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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Long Week

group PushTheButton 2017-10-29

James strode across the room and stood right in front of me, hands on my waist where Rob's had been just a few minutes before. Rob was still holding me tightly and as I moved forward I felt him move as well so I could still feel his hard cock against my arse - it was all getting too much to bare. His length and smoothness brushed against me and as James thrust into my hot, and now dripping wet pussy, I felt Rob ease his cock into my arse. As I leant back against Rob and felt his arms around my waist, I looked down to see James licking his cum from my body.

The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 6

group redbeardsley 2017-10-29

“And don't worry, Billie, I wouldn't leave you out of the fun either.” I got Mallory to suck on my dick for a little while while Billie started grinding her pussy on my face and I managed to also finger Billie to another wet and wild orgasm shooting all over my face. I was ready to blow, so I stuck my swelling dick back into Mallory's pussy until I was buried to the hilt and came like a cannon inside her womb before stopping momentarily to pull out and this time splattering both their faces with come “Mmm...” They both moaned as they both licked my dick clean before licking each other's faces and bodies clean.

Mary's Gangbang Daydream Ch. 05

group loveking 2017-10-29

Mike moved his cock slowly forward again, but this time, as it touched the back of her throat, Mary swallowed hard. Mary felt the reflex to gag, but gradually this feeling passed and the head of his cock was still in her throat! Once more she felt hot spunk filling her insides and then dripping from her cunt as the big cock was removed. She felt another small hand caress her bum cheeks and then the other waitress started to rub her fingers over Mary's anus before slipping one inside! Mary could feel Ken's cock trying to gain entrance, but, for what seemed like a long time, it just would not fit, it felt too large.

Lucy the UK Slut

group skinnyboy38 2017-10-29

"Rob this girl is such a little slutty thing, she is rubbing her clit and loving the way you are working her tits man, her pussy is so tight and wet, she takes it like a real slut, I think we should fuck her all night long man" I feel you grip my cock in your pussy as i spit out the words, you moan and as I pump into you again you release and your second orgasm hits you, throwing your head back I watch as your mouth gapes open and your chest heaves.


Had To Tell Somebody!

group Steve1980 2017-10-29

Meanwhile, unknown to me, Nancy (the hot 30-something year old) was telling Beth that a couple things on her bucket list were to make a woman come, and have sex in a car. They start making out, Nancy tells Beth to lie down, then says, "These things are in my way." I'm trying to drive, and not be rude to Drunk Cassie, who insists on carrying on a conversation with me, but suddenly I see both of Beth's feet in the air, with underwear, pantyhose, and a shoe still on one foot. When I was driving Beth to work this morning, I told her, "It wasn't just my cock talking last night: you can fuck Nancy any time you like."

A Friendly Fuck

group Odysseyker 2017-10-29

Doug reached across the game board in an attempt to grab a quick feel, but Tina smacked his hand away saying, "That wasn't part of the instructions. Her comment brought a wide grin to Doug's face and he quipped, "We'll show you horny..." He started around the table, inviting me, "Come on, let's get her." Tina giggled loudly and sprang up and away from the table, with us in hot pursuit. I watched Tina's lips glide back and forth over Doug's cock for a few minutes and then she turned to me. Tina withdrew and let me spring free, then turned to Doug and asked in a sultry voice, "Do you like to watch me swallow his cock Baby?" He just nodded his head, indicating he did.


The Festival

group Ganyeka 2017-10-29

It was so unexpected, the way she rubbed my cock into the come on her lips, face and body, around her rock hard, come coated nipples, over her come smeared cheeks, back down her throat, while she rubbed my juice into her tits with a free hand, wiped clinging dollops of come from her cheek with her fingers then licked it off and sucked them clean and massaged her clit again pushing 2 fingers into her dripping pussy, getting worked up all over again.


Private Tutor

group xXxfaytalexXx 2017-10-29

She turned cocked her head back and welcomed Dean's forceful kiss, his tongue jutting in and out exploring her mouth, his left hand firmly holding her wrists at bay, his right hand groping blindly around her body all while Dee is thrusting his fingers in her steadily faster and faster as he continues to lick and kiss her back and forth from thighs to clit. Cara was preparing to take on the full force of two hard cocks thrusting inside her and protesting every last bit of it both verbally and physically now even though she kept her hands held out so that Dee's abdomen hit against them each time he tore into her.

Maree's Fantasy

group KM_Martin 2017-10-29

Maree's nasty thoughts of teasing some unsuspecting guys might be fun and titillating; seeing tents come up between the legs of men she barely knew was now very interesting to her. Maree told Vince that she had been so turned on by the thought of those guys being aroused that she really wanted to fulfil the fantasy they had. Vince thought how sexy Maree would look while she pleased three or four guys at one time. The man directly across from Vince got up from his chair and pulled his pants down to reveal what she thought a very nice cock. Maree laid on the floor rubbing the cum from her body into her skin and licking some from her fingers as the men all got dressed.

