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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Private School Erotica

group walterio 2017-10-29

They fucked and sucked for several hours with Walt flooding her pussy and her mouth with his seed and Becky coating Walt's face and dick with cunt juice. Rita felt Walt bury his cock in her asshole, stiffen tense up and then fire a barrage of cum into her ass. Walt's cum trickled down between Rita's ass cheeks over her pussy lips finding its way to Becky's mouth. Becky sucked Walt's cock clean, lapped up Rita's cunt and accepted Walt's cum as Rita kept pushing it out of her ass. Rita came in not wearing a stitch of clothes and said, "I have been thinking about your cock all morning." Then she flopped on Walt's bed on her back and told him to fuck her with his big dick.


Go Market Yourself

group johnnieblue44 2017-10-29

On the other side of the bar, at a table of fledgling department managers who were desperately trying to barter their way into Ron Ward's good graces, the division head looked on the scene with a measure of disbelief that rivaled Linda's. "....Tonight, I think I'm going to fuck Linda's hot boyfriend." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ron's shoulders' sag almost imperceptibly. "Leo, this is Ron Ward, Linda's boss and the man she's been fucking to land her thoroughly unmerited promotion." The men who were separated by perhaps twenty-five years looked blankly at each other. For the next ten minutes, as Ron and Leo took turns pinching Cindy's inch-long nipples under the blouse, she brought each of them to the brink several times, and then switched to suck the alternate.


Lady Susan's First Threesome

group The_Doncaster_Minx 2017-10-29

I lift my leg up, wrapping it around her waist and pushing my clit against hers - desperate for the friction.‎ She runs her soft hands up my long legs and under my skirt, pulling my thong to one side as she slips two fingers inside my soaking wet pussy. ‎He pulls his fingers from my soaking wet cunt and pushes them into my mouth while forcing his rock hard cock into my pussy. With a scream of pleasure I ravish the blonde's clit - sucking and licking it while Andrew pumps hard and deep into my tight pussy. I let my hand wander down my body, my fingers aching to play with my pussy, but Andrew grabs my wrist, pulling me on top of him - he wants to taste my juicy wet cunt!


Tear You Apart - Scene 02, Part 01

group NykkiLeigh 2017-10-29

Braden was behind Amber's lean body that was on all fours on the bed, both of them facing Kenneth. He noticed Kenneth was watching and slowly pulled out, letting Amber's juices squirt out onto his body and the sheets beneath them. Braden gripped his hard member and let the head of his cock rub against Amber's clit. Suddenly Braden grabbed a handful of Amber's hair and pulled her upright on her knees and slammed her down on his cock. "Oohh...Kenny..." Amber opened her eyes and smirked at Kenneth, playing along with Braden's game. Kenneth shivered at the same time Braden's body convulsed as he spilled his hot cum into Amber.


High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 06

group yoursilentknight 2017-10-29

After their kiss Liz, or maybe Mandy, at this point I was aroused I couldn't think straight, got down on her knees and started to undo her sister's pants. When I looked over at Liz and Mandy walking over to Ben and Doug I noticed both of them had their dicks out and were already stroking themselves. My parents said the numbers looked good for next year so since they wouldn't really have to pay anything major out of pocket they bought me all the camera gear I wanted so I could practice with it before I start my photography stuff at State in the fall." Jenn and Sarah were way more excited than Heather was but the girls soon clued her in on our photo shoots.


Wife gives me surprise

group adventureousmale 2017-10-29

I rad out the new writing which appears to be in marker, Linda is a three hole slut the first line reads, the second continues for big black cock. Inch by inch this big black cock pumps deeper and deeper into Linda, her hand runs across her stomach, pressing against it as she says that really is sooo deep. They stop their grinding motion as Linda appears to ask for reassurnace saying, you liked me sucking on black cock didn't you? They tried for a short while before Linda said to me I bet you'd like to see your slut sucking and fucking black cock again wouldn't you? Linda beckons me over, slides a finger easily into her ass and then says, I want to suck you cock.

Roots Motel: Gina and Irena

group Friskee_cpl 2017-10-29

I wondered who had been privy to these two majestic holes lately and as I did so I slid two fingers of my right hand into her wet pussy to moisten them up and then slipped them straight into her arse. “Fuck my pussy” Gina said to Irena who had opened the oil and poured a small amount onto Gina’s pussy. Irena was licking my balls and sucking at Gina’s clit and I passed the cucumber to Gina who deftly slid it into Irena’s pussy. I reached around Gina’s legs and grabbed Irena’s tits which must have been super sensitive because soon after I started pulling on her nipples she exploded yet again.

A Night Out Alone

group 2017-10-29

I walk into our bungalow discarding my clothes on the floor all but my heels and find you there, lying naked on the bed like a good boy, stroking your cock. I want you to have stroked your cock until the pre-cum oozed from its tip while you listened to them as they fucked me to heaven. I can see you’re eager to taste it, taste my finger, suck the cum off it and lick your lips when I take it out of your mouth I want to play with my well-fucked cunt and slowly tease open these cute pink lips until the cum begins to dribble out. I want to bring my mouth down level with the head of your cock as you jerk furiously, and open it for you.

