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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Planting Seeds

group theo_minor 2017-10-31

Tracey and I started dating in college, and when we were pretty sure we were going to end up marrying each other, we introduced Heidi and Jeff to each other, knowing how much they'd like each other. But of course, I couldn't be in a room for very long, with Heidi's naked tits bouncing and jiggling, or watching Jeff's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, without wondering what it would be like to get my own hands on those lovely, luscious tits, or to slip my own meat into her. And Tracey commented more than once about how hot she got just watching Jeff's cock at work on her best friend, without actually saying that she'd like to feel it inside herself.


A to Z Fuckstories – E is for Ending Friday

group jurrjens 2017-10-31

Alex pulled her off onto the ground, and planted Jenna’s face into Alex’s crotch. I could hear Jenna moaning and licking from between Alex’s legs, clearly she was enjoying the anal penetration and eating out her friend. Jenna tried pulling her face out and saying something, but with her arms tied, and head firmly lodged between Alex’s creamy thighs, there was no way she was going to disagree. Alex got out from underneath Jenna, holding her in place with her ass still stuck in the air. She straddled Alex’s face, then went 69 on her, and licked my cock and her pussy at the same time. Jenna turned to Alex and they shared a long, passionate, cum-filled kiss, exchanging my cum between them.


group Sarishepard 2017-10-31

Rhett leaned forward and handed Lan and Cassie each a glass of wine. Looking down my torso, I peeked at Cassie's flaxen hair dancing atop my loins, but shot my gaze back to Lan as she kissed me on the cheek. I'd have never imagined the delight imparted on me as Lan and Cassie wrapped their mouths around the sides of my throbbing staff and worked up and down its length. Rhett knelt on the sofa, offering his beefy manhood to Lan's cheek, so I scrambled into position behind Cassie, grasping the soft skin atop the crests of her hips. Rhett climbed off the sofa and positioned himself behind Lan's hour-glass-shaped backside as her auburn halo washed over Cassie's tummy.


The Seventh Floor

group SexForYourHead 2017-10-31

I wanted to know why she didn't turn away, why she didn't feel awkward here, why she felt that this was acceptable behavior for a woman in a suit with long hair and sunglasses. You had to speak, you had to ask and to tell me how much you wanted my come to drip out from between your lips, so you could dip your finger inside yourself and taste it. I still held you, but loosened my grip, so you could break away from me and take her, and push her against the wall, and stick your tongue deep inside her mouth and fuck her with it, if that's what you had wanted.


Club Random Pt. 02

group melodytokis 2017-10-31

Melody shifts to where she is touching Jessica and reaches over to place a delicate hand on her exposed thigh. Melody slides up the slender body with her own kissing Jessica again. A slow push and Melody slides into Jessica's wet pussy with the hard toy. When Jessica lets the tip pop out of her lips, Melody takes it in her mouth. Fill me with your cock." She has stopped moving in Jessica giving Michael a chance to get in her ass. "Yessss...oh God yessss...Fill me with your cock Michael." Her eyes are wide looking at Jessica. Michael's weight helps drive Melody deeper into Jessica who lets out a loud moan. Michael is pounding into her ass making Melody pound into Jessica.

My Step s****rs are Hot, My Step Mom Hotter

group lovethembigger 2017-10-31

I looked and both girls eyes got big and then there mouths opened and Lindsay said "Damn, he is not even hard yet and is bigger than my boyfriend Rick. She dropped her hands and began to fondle my ass and then she let go and looked at me and said "You like the kiss better or the hug b*o?" I smiled and said "hmm I am not sure." She laughed and said "we'll there is a lot of clothes between us and you could not feel how big my boobs really are. But Hannah and her freind Lindsay came home early one day and found me fucking Candy in there Mom's bed.

Diary of a Menage a Trois-Thursday

group Tomcatfive 2017-10-31

She slides her panties down over her legs, still wearing her sheer white thigh-highs, then stands, smiling at me, running a finger up and down her slit. Dropping to her knees, she smiles up and me and says, "Gimme." She takes my cock from my hand and slowly and gently begins to stroke it. I run one hand down over her hip and down the outside of her thigh as I slowly kiss her neck, then let my lips and tongue slide lower and lower. My hand covers one breast, fingers gently pulling, squeezing, twisting, stroking. My hand presses hard against her mound, my finger sliding between her lips and getting covered in her wetness.


Twins Reunion

group rnebular 2017-10-31

By the time the holidays came around, the twins returned from their schools, for winter break. Life went on and, after the holidays, I got more wrapped up in work than ever before. The next day, while at work, I was looking into things to do over spring break. She almost snorted a laugh, "You wouldn't say such nice things if you knew how awful I've been." She paused, pulled her arm back from around my waist, and wrung her hands together tightly. We got up, went back to our rooms, and I had a fitful night of sleep, filled with dreams of a naked Marie. Life returned to normal after that vacation, and I spent my time fixing things around my house, when I wasn't at work.


