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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Slave Diaries-Swinger's Party

group shygirlwhore 2017-10-30

At one point, Mike placed both of his hands on either of my head, and started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. Mike pulled his cock out of my mouth, and slapped it against my face a few times. After about five minutes of oral sex from him, he stood back up and rammed is cock inside of me so hard that I winced, he proceeded to fuck me very hard, slapping my ass cheeks and pulling my hair. You like my fat cock in your pussy?" Mike was pounding me hard, I could not talk, only moan and cry out in agreement.

Scott and Beth

group luvbennude 2017-10-30

At that point, I’m yours.” He wrote back, “Wow, you don’t think that’s risky?” I told him it really wasn’t, but this way I’m sure we’ll both get what we want. Also, feel free to bring any other friend, if you want.” I waited anxiously for a reply and Scott wrote back, “I’ll talk to her, but don’t get your hopes up. I want to feel your hot cum in my ass, Scott.” Beth then said, “Yeah, Scott, fuck that ass. His hands grabbed my legs tight, pulling his cock deep as he shouted, “OH YEAH!” I felt the cum shoot from his cock and hit my insides.

Wife's Past Experience

group mbesq 2017-10-30

“What would you do to me and why should I fuck you?” There were a variety of answers as the guys answered her questions… ranging from Evan who said, “I would make you suck my big fat dick after I fucked your sweet pussy”… to John, who said “I would lick your pussy until you can’t walk anymore”… She slowly laid back on the bed and closed her eyes as the John, who was in front of her, got down and started to taste her fresh pussy. He started to grab her ass cheeks almost like his was digging in to fuck her but instead he was licking her pussy.

Airplane Duty

group 2017-10-30

I put the drinks all on a tray and walk slowly over to Master B and kneel with head lowered and tray rose up to Him. He takes His drink and rubs my cheek and thanks me. Master T shoves His cock deep in my mouth making me start sucking and slurping and gagging until He moves it some so I can breath. Then as I am licking His cock clean Master B cums in my pussy with a big blast, and a hard smack on my ass. As I clean Master B’s cock Master comes behind me and puts the pussy vib back in and takes out the ass vib.

Morton's Island Ch. 01

group RonRyder 2017-10-30

He wanted just to be left alone with his laptop and a hard-wired, secure link so he could check what had happened to the markets while he had been busy grilling Esterhazy and his team. The markets were indeed fragile. Please remember, you are my guest. "Nothing but the very best for our distinguished guest." Morton's eyes did not know where to point. She laid a silver tablet on the side table next to where he sat. On the tablet were two crystal cognac glasses of massive proportions and a bottle. Yet next to him sat a creature no less delectable, and so much closer. So very much closer..... "OhYes!" Elektra said, her eyes sparkling.


Anonymous Blowjobs

group S_Queen 2017-10-30

Alex popped his head up, my cock coming out of his mouth. Anyway, it's good for you cause you just have the amazing feeling, and it's hot for us cause we, like, get to watch these randos sucking your cock while your completely helpless." So the next Thursday afternoon I found myself sitting in Alex's desk chair in his college room utterly naked, my linp cock lying on my leg. A thought struck me - Alex and Jess had obviously told these people not to use their hands in case I worked out which gender they were. Someone opened the door and in no time my limp penis was in a mouth. Jess then leaned over and took my cock in her pretty little mouth.

Planting the Seed

group titsMaria 2017-10-30

There was so much some of it it inevitably dribbled out of her fuckhole but much of the sperm donated by each pair of balls was continuously rammed deeper into Maria's cunt, with each cock squirting strongly inside her. Hubby encouraged them with a vision of what it would be like to watch a pregnant Maria in action, sucking cock, getting fucked by anyone and everyone in a variety of positions, but especially in her favourite doggy, getting gangbanged, being mated to dogs and horses, all with her big tits and big belly hanging down. When all the men had finally exhausted their supplies, Hubby again clapped his hands as Maria remained naked and spread on the bed, her legs raised and a cocktail of sperm still sloshing around inside her cunt.


group Violalee3 2017-10-30

"Show Brianna how wet you are and then put your finger into her mouth." In a deep commanding voice he said, "suck on it, taste Helena." I closed my lips around her finger and tasted her. As I licked her clit, she grew wet, I could taste her on my tongue, She lowered herself closer and I began to rub my face all over her pussy as David trusted two fingers inside of her, pulling out the wetness to circle her sweet brown pucker. "Oh God yes Helena." As I moaned she pushed her finger deep inside of me as their tongues continued to drive me wild. He reached around and began to rub her clit hard as my tongue continue lick her pussy and his cock.


