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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Emily's Double Punishment

group kimbelina 2017-10-29

And you really like this Patrick guy?" Jermaine - oh by the way, he's the one I fucked that one time - was full of questions once he was sure we were out of earshot of the kitchen. After a mock protest, I gave in, and led my Jermaine and Brandon back into the living room, where I turned on some music and invited them to join me on the huge overstuffed sofa. Their hands free, Jermaine and Brandon made fairly quick work of undressing me, starting with my dress, and then my bra and panties, while I continued to stroke them, a bit faster now.


Bed & Bath... and Babes

group mdiver 2017-10-29

How lovely her wet pussy looked with a beautiful clit protruding, swollen and full, eager with anticipation. I moved my mouth down and tongue-fucked her cum-drenched love hole, savoring the sweet taste. I want to kiss and lick it with my mouth and rub it with my fingers or the head of my dick. I sat her down on the edge of the tub and she looked at me with a smile and then took my dick in her hands and kissed it. I felt her tongue lick the head all over and then she took it into her mouth. With some reluctance, we dressed for dinner and headed to a restaurant that Alice wanted to check out.


The Beach Voyeur, Caught!

group Stephen7Redo 2017-10-29

My mind drifted and I began to think of other quiet days on this beach, days when I'd sit and watch the skimpy bikini-clad girls traipse up and down the shoreline or lay spread on their towels glistening with suntan lotion over their nearly fully exposed tanned bodies. "Yeah, what's your wife think of you going to the beach and jacking off over a bunch of pretty young woman?" The dirty blonde asked. There was silence for a moment, but I noticed the other two girls grinned and the brunette even licked her lips when she looked back down at my crotch and my bared cock. "You should have thought of that before you started jacking off on the beach," the dirty blonde said, staring down at my crotch.


The next day

group loloishorny 2017-10-29

He told me, that mom and daddy were fucking on the couch, Sally was sucking his dick and he was fingering her ass. Sally told Jack to get on his knees and suck her pussy. Sally stood up, turned around, put her ass to Jacks face, let him suck her hole for a minute, then nuzzled her asshole on his cock. The guy that she was sucking his cock, came over to her, made her laid back on Jack and had entered her pussy. I look over to Kelli and my b*****r, Scotty is fucking her pussy hard, while he grabs her tits. The only few left in the store were me, Kelli, Sam, Scotty, Sally and Jack.

Katey Seals the Deal

group KelleyAshton 2017-10-29

Please Katey ..." Gasping, she took a sip of wine from her glass, dipped the fingers of one hand, then the other into it, and held her hands out to her boss and his colleague. "Let's give him some wine to taste." Again Mr. B held the glass over Katey, this time allowing a good bit to slosh onto her chest, splashing onto her breasts and down her stomach. James leaned down, his mouth open over Katey's nipple as Mr. B held it up to him She felt his soft lips touch her skin as they covered the tip and he began sucking on it, his tongue circling her areola. A little discipline can be a very good thing." Then to Katey, "Young lady, Mr. James and I agree that you need to be spanked."


Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 02

group Megamuffin 2017-10-29

I traded places with Tina and licked Stacy's pussy lips slowly, each time stopping to suck her clit into my lips. Stacy was licking and sucking Tina's pussy hungrily as I tongue-fucked her. Lubed with Stacy's pussy and Tina's mouth, I pushed until I managed to fit the tip of my cock up Stacy's ass. I nodded off, dreaming of Stacy riding my cock, and of fucking Tina's ass from behind while she leaned over... Slowly but firmly I pushed more of my cock up Tina's ass, and she gasped and cried out louder for me to fuck her. With every stroke, it felt like my cock grew inside her until finally I gave way and my balls pumped my cum deep into her ass.


Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 02

group T@nman 2017-10-29

D stopped drying her feet and legs, dropped the towel, stepped over to Ken, put her arms around his neck, pressed her body up against the full length of his, and gave him a deep French kiss. Ken said he was really surprised when he felt two tongues on his cock, but he really liked the feeling. We were lathering when Ken said, "I liked what you did with me just before lunch." I said, " Well you cock looked so delicious just lying there on my shoulder, that I had to taste it." I think you should take care of me." Ken leaned over to kiss her and I kneeled down, took a foot in my hands and started to lick and kiss my way up her leg.


Sex Pranks

group ChatUpMan99 2017-10-29

Lauren reached into the little bag she had brought, got out Finlay's key, and unlocked the door. "We need to get to Kim's." Lauren said, pulling away. Lauren was fingering Kim. I got into the shower with them, and put the vibrator in Kim's arse, turning it on. Behind her, Kim pulled the dildo out of her arse, then smacked Lauren's ass, and shoved it between her cheeks. She grabbed her phone, and took a picture of the three of us in the shower, my dick in Lauren's mouth, a dildo in Lauren's arse, and Kim's big boobs flopping around. She heard you two talking about us as you went back past her house, so she gave us some warning, so we wouldn't be caught naked." Jake said.

