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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Anal Awakening Ch. 1

group C_Duke 2017-10-30

"Hey, Baby, glad you could make it!" Jo smiled back seductively at Cliff before pulling him inside the motel room and kicking the door shut, all at the same time planting a REALLY BIG wet kiss right on his lips, with just a tiny hint of tongue. Then the lycra came away with a snap of the more elasticized waist and Jack's dick was in her mouth, encased no more, and he was dribbling pre-cum all over her tongue as she worked it, beating his shaft too now as she sucked on the head with his shorts out of the way around his knees.


Fun When Lynn Visits The Club

group gandj130 2017-10-30

The conversation was muted now as I noticed Lynn squirming on David's lap, obviously enjoying the feel of his hard on as Tony now rubbed her thighs with his hands. "Come on then let's go, or we will have to fuck you right here in the bar," I said holding Lynn's hand as she got off David's lap. I want to see you suck him you fucking whore." David and Tony looked at me gone out at the way I spoke to Lynn. "I'm going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut," David said as he finished rolling on a condom looking down at her, "Now, take a deep breath before I start to fuck you."

Invited in

group stargazedshooter 2017-10-30

Now it had been about a month of me talking with Tom when he finally asked me if I would meet them one night at a gas station after I got off of work. I texted my wife I had to work late and wouldn't be home till 1:30am giving me a little over two hours to with Tom and Diane over. I take my work boots off once inside and Tom in stride again says follow us. Her pussy grabs onto cock and knew she was about to cum, as were I. I pull out and Tom hops off the bed to grab his camera. Tom puts down his camera and begins to take his turn using my cum a lube for him.

Dirty Little Landscaper Ch. 02

group papafrogger 2017-10-30

Marty was grinning, "You mean little miss, "I only want a cock', may be open to experiment just a little?" Reaching over she moved Chelsea's hair from her face, "I won't force anything on you baby, you know that. Holding her legs open Chelsea looked in her face and lowered her mouth onto Marty's pussy, using her lips she sucked her labia in her mouth then forced it in her slit. She felt like it was time to speed things up, letting her tongue lick her clit faster and faster she pushed one, two, three then four fingers in her cunt making sloppy fucking sounds.


Suzy Saves the Day (And the company.)

group dustybit 2017-10-30

“Daniel, You may begin." i rapidly crossed the three paces between Her and i and took Her shoulders in my hands seemingly to ensure She was standing straight, but as i did so i leant in and whispered, my breath hot on the sensitive skin of Her ear; "Suzy, i adore You, i always have and i curse my cowardice for never having told You so, if he were not here i would lift You up throw You across the desk and ravish You here and now till You begged me to stop." i stepped back, "Suzy, take Your skirt at the sides gently in Your beautiful hands and raise it slowly, our guest wants to see what You are wearing beneath.” She lifted Her skirt slowly to reveal silken camiknickers and the suspender belt, i sighed, utterly entranced.

College Cathouse Ch. 06

group DaviBlack 2017-10-30

The other freshman, Mike, climbed up into his bed and watched as Jess wrapped her hands around his roommate's cock. His friend in the chair was already hard again and starting to stroke himself, watching Jess working on his roommate's cock. "You promise to bring me a dozen guys this month and you can fuck me right now," she said, looking back over her shoulder at him, sliding her panties to the side. Jess and Stacy both stroked me, working their four hands over my chest, my legs and my cock until I came. Stacy said that her pussy was still kind of sore, so when we climbed into bed, Jess lubed up my cock, and helped me ease into Stacy's pussy that had been used so roughly two nights previously.

Teen Slut Spreads For Married Men Ch. 05

group NonStopFunGuy 2017-10-30

And we were in her room -- she looked so good in her gymnastics leotard, all tight on her hot body and those big boobs you love so much -- so I couldn't help it, I peeled off her leo and shoved my tongue up her tight, teen pussy -- I made her squirt juices in my mouth, Daddy, it made me sooo fucking wet -- and now, I need your cock to get me off, like I got Gracie off!" "Ohhh, fuck, YESSS!" screamed Gracie, having a cum, her juices smearing like bubbles all over his penis -- and into Fallon's mouth, as her teen friend continued to lick the married stud's dick and balls, and the blonde's pussylips.


My UK Adventure Pt. 03: Becoming a Willing Strumpet

group kat4funn 2017-10-30

As we walked I meekly asked Dirk, "Did I really go dogging and have sex with lots of guys or was it all just a dream?" I guess the semen spattered on me should have answered my question. I thought we went dogging but suddenly it occurred to me that guys did pay Dirk 50 quid to fuck me. Dirk blurted about I needed to finish off one guy but Connor told him to just jerk himself off on me. I heard Dirk laughing telling Connor about getting me do lots of guys every night. That's when I heard Connor blurt, "Dirk, she's not going to be shagged like that again. As I was drifting into slumber, I heard Connor telling Myles that I fucked 11 guys during the night for money and agreed to cooperate shagging.

