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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Real Time

group nasstygirl 2017-10-30

David ordered "please him now." Diane bent over and took Glen's dick into her mouth. David stood to one side of Diane, spreading her ass cheeks to display her tight hole to his friend. They fucked like two animals in the wild, his hands gripping her hips tightly until he couldn't hold it any longer, spewing what felt like an endless river of cum into her asshole then quickly plunging into her cunt to fill her there too. She stood there, leaning against David's car, skirt up over her waist, legs spread, knees slightly bent, on nasty display for them as they watched their cum dripping out of her.

Borderline Ch. 2

group eroticorgasm 2017-10-30

Headlights from passing cars on Interstate 70 lit up Michael's Grand Prix, giving him brief glances of Erica's soft white skin and her tight nipples, hard on her 34c breasts, her chest rising as she took his cock and slowly sank it into her passion. Stephanie kissed Michael as Erica watched, seeing and feeling his cock within her depths and watching how erotic he kissed this girl he didn't know. Stephanie brought the dildo to her mouth, gave it one quick suck like she was giving it a blowjob and tasted the girl's juices on it as well -- and then she returned to Michael's cock while she pushed the passionlips of Erica apart -- pressing the fake dick inside her quickly.


group jacks4u 2017-10-30

"Oh, what a nice kitchen," Erin said, looking around, stealing small glances at Tanya whenever she thought the real estate agent wasn't looking. Erin's long red hair tossed this way and that as she tried to simultaneously look at the cabinets and Tanya. As I glanced at Tanya, standing near the foot of the bed, I noticed her nipples, like Erin's, formed hard bumps standing at full attention. Tanya sat there, her shoulder length blond hair framing those gorgeous blue eyes, a hint of Erin's juices evident on her chin and nose. I kept up my efforts on Tanya's clit, then inserted a finger, two into her pussy, and unhurriedly moved them in and out, in time with my tongue, and Erin's thrusts.



group 2017-10-30

He told Pam to fuck him hard and show him what a good little whore she was as the other men and her dad watched. He then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and put Pam's face on it and she began to suck him as he finger fucked her cunt and sometimes her ass. She had his cock down her throat sucking him hard and her legs spread so he could fuck her cunt and ass when he gave her a big load of cum as she swallowed all of it. When he filled Pam's hole with cum he asked the mom if she wanted to lick it clean and she then began licking on Pam's cunt as Pam licked her dad's cock and ass.

My First Threesome

group katlin6969 2017-10-30

I gasped as I felt his tongue penetrate my lips and stroke my clit, causing Shawn to suck on my nipples harder, slipping his hands to his pants and began to work to get them off. Shawn slid his eight-inch cock all the way into my ass, filling it completely then began to rock his hips; his hands around my chest massaging my breasts. Shawn's body began to shudder underneath me as his cock exploded filling my ass with his thick cum, his moans mixing with Alex's and mine, he wrapped his arms around my chest tightly as his climax peaked, pumping his spurting cock in and out of my tight ass.


group 2017-10-30

He fucked her face unhurriedly, pumping his hips back and forth, rocking her head with one hand, bending his head to watch her suck his penis. Aur uski wo madak jhanghaa?.patli lambi taange??bala ki sexy thi wo?film ki heroine bhi kya uske samne tikengi?..main achambhit sa kamuk drishti se use youn hi dekhta raha?.aur kab mera lund tankar khada ho gaya ?..mujhe khud pata na chala. Aur uska pura badan tharthara utha?..rinky apne jeewan ke pratham orgasm ka sukh bhog rahi thi?.madhosh kar dene wali aawazon ke sath usne kai jhatke liye?Shayad itna ras nikla tha ki hamari jhanghayein bheeg gai thi?par kise parwah thi?.


Boating Fun

group rockhard4uc 2017-10-30

I thought that all the women were clothed when we left the boat, but as I looked around, I realized that two of the teens and the mother had removed their bikini bras and tucked them into their swim mask straps. Both girls sat on the edge of the boat, completely naked, water dripping from their erect nipples, their legs apart and just inviting me to feast my eyes on their wonderful bodies. Lunch and watching the women prepare it was a sexually almost overload for me – four beautiful bodies, hardly clothed, eyes watching my cock all the time, bikini panties showing definite wet patches, and all the girls with hungry looks on their faces.


All Hands on Deck Massage

group Mjohnstone817 2017-10-30

He stepped to the top of the massage table and stood at the top of my head, then slowly began to work his hands down my back, from shoulders to butt cheeks. Leigh pushed up again on my legs, pressing her hands between my thighs as she got close to the top. The next time Bill's hands came up between my legs, he pressed against my pussy and made a slight noise when he felt how wet it was. He lingered there a moment and then Leigh's hand came up between my legs and replaced his, with a finger pressed into my pussy and into the wet.

