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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy Anniversary, My Love

group MzEHoolia 2017-11-01

As you play with the outside of my lips, I rub the tip of my thumb over the hole, smearing the precum around the head of your hard as steel cock and then bring my hand to my mouth to lick the precum off of my thumb. I walk back to Leyla and leave another welt on her other ass cheek, but this time I lean over to soothe the redness with my tongue as I reach around with my hand to feel how wet she is. I suggest a new position by pulling your face from Leyla's pussy, putting Leyla on all fours while you slide your cock in and out of her while Leyla continues to suck on my clit but this time, where you can see all of the action.

Bra Shop Finds HUGE Male Model

group twoup 2017-11-01

"Now steady on there babe, I know your getting all excited by the thought, shit look at you you're a mess, your tits look like they about to explode, your pussy is literally dripping on the chair and your gasping for air, shit are you cumming, are you cumming just by looking at a photo of this guy!!" asked Brad. I was feeling extremely horny and Brad wouldn't be home for a few hours to give a good fucking with his own massive cock so I sat back and closed my eyes imagining what it would be like to be in the arms of this big dicked Adonis.


An Indian Orgy Ep. 01

group anirban2601 2017-11-01

As I opened my eyes I saw Rajni laying next to me, as Anthony worked on her pussy with his tongue. As I squeezed her breast, I looked at Ritu to see that she was fondling Ghosh's cock as she sucked on mine. I now started creasing her nipple with my teeth and Anthony worked hard and fast on her clit as his fingers burrowed into her pussy. He was laying down between Ritu's legs as she rubbed her pussy over his face and sucked my cock at the same time. By this time Chaya had cummed thrice and looked exhausted as she slumped down, her ass still in the air, and cumm oozing out of her pussy.

Am I Bi?

group CRWestminster 2017-11-01

I thought maybe I was ready to give Michelle the experience of a two-man threesome. In response, I plunged my tongue deep within Michelle's hot sex, licking and teasing her as she rubbed herself against my mouth. Understanding, she came over and began sharing my cock with Robert, the two of them taking turns sucking on it. I found myself reaching out to take Robert's tumescent cock in my hand, pulling and massaging it until it became long and hard. Michelle lay back with her hips elevated, enjoying Robert's cock in her. He watched us for a time before reaching between my legs, pulling my cock back, laying on his back and taking it in his mouth once more.

Gang Makes Me Their Virgin Cockslut

group Sexyalexissss 2017-11-01

He starts thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth fast and hard, and tears come to my eyes. My body is shaking in anticipation as the man pulls his cock out of my mouth, then shoves it all the way into my throat. Josh grabs his cock fans slaps it against my clit and rubs it on my now soaking pussy lips. I start moving with Josh's thrusts, his balls slapping my ass and dick rubbing my clit. I pull the cock out of my mouth to protest, but the man shoves it right back in, holding my head to him. As the other men starting slapping their cocks on me, I grabbed Josh's dick with my hands and stroked him so hard.

Center Piece

group LesLumens 2017-11-01

Now, you're going to let me return the favor." Autumn faintly heard a man's voice, and then Summer added, "Brian says there are some job openings in the building where he works, too." Their lips met yet again as Summer's hands slipped beneath the open blouse and glided slowly up Autumn's sides. The first time they'd tumbled into bed together, the blonde had spent nearly a half hour building her friend to a fever pitch before her lips touched Autumn's breasts. Summer had taken her plea for relief seriously and Autumn felt the button on her pants pop open at the same time as the blonde's bra. Both women whimpered when Autumn pinched the blonde's nipples and Summer cupped her friend's sex, pushing one finger tight into the cleft.


The Long Walk Home

group mattwatt43 2017-11-01

"Missy," Curly said in a nasty voice, "You weren't very friendly to my friend Juan, who only wanted a little kiss. "She likes that, Juan," Earl said, as he and Curly now joined the group of them groping at Sarah's exposed breasts. They rode on a bit, Earl, Curly and Poke now riding behind her to watch the twitch of her ass cheeks, as she walked along, the ass cheeks framed by the white of her under drawers, and her hands still tied to Juan's horse. "Well, it's this way, Sarah," Curly said, "Up to now all we've done is some kissing and petting, not really big things but now we want all your cooperation.


