in her shaven cunt. Oh god.” Gem gripped James’s hair while her legs locked round his head holding him deep, while she thrust her hips into his face. Gem’s pussy was tight and wet; it squeezed round James’ thick cock and he slowly started to thrust deep into her warm cunt. Fuck this cunt, fill me with your cum, make me yours baby.” She turned to look at her husband for the first time, and let out a moan that broke into a scream of pleasure, “Oooooooh fuck Jim, his cock is so much bigger than yours.

A Faker's Progress Pt. 04

group norfolklad 2017-11-02

The highlight of that night was having the two of them kneel on the edge of the bed, so that I could thrust into one cunt a couple of times and then the other, keeping this up alternately, each girl doing her best to make me cum while I was inside her. She told me how much I meant to her but she didn't think it would be a good idea for me to move into the farmhouse – she couldn't see me as a farmer, even a gentleman farmer, and she knew I had my own life in London – but she hoped I would want to spend at least part of my time with her – a 'live together apart' sort of relationship.


A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 13

group fntsymn 2017-11-02

They got out of the water and as soon as they were in the clearing Pamela knelt between them and took Robert's cock in her mouth and at the same time she began stroking Edward's cock. She felt Edward pulling her head to him and she turned and took his cock into her mouth just as he began cumming. Edward began cumming and when Robert felt his cockhead pulsating inside Pamela's vagina, pulsating against his own cock through the thin membrane he groaned and shot load after load of cum into her asshole. They all lay there in the sun in a tangle of arms and legs regaining their breath until first Edward's cock shrunk and slipped out of Pamela's cunt followed a few minutes later by Robert's.

The Personal Assistant Ch. 1

group DobieGrrl 2017-11-02

Sure, I always said I would never sleep my way to the top, but I wasn't making anywhere near a hundred grand at the diner, and I would eat that pussy all of my life for free. "She'll never know." Instantly, the maid's tongue began swirling around in my pussy while her lips sucked softly on my clit. "Hmm," she said, " I think we will need to shave that quickly." With that, she lowered her mouth to my twat and proceeded to give me a tongue-lashing like I had never dreamed. Josh the chauffeur had removed his pants to reveal a huge, ten-inch erection that he was stroking softly, watching me eat his Mistress. I slammed my hips back into Josh, frantically grinding into her mouth at the same time and cumming like a wildwoman.

The Indian Prince Ch. 01

group sr71plt 2017-11-02

I turned back to the Kshatriyas, the term in Sravasti for the crown prince's—or, as known here, the Rawal's—chief adviser. When I had been called into Sam Winterberry's office in Langley and he'd told me I was flying a Fairchild Magnus, a follow-on from the Fairchild Merlin photorecon plane, into Sravasti, India, my initial responses were "Where the fuck is that? The most likely situation—and the one feeding the rumor mills throughout Balrampur—was that the Rawal was aiming for his wife and the secretary just got in the way." I learned within the hour that the other man was the Rawal's chief adviser, the Kshatriyas, Mir Yusaf Adil.

Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl Ch. 03

group edisonCaroline 2017-11-02

"I couldn't believe what I saw," said Karen laughing a bit nervously, "when Frank let Ron and I into John's house. Richard, with a small little smile on his face, pressed a button on the remote control and Rebecca saw a picture of herself being fucked by John. She came over to Richard's to help them with what she thought was a problem, but it turns out that his problem is that he has videos of her getting gangbanged and he wants her to suck his cock. All of these thoughts of sucking and fucking, and Richard telling her how popular she would have been had the boys known she could suck cock so well, had gotten her incredibly horny.


Jen & Me : Descent into Narcissism

group fotisampini 2017-11-02

"Yeah, what do you think, you're going to get laid, just 'cause you bought us some nice things?" Marisa countered, her pretty little face next to Jenny's, both of their mouths inches from my cock. I had wanted to spend a long time exploring Marisa's body, but found myself under her, still kissing, with Jenny guiding my cock into Marisa's hot little pussy. As she was lowered onto the full length of my shaft, I could feel Jenny's mouth all over my cock and balls, but for long periods she would be gone and I could tell from the moans Marisa made that she had not stopped her licking, just repositioned it.

Rescuing Marriage in One Sure Step

group mintabal3239 2017-11-02

Sharmi's husband Damu and Mithu's husband Sudir, both managers in business firms were friends too. Soon they were in the bath room with Sharmi sitting on a stool with legs in the air as Mithu knelt before her and shaved her smooth. "If it is about what we have underneath you may feel but mind you no exploring." The girls stood with their rear facing the men, Mithu against Damu and Sharmi against Sudir. Sharmi sat on Sudir's lap and Mithu on Damu's. The ice cream did not last long and when Sharmi and Mithu had cleared the cups the time had come for real action of the night. "Sharmi," said Mithu, "Sudir and you go first while Damu and I will be ready with any help if needed.


