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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Bash

group Goldeniangel 2018-10-31

Chuck and I watched for a moment as Will buried himself in Angie's pussy, stretching her little twat even more than my cock had - it probably felt huge considering that the cock in her ass would be taking up an awful lot of room. It looked as though Angie felt the same way, Will was now using his hands on her waist to lift her up and down on his dick, I could see her ass where he was entering it, it looked swollen and red, and yet, as soon as he slammed her down hard and began cumming in her ass, he reached around to pull on her little clit, and she immediately began cumming again too, crying out her pleasure as he filled her ass with her seed.


Satisfying Jane, Chapter 2

group teninchstoryteller 2018-10-31

  I stood up and stepped from them as she grasped at my swelled prize wanting to engulf it with her lips and mouth, but I stayed the pleasures for another time and said “let’s all get together on the pillows to play.”    Sally nodded in agreement and Jake, though reluctant to wait for the plundering of Jane’s hot canal also agreed as Jane eagerly prompted him to “play with the whole team.”   I slid the textured latex dildo to the small tight opening of her anus and pushed at it gently as I taunted her clit with my flattened tongue, she shot forth a splash of juices from her vagina, the lubricant was enough to wet the shaft of the toy and I slid it into her twitching hole about three inches, she again gushed out a load of her nectar.

First Threesome

group cindy_4u 2018-10-31

Paul had his hands in my hair and every time I took his cock in my mouth, he would push my head to take all of his 7 inches. I got on the futon doggy style and asked Paul to fuck me. He pulled my thong off me, lay down on the bed and asked me to ride his cock like a cow girl. I asked Alan to fuck my pussy and cum in it. It did not matter as Paul was happy stroking his now hard cock watching Alan go to town on my pussy. I had cum from 2 different guys in me and I was sloppy like hell, but Paul did a great job of eating me.

Entering the lifestyle

group caharain 2018-10-31

I field strip my smoke and start heading back to my office and Josh says “I’ll talk to her when I get home and get it set up.”   I head back to the office, trying to tell myself that I can’t let this happen, but all I see through my clouded thoughts is Ashley’s beautiful ass with two hard cocks in it. I don’t see Josh as I head out several hours later, subconsciously trying to avoid him, just wanting to get home and go to sleep. “Shut up,” Ashley says, “I’m not asking you to fall in love with me or anything like that, and Josh gets off more than I do when we play.

Black On Black Pegging Group

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

I'm a big and tall Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I'm twenty six years old and happily married to Nadege Fleurimond, a beautiful, thirty-something Haitian-Canadian sister from the beautiful City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. Nadege Fleurimond has never been close to her Haitian heritage and mainly dated white guys in the major cities and towns of the Province of Quebec at the time we met. My Somali buddy stroked his long and thick Black cock, pumping it with his hand as he watched Nadege and Deanna shaking their big round butts. I found myself really turned on, especially when Nadege and Deanna donned their strap-on dildos.

I will officer

group candytales 2018-10-31

She straddled him and guided the tip of his cock to her pussy opening declaring, “I’m not going to fuck about Jim,” before taking him deep into her body with a single smooth, penetrating movement. I could feel the stiffness of Jim’s cock rubbing against the tip of my finger as Trudy lifted and lowered herself on it. She hesitated for a moment then looked up at Jim and said, “I’m going to suck your cock but don’t you dare come in my mouth.” Trudy replied, “No Jim, I’ve loved every second of this evening and really enjoyed having sex with you but tomorrow, it’s strictly back to business.”

A Game of Lust: Chapter Three

group MissCarmelle 2018-10-31

Chris tangles his hand in my hair as he gently holds himself closer to my mouth, he has always been a gentler but no less passionate lover than Luc. I take his second nut into my mouth and suck them both while working his dick, Chris groans and bucks his hips. Scott adds another finger while squeezing my cheeks, Chris lets the last of his cum empty into my mouth before he sits back in his chair. I gasp as Scott drills my ass while rubbing my clit, he reaches a hand to pull back my hair a little and Will moves closer to continue feeding me with his cock. Luc then moves the bullet to my clit, Scott moves his hand to grip my hip and slows his strokes.

A death in the family

group Scottishlass 2018-10-31

I couldn’t bear seeing anymore of Allan’s mousy, stupid little wife or hear her irritating Home Counties English accent. Paul has taken Allan’s death far harder than I have. Paul has now taken to sleeping in the spare room and our sex life is non existent. You are worse than a whore, at least they do it for money!’ My first reaction was ‘no way did I corrupt your dead husband honey!’ Then I thought ‘she must have watched a fair bit of that video!’ And as for her son! Within months, in which we didn’t see him, Allan’s new wife was with child. The thought of having sex with my dead lover’s son is making me feel quite moist…

The First of Many Ch. 07

group boo_dreaux 2018-10-31

The other hand was busy stroking Jim's very large, very black cock, her mouth and tongue trailing kisses and licks to his monster shaft. As I continued to play with her pussy, she deftly removed my clothes and turning her back to the bed, she reached down to my cock and starting running her hands up and down its hardness, softly moaning as she did it. They started exploring each other's bodies with hands and kisses, eventually winding up in a sixty-nine, Ree on top, both of their heads busily eating each other, sucking their man's cum from the other's pussy. We all got dressed, exchanged numbers, and rejoined the party, sharing drinks, watching cocks getting sucked, pussies getting fucked, having a grand old time of it.