Four For Fun

group sharon_sharin_sex 2017-11-01

Mike yells out that he doesn't want Jason cumming all over in his car so he finds a towel under the seat while Carmen is bringing him close. James starts sucking her tits and her nipples became rock hard pretty quick. Carmen is still enjoying her ride on Mike and sucking on James when Jason rubs his cockhead around her asshole. She starts fingering James ass which gets him off and he is getting ready to cum as Jason is pounding away on her ass. Mike goes to get some beers while James is getting his cock rubbed by Carmen. Pretty soon he is stroking away at a rapid pace while Mike is on his knees in front of her and soon getting his cock sucked.



group jkjkram 2017-11-01

She leaned forward, placing her tits onto Jesse's face, and started moving back and forth on his dick.  Soon I pulled out and she got off of Jesse and laid on the couch. Jesse soon pulled out and shot his cum onto her big belly. She grabbed Jesse's dick and he fucked her hand. He got between her legs again and started fucking her pussy and I stood beside them, jerking my dick. "I wanted to cum with my dick inside her" I told Jesse.  Just please fuck me again!!" Jesse and I both took our condoms off and started jerking our dicks. Jesse laid down, Sami got on top of him, pushing his dick inside of her.

Bus Ride

group 2017-11-01

He then stood up and slid his cock into my pussy, I yelled “ fuck me you son of a bitch and fuck me hard.” This time I screamed when I blew my nut causing the dick in my mouth to blow its load deep into my throat. Then I heard the drivers voice say, “nobody has fun on my bus without me and my wife is riding and wants to have fun also..” I got up and started to refuse and he yelled at the guys, “ hold the little cunt down.” I began to panic and his wife began to stroke my breast and kiss my neck.

Satisfaction Attained

group onlyinadream 2017-11-01

"Come on in." Claire opened the door and motioned for Bree to enter. Bree did so quickly and Claire closed the door behind her. "So what do you feel like?" Claire asked Bree. Claire liked Danny; he was a senior along with Bree. Claire went to the kitchen and Bree and Danny followed after a minute. Bree and Danny sat on stools at the counter and watched Claire move about the kitchen. She saw Bree and Danny watching television, so she went to bed content. She moved as far to the right as she could, and sure enough, she saw Bree's head bobbing in Danny's lap. "I said it was fine." Claire realized he was now apologizing to Bree.


Cream Of The Crop Ch. 1

group Manjaro_Eve 2017-11-01

As Carrie fought to keep the car under control without benefit of power steering, she was thankful for straight road and a wide shoulder. Carrie emerged from the corn rows just in time to watch a long, shiny aluminum trailer with the words Navajo Trucking Company, next to an Indian-head logo, flash by. As Carrie started to open her door, a large, black dog came bounding toward her side of the truck, followed by a strikingly attractive, young man no older than eighteen. It seemed to Carrie that the hard work demanded of farm life, and the healthy food, and fresh air, combined to help these men flourish physically.


My First Time Ever Masturbating

group LuisFerDDL 2017-11-01

As a result of this I grew up to have a fetish with boys (and girls) of my school in uniform (grey trousers, white short sleeve shirt, red and blue tie and a blue blazer), even though I'm not gay. After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, I decided I should ask my best friend, Louis Fer, about it, he is tall, really thin, white and had long straight hair. After a couple of minutes my b*****r told me that perhaps I could help Louis Fer with his dick, as it felt better if someone else did it.


group Richard019283 2017-11-01

I was nursing the second drink when a tap on the shoulder brought my attention to an old high school classmate – Steve Wilson. The video started with a typical model type shoot - lights against a backdrop with his wife moving this way and that while the photographer took roll after roll of film – but then it moved in to close-ups. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a classmate's whirlpool watching a video of his wife striptease. Although it seemed like a very long time, only a few minutes must have passed because when I looked up, his wife was still on the video.

Hot College Threesome Ch. 02

group engine1844 2017-11-01

The feeling of Michelle's mouth on my cock as she explored my oily, fit body with her hands and nails was driving me crazy; I could see Brad in front smiling back at me like a fox, but friendly. I watched for a few minutes from behind as the muscles in Brad's back and ass contracted and relaxed as he gave my girl the fucking of her days; she was moaning like a bitch in heat, incoherently, and kept repeating how his cock was so huge, how he was so fucking strong. "Fuck it, Dave, just do it, man...look..." he grabbed the base of his cock and waved the head close to my face, "it's even got your girl's hot pussy-spit on it, it will make it easier for you," he smiled.


An Eye for Body Language

group gtacouple 2017-11-01

Just like the fact that I could drop this fork, and someone would watch my breasts as I stooped to pick it up." There was an awkward silence, followed by gales of laughter as the two couples went from feeling sexual vibes to dismissing Ginny's comment as humourous. Denise, stopped, eyes closed, and smiled with thoughts of how unique it was to feel another woman's hand teasing her clitoris. Jeff, on his side, was already nicely aligned with Ginny, whose hand began to stroke the cock of her husband's close friend. Quickly, however, this was remedied, as Denise put her head on top of his thigh and watched at close proximity while her lithe little hand rose from Dan's balls to the base of his thick cock.

