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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Carley Ch. 05

group JapleinViera 2017-10-31

Carley bumped into a good-looking guy who had his arm around a pretty girl with long brown hair. I licked Marja's pussy and sucked her lips and clit, going slowly. Marja's beautiful face and body had attracted a pretty fair crowd. I clasped my hands behind me and looked back and forth between Marja's elegant mouth and Juliette's enraged face. I was looking into Juliette's eyes when my cock pulsed and I shot my first streams into Marja's mouth. I stepped off the platform and offered Marja my hand. Marja silently held the glass out to Juliette, who yelled something at her and stormed off into the crowd. Marja put her hand on my arm and kissed me on the lips.


Threesome On the Beach

group Mikechoj 2017-10-31

She takes my cock in her mouth, sucking it...licking it...while I start to massage her pussy making it soooo wet....we are both so aroused now that I bend her over ....I slide my cock deep inside her wet juicy cunt....I thrust deeper and deeper until Lisa can't take the pleasure anymore, screams in orgasm, and cums hard all over my cock. We continue to fuck as Ann joins us.....she lies down and Lisa begins to lick her pussy while Ann is licking Lisa's cunt and my cock at the same time...each time I thrust inside Lisa, Ann is licking her clit I slide my cock out Ann licks IT just as hard....we are all so hot now that Ann can't take the pleasure and cums in Lisa's mouth...Ann continues to lick us both while I kiss Lisa and taste Ann's juices.....I am so ready to cum again...I pull my dick out of Lisa's wet pussy and begin stroking my cock as Lisa and Ann both start making out.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 24

group bustyalix 2017-10-31

Coach Blue nodded to let Nina know he was listening. Instead both Nina and Coach Blue found themselves staring at the door as it slowly swung open. "What do you want, Dick?" Coach Blue asked, hastily. "So how 'bout it, Nina?" the coach asked, his eyes looking directly at the busty brunette. "What do you want, Dick?" Coach Blue asked for the second time. "Not so fast..." Coach Dick said, causing a look of slight confusion to fall across Coach Blue's face. Besides, you wouldn't want your after-school activities flaunted everywhere by some teenage girls, would you?" Coach Dick said. The two women gave small, barely noticeable frowns to each other as they suddenly felt Coach Blue's eyes on their massive chests.


The Cowboy & His Girls

group maggie2002 2017-10-31

He reached and started mauling her tits pulling them up, rolling them hard between his fingers and pop letting them snap back. He then massaged it into her skin kissed her ass cheeks and pulled his jeans on as he grabbed the rest of his clothes and headed for the bedroom door. I had time to think he hadn't done that to Paula when I felt his fingers inside me and I flooded him with juices. He was swearing under his breath and telling me how wonderful my hot tight ass felt on his hard cock. Leaning over he kissed me witless and pulled a card out of his jeans said, "Tell Paula when you two are ready to play again call me."

Rent Money

group adoka 2017-10-31

Rafe stood beside Todd, their cocks waving in the air in front of Melanie. Todd, put your arm around Rafe’s waist.” She flicked her finger on the weaving head of Todd’s cock, “now, baby not tomorrow.” Melanie pulled off Todd and dove onto Rafe’s cock, taking him deep into her throat. She tried to drown Rafe as she came, pressing Todd’s head further onto Rafe’s cock. Melanie gripped Todd’s hair and pulled him off Rafe’s cock much to the shock of both men. Todd pried apart the hard muscles of Rafe’s ass and saw the well-lubed hole that had already entered by Melanie’s fingers. Todd’s asshole squeezed Melanie’s fingers and the cum burned it’s way from his balls, through his shaft and squirted into Rafe’s tight slippery ass.


The Gift

group MikeyLoves269 2017-10-31

Jan's heart caught in her throat at the thought of Jim; her mind immediately raced back to that fateful Halloween night and the chain of events that brought her here, one year later, heading for a sexual encounter she had never dreamed possible. Mark and Jim had decided to go out and pick up some dinner, while Jan and Sandy sat and talked -- basic girl talk, peppered with occasional references to each other's bodies or their husband's sexual abilities, and interrupted by the occasional trick-or-treater. After making a right turn at the bottom of the ramp, her thoughts again started to drift back, this time to the night, two weeks ago, when the subject of Halloween came up over coffee. One look at Sandy's breasts and Jan knew she was ready for tonight.

caught at the wrong time

group oouser 2017-10-31

I sat on Her bed and pulled out my cock and started to jerk off an look at the pictures an sniff Her musky smelling panties. You His hard cock hon , She said to Joe Her boyfriend , He said lets teach Him a lesion as both took off their clothes in front of Me and told Me to jerk off for them . He said about Im going to cum , She held my head on His hard cock as He blasted my mouth full of hot spunk , so much that it spilled out he corners of my mouth ." Swallow it all ", she said . She then sat back on My face an said " eat Your cum out of my pussy !

