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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hamster Fantasy

group 2017-10-31

“Don’t come in her mouth”, Missy told her husband, and he pulled my mouth from his cock. I stood up and walked to her and as I was bending over to lick her she roughly pulled my head between her legs, forcing my face into her wet shaved pussy. I wanted to enjoy licking Missy, but at the same time wanted to concentrate the feeling of her husband’s long strokes into my ass. “Get on your knees and clean his cock so he can fuck me”, Missy told me as she pushed my head away from he pussy. I walked to my room, come still leaking from my well fucked ass.

Neighborhood Watch Ch. 04

group glendale22 2017-10-31

We had barely sat down when Amy asked, "So, Katie, if I overheard correctly at the party, Aaron shaved his pubes at the beach too?" Then looking at Katie, she said, "Sorry, I was just remembering Aaron's penis and thinking how it would be to hold it." Katie said, "This time, what you show is what you share." Turning to Amy, she asked, "Still think you'd like to get your hands on Aaron's penis?" Katie then asked, "Wouldn't you like to get your hands on Keith's penis while Gretchen played with Ross's? Grant and Eve would be with Amy and Jerry, meaning Amy would have to wait to get her hands on Aaron's penis, and meaning that the only couple left for Ross and me was Keith and Gretchen.


Follow The Yellow Prick Road

group Pussyrider 2017-10-31

Whereas Mamie had the slightly pinched face I had associated in my mind with midgets, Rachel, like Randy, had pretty regular features. I really felt that I should get home; yet I meekly allowed Randy to draw me to my feet, and he and Mamie each took one of my arms. Suddenly my boobies felt as if they had caught fire as two little mouths closed over them, Randy chewing on my right nipple, Mamie flicking the left with her tongue. I heard a load moan, right inside my head, in a voice that sounded a little like my own. A moment later, I felt warm, chubby thighs rub against my cheeks, and from above me Mamie's voice husked, "I'd like some of what you're getting too, sugar."


The Party

group Beejayne 2017-10-31

A big man who Rob knew as Hank came and sat the other side of Liz, where Amy had been sitting. It seemed to Rob that it went on and on, fucking, fucking, until finally Hank pulled away and stood up, and standing over Liz started to masturbate until, the final indignity, his sperm splattered her face as she lay with her head back, her mouth open. Liz licked the slime off her lips and lay still for a moment, legs apart showing the pinkness of her vagina through her red pubic hair, then realizing how she was displaying herself, pushed her skirt down and started to get up.

Who's Behind The Curtain?

group WayneGibbous 2017-10-31

She certainly looked happy sucking whoever's cock it was and in a few minutes, the blanket was shuddering back and forth with some moans from the other side as she backed away, turned to us, opening her mouth showing us the stringy strands of cum, and then said, "The next guy can come in now." Watching the other four was getting interesting as I saw Shawn lay down next to the pool on his side with his leg up as Val lay her head on his thigh taking his cock in her mouth while she raised her leg to give access for Craig to get his head up to lick her while Tonya completed the circle sucking Craig and getting her pussy attended to by Shawn.


Pool Boy Ch. 16

group BigZeke13 2017-10-31

I had lifted myself up on my elbow so I could watch Danielle's pussy spasm as George's cock pushed in and out at an increasing pace and then out and into Alexis' mouth for a couple strokes. Danielle pulled back from Alexis' clit and my cock and said, "George. Alexis said, "Danielle, you look like you want a shot at Hunter's cock. When Alexis was sure she had got it all, she pulled off George's glans and rolled his cum around in her mouth with her tongue. She opened her mouth and stuck out her curled up tongue to show Danielle, who giggled and pushed her face close to Alexis and they shared Georges' cum load.


Online Ch. 5

group MorningStar 2017-10-31

I love soaking in a whirlpool when the water's hot and deep, covering my entire body, sliding down so just my head is above the water, watching my breasts float gently, seeing the nipples soften and relax like the rest of the muscles are doing, then moving back up so those same nipples are exposed to the cooler air of the room.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm..oh yes....I love soaking in a whirlpool. Hubby placed my leg on his shoulder and used his other hand to isolate my clit and let the first jet's stream hit just the exposed nub, pushing the hood back with the power of the water.

The Third Wheel Pt. 02

group ThomasXXWilliam 2017-10-31

Cassie lowered herself and positioned her face directly in front of Alison's stomach, delicately kissing around her naval every chance she could get. Cassie slowly picked up the pace of her fingers as she started to French kiss Alison's eager slit, alternating between gentle strokes and sucking on her tiny clit. The touch of Jason's tongue drove Cassie wild, and she knew she had to have him inside of her. Oh yeah, harder baby...deeper..."cried Cassie while Alison moaned in pleasure. Alison took this chance to put herself on top of Cassie's face, giving her access to continue using her talented mouth. Just as Jason felt him swelling up to release his seed deep inside Cassie, she moved off of him and stopped the oncoming orgasm.

