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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sybian Anticipation

group wirehouse 2017-11-02

The key to the whole experience is the constant return to making love, human contact, touching, massaging, calming exhilarating, coming, soothing, connecting. The Sybian is like that third shot of tequila that removes all inhibition without making her numb, but her heart and mind are so beautiful and loving that her absolute highest priority is to connect with and be protected and potentially taken by men not simply machine. Once I approve of Jerry, we'll bring up the stuff, set it all up while bantering, let Jerry grab a super quick shower if he'd like, and then calm the space and begin your four handed sensual massage. You climb back on the Sybian, and Jerry brings you to another orgasm, but you want the human touch.

Suite 69 Ch. 1

group daddyskitten 2017-11-02 little whore's pussy is so wet." Heather's hands go to my tits. "Now, Christine, Heather is going to lick the honey off your beautiful body and I know how close to cumming you must be but you are not to cum. "Massage her pussy with the honey." With her left hand she spreads my lips and with the right she begins to slowly spread the amber cream all over my swollen lips. I want you to suck her clit and when you make her cum make sure you get her juice all over your face and I want you to kiss love the taste of your own pussy don't you Christine?" "Ooh, yes!" Heather begins to erotically lick my pussy.

Life Ch. 11

group Jizaz_Jester 2017-11-01

Linzy held on to the back of my head and started kissing Joan to keep her from biting a hole in her lip as she kept grinding her pussy around on my dick. I could taste and smell the sweat beading up on my cousin's chest as I switched from pink nipple to the other; hear the girls moaning into each other's kisses; I could feel Joan's tunnel convulsing and contracting more as she rode my cock, and Linzy's tight little cunt trying to suck my fingers deeper and closer to her own climax. I wrapped my arms around Linzy's shoulders and pulled her to me to kiss her just as Joan started to open my cousin's back door with the lubed up tip of her bright red dildo.


Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 02

group uvlas45 2017-11-01

Sandra moved her hand slowly down through the waist bend and very smoothly started feeling my cock and my balls, trying to get a good idea of what is available. The feeling was great, one ball at a time and then my cock, her hand moving up and down very slowly, pumping my hardness. I opened her pussy lips to enjoy the beauty of nature's perfection, a look of appreciation at what nature can produce. Then slowly she started to relax, opened slightly her legs and immediately I pulled my hand away. As she started moaning I let off, moved my hands away, got on my stomach with my head between her legs, gave another look at the beauty of the small closed petals.

Hot August Summer Ch. 03

group CandleLit 2017-11-01

This time I made certain Amy was near Phillip while Marie and Clarisse started dancing together. Marie and Clarisse moved by, Clarisse running a hand through Phillip's hair and remarking, "I think he has found a new friend!" We broke up and moved towards the table, Amy not wanting to leave the dance floor and this new feeling. We went out into the hot night, Marie and Clarisse ahead, arm in arm; Amy between Phillip and I, holding our hands. Marie and Clarisse were holding hands now, and Amy could not keep herself from touching Phillip when they spoke. I lay between her legs, my cock nursed in Amy's mouth, and started kissing up Clarisse's thighs, her mouth busy on Marie's breasts, making urgent sounds.


Roomies Ch. 03

group GentleJake 2017-11-01

"You wouldn't dare," Ryan whispered in Angie's ear as he savored the taste of the sweat from the nape of her neck, "'cause now you know how good it feels in that little pussy." To accentuate the statement, he bit her lightly on the shoulder. "Anything we want?" Ryan said, and this time he lifted his pelvis away from me, sliding his cock across my pussy to its very tip, then positioned the tip of his dick against the entrance to my pussy and pressed softly, not quite enough to enter me. Ryan relaxed his thighs and slowly let the weight of his body press his cock into me, parting the folds of my pussy and plowing into my love canal.

Holodeck Discoveries Ch. 03

group CoolSideofthePillow 2017-11-01

In the last log, I explained how I had reconciled with the sexy Anessa Gordon, how I determined the contents of the other six memory chips and did some exploring in three of Annette's Holodeck programs, and finally I described my amazing encounter with Annette's sister. So the morning after my experience with Beth on the Holodeck, I got ready for work and made my way down to the hangar. Then she looked away and said in a softer, less exuberant tone, "You know Tim, Trey was my first. I called Trey the next day and we arranged to get together with Rosie." Noticing the anger rising in my face, she said, "Don't hate me Tim. I had always fantasized about being a part of something like that."



group querico44 2017-11-01

I said "Damn, you do give good head, I bet you fuck even better." She smiled coyly as she stood up and began rubbing her pussy as I lay there stroking my throbbing hard cock in front of her. She slid her hand inside them and played with her pussy and said "Is this what you want?" I sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down. "Lay down on the bed, I want to eat your beautiful pussy." She laid back as I spread her legs open and buried my face in her bush, licking her juicy pink cunt darting my tongue in and out.