After My Night Out

group cmt 2018-10-31

As I am stroking him I slowly slide down on my knees and take him in my mouth, as I do I ask, “Is this what Ted's wife is going to do to you?” I take him deep in my throat and he lets out a low groan saying, “Yes, Oh gawd yes.”  “Watch, Mike when I am done with Candy, your next.” She gets up goes over to Mike and reaches down and grabs his hard cock thru his shorts and says, “I can tell this is going to make me one happy woman tonight.” She is stroking him as she talks and Mike puts his hand in her bikini bottoms and starts rubbing her pussy and he says, “I sure would love to taste this little pussy while you are eating my wife.”

White Bitch For Black Women

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

The six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed, slightly chubby Irishwoman loved fucking willing young Black women in the ass. The athletic Black female teacher squealed in delight mixed with pain as the dominant Irishwoman fucked her in the ass with the strap-on dildo. She filled Jennifer's asshole with the dildo, and fingered the Black woman's pussy at the same time. Yeah, Angelica O'Neill was having all kinds of fun with the lovely Black women of the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The bossy Irishwoman loved the screams emanating from Black women while she fucked them with her strap-on dildos. She eased the strap-on dildo into the young butch Black woman's well-lubricated asshole and began fucking her. While fucking Miranda in the ass, Angelica fingered the young butch Black woman's pussy.


Holly From Eastbourne

group PervyStoryteller 2018-10-31

I tried to ignore their presence as I focused on capturing Holly on camera, but then my attention was grabbed by the fact that one of the men had pulled his sweatpants down beneath his balls and was waving his cock at my wife with a dirty grin on his face. One of the men had come right up close to the window with his erect cock, and as myriad hands groped my wife's tits, her fingers with their sparkling red nails, were holding the stranger’s erection in a firm grip. She leaned back against the car, her hands coming up to fondle her ample bosom, massaging the cream into them as one of the men twisted her head into position to suck on his hard cock.

My Best Friend Blaine

group WarmMilk 2018-10-31

I started to turn away a little, embarrassed, but Blaine put an end to that when she pulled me on top of her without warning. "She looks like she's pretty good at sucking cock too," Mark and Blaine both shared a little chuckle, but it didn't last long. From the wicked look in her eyes, and the way her kisses were trailing lower, I knew that she was prepared to go down on me in return, but Mark pulled us away from each other, abruptly. I continued to suck him for a few more minutes as Blaine teased me, but Mark pulled away before I could get him to cum. I could even feel Blaine's soft hands stroking my ass and massaging Mark's balls.

Walking To Sex - Day 2

group likekissingthighs 2018-10-31

Faye and I had got on well with Ruth last night at dinner so spending the day with her would be perfectly pleasant. The area we were in was quiet and secluded, so Faye just moved to one side of where we were sitting, pulled down her shorts and panties to her ankles, squatted and then started to pee in full view of Ruth and myself. The view of Faye peeing started to arouse my dormant penis in my shorts. We walked in silence for a bit when without warning Ruth started to ask Faye and me some questions. Faye had laid in front of Ruth and started to kiss her as she massaged her own clitoris.

Office Sluts: After Dinner

group sandymonroe 2018-10-31

I just wouldn’t be able to shake off the thought of watching John fucked Claire while getting laid by Adam. Maybe you want to watch me and Adam, or does seeing Bonnie and me together turn you on?” I knew John well enough and didn’t need to guess what he wanted. Adam was really giving me a good going over and my body began its familiar tingling, but it was the sight of John sodomizing Claire that was really making me cream. “I think your girlfriend is ready for a proper DP now, man,” John said calmly to Adam, who was staring at Claire anxiously.

A Bicycle Ride at the Beach – by SBarak1

group sbarak1 2018-10-31

As I neared the house the people on the balcony started calling out again so a slowed to a halt out the front of the property, had a sip from my water bottle and said “Hi”. One of the women, a blond, walked over to the balcony rail, looked across at me and said, “Looks like thirsty work, would you like a drink. Rose went back to join the others on the balcony Penny checked what I was doing and said, “Looks like you have done that before. “Time for us to head off to bed Penny”, said Monica, as they both gave Penny a stare. Allison gave me a searching kiss, then reached down to position my cock against the lips of her pussy and pushed down.

Summer Seminar-part 6

group bobapple 2018-10-31

Les does - and he too stands, showing Sherry that his erection is sticking out. She licks the end of Les's cock like an ice cream cone and, retracting his foreskin, she laps all around his knob. Sherry has a good rhythm going on my cock, sucking, licking, deep-throating. And getting hotter by the minute, breathing hard while her hips rock and roll on the bed as Les works on her pussy with tongue and mouth. Then, Les stands and says, "Bobbie, please put your cock in Sherry's mouth while I fuck her.” I think she’s close to cumming and Les has quickened his thrusts, too. Thrusting quickly in and out of Sherry's mouth, I shoot gobs of cum down her throat.