Me & Suzie's Topless Adventure

group msgimply 2017-10-31

We stayed there for a long time talking softly and giggling quietly while Suzie made me describe the lifeguard in detail. As I went down, my breast still pressed against him, going from his hot bare shoulder, down the coarse fabric of his tank top, then to his trunks and finally to the bare skin of his leg. Suzie told him he could if he wanted but both of us would like to thank him properly for his help. I collapsed on to the big bed and as Suzie kicked off her shoes I did my usual twists and removed legs, trousers and panties and stowed them on the floor mostly out of sight.


Making a Whore Pt. 02

group dna27fog 2017-10-31

This was the first time Heather and I had met a black guy, and she was nervous but he was so cool that the meeting had turned from a nervous sexual encounter to a group of friends hanging out and I didn't want that. She had also dropped out of the conversation and into complete silence while Brian and I continued to talk about everything under the sun and I played with her pussy for him, making her wetter and wetter while he was having a harder and harder time keeping his distance. She began to fuck my mouth with her fingers while she continued to talk to Brian about meeting again and what kind of dinner and drinks we liked.

My Wife, Her Company's Slut

group CraverScarlett 2017-10-31

"And think how hot it's going to make you feel the first time you DO let another guy fuck you while I'm watching, baby. I climbed up on top of her then, and said, "I just want to watch, Kim. But tell this other guy to fuck you. "I want to do this for real, Kim. I want you to fuck another guy for me and come home with your pussy filled with his cum so I can do this to you," I said, burying my face in her pussy again. I sucked his cock, and his cum tasted delicious!" She stared at the panties for a few seconds, then seemed to tremble as she brought them to her mouth and began sucking them as she climbed on top of me and we fucked like crazy until we both came.


Swapping Cum

group Anal Slave 2017-10-31

My wife was down on her knee’s in a heart beat and was sucking Eva’s cunt and licking her asshole I couldn’t believe my eyes my sweet little wife sucking on a pussy, my wife stopped for a minute and looked at me and said; Eva is my Mistress too I will do anything she asks and if your smart you will too. They both crawled up and sat down on are hard pricks and stuck them all the way up their wet pussy’s they started pumping their pussy’s up and down are hard cocks and I could feel cum leaking all over my balls and pubic hair Eva was a fine fuck and she knew how to work the muscles in her pussy.

Pleasure for my partner

group X_PAC6969 2017-10-31

hell, it was turning me on seeing my wife play with herself and stroke that cock. She stopped rubbing herself and John removed her panties while she repositioned her head to between his thighs and slowly licked the tip of his dick. My wife turned around and swayed her ass in front of John before she took my cock into her mouth. John being obliging slowly feed his monster cock into my wife's tight box. After we had all calmed down I removed the blindfold from my wife's eyes and said "Kim, this is John." She was as satisfied as I have ever seen and that is when she promised to fulfill my fanasty.


group dashfrost 2017-10-31

Hiking up her skirt and spreading her legs wide open, so he could enjoy licking that milky white cream oozing down her ass and inner thighs before thrusting his black hard thick meat in between her tight, thick pussy lips. # 1 took his time to cram his 10 inch cock all in so deep then pulled out to fuck her petite ass hard and ruff. # 1 helping to hold her legs wide open to suck her juicy cunt and deep throat her pussy. Onto her back, held up her legs, spread and wide open, then hungrily bangs his huge, rock hard cock into her swollen thick wet pussy.

white couple owned by black cock ( 2 ) the weekend

group nicecock56 2017-10-31

jack start's to grunt mmmmmm aaa oooo shit yaaaaa as he cumm's balls deep in her pussy , here boy he says looken at me I kneel down start licken his balls and cock clean, them move to my wife I lick and suck the cum from her pussy . Okay jack says welcome all / cucks kneel by your sluts I was by my wife now your gone suck each black cock hard before they fuck your wife. he makes larry lick his ass hole while he fucks his wife , jack is videoing all of this, the man fucking tammy just shot cum all in her and the next man walks over and starts fucking her hard again.

Out for a run part 10

group 2017-10-30

In the morning I would go with my husband to search for the perfect spot, he was coming along so that he could set up and have his secret area too, to watch and get some good pictures. I figured I should see how the area felt without cloths on, so off they came – It was wonderful, I had a new secrete place, and it felt good to be standing nude in the middle of my meadow, the only thing that was missing was my tree stump from the old place. Once I got home I sent an e-mail to the guys and Kim that due to safety and security reasons I would need to change our meeting location, and that next Tuesday we could meet at our usual location and I would show them the new spot.

The dirtyest anal sex i ever had

group analmaleslut 2017-10-30

If I could have spoken , id have told them both how much I wanted to taste their hot sticky spunky, but im guessing they already knew id love it … Faster and faster they fucked me, harder and harder, then before I knew it, Jay had pulled out of my ass and his cock was over my mouth, just as Dan took out his cock and squirted his load right onto my tongue in thick hot creamy strands again and again as his dick pulsed. I swirled it around with my tongue, blowing messy spunk-bubbles before I finally gulped it down like the little cum-eating anal-slut id become, drinking it all greedily in about 4 or 5 mouthfuls as I played with my own cock n fingered my wet freshly fucked little hole (which by now, was far from little).