Santorini Paradiso Ch. 05

group lamoureuse 2017-10-30

"Yes. Don't you like them?" His eyes became slightly guarded, but Elena was staring fixedly at his chest and didn't see the slight tension develop in his face. "I don't know what you're asking of me - what are you saying?" Elena was confused, but above all wanted to please him. Come and taste this - tell me if it needs salt." He turned and produced a small glass bowl with what looked like a dressing of olive oil and red wine vinegar. "You want us to come meet your friends, Elena-mou?" Petros asked, clearly pleased. Elena looked to Adonis to ensure he agreed, and he was nodding with Petros - an uncomplicated and happy expression on his face.


The Narrow Boat Ch. 01

group PAUL C 2017-10-30

I patted her ass cheeks as she entered the bathroom then continued down the short corridor to Gill's area. I said, turning Sally towards our end of the boat, giving Gill a sight of her ass cheeks as I did so. Taking that for the sign she was ready I moved over to kneel between her thighs and she guided my prick to her open pussy lips. "We could be doing that all the time if we didn't have Gill with us." She said the words I wanted to hear. "I don't know what's wrong with it this time?" He said, stepping back and looking at me as I would another man if he showed interest in the woman whom I was with.


Flooded Like the Nile

group numbsain 2017-10-30

"Yeah, but she's bound to come back in here and then what's she gonna say?" I said as Naima laid her hot body down on top of mine and started kissing my neck, my dick still sliding in and out of her. So I started making love to Tina, vaguely aware of our audience, but Tina kept saying stuff like, "She's watching us honey," and "Look at Naima over there." So I glanced over and Naima had a strained expression on her gorgeous face, sitting on the chair with her long legs up in the air practically behind her head and she was masturbating furiously while watching us fuck.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 15

group mountaincat4 2017-10-30

We continued the sexual hijinks only instead of a hand job Alysse and Suvarna took turns sitting on me. Suvarna's hand moved between Alysse's legs and started rubbing her pussy. Suvarna's hand wrapped around my cock so she could rub the head on Alysse's upper thighs. Suvarna's hand pushed against Alysse's pussy on the upstroke and now slid down to massage my balls on the down stroke. Suvarna returned her hand to my balls and began to squeeze them in the same way that Alysse was squeezing my cock. Suvarna let go of my balls and moved her hand so Alysse could press hard against me.


When the Cock Crows.

group blueeyes57 2017-10-30

"Go on,fuck the bitch hard tommy",said another mans voice. "Take that you fucking bitch",he said and gave her a real hard slap on her arse. Tommy was fucked so he didn't argue the point.He just disingaged from her but before he climbed off the bed he gave her arse one more hard slap. I stood there and watched them have there fill with her.They fucked her two at a up her cunt the other up her arse(another thing she never let me do)Despite all this I could actualy feel my cock stiffening in my pants.I tried to control it,make it go away,but that only made things worse. The two guy's looked at each other.To put them at ease I climbed on the bed behind her and put the nob of my cock right on her arse hole.

A Weekend to Remember

group Starra 2017-10-30

Tom takes the lead, as the dominant party, pushing Jamie down onto his back and lying on top of him, moving his hips so their panties are pressing hard together. Jamie is even lifting his bum up slightly to push harder against Tom. It is as if the knickers are aware that the two of them are desperate for the bare flesh as they spring back to expose the hardness of their dicks, and they rub harder, and harder, hips moving faster, as they slip tongues into each others mouths yet again. Tom demands that Jamie go down on her and Jamie obediently jumps up and moves around the bed to push his face into her soaking wetness, flicking his tongue eagerly across her clit.

Anchoring Out Ch. 02

group Arabsemen 2017-10-30

I was pretty sure that, Robert's, caught with his hand in the cookie jar, look when Lorry had called us to dinner meant that he hadn't said anything to her about what had happened onboard ALWAYS. This gal was not only a great cook and a babe but I was willing to bet she was one heck of an engineer because it didn't take her long to figure it all out and reply, "I want to sit back and watch while the two of you play with each other. "Well Bert, you yourself said that I was babe; that makes me a woman, so I guess you, Robert and I constitute a threesome."

Me in the Next Apartment Building

group kornslayer 2017-10-30

"Come on, let's skip the kissing, she knows you love you, just rip her panties off her and fuck her," I said. "I've always wanted to fuck a woman Megan," Tina said. "You like having a woman kiss you don't you?" Tina asked. Matt was watching her thrust that dildo and then he got on the floor again and began eating out Tina. I finally got to see that up close too, call it wanting to explore more of my new found lesbian side, I leaned over and began licking Tina's nipples. "I've always wanted to fuck a woman like this," Tina said. Matt got right by us and stroked his cock really closely, about 5 minutes after that, he began moaning loudly.


group fukkerguy 2017-10-30

This time I am unable to bear this pleasure dragged her towards me and started licking her pussy and ass hole interchangeably. She is feeling pleasure and started gyrating her pussy on my face and now the alarm rang and she got up and other girl came to me and sit on my face. And next girl took the position and I figured it out straight away that next came is Vidya as I felt some broad heavy butts and thick pussy lips which she and Madhavi only pocessed and Madhavi turn completed earlier . I started enjoying her for the rest of the time licking her ass hole and pussy and tried to chew her labia lightly and gave her vibrations down the spine.