Paradise Island Ch. 05

group asitsn 2017-10-31

The girl moved her legs apart just a bit and Tom's cock wet from the bath slid into her cunt. All this time, Tom kept fucking the first girl and he saw Firni's ass in front of him. Tom moved over to Firni and with the girl's come coating his slick cock, he thrust into Firni's exposed ass hole. Tom lay on the bed waiting for the girls that Jill and Macy said they would send. He spanked her bottom while fucking her and reaching forward, he took a fist full of her hair in his grip and raised her head and turned it, kissed her while continuing to plow his cock in and out of her cunt.

Foursomes and Moresomes Ch. 03

group HLD 2017-10-31

My cock was level with Mimi's mouth and as my wife worked her from one end, I pushed my head through her lips from the other. I thought that I was at a disadvantage; after all, Melinda was using her tongue on Yesmine's clit, three fingers in her pussy and had mischievously slipped two more fingers in our lover's ass. Melinda was still working Mimi over with her fingers and her tongue; I kneaded her breasts, alternating between soft and gentle and hard and fast. "That feels so good!" Yesmine gasped and I couldn't tell if it was because of what I was doing or if it was Melinda's hand that had found its way between our lover's legs.


I Want To Give Her To Him

group itsumo 2017-10-31

We start with light flirting, pulling close then away as we dance with each other, oblivious to all others. I press my leg between her legs and feel her going wild, humping her pussy against my thigh in the dark intimacy of a dance floor. His eyes darken with need as I suck and lick her nipples, one hand sliding over her clit. Sweet girl pussies, baby." I slide my hand over her ass enticingly and squeezes it showing him the sweet curve on that girl. She moans with excitement I grabbed her and mash my breasts against her as we both takes turn to slide his cock deep into our mouths. The next time it's her turn I crawl round and start licking her clit.

A train Journey

group 2017-10-31

I realized that this women was used to get her way with men so I started to suck her clitoris hard and at the same time gently massageing the tip with the tip of my tounge. Petrova stopped sucking the Kadett and turned her head towards me and said, change places, I'm not finished with you yet. The kadett said something in russian and a discussion started to brew between them while we both where pumping away into Petrovas limp body. During this Petrova started to get her grip and released me and janked her self away from the Kadett turned and slapped his face screaming that he was a usless baran.

The Contraption

group Eroscott 2017-10-31

Terry remembered the days when they would spend hours kissing and caressing each other and touching their most sensitive spots, then licking and kissing and sucking those spots until one or the other came in great grimacing sobs of pleasure that would wash over her like a strong tide crashing onto shore, then receding in gentle waves, leaving an oh so warm and lovely heat. As Terry shivered in ecstatic anticipation—blindfolded, ears plugged, and tied down to the contraption; pressed between two men who were about to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time; and still deliciously kissing the unknown woman—she thought to herself, "This is going to be a long and delightful night."

Babysitting Sucks

group aidan1995 2017-10-31

The three of them sat naked on the bed, unsure what to next, so Bella took the lead and kissed Laura, Matthew instantly felt his hard-on throb with excitement. “Shall we give him a bit of a show first?” Bella asked, Laura smiled and went back to kissing her, their tongues massaging each others, their hands caressing each other. Bella worked the pair of them as Matthew slid his hand from her breast down towards her clean shaven pussy and began to rub her clit, she was already dripping wet. Bella began to spasm violently as Laura had done earlier, Matthew could feel her pussy beginning to twitch on his cock.

A Century Cut Short

group Innocent_Outside 2017-10-31

"It looks like he's bleeding here Christy," Wendy said as she looked down at the wounded thigh. "I'm going to have to cut your shorts away to get a better look," Christy said as she pulled a small jackknife from her pack. She was thinner than Christy, had smaller breasts and a leaner body, and her face had a weathered look like someone who spent a lot of time outside. "I'm going to take another look at your leg," Christy said as she leaned forward. "Are you just going to sit there?" Christy said to Wendy who was kneeling next to me and watching the road.


Kafi Has Her Fill

group clairelikesit 2017-10-31

Kafi nice to meet you, do you really want to be naughty with Claire and me?" Said Adi standing to greet her. "Kafi you look stunning the whiteness of your bra, thong and hold ups against your black African skin is amazing," said Adi continuing to be seated. "Kafi just pull Claire's pussy lips apart, use one hand on each side," instructed Adi. "Well young lady that was pretty naughty, I think I'd like some attention from that mouth and tongue of yours now," said Adi. Kafi followed instructions and began giving Adi's head and shaft a good licking. Good, I'm going to place Adi's cock at your love hole, if you press down his shaft will slowly slide up your cunt and fill you up.