Her New Life Ch. 03

group 4realwomen 2017-10-30

Carly felt more hands on her; one was unbuttoning her suit coat, another trying to reach up her skirt. Her blouse was pulled off her shoulders, her skirt was pushed up and she felt a hand on her pussy, a finger probing her through her panties. Carly jerked the two cocks in her hands and felt her panties being pushed to the side, a finger entering her wet pussy, hands on her ass, and hands on her breasts, pinching and kneading her nipples. One man told her to play with herself and she did so eagerly, looking up into the eyes of the six men surrounding the bed. One man lay between her legs and started licking her pussy; another was by her head forcing his rising dick back into her mouth.


Wild Oats - The Hike

group twistedgraygoat 2017-10-30

Jason pulled out and began loving my breasts while one of the brothers lay down beside me with his dick sticking straight up in the air. I felt his brother finger fucking me in my vagina at the same time I had a dick in me and it was a new, nice full feeling. I imagine the feeling of their dicks moving against each other in the warm wet confines of my vagina became too much for them and they began fucking with the same rhythm. I don't know how many times I came that afternoon, but after Jason, both twins loved me again, individually, at least two or three more times apiece.

Ana's Sin Ch. 03

group diegoroyo 2017-10-30

Lisa got behind her, and Ana felt her hands sliding over her pussy lips and ass, feeling her sensitive places. Looking down, Ana watched as Lisa went down her, subservient and willing, and also took Dwayne's nuts into her mouth to suck on them. Lisa looked up and smiled, her mouth and chin glistening with sex and saliva, and then started suckling hard on Ana's clit. Without hesitation, Ana did as she was told and got to all fours, and then began licking and suckling on Lisa's smooth pussy. "Uh huh, my turn, Dwayne," Lisa said, pushing Ana's face away. Dwayne pulled out of her, and then went to Lisa on his knees, his cock even with her pussy, and then pressed it into her.


Nine Black Men

group knighthawk1112 2017-10-30

Obviously Sarah elected not to deal cards to my busy friend and her men and I was shocked to see Amy pull Mo Mo's underwear down over his hard cock and take it in her little white fist. "Oh yes!" I heard Amy squeal as I noticed that Deuce had gotten her on her hands and knees on the couch and started pushing his big black cock into her pussy while she sucked Mo Mo's long black shaft. Before I knew it several black men were smearing Raymond's cum al over my back and down around my big tits as Deuce mounted me from behind and shoved his hard cock inside me. "Yep," I said as I slowly put Little Jay's big black cock against my well fucked pussy and began sitting down on it.


For D&A

group 2017-10-30

The black man ripped Paul's shirt open as he shoved him back. The black man pushed the head of his cock into Paul's mouth. The other black man was standing next to Paul, quickly stroking his hard Paul was still licking the black cock in his mouth when the black man pulled back and shot his load directly into Paul face. Paul started to protest, but was grabbed by the big black man and shoved Another black man slapped Paul across the face. Staring down at Paul, Karen smiled as she entered the living room. Cindy laughed as Karen clamped a plastic chastity device around Paul's cock Paul gagged several times as Cindy f***ed the dildo deep in his mouth.

Jon & Meg - Given To A Stranger

group pjd103 2017-10-30

Meg took a moment to relax, then recalled her own little mantra 'I have no will in this, I have surrendered control until I wish to break it!' She surrendered to the physical sensation, wishing in some way that it was Jon's knowing touch but at the same time enjoying the feeling the unfamiliarity, the slower build up. He moved his attention down to her breasts, stroking the soft underneath, feeling them react and respond before playing with her nipples, running his teeth gently along the teats watching them stretch and strain under his ministrations and the drafts of cold air he blew across them. Meg realised that she was heating up again, even before the flat of Jon's palm moved down her body with his lips and tongue following them.

Die Faschingsbekanntschaft

group tinapaul 2017-10-30

Uns war ein Pärchen aufgefallen, die wir noch nie gesehen hatten. Stefan meinte dass sie auch genug hätten und wollte sich ein Taxi rufen. Tina und ich kuschelten uns auf unserer Seite auch unter die Decke. Nach ein paar Minuten flüsterte Tina mir ins Ohr, ich glaube die haben Sex. Mir waren die Geräusche auch aufgefallen. Fast gleichzeitig setzten sich die beiden Frauen hoch, denn Vera lag auch auf Stefan. Auch die Frauen sahen sich an, grinsten und legten sich zwischen uns auf den Rücken. Wir legten uns zwischen ihre Beine und leckten die nassen Muschis aus. Auch die Frauen empfanden das wohl als geil, denn es dauerte nicht lange und beide bekamen ihren Orgasmus.

85% tina

Alexandra's Spa

group Alexandra 2017-10-30

Julie leans her head back and Claire gently slides her mouth down onto the throat exposed to her. Her tongue slides across Julie's creamy skin, down to her breasts, the tops of which are above the water. She eases Julie up so that her breasts are clear of the water and begins kissing the flesh exposed by the skimpy material. Claire moves to one side and then deftly slips Julie's top off, revealing her perfect breasts with small pink nipples. Claire sits on the side of the spa and Julie slides between her legs to taste her first woman. Julie is soon using her tongue like an expert, Claire enjoying the experience with her head thrown back and eyes closed.