Tattoo Parlor

group FilleQuebec 2017-10-30

One evening, her and her roommate Ana decided that they wanted to go get an industrial ear piercing. Ana was in the back of the room, examining Tony as well when Christina told him not to continue with the piercing. Christina grabbed Tony's chin and pulled it towards her, not sure if she wanted to kiss him or not. Christina removed the rest of her clothes and threw her wet panties on the floor. He told Ana to spread Christina's lips so he could see the damage he'd done. "OK, you fucking sluts, get out I have customers coming." Tony said, slapping Ana's ass once more. He put his huge cock into her tiny cunt and fucked her the same way he'd done to Christina.

Summer Storm Ch. 07

group Gary_Alexander_2 2017-10-30

When I left Carl and Kathy's room in the morning, to go back to my own room to change clothing, I ran into Ronnie and Rob, who were just coming out their own room, heading downstairs for breakfast. When I was done with Carl's story about how he "accidentally" fucked Annie in the shower (which made me wet as hell, and forced me to thrust my finger deep into my pussy a couple of times, even though I knew I shouldn't), I took my hand out of my panties and closed my eyes so Ronnie would think I hadn't seen what she was doing.


group _Savannah_ 2017-10-30

She imagined how she would look to a lover; the sheer body stocking molding her curves, her pussy revealed by the hole at the crotch; she still stood in her red spikes, her legs spread wide to accommodate her busy hand. Hot breath flowed across her ear and a voice whispered, "Soon enough you'll be begging for us to stop." Moaning in frustration and partly in trepidation Savannah tried to still her shaking body but she was too excited. "That's it, bitch," said Mick, "Show us how you want it." Whimpering Savannah did as she was told, fucking empty air but unable to stop herself. A hard male body slid under her; a tongue probed at her mouth as his hands guided her pussy onto his dick.


Trudy's Apartment

group Richard Janice 2017-10-30

Scott looked up from the magazine and gazed at the little, blond nymph standing in the room, wearing a very short, red skirt that barely covered her pussy. He gazed at the little, mini-skirted blonde across from him, her longs legs crossed and his thoughts went to the black panties, she said she would wear. Dancing close to each other they presented a vision of sheer lust, as Trudy's little, red skirt swayed seductively, flipping up past the filmy, black laced, crotchless panties she was wearing. Scott greedily pushed his tongue into Trudy's open mouth and placed his hand on her breast, through her soft black sweater.

Dan and Madison

group blackbidick 2017-10-30

I then leaned over and got the nipple of one of Madison's tits in my mouth, I was licking on her tit and sucking her nipple, she had one hand on my head and the other on Dan's head. I sat back and Dan moved around and moved his face down into her pussy and started licking, I moved up gave her a kiss and then started sucking on her tits. Madison was really interested now, she got up and move over so she could see my cock as it started to slide into Dan's ass. I felt him tense up and his ass muscles started to squeeze my cock as Dan shot his load into Madison's mouth.

poker her night

group monkeymonkey42 2017-10-30

Sharon and Lynda applauded my hard on, who then slid forward to slide off her panties, exactly like me thumbs either side, legs on the chair next to me and off they came straight down over her feet, her labia was trim and her pubes sat neatly at the top of her pussy, my dick stiffened even more, I didn’t think it could stiffen anymore for fear it might break, Sharon placed a hand between her legs and sat more composed than I was. Her head bobbed up and down as I watch it disappear several times, her mouth foaming as she did it more, Sharon broke from the tit sucking and moved around to share me with Lynda.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 83

group SteveWallace 2017-10-30

On another topic, I quickly found that I didn't like Stacy having to work until two a.m. at the Club Infinity as the emcee, head of entertainment, and other miscellaneous jobs while the place was open, and then head home to arrive in the middle of the night and therefore miss all the evening and most important interactions with the family. The fifteen domestic members of the family were there - myself included, plus some of our 'regulars': Wes and Scott - our flight instructors, Anna and Vanessa - their fiancées and porn queens, Felicia and Monica - their lovers and mentees in the porn business, Jon and Amber, Andy and Margo, Steve - Sheila's old fuck buddy, Lucas and Linda Boyd - Elsa's ICU nurse when she'd been shot, Greg and Sean from Elsa's work along with their wives Kim and Pam, and Elsa and Cindy's one night stands Troy and Dan from Atlanta and their wives Janet and Sandy.