Blossoming Ch. 04

group captive8ed 2017-11-01

Nic stood there never taking her eyes of Mark waiting for the door to be answered, her head swimming in anticipation of what was to come, or cum....Not unlike the man that she could not get out of her head, standing next to her, the feelings, thoughts, and sensations rocketing through her were intoxicating and she was loving it. They arrived at the door of Lana's room but before they went inside Lana turned to the two, looked deep into the eyes of Nicole first, put her right hand behind her head and drew her face to Nicole's and kissed her deeply and with a passion that almost sent Nic over the edge...Mark stood there and watched in amazement at the scene in front of him.


Blindfolded Surprise

group Jeanttesome 2017-11-01

She felt his hand move lower down her body, gently parting her legs he slid a finger slowly into her already slick pussy, proof of the aroused state she was already in. The combination of the sucking on her clit, alternated with long strokes of a tongue and the fingers moving in and out were beginning to cause her to shudder slightly. Moving it lower, until her fingers touched the other woman's pussy lips. Continuing to finger her lover's pussy she sucked the nipple into her mouth. Reaching up, she plunged two fingers then three into her pussy all the while continuing to lick and suck, sensing the other woman was moving close to cumming.


Mistaken Identity

group Barb36D 2017-11-01

“God Laura, I’m sorry, Honey,” said a dejected Jim, rolling off my naked body. He’s fucking you hard with his big cock, from behind,” Jim stated, with a little smile forming. “God Laura, you’ve even got that young girl looking down your blouse!” Observed Jim, while Jennifer went off to service the tables. “Uh, you guys are definitely a pleasure to watch, but I don’t know if everybody would appreciate it,” said Jennifer nervously. “So Jim, this guy you know from work –tell me more about him,” I said, watching his smile forming. “I suppose one contact sport I like is dancing,” I said coyly, watching his finger make its way down my forearm to my hand.


The Double Date That Didn't End Ch. 07

group bosombuddies 2017-11-01

When Ria finally pulled my face away, I saw that Tracy's shirt had turned completely transparent where I'd been licking-giving me a clear view of the buxom blonde's big pink nipples. Still wearing those ridiculously tight Hooters tank tops, Tracy and Ria brought their braless bosoms together above my lap, crushing my granite hardness within the paradise of four big, plump breasts. With Tracy busy down below, Ria climbed up onto the sofa and straddled my face-rubbing the crotch of her bright orange hot pants against my mouth. You spend a month and a half fucking Ria whenever you feel like it, and now all of a sudden you're jealous that I even suggest the possibility of us spending Valentine's day apart?


Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 28

group FinalStand 2017-11-01

"Greetings, students of Freedom Fellowship University; I believe we stand at the first step to a great, glorious, and blessed experiment," Vice Chancellor Dr. Victoria Scarlett began. "Yes," Christina said sarcastically, "being flippant with the Vice Chancellor backfired so spectacularly the first time, it definitely needed repeating." Her criticism really sucked because I always secretly wanted her to think well of me. "Iona, do that tech-thing that you do and inform the ladies that by the authority vested in me as mediator, I am reinstating myself as part of the Handmaiden's duty until...over half of the tribal leaders petition that I do otherwise," I announced. Apparently we need to." Oh, fuck-buckets; Hope had probably had the same instructions and blown them off; Heaven was going a different way.



group bigrimmstales 2017-11-01

"Oh, sorry, what did you say?" Alexa asked, forcing herself to look up into Zinah's eyes as she lay out on her bed with her hands under her chin and facing flat towards her friend. When her fingers found the depilated pad of her friend below, she hesitated slightly, but not for long as Zinah took her hand and encouraged her to slide between the open sex lips. And all the time her fingers relentlessly and rhythmically pleasured the olive-skinned beauty's clitoris and sex lips, making Zinah gasp and whimper and pant until she broke from their kiss to scream in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm took her senses completely away.


Sweet Demands Ch. 2

group Silentbob 2017-11-01

Joe came back on the Bed and slid underneath me, and then proceeded to shove his dick inside me where Ed was I was moaning with delight as I bobbed my head up and down on Bill's cock. Next Ed started to come, firing a shot deep in my ass, and then forcefully flipped me over, barely missing Joe, but having to release the cock in my mouth, and Ed started spraying his cum all over my body. I want you to shoot your load inside of me!" I said, I felt an orgasm coming through my body, and then it hit me like a load of bricks, "OH GOD!

A Sweet Life Ch. 2

group MrSteve 2017-11-01

Before I knew it, though, the door flung open and out stepped a very sexy, and naked, Amy. Her long tanned legs glowed in the dim light from outside, up to her shaved pussy, her crack barely visible, disappearing quickly between her legs. Amy's hands were on her beautiful breasts, kneading them and pinching her nipples while she looked towards the ceiling, eyes closed and a wide grin on her face. My hands just kept pumping as I tried to count how much I came, ten, eleven, twelve wads of my cum landed on Amy's face. I could feel my semi-erect cock pressed against bare pussy and the thought of fucking her came to mind, but was quickly dismissed when I looked at her peaceful face sleeping.


