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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sorority Ch. 10

group Jedikool 2017-10-28

"Okay, okay, but just let me finish will you?" Brandi said as she resumed her position and began to start again, not minding that Nikki was still in the room. Nikki then went on to tell Brandi everything about her guilt from the Mexico trip and how she had set up a threesome with Colin and Raven. You and Raven have never fucked before either, so this is a good opportunity to let loose on each other," Brandi went on, "You two have been best friends for almost three years now and you've made out a number of times. Thursday of that week came and both Raven and Nikki were getting nervous, while the other girls just went about their week like normal.


The Swingers Club

group Harryandsally 2017-10-28

There were laid back sofa's around the edge of the room for people to lounge and watch, Carly and Steve thought this was fantastic. Carly and Steve were kissing and touching while Kate had gone straight for Tony's cock. Kate kept her eyes open to watch Carly who was now sucking Steve's cock, lazily alternating between licking his shaft and swallowing his length. Tony then laid on the bed and guided Kate onto his cock, she rode him while Steve worked her arsehole with his fingers. Carly and Tony played with her tits as Steve fucked her with all the energy he could muster, them with one final push, shot his load into Kate's arsehole.

Vahl and My Wife

group Sarishepard 2017-10-28

She was obviously just looking to get Vahl in the house, but once she mentioned smelling gas, it was my job to check. I was just buttoning my shirt as Vahl grasped Lynn's waist, grunting as the well-sated housewife cooed to her fifth seeding of the afternoon. Shower water poured over her full red hair, soaking her pink t-shirt and denim shorts as she sat back on her heels and inspected my half-hard appendage. She dropped her pants and underwear, then stepped beneath the shower head again, stroking me with her palm turned up. "Like you said, it doesn't matter." Turning her back to me, she leaned forward with both hands on the shower wall.


Kelli Gets Even Ch. 4

group Kelli Bleu 2017-10-28

After 10 minutes the men were laughing as well; Kelli handed them each a hundred dollar bill and left the room, high fiving a couple of the guys as she went. Before Kelli's disbelieving eyes, the women ran over and grabbed Holli, pulling her to the center of the room and wrestling her to the ground, giggling the whole time. do you want them?" Kelli almost screamed in pleasure as Holli nodded her assent and the men took up their positions around her, one sliding his cock between her lips, another deep into her pussy. Holli moaned as the men pleasured her, then cried out as the man in her mouth came, spraying her lips and her face as he pulled out.

Birthday Treat

group VonGreenback 2017-10-28

"Well, bring it here then," she said, "I want a closer look." I moved to the top of the table, rubbing Nicola's shoulders as she flicked her tongue over the head of my cock. Behind me, Nicola got back to work on your pussy, thrusting fingers in deeply and licking your clitoris, causing you to squirm underneath me, almost causing my cock to slip out from between your tits. With me sucking greedily on her pussy and you expertly massaging her tits, it wasn't long before Nicola was spurting into my mouth, her orgasm causing her to lose control of her legs and collapse in a heap into my lap.

Birth of a slut

group Slave_Mike 2017-10-28

I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth and I was almost cretin he was getting close to shooting his load, when suddenly I heard footsteps. After no time his cock felt well lubricated and I could smell fresh bl**d in the air, as the filthy homeless man took my cherry, to the hoots and re-energized yelps of his accomplices. He attempted to shove his cock into my mouth, while the first man continued to fuck my no longer virgin manhole. Before he could pull out, his friend jammed my head down hard on his cock, shoving it deep into my throat. Even after the fucking the first homeless man gave me and the lube he left dripping from my ass, I could feel Darrell’s cock stretching and tearing my manhole even further.

Diary of an Indian Cruiseship Whore Ch. 03

group pussylove69 2017-10-28

We got a bit hot from that talk and of course from our erotic showering and so we fingered each other to a seat orgasm, kissing passionately and rubbing our breasts on each other, before we stepped out of the shower. Three old, not very attractive men that were screwing a young, Indian college girl, that got paid for sex. When I left my pussy was dripping of the cum of these old men, filling my bikini panties. After she had caught sight of my opened legs and my naked pussy, that had got moist of excitement, she shook her head and said: She caught me masturbating and willingly assisted me with all her hot body and her lips, tongue, fingers, breasts and own pussy in special.

Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Nerd-Boy Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2017-10-28

Grabbing her hips, I started to really drive her light body down onto my shaft with increasing power, lowering a thumb to tease her love button, causing Kendra to shoot upright, a wail of pleasure escaping her lips. Marcus had given me some half-hearted rant about how I had all the luck with the women and ended up getting both Amanda AND Kendra. Just because I was starting a relationship with Kendra did not mean that I couldn't be friends with Amanda... And dammit the only thing I could picture in my mind was Amanda's gloriously naked body, shimmering with sweat and oozing my cum juices from her cunt.


Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 10

group LuckyBastard13 2017-10-28

Cindy took her place on my face and let me lick and suck on her clit until she came too. "Okay, next game is 'Guess The Breast' Who's first?" I heard Cindy ask. Carla quickly took Fran's place and let me lick and suckle on her tits just so she didn't miss out. The lips and tongue were soon withdrawn to be followed by another set of lips, then another pussy, then still another pussy and then a mouth that took my cock deep into the throat. My cock throbbed out the last of its load and I watched as the girls took turns sucking my dick. Carla and Cindy held my legs spread wide and Amy licked any come from my ass crack.


Trucker’s Earlier Luck Ch. 02

group justanotherjoe 2017-10-28

Suzy also gave Chloe a lot of "tips" on how to give blowjobs – hot to please a guy, and promised her she'd get used to the taste, and probably grow to like it as much as she did. Chloe said Suzy disappeared for awhile and had sex with a guy in the men's bathroom stall. Chloe said she was insulted and felt used, so she grabbed her clothes and stormed out of the bedroom which was right off the living room where all the other frat guys she had seen at the bar were hanging out. The finger on her clit quickly got her back to another near-orgasm state and Chloe said she really wanted to feel another one, and didn't object when she felt the guy removing her panties.


Vacation Switch-a-roo

group AR_erotica 2017-10-28

Coming with Jim and Hannah were Jim's old high school friends Jerry and his wife Linda. Angie was a friend of Linda but she and her husband were more acquaintances really than friends to Jim and Hannah and they had mostly been invited just to fill in the need for a three bedroom condo. As Jim continued to fondle and nip on Linda's breasts Jerry and Angie had progressed even further. Jerry saw Roger's head between Hannah's legs as he pleasured her orally while she sat on the loveseat. Having been lost in his own pleasure Jim was surprised to look across the room and see his wife Hannah's ass in the air.


Josie & Gina's City Adventures

group deepemerald 2017-10-28

“But Josie’s cunt will be lonely if you’re eating my pussy,” Gina said innocently, looking at the big bulge in his pants. The sight of Josie riding that beautiful fuck meat, with her big tits bouncing freely, made Gina hot for her and she reached over and started kissing her friend. Having got a head start, rubbing her clit while watching Josie and the boss, she was already well on her way to orgasm and she soon felt it rip through her like lightning and she screamed into Josie’s lips as her pussy squirted her cum on the bosses face. Gina knew that Josie hadn’t cum again while she was being eaten so she placed her head between Josie’s soft thighs and let her tongue taste what was left of the cum and also the juices she knew so well.

My Mom Was Being Unfaithful

group magas911 2017-10-28

He got between her spread white legs and jammed his gigantic black teenage cock between her white pussy lips and shoved forward hard sinking his entire lengthy black shaft completely into her up to his big black balls and began fucking my very willing, eager and highly aroused married white woman. Just before they left that afternoon I slipped out of the house and went back into town, my mind filled with images of my beautiful, sexy white Mom lying on she and Dad?s bed being fucked and sucking the two young black teenage high school friends of mine, over and over that afternoon.

Meghan Steps Out

group thundap 2017-10-28

A quick look to her right and she saw Jenny about six feet away trying to swallow a massive load while still jerking her man's cock. Then Meghan saw her use the dick as a facial squeegee, wiping the cum off of her cheeks and feeding into her mouth. A raw, nasty, sexual energy was pulsing through her body and Meghan couldn't wait to get her first official facial, sucking a stranger she barely knew, surrounded by two greek groups, dressed only in bra, thong, and stockings. Brian stepped back and Meghan began to wipe away the cum near her eyes. Meghan felt like a completely new person as she leaned forward and took Mr. Left into her mouth, licking him up and down, while still managing to jerk off Mr. Right.

A Weekend Away From The Office Ch. 04

group RubieRed 2017-10-28

"Yes Kasey, please sit down, there is something we need to discuss." Jared looks up at her and folds his hands together. Sandy is nervous but still so fucking horny she'll do exactly what she's told and plans to get Jared's thick cock deep in her pussy. "Sit spread eagle on the floor and suck on your tits until we tell you otherwise." Sandy says as she walks to Jared. Kasey is slowly rubbing her slit as she watches Jared's hands fondling Sandy's pert nipples. Sandy is grinding her hips into Jared's lap, she feels full with his thick cock deep inside her pussy. Kasey drives three fingers deep into her cunt and starts pumping along with the pace of Sandy's pussy pounding on Jared's dick.

Baumgartner Generations: Janie

group Selena_Kitt 2017-10-28

We were always careful—the door was firmly shut and locked at night—but once in a while, usually on a weekend when no one had to set an alarm for the morning rush, I'd wake up pressed firmly between their flesh, TJ's thigh tucked between mine from behind, my cheek resting against Ronnie's breast, my breath making her nipple hard even in her sleep. TJ groaned, his cock slowing as he watched his wife's body twisting, arching, one hand on my head, the other palming her breast, fingering her nipple and I knew—he must be close to coming. "Little Janie wants to come, too," TJ murmured and I moaned when Ronnie turned her full attention back between my thighs, using both her fingers and tongue this time.