Black On Black Cuckolding : Hell

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

When Rico finally pulled out, I let him cum on my thighs and ordered Gary/Gina the Sissy to come lick it up like a good little Cuckold. I put Gary/Gina the Sissy on all fours and lubricated his slutty ass, then made him get on his knees suck Rico's dick to full hardness. Gary/Gina the Sissy sucked my plastic cock eagerly while getting butt-fucked by Rico the Bull. Even with my strap-on dildo in his slutty mouth, Gary/Gina the Sissy managed to moan while getting ass-fucked by Rico the Bull. Gary got really aggressive, calling me a slut, smacking my big Black butt and even pulling on my long, neatly braided hair as he slammed his dick into my shit hole.


3 coffees

group marietv 2018-10-31

The three of them, big, black, beautiful Ursula, robust, red headed Charlotte, and dark, alluring Stacey, whose rosebud nipples had not softened since that first lick of whipped cream, escorted their new friends over to the bar just outside the shopping center. She had never licked a woman before, but knowing what she liked done to her, she pursed her pretty lips and closed them around the tight, purple bud of Ursula’s clit, gently rolling her tongue over its smoothness, and at the same time, she slid a finger up into the hot, wet tunnel below. Nick's balls were still firmly suctioned into her wide mouth, and he stroked his cock with pleasure as he watched his buddy lick Charlotte's fuzzy, red-tinged twat like a lollipop.

It Happened In Khatmandu Ch. 04

group sahebji 2018-10-31

'We hope SSji's cock finished saying good morning to your bur (cunt)?' Nusrat asked. When we reached our room Saira complained, 'Nusrat, some friend you turned out to be, enjoying Sahebji's cock all alone without telling me.' 'All right, it is agreed that we'll share Sahebji's cock but how will we ensure that he doesn't fuck a choot other than ours,' Nusrat said. We'll leave the talking to you,' Saira said interrupting khala, 'Nusrat, weren't you afraid of cutting yourself when you shaved your choot?' 'I am going to kiss this beauty,' khala said and separating the lips of Saira's bur (cunt) she gave it a couple of wet licks. 'Khala, Nusrat is playing with Shazia's choot and not licking it,' Saira laughed.


A First Step

group ericahope 2018-10-31

The pressure got turned up a little when Olivia drew a card asking her to tell the group who in the room, other than her spouse, she'd most like to make out with. By the count of "ten" Olivia and Sam had progressed to open-mouth kissing and as they parted the look on both their faces said they were disappointed to have to go back to their respective seats. I tentatively crossed the room and knelt down on the floor with Carey and Olivia as John moved to the edge of the couch and spread his legs, his large, stiff cock pointing in our direction. The warmth of Olivia's body next to mine, John's cock on my lips, and Carey's touch of my breast caused me to moan with pleasure.

Anal Scourge in the Hood

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

This plain-faced, large-breasted, wide-hipped, bow-legged, big-bottomed black heifer was ugly but she had a really nice ass. I spread her plump butt cheeks once more and thrust my cock into her asshole. I took my sweet time fucking Ellen in the ass. I took sweet pleasure as I fucked Ellen in the ass. So I fucked her asshole like anal sex was going out of style. Let's just say that by the time I got done with her, she experienced the pleasures of anal dilation by means of large black cock in the butt ten times over. I slammed my cock into her hole, loving the feel of the Asian chick's tight asshole around my dick.

Ferry Couple 3 - Helene's Gang Bang

group Lukewarm61 2018-10-31

We had no idea what about but guessed that sex was involved somewhere. When Helene came off the phone later, she told me that Derek wanted to see her again and introduce her to a friend of his. As Nathan started first, he said he could cum soon, and Derek told him to dump his load on my face. He pulled his cock almost all the way out, and the first blast went into my mouth, and as I struggled to swallow it all down, more blasts dumped loads more cum all over my face and into my hair. I wanted Derek to fill me again, so I increased the speed I was fucking him, and just a couple of minutes later he filled me, and I came yet again.

Fun with Lavinia (part two)

group Green_Man 2018-10-31

By the time we got back downstairs both Mom and Lavinia were in the tub. She was a lusty and strong little lady and started sucking my cock just as Lavinia watched and diddled her pussy. Lavinia began fucking her fingers into Valerie's pussy and I could tell it excited her. Then I took Lavinia's blond head in my hands and pushed it into Valerie's pussy. This time it was Valerie's little pussy which was well greased with Lavinia's tongue and her own cunt juices. I started fucking Valerie's pussy, looking into Lavinia's eyes. Then Lavinia leaned over and ate all the come from Valerie's pussy. So Mom and Lavinia had met Valerie and both had obviously approved but in different ways you could say.