Camping Fun!

group Nayjo 2017-11-01

As my girlfriend continued jolting and bucking, Steve pulled his member out of her soaking wet pussy and pushed the end of his shaft against the opening of her arse. Listening to the groans of pleasure coming from her and the way she was gripping two handfuls of her sleeping bag as Steve slammed his big cock into her, I didn't rate my chances of stopping Jo even if I wanted to, so I quickly pulled on my jeans, unzipped the tent and dashed out in the rain to relieve myself. I couldn't watch from the sidelines any longer and seized my opportunity to force my rock-hard dick into my girlfriends mouth as she continued to be fucked by Steve.

Testing Kate

group Mentor de Lyon 2017-11-01

"We would love for you and Marc to come over for dinner Saturday night and afterwards Kate will fuck you to orgasm while we take video", Jen said. "Remember Sophie, whichever one of your hot little holes she is fucking when you cum is up to you, but to pass the test she has to bring you to orgasm with the strap-on," Jen instructed. Still wearing her black heels, thigh-highs and the glistening strap-on, Jen knelt next to Kate, stroked her young friend's hair and softy kissed her lips. Kate and Sophie stopped dancing to admire Jens naked breasts, long sexy legs, and her bare pussy accented by her black thigh highs and heels.


Bush Men from Vietnam

group gbgood 2017-11-01

"It's Patty Jo," said Niem, as he resumed pounding his cock into my pussy, "and she like fucking." "Ah, you like to be fucked," said Ngo, watching my big boobs bounce wildly as Niem ground away inside me. Finally, Ngo lifted my bound, naked body up into the air, while Niem took the rope and tied it to a beam which ran across the ceiling in the middle of the shop. Then, he yanked me downward, stretching my tits and driving seven hard, brown inches of Vietnamese cock up inside my ass. I ran my tongue all over Ngo's shaft, licking and flicking, and pulling on his cock head hoping to suck out every drop of his thick, white love juice.

Springtime in Paris

group LillaBerndt 2017-11-01

"It sounds like you're no longer worried about me being put off." Rachel had said with a smirk, but her mouth had gone completely dry at the look on Jason's face. Her panties were sopping wet at just the thought of him, burying his face in her pussy, then fucking her with that dick she had felt. She felt fire shoot through her body and she came hard on his dick, enjoying the feeling of extra tightness as her muscles contracted. Rachel didn't think it was very fair for Jason to ask her things after he had banged her; she was always in such a good mood she would do anything he wanted. Rachel had actually lifted her head to look at Jason at this.


Birthday Threesome

group BrettJ 2017-11-01

Cassie stroked his cock with her hand and sucks harder and faster,while his friend pounds away at her cunt, bringing her close to her first climax. The one with the huge cock - Jeremy, she realized - took the toy from her, while the other - Chad - went behind her and lined himself up with her ass. The toy slid in his hand as Chad fucked her dripping cunt,making her cum over and over. Chad then flicked his tongue in and out of her dripping wet pussy, tasting Cassie's sweet cum as she wanked him, making him hard again. Chad fucked her ass with the toy, while Jeremy pumped away at her pussy, and her mouth was full of cock.

Ellen's Long Weekend

group pristax 2017-11-01

Cute face. "Yes." "Yes." When I told her about puking in the car and wetting herself, she put her face in her hands and ran out of the room. "We should get a dog," I say. "A dog would be fun." Angie and Dick have that cute Collie from the SPCA." A Collie would be OK." He leads her by the hand to the bathroom and uses a warm wash cloth to wipe her face gently. There's quite a pause before she whispers: "Yes." "Yes, my sweet. Yes. I remember. Simon sits beside her on the sofa, caresses her back, grasps her jaw in his fingers and turns her face to kiss her.


Our First Threesome

group merlin007 2017-11-01

I took it in turns sucking down on our host and Mr M, I got them to stand together so that I could try to take both in my mouth at the same time, but only managed the tips which both oozed pre-cum and I licked and sucked each beautiful drop. I saw him wipe this other mans cock all over his face, and realized (just in time) that Kevin was loosing control and about to cum. I sucked with the condom on to make it as hard as it could be then I straddled him while holding the tip of his cock just inside my pussy lips.

Fun at the Pool Hall

group DooMyWife2 2017-11-01

After that, as she took several shots, I maneuvered around behind her to see how it looked and sure enough, when she bent forward, her ass cheeks were in plain view and if she spread her legs a bit and set her feet for a shot, my wife's cleanly shaved pussy lips would peek out between her thighs! As I walked around to that side of the table, my wife opened her eyes, looked at me, and made a face, kind of puckering her lips and blowing a little silent whistle, that told me she was enjoying having young John's hand/fingers on her pussy right there in the pool room!