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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Corruption Of Denise Brown

group Darrel1000 2018-10-31

All eyes were riveted in her direction as she begin to undulate and swing her ass to the beat of the music, then turning to show everyone her assets, her long hair flailing out as she moved faster and faster. My horny little girl friend then begin to bounce up and down on his cock, moving faster and faster until she was riding him for all she was worth, amid the cries of "go go go baby" and "fuck her," "fuck her Robert," and "ride him baby ride him." Robert then climbed between her legs, rammed his long cock inside her, and begin fucking her amid the  cheers of the on lookers.


Bisexual Black College Days

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

Nearby, my buddy Paul Sinclair is having a steamy three-way with a tall, slim Black guy named Victor Blaine and a big-booty, dark-skinned Black chick named Monique Vincent. Right now, he's getting his dick sucked by the lovely, curvaceous Monique while Victor licks his asshole as if it were the sweetest thing on the planet. Paul had Victor on all fours and was thrusting his dick into the tall young man's ass like butt fucking was going out of style. She climbed on top of Victor, who then eased his cock into Monique's snatch while Paul spread the big Black woman's plump ass cheeks and slid his cock into her asshole.

A First Time For Everything

group Saucymh 2018-10-31

Dave suddenly found himself as nervous as his wife but he was dying to see those enormous trussed-up titties of Chastity’s fully exposed and to touch them…he hadn’t fondled breasts other than his wife’s in a very long time and he yearned to take Chastity’s magnificent orbs in his hands and nuzzle his face between them. Dave looked on in stunned silence as his wife sank onto the bed beside the voluptuous young call-girl and buried her head between her enormous breasts. Holding tight he drove into Chastity with animal passion whilst Hattie looked on, her own body throbbing with desire at the sight of her husband fucking the exquisite whore who brought her to such a wonderful climax.

Can I Watch?

group Tammy_Nguyen_77 2018-10-31

Both Shawn and Jason would flirt with the cute little hotel maid every time they saw her, but Sarah knew they were just pretending to make themselves look straight to whoever happened to be around. Sarah was friendly with both Shawn and Jason, and she figured that at some time in the past year it had probably come up between them that they both knew the cute little maid, what they didn't know was that Sarah knew that they knew each other, Sarah thought she might be able to exploit that little piece of information. "Oooooh, I just don't know what I'm going to do, I'm all alone in a hotel room with two big...strong, why you could just take advantage of me." Sarah walked around behind them and ran her fingertips along their spines again making them tremble.

Black Male Strapon Cuckold Story

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

My openly bisexual boyfriend Lowell Jones is ramming his big black cock deep into my asshole. Lowell smacks my ass hard and tells me I'm a fucking pig. That means I'm going to fuck the big black man in the ass like strap-on sex is going out of style. I love fucking big black men in the ass with my thick black strap-on. We went at it until I pressed a special button on the dildo, unleashing a torrent of cum deep inside Lowell's ass. Ted rammed his cock deep into Lowell's asshole. A few minutes later, Ted lowers himself onto Lowell's dick, impaling his tight white ass on the black man's dick. Lowell thrusts his dick deep into the white guy's ass.


Game Night

group canadianangel835 2018-10-31

Standing in the doorway of the games room, Steve naked and Laura still in her white, soaking wet panties and cum stained bra, they watch Jack and Michelle a few minutes. Looking around at the various states of undress – Laura still in all of her underwear, Jack with his boxers on, Steve naked and herself with just her thong on, Michelle suggests maybe it's time they completely even things up, “All remaining clothing off,” she demands. Locking eyes with Jack, but feeling the heat and desire of Steve's eyes and the shock but approval of Michelle's on her, Laura hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and takes a deep breath.

The Big Bang Theory

group Syd 2018-10-31

You dumb asses don’t know which way is right,” I heard Sydney say and then I thought, Oh shit… She was unlocking the door from outside. Well, Toby and Waggs didn’t have any second thoughts about dropping their drawers but Ramsey just stood there looking. She took her mouth off of Waggs and looked back at me fucking her in the ass and said, “Okay fucker, is that all you got? Everyone always put up with Toby’s antics and Waggs smart ass, but Ramsey and Sydney hit it off like no other and began to actually share a room and Waggs got Ramsey’s room.

My Sister & Mom become my sex slaves

group bava12 2018-10-31

No one will sweet mom is 39 years old..she just looks like an Apsarus...very cute and innocent face..long hair.. Girija started fighting back again; I got really angry and slapped her even harder and told her “You bitch; you are going to get it harder.” I went ahead and cupped her boobs and squeezed them. Poor Girija Mom just lay there and continued crying, I was pressing her boobs so hard that it hurt, but she was scared to make any noise lest me slaps her again. I used my nails and started pinching her nipples erect, the pinching was so painfully my lovely sexy mom started crying with pain.