Holiday Happenings

group LustyLee77 2017-10-29

Cathy's eyes went from Ann's big breasts with pointy dark nipples, then to her hairy pussy and then she gaped at Warren's 11" cock. As he inched his big fat cock into her tight pussy Warren wore a wicked grin, gazed into her blue eyes, and told her, "Relax and enjoy the ride little girl. Please don't stop; it feels sooo good, I love it, yessss fuck meeeee!" Hank filled Ann's pussy with his cum as he watched his pretty wife fuck back hard and voice her cravings for Warren's cock. Ann laughed at Hank's reaction to seeing his wife covered with cum, her stretched pussy on display for all to see and said, "Why you little pervert; you love watching your wife become my husband's fuck slut.


Rebecca's Jacuzzi Surprise

group edisonCaroline 2017-10-28

Then it happened, one of the guys who was groping Rebecca's tits moved in front of her and pulled down his shorts to reveal his large cock, pointing straight at her face! The guy fucking Rebecca then began to slow down and her own orgasm began to fade at that moment she felt the guy in front of her cum on her face. Rebecca was thinking that she can only imagine what she looks like with one guys cum on her face as she sucks on another man's cock. The excitement, however, was too much for him and just as Rebecca was going to pull him out of her mouth so he could cum on her face, he had a death grip on her head and forced his cock into her mouth even more.

I myself!

group 2017-10-28

For a long time no see Dima sat on the other side. Time has come now still fucked, an evil hiss Dima and reached for his belt, trying to take off my coat. Dima, having come from behind, gently took my breasts in his hands. Dima's hands, leaving my breasts to a friend, slid down his stomach, getting into her panties. Caressed his lips, I just started him tongue as Roma, suddenly, the whole body trembled. It may not be as high-spirited as Dima, but at the same time powerful and delicate. Shaking all over, I was so hard pressed hips lying below me Dima, he whined like a puppy. Dima and Roma were drinking at a table, looking at me.

Teacher, Teacher: The Morning After

group linkznut 2017-10-28

But when Jenny's hand slid between her legs and began stroking her pussy through her thongs, she gasped, releasing her tits as she leaned forward to rest her hands on her lover's head. She reached above her, grabbed Ron Wilson's head and pulled his lips to hers, where she devoured his tongue even as Cindy and Ron continued their assault on her pussy and breasts. She pushed Mr. Wilson's head away and moved her hands to his, helping him attack her tits while Cindy kept up her relentless assault on her pussy. As she hovered above his anxious body, Jenny reached in and began massaging Cindy's clit with one hand while her other grabbed hold of Mr. Wilson's cock.


Colorado River Ch. 3

group Bettybod10 2017-10-28

We looked over at Jay and his group of 6 or more guys standing on the deck staring at us with wide grins. Jay said he was going to show them around then head out to the bars and hoped see us later as they filed off the deck and disappeared. I stood up handing Rick a few CDs, whispered thank you in his ear and stepped out of the booth. Katie stood up and brushed past me grinning leaving the bartender spent on the toilet, his now flaccid cock gooey with the mixture of their cum. Three songs later his face twisted in a half grin and I knew Katie was getting a mouthful of his sweet sperm.

The Consultant

group TheProphet 2017-10-28

Leaning over, she turned the pages to face us both, and started talking about efficiency, time management, and other such drivel. And then she started bouncing again, hard, as I tried to catch a nipple in my mouth as her breasts slapped against my face. I started pounding into her, harder and faster, her nipples dragging across the desk with every hard stroke I made. I started taking long slow strokes, letting her feel every inch, when suddenly the door burst open and Frank, my PA, walked into the room, a couple of charts in his hands. Kelli, still on all fours on my desk, smiled sweetly at me, putting her chin in her hands with a deviously angelic look on her face, and said:

Cooperative Audience, Nice Duet

group kvijaya508 2017-10-28

Four ladies, Chandana/ Viji/ Soma/ Kajal asked both of us many questions regarding our sex life, like what are the postures we take while fucking, how long I can hold my load, who last longer, how long my erect cock is, whether we use dirty words at that special time, how much semen my balls produce in one go! The ladies handled the emergency well, Viji pulled my cock out of the jaw of Priya's cunt and Kajal squeezed my balls hard. Viji told, "You bitch, you also can fuck a bit, you must do XXX films, defeat that proud cock, bring it's adhesive out." Viji never spared male domination being a working lady in same group of company; she loved to dominate men, as I know her.