Carole’s hairy cunt and the slut moves on

group CaroleX 2017-10-29

About the same time my friend Marie got a job in the Netherlands and invited me to join her and share her bedsit. But after a while we dropped the etiquette and as soon as we got through the front door we were ripping the clothes off that night’s ‘one night stand’ and would end up fucking him wherever the mood took us, in the sitting room or in the kitchen. It became quite common for one of us to come back to the flat to see the other being humped over the arm of the sofa, kitchen table or giving the guy a blow job! Soon the kisses got more passionate and eventually we were sucking each others tits and licking each others pussies.

Under the Flying Trapeze

group Pholkie Phred 2017-10-29

"I don’t know if I want to go as a casual observer with an open mind about joining in or as a full fledged party girl ready to test out a lot of man-meat." Either approach would certainly be more fun than another Internet date. Some didn’t seem to want to wait for her to finish with the growing line of men and were now masturbating over her while others were getting hand jobs from Mary while a second anal penetrator was slipping into her now very wet back door. As Joanie and Linda had finally enjoyed their rather quick encounters with her best lover man and then rejoined the swirling fray in the main room, he and Mary fucked on into the night, kissing, sucking and exploring every angle that they had never before had the time to enjoy.

Isle of Lays Ch. 05

group SkinandSin 2017-10-29

"Asher, Ken, Tanner, Lily, I'd like you to meet Laine," Jade said, her naturally husky voice calling her friends' attention to her and to Charlaine, "she's here to play with us." Charlaine got even with a smooth twirl of the dial on the remote for the cock ring around Tanner's man-root and enjoyed seeing him blush and break out into a light sweat as his body went taut as a bowstring and his heavy, thick dick did a little vibrating jig. That done, Asher placed the laptop and two more HD webcams for maximum coverage, Ken gave a moaning Lily a thorough two finger-fucking the ass while Charlaine laid out some necessaries: Condoms, lubricant and a snap-on strap on, as well as butt plugs for the anally uninitiated (read: Tanner).


A Sybian, a Hot Tub, and a Foursome

group BluSkiez 2017-10-29

Her husband nudged her closer to me so he could shove in beside her, his hand between her legs, pushing the skirt of her little black dress an inch higher. I wanted to giggle, but I held my breath as she straddled it, lowering herself and wiggling a bit to let the dildo slip into her, then settled, resting on her knees. I leaned forward on my knees, and Gabe sat in front of me and immediately pushed the straps of my dress off my shoulders. Gabe was sucking on my nipple now, just the way I liked, pulling it deep into his mouth and flicking with his tongue. Pete took Gabe's place and bit gently at my nipple. Pete stood back, watching Gabe suck my nipples while Bill massaged my G-spot with his cock.


Beth: Party Girl

group Clayton 2017-10-29

I told Beth that she was to dress that evening as my personal whore; heavy makeup, garter belt and stockings, high heels and a short skirt. Over dinner I told her about the call from Bob. Beth was very pleased to find out she had become the "Fantasy Girl" for all of the men at Bob's party, but she really wanted to know what proposition Bob had made. Finally, after Beth had jittered about what Bob wanted for almost an hour, I told Beth that I had been asked if she could be rented to provide sex for his biggest customer. Her last two fucks of the night were Bob and James; James decided he wanted "sloppy seconds" and when he finished he gave Beth a gift box.

Party Slut 3

group cuteb0y25 2017-10-29

They picked up their clothes, got dressed and left the room, leaving me with just Sasha, the girl who, until tonight, I had thought of as my girlfriend, but who had been instrumental in turning me into a girly slut who loves cock. "Mmm, baby, come on, give me that warm, sticky spunk," came the voice onscreen as I peered through the door to watch a massive crowd of my friends and acquaintances watch me, dressed in stockings and lingerie, my face glazed with cum, a fat cock in my arse and another on my tongue, telling them all, "I'm such a little cumbucket, I want it all over my face."

Maude Ch. 03

group maudecardy 2017-10-29

"You do that so well, Maude, I can feel my own nips hardening when you do it." and she stroked her hands over her own breasts, pulling the cardigan open and smoothing down the tight wool over her sweater. Julie was now starting to pump my cock, and her breasts wobbled beautifully under her pink sweater, framed by the open cardigan as her wool-clad arms moved rhythmically. Julie standing in front of me, her breasts wobbling under her sweater as her hands kept up their rhythmic thrusting, her wool clad arms reaching out to me, pulling the side of her cardigan under my cock, and wrapping it round my shaft.


Two Bi-Curious Couples Meet Ch. 04

group married40scouple 2017-10-29

Our sexy friend Marie and my adventurous wife Lisa giggled all the way from the door to the car and burst out laughing when they were on the road. Lisa positioned a finger below Marie's ass and slowly slid it upwards to feel the younger woman's opening and her excited clit. Marie's left hand held onto Lisa's ass cheek as her other pressed against her pussy. Marie's tongue fucked her friend faster and faster and she had to hold onto Lisa's ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly to contain my wife's contortions. A pause then Marie replied, "Sorry we took so long but things happened." She squeezed Lisa's hand affectionately and smiled at her friend.