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 11

group SteveWallace 2017-10-30

Elsa and Cindy cleaned up the rest of the barbecue from the night before while Carter and I talked. Sunday night I sufficiently recuperated that I entertained Cindy and Elsa in a highly sexual way. Both Cindy and Elsa had commented in a highly favorable way about my volume, and further they thought the taste had changed for the better, not that it had been all that bad before. In the clean up process, Cindy was thoughtful enough to come and share some of my spend inside Elsa with me. I thought about it more from Elsa and Cindy's point of view – or any woman; it's sensual to the others in the sex act, plus it doesn't taste all that bad. I looked at Cindy and she shrugged and nodded; I finally said, "Mark Worthington."


Fucking with Strangers Ch. 03

group mandywilluk2000 2017-10-30

I moved mine and started to softly massage the cheeks of his bum as Ken concentrated on Paul's left leg and Dani on his right. But as I stroked Pauls bum so Dani would reach across and stroke my breast and Ken would use a tree hand to caress his wife. Paul sucked my nipples for some time, before turning his face to look down at his cock and the male and female hands on it. He and Ken hadn't gone anywhere near that as Dani and I had kissed, cuddled and stroked each other looking on as they alternated with sucking each other's cocks.

Daring To Tip

group Sean Devon 2017-10-30

"Wow," she said still dazed, "All the time, I was looking for errors from sloppy accounting practices, which, by the way, was very common when first got to Little Rock. "You still owe me," I said smiling, "And just for the record, I wasn't really thinking of having you pay me off that way. "You know you want to, Tammi," I said smiling. "Tammi, my dear, you are a wonderful, very competent, intelligent woman," I assured her, "But there is no way in hell you are going to do this," I smiled confidently, "I've got you this time, my dear!" "Did you know that this cheapskate I'm with tonight didn't even leave you a tip?" she said holding open the folder for him to see.

Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 1

group Tawny T 2017-10-30

Yes, like that, eat my pussy" I could see Diane's arm move as she drove her fingers up in my wife's juicy pussy. "I want to eat your pussy." Diane said softly to Trish. Diane's hands flew as she fucked Trish's pussy and sucked and licked her juices as she came. "I'd love to see Trish with her beautiful lips right here, her tongue flicking your hot clit like this. Trish's lips sucking the pussy juice out of you." I said between licking her cunt, and finger fucking her. "Oh, God, yes, Trish, eat my pussy, finger fuck me. Her face under you, licking your hard clit, sucking it, while my cock slid in and out coated with your pussy juices?


Working Late

group Many Feathers 2017-10-30

I heard the sound of the doors opening, Joel and then myself the first to step out, each of us with our cocks still sticking out of our pants, including Peter who now stood in the doorway, hand pumping his prick as Christy the last one to get out, did so almost reluctantly, still urging him. Rather than yanking my own hand away as I would have otherwise been want to do, I instead felt it, and then stroked it, hearing Christy moan pleasurably upon seeing me do so, though now, so did Joel as he braced himself against the side of the car for support. There the three of us stood, Christy sitting, sucking me quite nicely, and actually pumping Joel's quite bare very hard stiff prick.


A Weekend At Chateau Strafe Ch. 2

group cream pie boy 2017-10-30

The other servants tormented us while we planted flowers and pulled weeds, riding and whipping us or presenting asses and cocks to be licked and sucked. Susan then began to bite my breasts, leaving red marks on my chest and then, reaching behind me, pulled out the plug abruptly with a 'pop.' I grunted, and she bit down harder, then giggled. After fifteen minutes of vigorous fellating, a woman in a sequined gown removed her mouth and let out a victory cry, as the slave's balls tightened and his semen spurted forth, splattering her face and hair. Susan, having witnessed my debasement, reached over and grabbed my neck, pushing my head down till my nose was flattened against Chris's pubic hair.

A Walk In The Sun

group WizardNDorothy 2017-10-30

Maybe it was the shock of the situation, maybe just the pleasurable feeling of the warm sun beating down on her cold wet shoulders, maybe Michael had just been gone too long, But suddenly Patricia realized that there was a part of her...a deep dark part of her...that wanted desperately to find out if the vibes she was getting were really what she thought. As she stood there looking at the two young men, shirtless and wearing nothing but ragged shorts and old tennis shoes, she felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement. Joe pressed his body against her back and his hands wandered across her breast, down her belly and his fingers began to slowly caress the little button just above where Charles cock was pressing so urgently between her legs.


The Scent of Another Woman

group Artist101 2017-10-30

Art fed the end of the rope through this ring and pulled Sylvia's arms up above her head. Harley sucked Art's cock with slow expert strokes, taking him deep into her mouth. For his part Art threw his had back in pleasure and felt her suck him, her warm moist mouth enveloping his cock. Sylvia felt the ropes on her wrists holding her back as Harley came up to her. At that moment Art grabbed Harley and pushed her down on the bed, on her belly. She felt Art's hand on the back of her head and she found herself opening her mouth and taking his cock as she had done many times before. Her knees lifted off the bed as she fucked Art, her pussy grabbing his cock.