Tammy Sluts It Ch. 2

group jamespatrick2001 2017-10-28

If he asked later why she smelled so strong in the car, she could just say that she hadn’t cleaned herself up properly after they’d fucked when he’d gotten home from work and that flashing the table-full of guys at the bar had gotten it stirred up with her own pussy cream. She could see in her mind’s eye the way she pussy lips were glistening with her cunt juice and the guy’s cum, how the slime would be trailing out of her slut hole. You couldn’t get enough cock, could you, you dirty little cunt?” I’m your little slut Jay, your little whore, your cunt.” “Oh, Jay, I’m such a dirty little slut,” she sighed.

Stranger in the Night

group damppatch 2017-10-28

Dave was beginning to thrust inside her mouth as she let out a squeal of anticipation as she involuntarily eased her buttocks backwards and her back arched as she tried to manoeuvre herself so that his dick rubbed her most sensitive parts. She began to thrust herself upwards to his probing tongue as her mouth sought Dave's cock just above her head, she took it in deeply as the still unknown face tongued her clit and started to move his deft fingers, rhythmically, inside her wet and expectant vagina. Dave was lifting her, raising her to her knees, she knelt, upright, between his legs as she continued to slide her hands up and down his substantial cock, wanting it inside her again.

The Surveyor and us

group maturemancock 2017-10-28

As she had had her orgasm I had just entered her and was banging away when there was a knock on the door, "Leave it" I said, "We can't" she said, and with that I pulled out, Donna threw on her revealing nightie and went to the door i was sat there waiting for my cock to go down. As she nibbled his balls she slipped a finger into his anus and he moaned all the more, I was banging her faster but suddenly i pulled out and said "On your back" as donna moved to lie down Tom looked at me, as I slid into her I said "Tom kneel down here at the side of her" as he did she grabbed his cock and started to lick it.

We Thought It Was Kenny

group daddygoesdeep 2017-10-28

I made the lip zipper move and watched a few more minutes as my wife panted like a whore, stretching her own nipples out as the tall black man hammered her willing wet cunt again and again, until she almost screamed and rutted back on his spewing prick, Hot ropes of cum shooting deep inside my wifes honey hole. She couldn’t remember Kenny being so hard, so long and oh so very thick before, but she rocked her tight little cunt back and forth on his magnificent thickness, moaning around the cock she had buried in her throat, and cum in hot gushes all over his stabbing plunging man prick.

Oh Man...Your Breath Smells Ch. 04

group pdkdpdk 2017-10-28

"Big and hard and tasty slimy and sticky" his continuous assault is breaking me down, and as he returns to my neck with his lips I lean my head to the side giving him better access to kiss my flesh. Reaching the halfway point of his dick, Sam pauses, staring into my eyes now with a look that would give a dead man a woody and slowly pushes herself forward until about three quarters of James massive tool is gone. "Nooo my sexy, oh my goodness you are so incredibly sexy...just the best mouth baby...ungh how awesome you are" I continually breathe out into Sam's face my nasty words of encouragement as I lick her stretched out cheeks and tongue her distended lips that rest at the bottom of her son's massive shaft.


Pussy-Licker: A Hyper-Tramp

group tristantrotsky 2017-10-28

The hood is over her head with wrists affixed, but the mouth-slit is unzipped to accommodate the Driver's fat penis as he squats over her, rocking roughly back and forward into her masked face, his cock going fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck deep into her gurgling throat. At the same time the brunette crouches down between her splayed legs, tongue stabbing and jabbing, licking and lapping into the rich pussy-wetness, as I take the crouching brunette from behind, sliding in beneath her sensuously undulating buttocks, my smooth entry nudging her forcefully deeper into the blonde girl's open quim. I lie on my back, cock quivering up like a radio aerial, and the hooded blonde is manipulated over me into a breathtaking sixty-nine, straddling me, her ass facing back.

Pool Boy Ch. 35

group BigZeke13 2017-10-28

She was looking at something else and Mitch cocked her head and reached up past Rachel's face and plucked something from her hair. Jason immediately pulled his cock from Mitch's mouth and back away from the table before turning to see Alexis looking down at the mess she had made. Alexis was still feeling horny from her encounter with Jason and Mitch and Jan could see it on her face. The passion was electric and there wasn't even the slightest chance that they noticed Mitch sitting in her wheelchair in the middle of the kitchen floor with one hand up the leg of her gym shorts and the other under her tee shirt mauling her nipples.


Suck & Blow

group Cockatoo 2017-10-28

Besides, it’s my turn now.” She puts the joker to her lips and gives it to Jessie- the only one here who hasn’t taken anything off yet, I notice- and I see the tip of Joanne’s tongue push the card against her sister’s lips, instead of blowing it there. She looks around for a target, and decides it’s “pick-on-Curtis day.” He sees her coming, and as their faces just start to get close, Jessie cracks up and the card flutters to the floor. Patsy smiles and faithfully sucks the card from his lips and passes it on to Jessie, who giggles again and drops it as their faces pull away.