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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Wyldefantasy 2017-11-01

We do what we do for pleasure, for the thrill of feeling another set of hands on our bodies, a strange mouth upon our cocks, and the satisfaction of knowing we've won the battle. "What does he want done?" I ask as he takes the whole of my cock deep into his mouth for a long, wet pull. Even in our enlightened country, should the laws change and bigotry ever gain a foothold, people like you and I could be protected from laws intended to tear us apart, long-lived as we are, if we were married." He takes my hand, holds it tightly. My lover steers us both to the cushions at the center of the room and he holds my hand in a gentlemanly fashion as he asks our guest, "So...


Slave to my beautiful wife

group FreakyLady 2017-11-01

My wife is actually bisexual and she was getting so turned on just looking at me and thinking how attractive of a woman I was transforming into and thought how nice it would be to have me lick here pussy as a sexy woman for her. I took the head of his cock and squeezed the pre-cum out and my wife came down next to me and kissed me and tasted his pre-cum but also smelled your pussy on my face too. My wife was not satisfied by a long shoot and told the tranny “does your cock still work” the tranny said absolutely its harder then the guy fucking your lover face over there.

Carley Ch. 06

group JapleinViera 2017-11-01

The countryside zipped by and, as usual, I was amazed at the amount of farmland and just plain wilderness that covers large parts of northern Italy. Most streets are only five to ten feet wide with four or five story buildings on both sides. I bought Carley a gelato. Carley admired the old buildings and complained bitterly about the spray-painted graffiti covering every available wall. You behaved as a gentleman should. "My mother died when I was only two years old. I still behave in a selfish and aloof manner sometimes. I demand respect and politeness from others, though. Her back was against the wall. "Uhhhhhh, Ahhhh, Ohhhhhh, Mmmmmm." "Uhhhhhh, yessss!" That was twelve years ago.


Maximilian and the Group Project

group Anabasis 2017-11-01

The brunette was a girl named Marisa, Max had always been stunned looking at her, not only was her face a perfect heart shape, plump red lips, large brown eyes, the picture of beauty, her father owned the best Italian restaurant in town. "Cloe and I thought you might want to do a restaurant?" Stated Elsie, "We heard you like food an awful lot." "Ok, that actually sounds pretty fun!" Marisa looked up sharply into Max's eyes then flushed slightly. Marisa looked pleased to get out of the hot room, and Elsie and Max asked for some cold drinks. Max turned his chair to the desk to hide the bulge in his pants just in time as Marisa and Cloe entered the room.


The Circle Ch. 47

group SteveWallace 2017-11-01

I have verifiable evidence that he's been getting kickbacks on construction contracts in the area, that he's running a high level protection racket on a few leaders of local businesses, and most recently that he was involved in the murder of an aide named John Ayn about two weeks ago." She paused, "I have lots more, but this summarizes the more egregious and verifiable things on the list." Rod looked horrified, "I went into this business, even kept my finger on the news area, because I wanted stuff like this to come out. Here is a video shot by a hidden eyewitness of Senator Clement and City Police Lieutenant Carl Brennan dumping and arranging the body to make his death look like a suicide.


A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 02

group Linda Jean 2017-11-01

I sat there on the hassock and I was shocked at what I was watching, I could see my own eyes on the video and my own lust clearly showed as I knelt there in front of him in his room on my knees stroking his big fat cock with both of my hands waiting to be told what else that he wanted me to do for him today before I took my wedding vows.


Close Encounters (of a Sexual Kind) Ch. 02

group CiaoSteve 2017-11-01

Van spun round on the bed so that she was facing the cock and slowly took it in her mouth, a little at first then a bit more at a time. Moving his head upwards he started to lick up and down her slit, causing the young Van to stop what she was doing as she felt the tingle of electricity coming from his tongue as he lapped his way over the millions of nerve endings covering her pussy and clit. The image returned to Van lowering herself onto his cock, just enough for the head to stretch her pussy lips open before he pulled her down on his shaft.


Behind the Door

group CatherineSilver 2017-11-01

Judy was on her hands and knees leaning over Darrell who was laying on his back propped up on a pillow so she he could watch his stunning wife as she took his hard cock into her hungry mouth. Victoria stood next to the bed and watched closely as Judy licked her husband's balls and began taking then individually into her mouth, carefully sucking on them. I want Darrell to get a good look at you." Her voice was back to that of an angle A bit taken aback by the two different Judys that seem to be in the room, Victoria hesitated for a moment but then began lifting her shirt over her head and then she stepped out of her panties.

Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy Ch. 04

group 64park 2017-11-01

"I want you to jizz on me so badddd!" The lusty fury of her pumping fist and slimy tongue snaking up and down his penis sent Chris into immediate orgasm, and Jennifer listened to her boyfriend grunt as semen spurted out of his dick, landing on her face and splattering onto her shoulder as she continued to masturbate both him and herself. With his own girlfriend's body being plastered with cum, Chris felt the jism from those men cumming all over Jennifer splattering all over his own body ,but the taste of Jennifer's excited cunt in his face as he ate her with semen spewing all over her gorgeous, lithe body made Jennifer cum, and as she masturbated her boyfriend with jizz spewing all over, Chris came immediately with her!

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 02

group yoursilentknight 2017-11-01

"I hope you don't mind but I invited Sarah to hang out with us a little after school," Jenn said with a smile. As I remembered my birthday kisses from the girls my hormones took over again and I started to look at Sarah the same way I had been looking at Summer earlier. "So are you thinking about State too?" Sarah asked when we walked into Jenn's house reverting back to our conversation from the parking lot. "I want you to fuck me like the naughty girl I am," Jenn said on screen. Once I walked on screen, Sarah finally commented, "Nice ass, Steve." She was now starting to sound a little turned on, and I could hear noticeable changes in her breathing.


Girl Talk

group peterswiftt 2017-11-01

I felt my husband at the side of the bed now and he lightly rubbed my breasts and worked the crotch of my panties pressing them against my anus and up into my vaginal lips and in the cool air conditioning, I could feel them start to get warm and wet. I felt him stand and as he slowly rubbed my lower belly with his left hand, I felt his right come up from the inside of my thighs and kind of pull and gently pinch my plump outer lips and I knew at that moment that I was becoming extremely wet.

Laurie Gets Satisfied

group tabber 2017-11-01

Laurie carefully stood up in the seat of a desk in the backrow and pulled her skirt all the way up, baring her ass. Laurie turned the corner and headed to her house ready to quickly pull into her driveway, slam the car into park, and give herself the orgasm she needed so badly. Jim was pounding at her pussy, slamming as hard as he could while her pussy milked the last drops of his cum from his cock. Having just had his cock sucked while watching her getting fucked by his buddy, Brian was on the verge of cumming. She gave him a smile and said, "Okay, I know what you want." She sat up and took his cock in her mouth.


Brain Suckers From Zork Ch. 01

group LB_2006 2017-11-01

Karen turned to me and said, "You get the fire going, and I'll work with Hope to get some clothes on her friend. "No need to apologize, but we should get some clothes on your friend before she freezes to death." Karen reached out her hand and helped Hope get up from the floor. Hope's hand found Karen's right breast, and she began to gently stroke the nipple. Karen let out a moan and a twitch, and my tongue began to work its way up the outside of her labia, across her clit and down the other side. Hope moved into position and began to suck and bite at Karen's nipples.

Three Blown Down

group KingofNeptune 2017-11-01

"AutoZone before I came here, I was bending over to look at the prices on the coolant and the sales clerk came over asking if I needed help and he rubbed my pussy." "I can see how that would happen, you do have it on display," I replied "What did you do?" Then she turned around to me and said, "I let him finger fuck me. The door began to open and Jeremiah walked in just in time to see Eric pump one last time and dump his load down Nadine's throat. He pulled his dick from his mouth and made her suck and lick his balls for a few minutes before returning to face fucking her.

How I Met My Wife

group Lance_DeLonge 2017-11-01

"Our red headed vixen Mary will be here a little later, she's running a little late," Ron went on about Carol's husband Michael currently sliding his cock into his wife Lynne's protruding bottom, but for that moment the world seemed to stop turning. I could pick Carol's husband out of the growing group of men that had gathered around the two, stroking his engorged cock as his daughter weathered the torrent of lust that the black guy was directing against her. As I began to feel the first tingles of climax, Mary stopped, her hand gripping my cock at the root, staving off my pleasure and leaving me gasping, my eyes pleading for the release I sought so desperately.


The Trip Ch. 07

group Jake68 2017-11-01

Jane might bump into Terri and give her a quick kiss or Shona might have to squeeze past Barry, grabbing his cock as they slipped past one another. Since leaving school Shona was the only girl that Jane had had but the emotions surrounding the past few days had added to the passion she now experienced with Terri and Beth. Jane and Shona decided to take turns with Barry, each showing Beth and Terri their different skills. "Now, look up at him, show him you want him," Shona said to Beth, just before she dropped her mouth, engulfing Barry's hard cock completely. "So can you tell Beth who is the better cocksucker, me or Shona?" Jane asked, batting her beautiful blue eyes at Barry.