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 03

group JSKNIGHT 2017-10-30

I got the girls to sit side by side on the bed and asked them to kiss and fondle each other's breasts at the same time. I breathed hard from the pleasure of having my nob sandwiched between their lips until the impulse to put my cock in Alia's mouth was overwhelming. I got Jasmine to join me, kneeling on the carpet and kissed her with Alia's juices still coating my lips and tongue. Both girls had been happy to lick their own juice from my fingers, but I wondered what Jasmine's reaction might be when I withdrew my moistened finger from Alia's pussy and invited her to lick it clean.

Co-eds to Enjoy Ch. 11

group quimmaster 2017-10-30

Pam rolled her hips on John's cock and Beth ground her tight pussy onto his mouth. John's cock still filled her pussy as she felt Beth's lips nibble on her erect clit. Pam loved the feeling of having her pussy filled and she squeezed his cock as hard as she could as John thrust deep into her body. Pam was not able to see John's face as Beth lowered her pussy back onto Pam's tongue and trapped her arms under her open thighs. John eased his cock from Pam's tight pussy and then slid it between Beth's soft lips as she sucked all the cum from his cock.

surprized by the wife.

group 2017-10-30

When I went into the Nags Head pub my old mate Larry was at the bar. Wrong week said Larry thought the Russians arrived two weeks ago. I thought for a minute then said that's right the lying b-----d. Start licking and kissing the inside of her legs. I made my way to the bottom of the bed lifted the duvet and began to crawl Starting from her feet I began licking and kissing my way up her legs. but still liked a good fucking. licking and fingering it was time to stick my cock up her cunt. minutes before taking a deep breath and ramming it all the way home. By the way the wife's mother looked straight in the eye the next

jeans fun day

group dave185 2017-10-30

Suck my cock, slut.”ross said, “You want me to stick this big dick in your pussy so your husband can watch you get fucked?” “Watch out”, he said “let the man see what a big cock slut his wife is.” harry laughed and moved to the other side of the bed and slapped her in the face with his cock while asking jean if she wanted to suck it. She took harry out of her mouth and screamed out, "Ohhhhh yeah fuck me with that big cock." God I love your cocks. Tell them to treat me like a slut.” ross grabbed her hair while harry slapped her ass and answered “Yeah baby we can treat like a slut.

After the Surprise Massage Ch. 03

group Maverickusn 2017-10-30

It soon became time for Jeff and I to go and Judy walked us to the door, hugged us both tight, kissing us softly on the lips and admonished us to be sure to treat her Karen just right. I told Karen that we had had Judy soak in a bubble bath before her massage to relax her muscles and give us time to set the She sucked harder and rode Jeff faster and I shuddered, held her head steady and drove my cock into her throat and flooded her mouth with my cum. Karen screamed again when she felt his hot cum hitting deep inside and once more she exploded flooding his cock and balls as he pounded hard into her.


Dos Amigos y Mi

group Slut2theHeart 2017-10-30

I was sitting on the floor, leaned to the side with his big dick in my mouth, my head in his lap, sucking happily like a greedy little cockwhore, when Jose moved between my legs. His cum covered fingers thrusting into my mouth, my fat tits bouncing, and Alec's hard stiff dick rammed up my wet cunt, made me crazy. Alec then took his cream coated cock and wiped it across my face, then pushed it into my mouth, and ran his fingers thru the cum on my tits, and started to rub it on my fat nipples. I loved how I could feel it deep and hard, how he pulled the shaft all the way out so that just the dick head was still in me.

Just One on the List

group The Winter Kiss 2017-10-30

I've got a long list, you know." She giggled a little and grinded her hips until the lips of her pussy touched the tip of my cock. She grunted and then closed her eyes for a moment, letting herself feel the length of my cock inside her. Oh your cock is so hard!" She squealed as I thrust into her, her wet pussy walls sucking as my throbbing penis. Please let me swallow his cum." Nick nodded and licked his girlfriend's lips. His eyes were wide as he watched his girlfriend engulf my cock, her lips touching my balls as I hit the back of her throat. Just as she swallowed, Nick let the cum shoot out of his cock and onto his girlfriend's face.

An Entertaining Evening

group Curioustolearn 2017-10-30

Samantha slowly lowered her head down over his cock, swallowing more and more as Sophie slid under, licking and sucking his balls gently, the sensations were overwhelming and after everything in the car and all the stimulation Nick groaned a brief warning and then exploded. Feeling himself deep within her he grabbed her hips and began to move with her, rolling his hips to rub his cock against her insides, making her eyes widen and a satisfied sigh escape her lips as she rode his hard shaft, she leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder, surrendering herself to him as they moved together.