Friends & Lovers Ch. 01-02

group TrulyTerrific 2017-10-29

"And I love you both…but right now I don't want to have sex with either one of you." Vivian stood up and walked away, leaving the men to stare at the soft sway of her delicious ass as she headed up to the house. You want to know how his cock feels in your hot little cunt, don't you?" Vivian shook her head, refusing to answer him, before pulling his mouth roughly to hers and kissing him hungrily. I want to feel his tongue fucking my pussy." Vivian's muscles started to contract around Ethan's cock, pulling him deeper into her. They had met in registration the first week of college and had been fast friends from that point on, but Vivian had never really given too much conscious thought to being intimate with Willem.


Shades of Desire Ch. 1

group CarolineOh 2017-10-29

Sam seemed unaware of how distant I felt from them, with their shared background and community, but Sherita sensed my discomfort and reached across the table, squeezing my hand and reassuring me with a glance. I wrapped my mouth around the head of Sam's beautiful black cock as Sherita stroked her tongue along the shaft. She slid off of Sam and stretched her long body over mine, spreading my legs apart and rubbing her face against my pussy. I stretched my head upwards and kissed the underside of his cock as he pulled Sherita's hips toward him. I wrapped my arms around her hips and raised my own mouth to her, sucking her clit, and feeling the shaft of Sam's cock rubbing my face as he fucked her.

Used and Abused

group WhispersOfJ 2017-10-29

He smiled softly to her as he looked down at her and pressed his cock between her tits, nothing too much, just feeling the cloth on his cock for a second before moving back and slapping her across the face with the shaft of it, motioning the guys once again to follow My lead and do the same. I fingered her fast and hard, trying to get a quick orgasm out of her, which worked combined with everyone else and she screamed her pleasure into the mouth of the one kissing her and her nipples seemed to get even harder in the mouths of those at her colossal tits. My hands grabbed her upper thighs and I fucked her slow and hard, slamming My hips on each thrust as she screamed into the cock in her mouth.


group LifeGuard2010 2017-10-29

I hadn't seen Chloe, Orla and Lucy, three year tens, walking the other way up the corridor. "Well we'll see how sorry you are at drama tonight!" said Chloe and I turned back to my friends confused at her last remark. As soon as I had said this, Lucy walked over and sat on my lap. "Why does she get all the fun?" said Orla and pushed Lucy off. Chloe and Lucy walked up to me and Orla. "You….Girls…..Are…..So…..Hot!" I said between licking Chloe and Lucy. I could feel Lucy's pussy contracting on my dick, Orla's on my fingers and Chloe's on my tongue. As the girls and I got dressed, Chloe turned to me and smiling whispered, "We must do this again sometime."

An Adequate Diversion

group rydia57 2017-10-29

Then I excused myself and went to introduce myself to a few other people...thinking too hard about what Robert's chest might look like. "Is the wedding starting?" John said standing, along with Robert. I heard Robert chanting for me to "Take it off, cos' it's my birthday!" John asked if I wanted some music, and I said that would be great! "You can't stop now, I finally heard Paul say, let's see that beautiful pussy!" I looked at him, my mouth open...and slowly shimmied the panties down. with Paul still down between my legs...his shirt off and all of that thick hair on his chest wet with the come from my pussy! My eyes closed ...until I heard John whisper, asking if was I okay?

When in Rome...

group Amourbkqueen 2017-10-29

His hands held onto the hammock to stop it from moving and thrust into my wet pussy, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from my lips. The Viking guy turned to glare at David while the blond cutie looked delighted. Henry dropped his sword to the ground and used both his hands to hold onto John's blonde locks as he thrusted his dick into his eager mouth. John was nibbling on my shoulder and fingering my pussy while Henry's tongue assaulted my mouth and his hands pinched my nipples sending jolts of electricity to my pussy. John's hands cupped both my breasts and he traced his fingers over my nipples accentuating each roll with a light teasing pinch.


Beyond Vanilla

group cloudynights 2017-10-29

While the guys talked, I noticed how Janet caressed Jeff's shoulder and looked up at him adoringly, while occasionally stealing glances at Brian and me. It was at that point, I now realized, that Dave must have seen Brian and Janet, obviously electrified with lust, as they got into the Suburban and took a moment to let their hands wander over each other's body while the car warmed up. Jeff settled back on the couch, reaching for my head to pull me toward his cock, but I resisted, holding up one finger as I turned my gaze to Janet, who was still caressing Brian's member through his boxers. Keeping his head in my mouth but wrapping my hands around his shaft, I lifted my eyes to Brian, his eyes glazed with pleasure as he watched Janet sucking his cock.


Webmeets Diary Ch. 07

group starbelliedboy 2017-10-29

The other contact was a young straight Chinese guy, only 27 years old, who claimed on his profile that he enjoyed meeting visitors to his city and could find lots of horny local girls for them to have fun with. In this case I had a very pretty conversation partner in Juliet, who flirted with me the whole meal in the very open way I had experienced from several Chinese girls already, telling me how handsome I was with my wide, light-coloured eyes, naturally fair hair, and so on. Before I left though, as promised John fished out his old phone, which was flashier and more up to date than my one at home, so that he could let me know when he had arranged meetings with girls for us.