Speed Sex

group alfric 2017-11-01

There's also the cost of sundries like cock rings, condoms and spermicidal lubricants, and the committee charges a fee to cover out-of-pocket expenses. It took most of the day before I could pluck up the courage, but I rationalized that just sending an e-mail wouldn't commit me to anything and it would be interesting to find out what sort of perversions were involved with his speed fucking club. Instead I followed the instructions to head to the motel's breakfast room, where I found an attractive, smartly dressed, slightly older woman waiting, wearing a badge identifying her as 'Ruth'. "Any thoughts on what position you'd like," said Eddy, as he unfoiled a condom and peeled it over his straining cock.


Sharing is Caring

group alavia 2017-11-01

Mark sighed and looked over to me, then blushing and casting down his gaze, saying to Josef: "You are the best friend a man could ever want, but you cannot give your girlfriend to me that easily. Josef came over and helped me out of the dinner dress as Marks hot lips teased my skin and his strong hands cupped my little breasts and rubbed my hot nipples. Then he pinched my nipple and made me whimper as he grasped the collar's forward looking ring, pulled me closer and whispered coarsely into my ear that he now wanted me to suck off his friend, and do my best to make him feel very good about himself and his manhood.

New Neighbors Ch. 01

group WestDenverM 2017-11-01

I'm not sure when it started, but I found myself thinking of Frank wearing those skin-tight spandex bike shorts, while he watched Cindy grab my cock. Wondering if you wore underwear with shorts like that, and concluding that Frank, at least, did not, I turned to my left as I stood, intending to ask Cindy if she found the lug wrench. As I set the wrench down and started to slide the floor jack under the frame, Cindy leaned down on my right with her hands on her knees, giving me another glimpse of her cute little breasts. Um, sorry!" I said, trying to set the tire between my legs and turning my head toward Cindy and Frank.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 50

group SteveWallace 2017-11-01

To put matters to rest and ease my concerns, a new shell corporation of Worthington Industries clandestinely bought the Air Ranch Airport and Flight School, including all assets that included the land, hangers, buildings, maintenance facility, and ten aircraft. Thus, just after all the facility improvements had been made and time booked with Wes and Scott, two of my girls reported everyday to Air Ranch for all day flight training and ground school. When the girls calmed down, Wes talked about what had been done to improve the runway, and how to make the new FAA-approved lights come on when we were flying in the area by clicking the microphone five times on a certain frequency.


Sheree's 40th birthday bang

group 2017-11-01

Once she was down to the lace I tied her to the bed and called a friend in a room on the same floor of the hotel, who had 5 guys all under 22 waiting to fuck her as a surprise gang bang. It only took a few minutes for them to get there and I introduced Sheree as the birthday girl and told tehm that they could do whatever they wanted to her for the whole night as long as no permanant damage took place. One guy asked if they could invite freinds, I said that was fine with me as long as they shared the rules.

Explorers Ch. 14

group T@nman 2017-11-01

Marcia pushed herself up on her elbows, 'I think a little patch of hair looks better than a completely bald pussy.' She laughed, 'The diamond is just for fun.' She leaned back then turned on her side, 'May I ask you something?' Marcia pulled my cock out of her mouth, 'I feel full.' She grinned, 'You better fuck me because I'm going to cum soon .' 'I laughed,' Your wish is my command.' I got up on my knees, moved closer and pressed my cockhead against Marcia's ass, 'Here I come.' My cock slipped back into her butt. After I snapped several pictures of her gaping asshole, Marcia used her fingers of one hand to spread her pussy lips.


Kindred Sluts Ch. 02

group sexagenerian66 2017-11-01

"So, Let me try some things I think I know about you and see how I do, okay" I asked her. Mark was getting her off with his fingers and she looked at me with her lusty eyes, you know like you saw last night, and asked me to suck her off. Wendy had been right though, because after a few sucks she took some pillows and pushed them under Mark's head so she could slide off the sofa and join him on her knees at my cock. This was the second time Mark and Donna had double teamed my cock and balls. I did as she said eager to watch Donna eat Mark's cum out of that beautiful cunt.

Breeding Jenna

group PhillyGuy88 2017-11-01

"Yeah," Jenna continued, "We've been married for almost six years, I just think it's time." Sadly, we had to forgo our new tradition of fooling around before leaving for work as we didn't want cum oozing from Jenna's pussy when the doctor took a look at it. As soon as we got inside I threw her down on the couch, my sex drive now set to fuck her in the morning like clockwork. "That was wonderful," Jenna said, "I love you cumming inside of me." "We decided that we need someone else to get Jenna pregnant," I said as their eyes perked up, "We're going to have a party with a few other guys this Saturday and we want everyone to fuck her and cum inside her."