Undressed for Success

group Green_Gem 2017-11-02

She paused at the edge of the runway directly in front of him to show the dress wrapped around her body like a second skin, and flashed him a smile of liquid sex before spinning around to walk back down the catwalk with an elegant roll of her hips. The voice was low and husky and the man, to whom it belonged, reached for an appetizer between Kerissa's breasts and let his hand hover for a second as he made his selection. Who wouldn't with a flawless body like this to feast off?" He grinned as he placed his hand lightly on Kerissa's thigh but didn't let it venture further as he reached for a chocolate coated strawberry which nestled in the hollow beneath her navel.


Short Skirt, Long Legs, Sexy Pantyhose

group alexjjnc 2017-11-02

Sometimes I try to think back to see where my pantyhose fetish started and I believe that it began about the time I was going through puberty and just getting used to having erections. I still have that fascination today and I do think I owe it at least partially to that hot redhead school bus driver. She didn't know that I was multi-orgasmic and our sex play continued the rest of the afternoon, even after my buddy had given up a long time earlier. She finally moved away but I will always remember with fondness the hot bus driver with the really short skirt, long legs, and sexy pantyhose.

The Turn Around 2

group lovealladies 2017-11-02

Wich seemed to be her new thing. not that im complaining the night was headed for new territories . kenzies sitting by jeff an holly by me her legs are crossed and shes facing me i can see her little red landing strip and just a hint of her lips and then. (kenzie) holly did you feel less sexy after you gave birth ? she then uncrossed her legs and started to rub her nice bald all but the strip cunt so everyone could see and as she spread her legs wider she hangs her right leg over my left (jeff) damn baby you go then i look over at my wife and in the first time in mos shes got em.

A Wifes Seduction

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-02

Jay finally stopped pleasuring me with his tongue and I felt his knees under my legs and his cock at the entrance to my now engorged pussy lips. He dripped water down my tummy and then onto my pussy which was now being rhythmically fucked by Jay. The contrast between the heat from Jay’s cock and the cold of the water felt amazing. I could feel Jay’s cum starting to ooze out of me just as Jason placed the head of his cock against my swollen lips. I know that looking into a guy’s eyes while I am sucking his cock drives them wild and I also knew that Jay would be loving the fact that I was being banged by Jason.

A Breath of Forever Ch. 8

group dgthomas 2017-11-02

Stacy’s index finger dipped right into the top and Rebecca’s slit and felt how warm her cunt still was and how slippery Jim smiled and walked over to the bed and laid on it next to his wife as hi kissed her lips. She grabbed his erection and teased the tip of his cock with her thumb as Stacy started kissing down her body stopping right above the parting of her pussy lips. I want to feel the cum going down my throat.” Jim began to pump his cock harder as he watched Stacy between his wives legs. Rebecca was moaning on Jim’s cock as Stacy latched onto her clit and brought her to another orgasm as Jim came down Rebecca’s throat.

My Twin Aunts

group fotisampini 2017-11-02

I took her clit between my lips and she said, "Oh yes baby, that's good, that makes Aunt Mariema feel so good." Laila came behind me and I felt her bush on my ass. I said, "Yes Aunt Marie, of course you are." We kissed and I began touching her and drawing her in to press against my growing hard-on. She said, "Yes baby, that's what I want." I exposed her breasts and leaned down to suck on my Aunt Marie's nipples. She said, "Yes darling they're for you, only for you; my mouth, my pussy, my body is all for you, Aunt Mariema's heart is all for you, whatever you want baby, just love me, only me, only me."

Girls Night Out Ch. 07


Then she leaned over me, pulled Yan forward and gave her a similar kiss. While Yan and I were kissing, Donna had already removed most of her clothes and stood between Yan's legs wearing only her undies. Then Yan reached between Donna's legs and started fingering her clit as they kissed. Donna worked her kisses down from Yan's lips to her tits, to her stomach. It was such a turn on to watch Donna eating Yan's pussy. Yan made these nearly inaudible cute girlish sounds; gasps like, before she reached her hand out to me and felt my cock through my pants. Yan slowly sucked my cock as Donna swiftly, lovingly, and silently gave Yan orgasm after orgasm.

The Steam Room

group alwaysupforu2004 2017-11-02

I instantly pause my actions, standing completely still as I close my eyes and imagine the suds as your perfect hands on my neck, trailing down my breasts, down my side, along my curvaceous hips, my thighs, calves and ending at my feet. I reach between my legs to grab your luscious cock with my right hand and glide the tip of it over my clitoris and inner lips of my pussy, soaking it with my wetness. I can tell it's turning you on to watch them fuck hard just inches away from us, because you are moaning even louder and your cock is even thicker inside of me.