My Marine Corps Adventure

group Countess DeWinter 2017-10-31

Finally, he said he had a surprise for my birthday that he’d like to give me, but I would have to stand and close my eyes first. He then led me to one of his roommates bed (or rack, as they say in the Corps) and tied my cuffed hands to the head of the bed. He took his time, gently sliding his hands over my breasts, tweaking my hard nipples, then dipping lower to tease my wet slit. “I think you’re Tanner,” I said, speaking of the roommate on whose rack I was tied. “Good guess!” Tanner replied, then spread my legs and thrust his hard cock into my hot pussy.

Our First Night

group Raelinn69 2017-10-31

Tender kisses covering the length of your neck finding their way to your lips…MMMM, finally our lips meet, our tongues dance within each other’s melody and I exhale. My right hand rubbed down your chest and down your stomach I wanted to feel my finger tips on your flesh. As I watched the way her body moved, totally controlled by the music and the sight of you and I, I began to feel myself wanting her to join us. Sliding up and down your cock I lick her clit and your shaft rubbing her clit with my fingers and sucking your balls one at a time rolling them in my other hand.

The Card Game

group SlutKathy 2017-10-31

"Yeah," I said as I looked back down the road towards the house "But I did not see any other girls and only a few cars in the driveway, we better come back later and check it out again. With the skirt back almost to my ass I provided all the truckers at the counter a good look my long legs even some bare thigh above my stocking tops before standing up. But, seeing a new trucker entering the place, Cindy dropped her purse and bent over at the waist letting the trucker get a nice long look at her ass encased in her body hugging dress.


Divorce, Debt & Sex

group amberspice88 2017-10-31

I just lay back and let Geoff fuck me right there on the sofa I did not care much because I was on the point of orgasm and I wanted it so badly. Geoff got into Angela beside me, we held hands together as Geoff fucked her leaning against me and I could feel them both moving together while having sex. Geoff wanted me again and turned me over onto my knees and got behind me and began humping me. When he pulled out of me Angela got down on him and sucked his cock hard again and then he fucked her on her knees again in front of me. Geoff told me that Angela said to have the day off and later on he was taking me out.


group Kavaks girl 2017-10-31

Kimmie came around and stood behind her, and began touching Rob's chest and mouth, placing her fingers mimicking as Sherry took his hot cock deep in her mouth, slowly gently...exploring and tasting. They pulled apart as Rob set Kimmie on her knees and spread her legs, he got on all four and watched as Sherry lay flat on the ground and reached for him, and began to suck on his hot hard cock some more. Kimmie stopped as he reached out and took Sherry's hand and brought her to him, kissed her deeply then he had her straddle his face and he began to lick, suck and nibble on her pussy.

Players Ch. 02

group Synthia 2017-10-31

We are three empty nester married couple friends in our mid to late forties, Bob and Lisa, Ted and Cindy, and myself, Laura, and husband Jim. We had recently embarked on our own little swingers group, just trading partners and sucking and fucking in separate bedrooms, and thoroughly enjoying the thrill of our planned mutual adultery. I thought I might at least see Lisa with her long legs wrapped around Ted and her heels up his ass urging him on as Bob had once commented. I sat down in the chair and told Ted and Lisa, "Don't mind me." I think they were a little nervous to be performing before an audience of one, but I suspected once their juices got flowing they would forget about it.

The Gift of Mr. X

group Queen Bee 2017-10-31

He reached out and took them over from Ted, pressing and biting them lightly, then latching on and sucking the nipples appreciatively until they hardened against his tongue and I began to squirm. As I got down to the business of sucking Mr. X, Ted slipped one finger into my pussy and slowly worked it in and out, making me moan against the cock head enveloped in my mouth. He was pinching my nipple fiercely as he murmured in my ear; that and his words pushed me over the brink and I screamed with pleasure as Mr. X stopped and pulled hard at my hips, shoving deep inside me as he came with a loud growl.

Dance Club

group jjjshmidt 2017-10-31

With that comment, Dan was on the pillows between John's feet, and Jen was already working her hot mouth up and down on Randy's glistening rod. Dan continued this for a little while longer, and then, once he felt John's ass starting to relax a little more, Dan then inserted a second finger. As Dan was picking up speed in John's ass, John's mouth started picking up speed on Randy's cock. "You're going to have to come over here and take over for me," Dan called over the Jen as he fell away from John's hot tight cum filled ass. Randy was as adept at this as Dan. He started off slow as well, just placing the tip of his cock against John's hole, then very slowly inserting just the tip.