Happy Wives Don't Cheat

group magas911 2017-10-30

I've got another fantasy of fucking my friend's wife in her wedding dress." Amanda smiled and we walked through the crowd of people out to the car. Watching you give Paul that blow job in front of all those people really made me hot." I was gonna really like fucking Amanda in her wedding dress. Before we could even think Amanda had her lips around my cock and Michelle was sucking on Kristy's pussy. I think it is time you gave me whatever you gave her." I'm not really sure I wanted to do that and I looked at Kristy. Kristy had this huge knowing grin on her face, but Michelle looked like she had seen a ghost. I want a man who loves me like you love Kristy." Michelle started to tear up.

Woodland Adventure Ch. 02

group naughtybisporty 2017-10-30

She opens her big blue eyes and looks directly into mine as I continue to pound her – the most precious, exotic pearl – like a piece of meat. A self-satisfied look envelops your flushed face as you emerge finally for air above the discarded carcass of the young girl. As you lay entangled in each other's arms, you are treated to the most awesome display of my power and his perseverance, as I slide my cock all the way inside him, then withdraw, then re-insert, then withdraw again to such an extent that you can see the hard shaft of my circumcised dick almost to its bell-shaped knob.

Awayday (chapter 1)

group pinks43 2017-10-29

As she saw the last bits of our town disappear over the horizon, Sami stretched her arms in the air, arched her back off her car seat, took a deep breath and said, "Oh, thank God for that, boy have I been looking forward to this for a long time, this is going to be good, I can feel it way down here." and with that, she took both hands, pushed down on her pubic bush and gave a little shudder. "Well as long as you are all right about it darling," Sami replied, "I suppose I don't mind, it's the body God gave me and I'm far too hot to put any clothes on or shut the window and if someone just happens to look in the window, well that's their hard luck because I don't intend to do anything about it."

Paying off his debt

group neilmc123 2017-10-29

My sexy undies drawer already opened I removed my Black PVC Waspie, holding it up against my body, I admired the shininess of the sex garment, adding my Black PVC quarter cup bra to the ensemble, I thought it best not wear a thong as it will only get in the way, and my shaved pussy was shining with the silky body lotion. The guy fucking my pussy told Tony (I’d forgot he was there) to pick up his phone and start taking pictures. Snatching the camera phone from Tony’s hand, the guy in my pussy started to take close up pics of his cock drenched in my cum as his dick stretched the lips of my pussy with his a****l thrusts.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 07

group mrsterygor 2017-10-29

At that moment, Becca spread her legs, lifted up her dark blue miniskirt, and showed me her sexy pink panties. As I moved my tongue back and forth, I made sure to rub my upper lip up against Becca's clit, stimulating as much of her pussy as I possibly could. I was ready to get hard, see some boobs, pull some panties down, eat some pussy, shove my cock into them, and cum all over their bodies. As I rubbed my cock up against Jenny's panties, she grabbed her boobs and began to play with her sensitive nipples. Jenny gasped as I pressed the head of my cock directly against the skin of her pussy lips.


All Aboard Betty

group kalodin 2017-10-29

I also treat him to sex that includes cum in my mouth blow job(s), all the sucking, fondling and fingering he wants or that our time allows, jacking off and cumming on me, and all the pussy he can eat; but no fucking. I really enjoy provocative clothes like "fuck me" heels, short skirts, sheer blouses, revealing dresses and bras and plunging neckline dresses, pretty much anything that I can legally get away with; displaying tantalizing bits of my still fairly firm body. Soon after the train begins to move George knocks softly on my compartment door and I welcome him in with a warm mouthy kiss with plenty of tongue as well and a grope of his big cock bulging in anticipation behind the restraint of his clothes.


Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 01

group littlesquirt 2017-10-29

Anyway just as she asked for me to rub lotion on her back Matt and his friend Jeff came out. Jeff rubbed lotion on Stacy while Matt worked on me. "Last I saw she was getting molested by Randy in the living room." Matt replied. Once I got to the top of the stairs by habit I went directly into Stacy's room, pulling Matt with me. Then Jeff saw Matt behind the door, naked from the waist down, his cock now partially limp. I walked over to Matt, grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the bed. "Now if you don't mind I think Jeff wants his turn." I gave him a little push, and he rolled off the bed.


After The Party

group BigVic77 2017-10-29

I barely had time to register this image before Amy hurriedly stepped over the pile of clothes that Sara had obviously discarded immediately inside the door, and pulled the sheet up to cover the distinctly arousing form of her sleeping friend. Realising there was now no need for restraint, I began to pick up the pace of my thrusting and, pushing one of Amy's legs back so her knee met her chest, I put the flat of my hand on her silky dark bush and slid my thumb down between us, into her soaking cleft, to rub little circles around the hard nub of her clitoris.