Five Nights Ch. 07 - The Conclusion

group Noreasonneeded 2018-10-31

“If you do a good job, maybe later I’ll let them have you.” Sue started sucking us, starting with Mike, and switching back and forth, not trying to make us cum, just enjoying the feel of hard cock in her sweet sucking mouth as she had her pussy and ass licked and sucked. “You take her pussy, Jason,” Mike offered,” I want to see her face.” We high-fived (like a couple of dick heads) and I stripped and got on my back on the bed, and Sue let Marybeth up and guided her on to me, where she sucked me until I was hard, and climbed on, slipping me easily into her wet cunt.

Brother Samuel's Vacations

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

I'm a big and tall, good-looking young Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. They consider Detroit to be a bad city simply because it's Black-run and the majority of the locals are African-Americans. The only time white people like having Black people and other so-called racial minorities around is when they dominate them in a racist, imperialist fashion. His wife's name was Gina Mubosa Hassan, and she was a tall, good-looking and deliciously curvy, big-bottomed Black woman of Central African origin. This gal had a master's degree in Economics from Michigan State University and she and her hubby wanted very much to help Detroit's business class save the city.

Angel's Bisexual young lovers Part 1

group BOYTOY21 2018-10-31

    Jason, Brad and Mark all sat on the couch with their cocks in their hands slowly pumping themselves waiting for Jason’s Angel baby to come back home.     “Then play with my boyfriend’s cock you little fag.” Leann rubbed her pussy even faster as she saw the wonderful sight of Brad reaching over to Jason’s cock and pumping it for him. Then to even more of a surprise to Leann, Brad and Mark both began to bounce their cocks off Leann’s face while Jason continued to kiss her.     “Oh Jason, you brought such dirty boys home to me!” Leann said between sucking Mark and Brad’s cocks.

Dirty Laundry

group henrygatewood 2018-10-31

I was just congratulating myself for having politely looked away on noticing that Lisa’s nipples – erect with the cold – had been poking through the thin material covering her ample breasts, when halfway up the stairs a gust of wind came in through the open door and lifted her dress almost to her waist. That was why Lisa didn’t hear me, and why she was still kneeling on the floor next to Ellie’s washing basket when I found her, with one hand clutching a pair of green panties to her face and the other circling frantically underneath her skirt. “But he’s a good little pervert,” said Ellie, climbing onto the bed and pushing me backwards so I was lying down.

White Lady Ruling Black Women

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

Mistress Stephanie Voltaire looked at her servant, a busty and big-bottomed, short-haired and quite stocky young black woman named Muriel Jackson. Like all of Mistress Stephanie's black servants, Muriel wore the customary black and white maid's uniform, and the little hat that came with it. Mistress Stephanie Voltaire resumed checking out her business online while her black servant Muriel made herself scarce. Black female authority figures like Sharon Brown upset the order of things in Mistress Stephanie Voltaire's eyes. Thus, professor Sharon Brown became Mistress Stephanie's house servant. The strong black woman went from the position of respected professor at Georgia Tech to that of house servant to one of her wealthy white female students.


Annie and Michelle's Adventures 2

group Susan 2018-10-31

Then when you add a hot guy like Richard to the mix as well as my beautiful friend Michelle sex at work is damn near irresistible. ‘Hey, this is Mike he’s the new guy I am training.” Jeff says as he hands Michelle the food. After seeing Michelle sucking on Jeff I want to do the same for Mike so I get on my knees as he quickly undoes his pants, lifting his hard cock out of his pants. I ride his cock up and down thinking of nothing but pleasing myself and when I feel his cum shooting deep in my pussy I explode with my own orgasm, my whole body shaking with pleasure.

Her Toy 4

group Hisb 2018-10-31

I look at you hotly and ask “are your little friend's panties wet baby?” Your eyes turn up and lock to mine as your hand slides hotly between her legs and rubs the smooth satin against her pussy. My eyes beam hotly at your nasty little look and I whisper, “go ahead, kitten. Your little slut licking pussy off satin like a good little whore?” You purse your lips hotly and press your painted mouth to the satin and leave your mark on them. You keep the panties in hand and look right up into my eyes, smooth them over your fingertips and start brushing them against her face. That's right baby, now feed her those pretty slut panties” I look at you, eyes searing through to your core.

A Testament to Male Superiority

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

She runs this run-down diner with her ward Mina, an equally plump young black woman with a thick body, big boobs and a big ass. Those are the thoughts which ran through my head as I spread Mina's plump black butt cheeks wide open and pushed my cock into her asshole. I dug my fingers into the big black woman's hips and shoved my cock deeper into her asshole. I asked her how she liked having my big black cock way up her ass. He grabbed a handful of Mildred's blonde-white hair and yanked the old white woman's head back while thrusting his big cock way up her ass. I felt Mina's plump body tremble as my cock spat its cum deep inside her asshole.