Wild Oats - Spring Break Jr. Year Day 03

group twistedgraygoat 2017-10-30

By this time I was feeling no pain so I stripped off my tops and changed into the contest T-shirt right there at our table rather than going into the storeroom with the other participants as I had done the last two nights. After what seemed like ages, Pete began to slowly and gently slide his cock out until only the head remained in me and then quickly and forcefully plunge back in my sopping hole. When I opened my eyes I noticed that everyone was watching as Pete and I fucked like there might be no tomorrow. I lost count of how many guys mixed their cum with Pete's that night, but I was open for sex and took everything that was offered.

Debauchery In Only Two Weeks

group walterio 2017-10-30

I felt Monique's fingers stroke my wet mound locating my puffer pussy, trying to find her way inside me. Monique moved herself slowly up my body as she continued to finger fuck my pussy she kissed and licked her way to my tits. At this point my groans became very loud, my body was rocked with my second orgasm and I ground my pussy into Monique's face which was covered with my sweet love juices that gushed as the dam broke. I lay back on the sofa as Monique moved up to my lips and covered them with hers, kissing me tenderly, deeply and letting her tongue slip past my lips so I could taste myself in her mouth.


The Very First Time...continued

group d4david 2017-10-30

I thought I would go stone crazy as Daniel methodically and severely slid his penis in and out of my bung hole. With no signs of mercy Daniel pulled his enormously huge penis back till only the head remained in my rectum and would slid powerfully deeper into my anal canal. As Daniel pulled his huge penis and shaft from my butt hole Charlie was standing next to me and as soon as Daniel was out Charlie, immediately dropped between my parted thighs and slammed his huge penis into my bung. Daniel pulled from my anus and I thought it was over, to my horror, Daniel had replaced Charlie at my bung hole and his penis was raging like an a****l in heat.

Dream Come True

group AlwaysBeTrue 2017-10-30

Your fingers are just beginning to lightly trace the damp folds of my desire when the door to the limo opens to allow a dark haired gentleman to slip in and take the seat opposite us. I gasp in surprise and attempt to cover my self but you place your mouth back over mine in a deep passionate kiss, cupping my breast and lightly pinching the nipple drawing another moan from me. Your mouth leaves my lips to place sucking nips along my neck to my aching breast and licking down my stomach until you reach my dripping pussy lips. My eyes drift closed and I forget the presence of the man until I feel my hand pulled from its place on my breast and then his mouth was on me, suckling and nibbling.

Fun In Agra Continues

group funky2003man 2017-10-30

I managed to look up, and found Mrs. Aiyer had quietly joined us & was squeezing her breasts and pulling on her hard nipples & kissing her all over her face & belly. Soon Mrs. Aiyer responded & her legs trembled as she caught Sudha's head in her hands and pulled her face into her cunt. I pulled Sudha and kissed her on lips tasting Mrs. Aiyer's juices. Sudha reached around and rubbed Mrs. Aiyer's tits with one hand & moved other to her pussy, gently massaging it as my cock hammered her asshole. Sudha meri baat mano tum bhi gaand chudwa lo ek bar bahut maja hai magar pahli bar dard jaror hooga" (Sudha you also get your ass fucked, it is very good but beware of pain first time)' Mrs. Aiyer said kissing Sudha.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 05

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-30

"I could stand here and watch her all day long." As Lindsay twitched her hips in a subtle, yet sexy motion, Trish licked her lips and then looked at me with a wide-eyed expression. "And if Pamela frowned as you said she did, it was probably because she felt guilty for having to turn and walk away from Krissy and Devon. "You already know I want Pamela to stay with us," Lindsay pouted, looking at me. "It's becoming fairly obvious to me, honey, that you're going to need to be spanked every day for the rest of your life." Trish brought her own right hand to her mouth and offered it a full, sweeping lick, then went right back to peppering Lindsay's backside with a succession of quick blows.


Craving Cock Ch. 1

group CrazieChick 2017-10-30

I start getting more flirty, and I kiss him and let my fingers trace the outline of his huge, hard cock. I can feel and taste Jason's precum now, while sucking a bit faster and harder on his huge cock. Jason says he wants to see some lesbian action for a little bit, so Vicky and I happily oblige. Vicky then crawls between my legs and barely touches me with her tongue, I grab her head and pull it to my pussy. I open my eyes to see Jason start putting his hard cock in Vicky's pussy. Jason is pounding Vicky's pussy hard. I want to feel that 11 inch cock deep inside my pussy, so I tell Jason to slide up on the bed, and he does.

A Beach Adventure Ch. 2

group SunnyQLD 2017-10-30

"I'll get it" said Katie jumping to her feet so quickly the split in her sarong fell open, giving Steve an eye level view of her smooth cunt. "No, I don't think so" said Amanda, biting her lip as she felt her cunt juices flow from the excitement of looking at her boss kissing and stroking another man, "more likely bi, and hey aren't we all" she chuckled as she felt Katie start to kiss her neck and a hand start to likely stroke her cunt. "Did you see the way Steve looked at you when he got an eyeful of your cunt?" murmured Amanda who was lying back enjoying all the attention she was getting from Katie.