What a Foot ball Game I

group d4david 2017-10-31

I looked at him and smiled, 'sorry I've got to get home,' I began to say, lot's of home work to catch up on.' Mr. Ronald said very sternly, 'my friends think that I was telling tall tales about our little session, if you make me a liar I won't be so nice about you stealing my money.' I stopped in my tracks and leaned into the passenger window 'you sick bastard, you gave me that money for forcing me to have sex with you,' I angrily declared. In the closet, the guy told me to suck him till he tell me to stop and than get on my knees with my ass in the air, and I better really enjoy it.' As i knelt down he took hold of the back of my head and face fucked me till I was slobbering like a wild dog.

Bar Whore Ch. 1

group Kimber37 2017-10-31

I kept playing as I felt his hand travel slowly down over my ass, and across the back of my thigh. I leaned farther over the flashing, ringing machine, hoping to feel his hand glide across my wet pussy. I felt his other hand move back under my skirt; my breath caught in my throat. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed the brief feeling of his cock swirling across my cheek in a slick of his own cum. I felt the cool stickiness of the cum drying on my face and neck as an explosive orgasm shot through my body. I pulled down the rear-view mirror to look at my cum-coated face.

My Slut Mom

group zimabean 2017-10-31

The minute dad would go off on his three week work stint mom would start rolling the men thru her room. Of course as we k**s hit puberty and watching mom have sex just made us more horny and we soon started to explore our bodies and that of each other also. I could hold back no longer and with my cock planted deep in my mom's cunt I unloaded a large sticky load of spunk into mom's orgasiming pussy. I had fucked my s****r alot over the years and knew how to push her buttons and got to orgasim very quickly. Being my third time at bat for the night it took a little work to get me off but soon enough I got off and filled my s****r hungry cunt full of spunk.

When I was 19! Part !

group Gush4u 2017-10-31

I rolled my chair over to Mikes and said I won't tell you what I'm going to do with Roy but I will show you a couple of the things ok! I was cumming every 15 seconds or so this went on for some time when I felt Mikes Cock twitching and then he came deep in me. On our way I noticed a commotion over in the corner near Roy. We went into the dressing room and Diamond asked me if I enjoyed myself? I then put my hand on Dons thigh and looked him in the eye and said I have been having sex with Mike for over a year and Roy one other time before this weekend.

Rape Fantasy Fulfilled

group pooja 2017-10-31

Sali choose mera lund Randi!" I tried to pull away but just then the brute bit my clit and I cried out and the leader took that opportunity to shove his lund deep in my mouth. The leader jerked my hands up above my head as I was trying to claw him again and held me still while Brutus fucked into my choot, he must have battered my choot for about ten minutes and I was sobbing and crying out of fear, shame, and excitement. The leader leaned down and kissed me, coming on to my body, he slid his hand down to my aching swollen choot and clit and started to stroke it.

The $1200 Hooker Ch. 02

group HoustonJake 2017-10-31

Jaden continues to stimulate Abby's clit and begins to suck her nipples. Abby looks over her shoulder just as my right hand is headed quickly towards her ass. With one hand on top of her head, I continued to fuck face Jaden with one hand and spank Abby with the other. After five hard slaps to her ass Abby looked over her shoulder with the look of "Enough, take me anyway you want me." I spun her back around to face me and with my right hand guided her to her knees next to Jaden. As she is getting started, Jaden is distracting me as she kisses her way down my chest, down my abdomen and then coming to a stop at my still hard cock.

Happy Birthday Roxxana

group andreu20 2017-10-31

I then leave the room and get Amy. I go back to the room and hear the heels hit the floor and see Roxxana's face become confused. Amy walks in and says "Happy birthday Roxxana, hope you like it". I lead her up to the room and get Amy and Roxxana's attention and Allanah says "get ready for your 2nd surprise". 20 mins more of this hot sex and I hear Allanah then says that shes going to cum. Allanah then puts Roxxana's hands behind her back, sits on her hands, jerks her cock, and fingers her ass. Allanah then gets up and put her ass in Roxxana's face and titty fucks her one way, I titty fuck her the opposite way and Amy sucks Roxxana's dick.

Lost Virginity to teacher part 5

group Acebottom 2017-10-31

I was curious to know what the pipes going into the back of her machine were for and when I asked Mr Allen he told me that they were hooked up to my cock and that all the cum being sucked from my cock would soom be emptied inside Sarah's pussy and ass when she has cum enough and after nearly two hours they turned my machine off and untied me so I could see Sarah cumming for the last time and watching this glass tube that was full of cum which could not have been all mine slowly start to empty and Sarah was going crazy as she felt her body being pumped full of cum and just before the tube was emptied I looked over to see Sir coming into the room and he stopped and watched as Sarah had the biggest orgasm I had seen her have since I met her and her whole body was shaking like crazy and they pulled the machine out of her and untied her and two of the black men had to carry her to Sir's car and I thanked Mr Allen and the others for a great time and they thanked me back before we said our good byes and me Sir and Sarah headed home.