No One Saw Me Enter the Water

group justaddkatie 2018-10-31

Startled, I sat up quickly and noticed both Bob and Chris on the floor of the boat laughing. “You know, Natty, I still can’t believe they didn’t let you sing your own songs in that production.” Chris swayed with the movement of the boat. I’ll do anything you want, Bob.” I gazed deep into his eyes, only moving my gaze to watch the corners of his mouth turn up. I loved it when Bob touched my legs, and suddenly I didn’t care about Chris or his wandering gaze. I felt his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, my hips, the small of my back, and as much as his touch soothed me, it couldn’t compare to comfort I felt from the words Bob was whispering into my ear.

A Turned On Minister's Wife: In the Beginning

group Freelancer 2018-10-31

That particular Sunday morning, as I dressed for church, I slipped into a white, Empire waist tunic top and a very short, white, cotton miniskirt with nothing on under them except for a very skimpy white lace g-string. As my top fell away, Bob's hand slid up to take my nipple in his fingers, caressing it, squeezing it gently, I felt it grow even harder, fatter, longer until it felt like it was about to explode in his fingers. As the opening series of hymns came to an end and we started to sit down, Bob slid his hand out from under my top, sliding it slowly up my back to cup the back of my neck in his hand.

Ambitious Experiments

group forlorn 2018-10-31

Anna got on her knees and dragged her tongue from Leia's naval to her bra and took the shot glass in her teeth, tossing her head back to drink it's contents. Leia pulled Anna's hand and Anna grabbed a hold of Matt, dragging them to a booth table on the side emitting sapphire and cyan like radiation. Matt kissed Anna between the shoulder blades, feeling now the full force of every nerve in his body raging to be free. Leia came back at her, pulling on a fistful of red hair and kissing Anna fully. Anna clacked her teeth teasingly over Leia before relaxing her grip and pulling her hips against her body.

A gang bang with strangers

group nottheone 2018-10-31

You undo the first mans fly and free his cock, then you wrap one leg up around his waist and slowly draw his cock into your pussy, and you start your slow grind there on the floor, fucking this strange cock while dancing in the crowd. Looking around, you found one of the younger guys and pulled him to you, taking his hard cock into your mouth, sucking it hungrily and jacking it at the same time as you continued rocking back and forth against the cock in your ass. I pulled out of you and threw the man in my mouth on his back, right there under you so you could watch it all, and started sucking his cock ravenously.


Bank holiday camp - part 3 - 'Getting to know Mandy'

group BiUKSwinger 2018-10-31

“Would you like to come back to my Caravan for a Drink, and a get to know you chat?” Mandy said with a wink and a smile. Jess walked up to me, and said that Mandy had been telling her about me and how good a job I had done in the pool area fucking her in the ass. Jess let out several moans of pleasure as Mandy was probing with her tongue, and then Mandy reached out a hand and started wanking my cock slowly. I remembered how Mandy had enjoyed a good hard spanking while I was fucking her ass, so I now started doing the same to Jess.

OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Again

group ohgirl1 2018-10-31

Rudy had contracted with a low budget director in Mexico for me to shoot a gangbang movie in Tijuana over my last weekend and, even though I wasn’t happy with the news, I was kind of turned on about doing over 45 different Latino men whom Rudy had told me that they had hired to fuck me. Either the men were bi or they didn’t mind who’s ass they were fucking, but they stuffed their big cocks into my pussy too and I wasn’t complaining as I was fucked good and hard all night long.

The Department Store Ch.2

group jena121 2018-10-31

As I suckled her breasts and gently nibbled her large nipples, our breathing became heavier and deeper.   I lowered myself to the floor between her legs and spread her thighs.   I then took the opportunity to put my face between her lovely legs and began to lave and kiss her inner thighs, working my way up to her golden haired mound and pussy.   I finally reached the promised land and covered her cunt with my mouth.  My fingers found their way to her pleasure hole and while I licked and sucked her pussy and clit, I worked my fingers into her hot, wet cunt.

Jasmine Fantasies: Going Native

group silkstockingslover 2018-10-31

She could have flown, like she usually does, but it was spring, the snow was finally gone, her husband was away on one of his two week long work trips, it was a May long weekend and she figured she might as well take her time and enjoy the country she just never seemed to get to see. The girls did not, having spent the better part of their lives on the Rez. So, when the time came, Mom and Dad moved back to Oklahoma, and Piper and Peyton stayed put. Of course you can," Piper told her, and then lowered her lower lips to the reluctant girl's upper ones and started to fuck her face.