First 3some with my wife (Part 2)

group 2017-10-28

So knowing that she wasnt done I told her I need to go get some water down stair and that when I got back that I was going to eat her pussy good. I went down stairs, rich still naked, cock hard as a rock still, I give him a lil tug.. He comes right up to the bed and begins suck her D sized tits, the sucking makes her push her pussy more into my face. I put face face back down in her pussy, she is moaning and bucking...then I hear what sounds like she is sucking his (she says that she wasn't but I know what cock sucking sounds like) The cock sucking sounds got heaver, time to finnish her off.

Pool Boy Ch. 36

group BigZeke13 2017-10-28

The rest was speculation but right or wrong, I had a plan of my own and I summarized it for Alexis before getting dressed and hobbling out to early morning football practice. I didn't have a lot of free time so, with all of them sitting there, I called Rachel's cell phone and asked for her permission to have a party for our friends this coming Saturday to celebrate the end of the semester. I said, "When this party breaks out into a full-blown orgy, which we'll make sure it does, Rachel and Mitch will be in the middle of it and we'll figure out how to get them together with us and they won't ever have to reveal their on-going sexual relationship.


Scarlet Queen Ch. 08-09

group angellily 2017-10-28

Both had demanded to be in the room for the physical, and it had taken nearly three hours to come to agreement to let Gabriel check Ellie as fully clothed as possible. Ellie was not happy about how Gabriel had also managed to get both Dante and Rain agree to let him work this case. Craven had given both Dante and Rain an open invitation to stay at his home, but first they needed change to look the part of Goth vampire rockers. "Nope, corsets can never go out of style," Rain said adamantly, not willing to give up to the erotic delights that would happen later on tonight when he got to undress Ellie again.


Wifes Fantasy A Room Full Of Guys Wearing Panties

group pantiescouple 2017-10-28

I start at the front of the line again, once again my husband is first in line, only this time I turn around and bend over touching my toes so my ass is pointed straight up, my pink satin bikini panties stretch very tight across my butt and my wet spot is clearly visible from the back. I go back to the start of the line and once again I turn around and bend over in front of the guy touching my toes so my ass is pointed straight up, my pink satin bikini panties stretch against my butt cheeks, and my wet spot is even more noticeable as my wet spot on my panties has grown very large.

A Quiet Weekend at Home Ch. 02

group Ice_Tease 2017-10-28

Moving your right hand slowly up her thigh and carefully slipping it between your bodies her own excitement coats your fingers as her moan fills your ear. Jenn's right hand begins to slowly lift and squeeze your right breast as her left moves over your hip to your abdomen. Leaning forward you grasp my hip with your free hand and pull your body into mine at the realization of Jenn's statement. Making sure you take your time you begin to wash Jenn's hair watching as the shampoo bubbles and water spills down the curves of her body. Jenn's body reacts as your cloth-covered hand moves down her arms to her chest.

Sarah and the Marines

group InMyPrime 2017-10-28

Kevin and Mario looked on in amazement as Sarah seductively devoured Matthew's fingers. Not only was Matthew's manhood growing hard, but Mario's and Kevin's desire was showing in their tight green shorts as well. Kevin eagerly licked the pudding as Sarah moaned. Matthew spread some pudding on Sarah's inner thigh and Mario happily licked it off. She reached for Mario's hard shaft, sliding her hands up and down it as she continued to suck Matthew's cock. Meanwhile, while Mario shoved his cock in and out of her pussy, Matthew's cock twitched in her mouth and began to spew his load deep down her throat. Kevin and Mario left her with a kiss and a thank you, but Matthew spent the night in her room – continuing their lustful sex throughout the night.

Body Heat Ch. 01

group The_story_writer2003 2017-10-28

It began as normal, we had a quick meal of just enough to keep us going, we had drunk the last of the alcohol in the place, one bottle of vodka and a couple of bottles of wine, playing cards by the light of a single flickering candle, the alcohol numbing the feeling of cold, we ended up are curled into a heap, a girl with their head on either shoulder as they dozed and Becky curled in the blankets at our feet... I felt my hands running over bodies, soft warm skin, curved rounded asses, full breasts and smaller firmer ones, I didn't know who they were at the time but it didn't matter, all that mattered was making them feel good, the same thing was happening to me, hands caressing my body in the warm darkness, a head slowly moving to swallow my shaft...

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 32

group jacktar48 2017-10-28

When Ka-li-na bent her head and sucked Tse-ni-sa's nipple into her mouth I noticed that Yo-na had removed his breechcloth and shirt and was stroking his long slender cock while he watched the women. "Slowly, Husband!" Tse-ni-sa warned me, and when I turned my head I saw that Yo-na held her small body clasped in his arms and was lowering her onto his stiff cock as he knelt next to his wife. When we got out to the living room Tommy and Mary Louise were already there on the couch dressed in their school clothes, holding hands and gazing at each other with silly grins on their faces.