Squelch or Three

group agathabagshot 2017-10-31

As I sit up you my Minx begin to lick enthusiastically at my face, and we kiss, sharing mouth-fulls of fruit, cream and Luxx's cum. I feel that my squelchy sliding is having the desired effect on his cock - or does he just get off on being told to tongue your arse - and I stop rubbing my wet pussy against him. Sucking and cleaning his cock like a good bitch, I'll forgive you just this once for ignoring the hot vista of my cunt; then one final kiss for him there, and a tingling relief of one for me.


The House Ch. 03

group phsssst 2017-10-31

Each, as they entered the old house, felt their vaginal walls begin to sweat fresh exudate that leaked from between their labia, wetting their panties although Cynthia had not worn panties hoping she would find a few moments of privacy with Phoebe. Naked as the day she was born, Phoebe had mounted on top of John, sliding her horny pussy back and forth over John’s prick, using it like a swizzle stick, stirring the embers of passion deep in her loins. The raunchy chatter about John’s potential for a sexual encounter came to an abrupt halt as Mia with her other hand cupped Wendy’s pussy, her index finger splitting her raggedy floppy labia, penetrating into her well-lubricated sheath.

Wild Night In Vegas

group db_01 2017-10-31

Angel offered Rebecca's panties back to her and Rebecca declined, smiling, and once Passion had moved back to the sat next to Paula, Michael slid back into his pants so that by the time the limo was pulling into the entrance to the hotel, the group was at least reasonably dressed. Back in the Jacuzzi, Angel and D were busy discovering each other's bodies and after some stroking by Rebecca, Don was hard and ready so she had moved in front of him, guided him inside of her, and was now busy rolling her hips from side to side as his hands reached around her front and were playing with both nipples and her clit.


Matty's Holiday Harem

group Lion24655 2017-10-31

Marie had been watching near the door, but as I covered up she crossed the room towards the en suite bathroom and grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it off me with a big smile on her face, leaving me naked on the bed, my cock and balls glistening from my cum. Bet you like your mother watching you being fucked." Each time I spoke I withdrew my cock and thrust into her, Tammy moaning with each thrust her pussy muscles pulsing with each crudity I said to her. From them being a perfectly respectable family on holiday in an apartment, they had spent three days completely uninhibited, sharing the same bed, Matty having sex with her and her mother, and both of them taking him at the same time.


Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 19

group Andyhm 2017-10-31

"Your best guess," I said urgently looking back at Simone sitting in the doorway of the ambulance with her shoulders slumped. From what I could see of the rest of the cabin it looked like Lisette had been held in here for as long as he'd had the boat. Capitaine Mioni said, "We thought the same, we are beginning to believe that the victim came across the boat while she was out walking her dog. We think he's only got a couple of hour's head start, and we never stopped looking for the pair of them." You will be told when we can release it." Capitaine Mioni shook my hand, and one of his officers escorted me off my boat.


The Hostess

group SilkPantyGirl 2017-10-31

After busying myself in the kitchen for about thirty minutes, I headed out on my rounds of the house, to check in on all the guests to make sure they were having a good time, help if they weren't, and see who wanted to redeem their cards with me. Fingering the blonde woman's pussy like that had got me turned on, and my increasingly wet snatch wasn't able to grip the balls so well. I took the clamps off my sore nipples and labia and carefully tied my apron back in place, grabbing a wet wipe on the way out of the room.


Orson and Mircea

group DireLilith 2017-10-31

With her legs around Orson's head and shoulders, and with his tongue deep within the walls of Mircea's privacy, the couple turned their eyes without moving their heads and looked into the nearby trees. Her soft moans seemed to draw the nymph to her, and soon, the girl was kneeling between Mircea's bare feet, a thin hand on the woman's knee, staring intently at the moving fingers and swollen lips. Realizing she had a viewing audience, Mircea moved slightly off to the side and made eye contact with the nymph as her tongue lapped at Orson. The nymph leaned forward, but instead of kissing Orson, she pulled Mircea close with a hand on the back of the red-head's hair and kissed her deeply, finally capturing that tongue.


Janine Entertains Four Gentlemen

group TallRed 2017-10-31

She asked that Phil start slow, "moving that big guy all the way in and out with every stroke, and please make it last." Meanwhile Andy was getting what he considered the blow job of his life, as she held his cock tightly in the mouth with her strong tongue pushing against the spunk tube on the underside of his penis. "Just lie next to me in bed for a minute, and see if you've got enough left for another double." Actually the cuddling quickly turned into 69's alternating with Phil and then Andy, who was enjoying having his dick coming back to life in her mouth while he enjoyed the taste of her thoroughly washed pussy, but he knew that he had at most one more shot and really wanted into her cute little vagina or as second choice her asshole, so he told her so.