Summer Skin Ch. 06

group riverboy 2017-11-02

She was looking over at the dance floor, where a woman in nothing but panties and high heels was taking a hard cock in her mouth. The big-titted woman pulled one of the men over to the white lounge next to the dance floor, and his still dancing hips levered his hard cock in and out of her mouth. Randy sunk his cock into the big-titted woman and the mystery man slapped hard into Barb, bringing her back on-boil to a howling scream. I got up when Donna moved on, and Summer joined her mother, on her knees as Barb was, the two of them taking big cocks doggie style side-by-side.

Best Friends With A Twist

group happyinmissouri 2017-11-02

Beth finally took her towel off and moved mine aside and start licking the head of my dick and the full length and Amanda just turned around and was staring at Beth giving me a blowjob and said "hello" I'm still in the room and Beth took her mouth off my dick and told her fine then you can help me. After about fifteen minutes of this I said I was gonna cum and pulled out and Amanda turned around and her and Beth started kissing and right before I was gonna cum they stopped kissing to catch everything and I blew all over them and they licked every drop off of each other and Amanda leaned up and cleaned my cock off of both our juices and finished cleaning it and leaned down and gave Beth a kiss.

Whorehouse Chapel

group oggbashan 2017-11-02

Tom listened carefully while Tamara whispered in her own language how she had been tricked into coming to England to a promised job, and owed money to those who had brought her here, imprisoned her in the brothel, and said she would have to work until she had paid the debt. As Irena opened the door, Tamara hugged Tom and kissed him on the cheek. Irena offered him Viagra and another session but Tom said he would like to return to visit Tamara on Tuesday evening. The following Tuesday as Tom knocked at the brothel's door, Police and Immigration officials had surrounded the building. Tamara probably will be soon even if Tom is the only person in our town who doesn't know she wants him.


Auction Block, Halloween Style

group onwardbob 2017-11-02

Another kick, another spin, and Alex sighed a resigned "Ah well, c'est la vie." He sighed again, unaware that across town his frustrated wife was scowling down at her cell, alone in their kitchen, gritting her teeth and growling over Jackie and Brian's mysterious Halloween party invitation. Plus, I just bet that auction has something to do with raising money too." Alex snuck in an eye roll, knowing better than to interrupt as an affronted Jodi indignantly growled "Yeah and I just bet she's going to try charging us for violating that silly no-sex rule." Escaping the hen-party going on in the house, where Jackie, Jodi, and a couple of their gal pals were boisterously turning the house in to a Halloween haunt, Alex beat feat for the garage.


Mr Vanilla Gets Sprinkles!

group sexynursechef 2017-11-02

"Isabella, stop..." he weakly protested, "I can't cheat on Lucia, it's not right" She ignored him and began licking and sucking his cock and had it so deep in her throat that he could feel her windpipe. Lucia pulled his cock-meat out of her pussy and snarled, "FUCK HER...Fuck her hard!" Wilhelm climbed on top of Isabella and pounded the cunt he had wanted so badly for so long. Wilhelm took a breath and pulled his enflamed and reddened cock out of Isabella and brought Lucia on top of him in Cowboy style. Lucia eventually got up and started to prepare her Enchiladas for all three of them as Wilhelm cuddled with Isabella drained and amazed at the events of the day.


group RamblingMaam 2017-11-02

My Husband resumes kissing my neck, never taking his eyes off of the stranger who is now sliding the bra strap off my shoulder. I close my eyes to steady myself as my Husband takes a deep breath and slowly unlatches and removes my bra. When he seems content that I won't use our safe word (Apricot), he gets up (his fully erect penis swaying slightly), walks around the bed, and pulls me so that my legs are hanging off the end. The man between my legs, momentarily forgotten thanks to my Husband, roughly shoves two fingers into my vagina and continues to lick. My Husband takes advantage of my surprise and quickly shoves his penis into my open mouth.

Rose Plus Two

group shapeshifter37 2017-11-02

Rose left a brief message telling him how sorry she was, but it looked like it just wouldn't work out to find a date for his friend after all and she hoped he wasn't too disappointed at staying home instead of going out. As Steve made his way back with the drinks, she told him what was going on and suggested that maybe she dance with Stu a little to get him into the groove. She gave Stu a little wave and he immediately came out, sliding in front of her while Steve moved to the rear. Stu, in the passenger seat, immediately noticed and slid a hand up her right thigh until he felt the gooey wetness of her thong bunched up in between her nether lips.


Gordon and Angela Pt. 01

group NancyAllbright 2017-11-02

Angela laughed like I had asked the most ludicrous thing in the world, "No of course not, you know I like feeling the hot come inside me after a fucking. Angela got off my cock and turned round onto her all fours, her pussy looking red and beaten. When I told him that I wanted to feel his hot come inside me he came there and then with his hands gripping my tits tightly, I think he might have bruised them actually. I watched Angela's ass move back and forth, her pussy pushing against my cock like she hadn't been fucked in a year - let alone in less than an hour.