First Time in the Big City

group JoeVartos 2017-10-29

As Stephanie continued to slide her mouth up and down John's hard shaft, they both watched the outline of Jen's fingers through her panties moving up and down as she very slowly fucked herself with her hand. Stephanie looked at Jen with a little bit of surprise not having intended to land so close to Jen. Jen gave no sign of disapproval as she continued to rub her swollen pussy and plunge her fingers in and out of her hot, wet box still covered by her wet panties. The thought of how the sexual cum originated from John fucking Stephanie right in front of her, to the sight of it blasting from the tip of his cock, to the warm feeling as it hit her soft skin and slid down her face, to now the taste of it in her mouth.


A Learning Experience

group Irish Moss 2017-10-29

While Sandy was watching Mary Rose guide my rigid, latex-encased tool toward her pussy, I pulled her toward me, letting her know that she had reserved seating on my face. As I was pushing my ass up off the couch, forcing my cock deeper into Mary Rose's pussy, I removed one hand from Sandy's ass so that I could slip a finger into her juicy pussy. While Mary Rose continued to ride me hard, Sandy gradually got up and turned to her, giving me a great look at her naked ass. I immediately started licking and sucking Mary Rose's clit, assuming she was closer to an orgasm than Sandy had been and wanting to get her there quickly.

Video Girls On Spring Break

group DonP 2017-10-29

Chelsea asked if it was going to be a naked boat ride and of course the guys said they would love that, but if the girls didn't mind, then the cameras would be rolling. Chelsea rubbed their clits, watching Phil's big dick slide in and out of their pussies, which were in fact very tight. Chelsea rubbed Amber's clit and licked her left nipple as Phil plunged his dick deep into Amber's tight pussy. Then Amber moved down to that end, licked Chelsea's clit, pushed Phil back and sucked her friend's cunt lips. Phil felt the cum on its way now, so he pulled out from Chelsea's little lips and rubbed his dick, the moisture of three pussies blended now for a perfect slide.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 17

group Silverfox0551 2017-10-29

The two seemed unable to break their wetly nasty fuck kiss, faces tilting and moving this way and that to keep it going as they started fucking harder, faster, Janice thrusting upward eagerly to meet each spear of the huge hard cock as it sliced through her parted pussylips, wiggling her hips as the log-like dick pushed through her clinging cunt channel, the big bulbous head smearing searing hot wetness into her womb each time he bottomed out. Don's hands toyed with Janice's bouncing tits, fingers gently flicking her nipples, then swept up and down her undulating body, caressing her hips, her wickedly flexing ass, all the while slamming his fuck stick into her spasming, soaked pussy with surprising force, her cunt smashing wetly into his hard groin, clit pressing into his cock-base, on each full downward stroke.


The Banks of the River Ch. 01

group sandollar04 2017-10-29

Emily's favorite time consumer, besides going into the nearby town to hang out with friends, was to ride her horse, Pepper, along the dry riverbanks, many of which had become small beaches. One sunny day in June, Emily's friend Jennie came over to ride horses with her. Jennie looked at Emily and rolled her eyes in response to Cody's not-so-hot, cliché greeting. Just as Jennie had began to rub all over Wyatt's crotch, Cody snapped back to reality, grabbed his shovel and said, "Okay, we've got to get back to work now. When the girls had returned to the Banks' property and gone far from sight, Cody stopped working again and said, "Dude!

The Seduction of Brad's Wife

group bridget 2017-10-29

I was very, very nervous, but when I moved my seat to make room for him, I made sure that my dress hiked up just enough to show the top of my thigh highs and let one shoulder strap fall provocatively down on to my arm, just like Brad wants me to in the fantasy. After a few more intensely erotic dances, while we walked back to the bar, where I hoped my husband would be waiting, he whispered in my ear for me not to cross my legs or sit on my dress the rest of the evening, that he wanted direct "access" to my body the entire night.



group chandan0707 2017-10-29

After one week of training on Sunday for some extra training session the trainer Sushant called three women’s Snehal my wife (28 years) , Anita (32 years) and Payal 30 years along with 5 guys Sandip(21 yrs), Irshad (20 yrs), Joseph (21 yrs), Karan (19 yrs), Rahul (20 yrs). Anita went near karan with her open 34 size boobs opened his pants took his 8 inch long dick in her mouth and started sucking like a whore. By seeing this Sushant went near Snehal and kissed her neck and whispered in her ears that today you are going to fulfil your fantasy honey in reply she said, for that I required 4 mouths and I think two mouths are there for me and others were busy with Anita and Payal Sushant said you don’t worry about that and just close your eyes.