Two Cocks for Cherry

group ErosManV 2017-11-01

Cherry grunted and moaned as I slid its seven-inch length in and out of her ass while I tongued her clit and she exploded orgasmically once again. She said it made her want to be fucked unmercifully by a pair of cocks, and to become nothing more than a mouth, pussy and ass in a submissive slut fantasy. Cherry also told me that while the guy was fucking her doggy-style he'd slapped her ass sharply a few times and it excited her. My porno fantasy came true when I got sucked off and delivered a cum shot in a video called "Party Pigs 3." I got blown by a rather notorious amateur video slut who was getting fucked doggie-style by another guy at the same time.


The Divorcees Club

group cruiser_2015 2017-11-01

Suzanne had positioned herself just right for me to play with her breasts, fondle her smooth warm thighs, reach round behind her to fondle her bottom and tickle her up and down bum crack, and to run my hands between her legs to finger her pussy and ruffle her cunt hair while her fingers roamed lightly over my chest, the insides of my thighs and my balls. After long sweet minutes of Tracey's lips and Suzanne's fingers giving my penis exquisite sex pleasure while I played with their naked bodies and watched Jade pleasure herself, Suzanne's hand stroking and tugging my shaft sent my semen spurting.

Night at the Club

group pjlush 2017-11-01

Then I'm hoping you'll let her bend over and pull that dress down enough to suck on your lovely looking tits, and nipples while I fuck her and watching your tits glistening will no doubt make me cum nice and hard in her pussy". You look up to see her boyfriend standing now watching excitedly and then you feel her moan and suck your whole right nipple in her mouth as he pushes his cock into her pussy. Your eyes open and you look up at the guy , he starts to shake, then I watch him push his cock into your mouth and jerk. Licking your lips and watching the guys tongue on your tits, and then looking up to me seeing me moaning with each push into your pussy.


Blizzard Of Ahhhs by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2017-11-01

things worse." Then Lisa pushed her cunt into Sarah's ass, making you want?" said Sarah and she walked up to Tia and French kissed. Sarah began to pull her thumb from Tia, and Lisa grabbed her hand and what you need." Lisa handed Sarah a weird looking dildo. Lisa and Sarah walked over to Leah who was catching her breath. Sarah felt flush with desire as she slowly rubbed Lisa's cunt and Tia squirted some shaving cream on Sarah's pussy hair and slowly Immediately Lisa and Leah walked over and grabbed onto Sarah's feet. Tia sucked in one of Sarah's cunt lips and rolled it around with her Leah and Lisa had a unusually good fill of cum from Sarah spent

Camping Slut

group Txmilfchick 2017-11-01

I closed the door and went back to Bec. She had done as I asked and stayed completely spread on the bed behind me, so I know J got a good show. J and I were in the lake swimming, watching Bec. She took off her bikini bottoms (she was already topless), spread her legs on the deck and played with her pussy for us for a good 10 minutes. It was incredible hot seeing her completely exposed in public knowing that at any time a ranger could drive by (they had already come by twice that night!) or our friends could come out of the camper to go to the bathroom, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Railway Slut Adventures Ch. 02

group geronimo_appleby 2017-11-01

The old man's penis was as fat as a fire hose and very long indeed and as I took this monster deep in my belly I had one guy shooting spunk into my mouth whilst another sprayed my tits with his hot goo. The man held my hips and fucked my tight arse, grunting as he did so and soon I had a load of spunk dripping from that hole as well. He started to slide in and out of Jody and I watched her thick labia cling to the shaft of James's cock as he pulled almost free of her body before slamming back home hard.

Harry, Kate & Jan Ch. 11

group OVERLAND 2017-10-31

Harry looked out of the window as Kate rolled over towards him and grasped his erect cock. Harry thought that Kate's cunt still felt hotter than the bath water. Kate's breasts were squashed hard to Harry's chest and his cock was nestling between her thighs. Josie and Martin asked lots of questions; about the heat, did anybody see and guess what they were doing and were Harry and Kate embarrassed. Four naked breasts and as Martin tried to attract Harry's attention Kate leant over and began to suckle one of Josie's big hard nipples. Josie leaned in and soon Martin's cock was also very wet as she sucked hard on him.


The Ex Returns

group TaraNSean23 2017-10-31

Several months ago my wife got an instant message from a long lost boyfriend, Mike. My wife, Sharon told me that Mike's job required him to travel a lot and this is what gave him the liberty to talk like they did. Sharon went and grabbed some beers for the guys and got herself a "Lemonade beer." We just sat, talked and drank for what seemed like hours. Sharon had one hand holding my cock and the other one was rubbing her clit as Mike licked her out. As soon as I penetrated her and began pushing she stopped sucking his cock but held it closely to her face. "All right guys, your turn" Mike pulled out and knelt down next to her head across from me.