Pool Party Gangbang with my GF

group 2017-10-29

Two guys came up on either side of me and with Amber licking my pussy, I took a cock in each hand and started stroking them then sucking them. Then I looked back and saw the black guy that had been fucking Amber before, he pushed me down forward and with a cock still in my pussy he spit on my little asshole then shoved his thumb in and started working it. OMG, I felt like I was going to split in half but then it started feeling so good, I was taking five cocks at the same time, one in each hand, and one in my mouth, ass and pussy.

A Reputation To Uphold Ch. 03

group Londoner247 2017-10-29

Jake consented and Jenny took the opportunity to clean the streak of cum from her face, scrubbing at it hard. Jake slid his hand up her thigh and spread her cunt lips apart to give an even more explicit view, and Jenny gasped softly at his delicate touch. As her wet cunt filled the viewfinder Jake slipped a single finger between her slick pussy lips and inserted it in her up to the knuckle. As much as Jake was enjoying the role of manipulator he wanted some 'manipulation' himself, and he rotated his body until his thighs were over her face. Pulling out slightly so as not to choke her, Jake returned his attention between her legs and as his fingers spread her pussy wider, his tongue darted out at her clit.

a midday romp

group here2meet 2017-10-29

When she opened her eyes she smiled as I asked her how she felt when she replied she felt horny and wanted to f**** my g f and myself that she had always thought about it but now just seemed like a good as time as any to finally say it, she didn't waste anytime she got up walked over to my g f kneeled down in front of her leaned in gave her a long deep kiss her hand on the back of g f's head, she resisted a little at first but soon stopped as her friend started playing with her breast rubbing her nipples through her shirt.

Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 07

group sexynursechef 2017-10-29

Astarte was the Mother Goddess of Heaven, a Goddess of Fertility and Sacred Sex. Sacrifices were made to her every year in the Summer-time, to ensure that the River Nile flowed and fertilized the crops that the farmers planted. The men crowded close as Ramses with a triumphant smile began to stroke his large brown cock through his tunic. I boldly stared into his hypnotic black eyes as I removed the final veil and began to stroke my own body with my fingers. The man began to gasp as I dipped my fingers into my vagina and painted my white proud upstanding breasts with my juices. The Earth drank of the lust of the men as I sank to my knees exhausted and fell into a deep sleep under the Silver eyes of Selene.


group BI_EmilyL 2017-10-29

So I came out and I slowly started stripping for them teasing pulling up my shirt just under my huge breasts making them want to rip my shirt off to see more and I pulled off my shorts just about the same way leaving it just above my clit until I pulled off my clothes completely and sat back down and I spread my legs so they could see my smooth pussy again and immediately started fingering myself as I was already soaking wet from thinking about the men. The next day I came out on my balcony and I got the men's attention and I teased them again slowly taking off my clothes And again sitting down and playing with m pussy and stopping right before I was about to cum.

Gwen and Kim Ch. 01

group cotton03 2017-10-29

Immediately, she began feeling the effects of watching Gwen's cunt sliding up and down my cock. Luckily, Gwen was oblivious to this display and I hoped she would remain that way as I had the best of both worlds; a tight cunt riding my cock and a beautiful object of many wet dreams pleasuring herself while watching. Knowing that Gwen's favorite position was riding me while I lay on my back, I took a chance and maneuvered her that way, her back still to Kim. I was at just enough angle so I could continue to enjoy the show. Sensing this, Gwen jumped from my cock and immediately began jacking it with her hand as she waited for the explosion to hit her face.

Country Store Ch. 19

group teachgirl1980 2017-10-29

The story writes itself and I can't change it later, it ruins the flow." I said sweetly and leaned forward a little, letting the girls help me get my point across. The good little housewife is supposed to just sit here and look pretty?" She said. "Scotty ate last so Warren should be hungry first." Tracy said without opening her eyes. "Miss Kim, miss Tracy, I am going to leave in a little bit to pick up Ken from the airport." I heard Warren's voice and looked up. "Miss Kim?" Warren said and I looked to see him pulling on my stockings at my toes of my right foot.



group zibbles 2017-10-29

Later the next day we arrange to meet in a little Cornish pub, as I walk in you are already sat down, I pretend not to see you and walk to the bar, after getting my drink I turn and watch you as I slowly sip my drink, you feel my eyes burning into you, you know I am watching but you don't look up, you start to stroke your hair and seductively suck the end of your finger just every now and then running your tongue around the tip................

Doris and Lisa Ch. 04

group highclassic 2017-10-29

Western held on defense, but Eastern managed to kick a field goal to go up by three. Lisa said "Frank told me he was a good outfielder but only so-so with the bat." The kick caught the Eastern defense going the wrong way as Bobby streaked downfield on coverage. Eastern was forced to play a more conservative defense, but with determination was able to keep Western on their own end of the field, content to sit on the lead and run out the clock. When Western lined up for the field goal attempt Eastern called a time out and huddled on the sideline. Doris looked at the scoreboard, showing the final score Western 10, Eastern 9, and shook her head.