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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sin City Weekend: The Shopping Trip

group Kitchen_Magician 2017-10-28

We lightly clap in approval and you spin seductively and walk back swaying your luscious ass and look back over your shoulder with a sexy grin that makes us both want to double fuck you at the same time right here right now, in this beautiful store. Nikki has you sit back on the stool and says "Deborah, I want you to spread your beautiful legs as wide as you can for me so I can enjoy the aroma and taste of your delectable looking pussy." You are like putty in her hands at this point and gladly open yourself up completely to her.


New Beginnings, New Tastes

group erinerotica 2017-10-28

A bit of extra pleasure that a lot of women can't have) After getting my pussy energized by playing with my tits it was time to finish getting ready and head downtown. Without noticing, my own legs spread further as I took in the sights of him finger fucking her pussy right there in the bar. "Mmmm, he's a lucky man to be able to fuck your sweet little pussy" I whispered as I pumped two fingers deep into her hot hole. Jinna concentrated her fingers on my pussy while Shawn's big fingers circled my ass hole and then found the way inside. I sucked Jinna's cum and lapped for more and she swallowed part of Shawn's load while he spread the rest on my tits and I came very hard.

Slow Sucking, Oral Discipline

group HeyAll 2017-10-28

So far, Cassie had seen at least twenty others in the dimly lit halls, with men wearing suits and women wearing dresses. "Here is your entertainment for the evening," the masked, bare breasted woman told the men, referring to Cassie. They each took a moment to look over Cassie's tight little body, then into her seductive eyes, and of course, those lips of glory. "Cassie, every man in your office wants to throat-fuck you. This time, she actually knew the masked man in front of her, and he grinned wide, unabashedly looking over that naked body he had long lusted after. "On your knees," he said, as the other man placed a floor cushion below Cassie.


Freaky Fuck pt2

group d4david 2017-10-28

Harry looked at me stroking his incredulous huge cock 'what you say David, Shelia lets you fuck her I fuck you and she suck both our dicks.' Shelia laughed and knelt down in front of me and begin to slowly suck on my erect penis. Harry told us to get busy on the bed, Shelia laid on her back lifting her legs and holding on to the hallow of her knees 'come David suck this pussy and make it wet before you stick that hard dick in me.' Then Shelia looked up at me, with those Japanese slant eyes, and pulled my head down till we both was sucking on Harry's massive cock head.

Cameron, Lacey & Gina

group DallasJackson 2017-10-28

Cameron suggested that, since he had a suite on the business level of the hotel and that there would be fewer questions for either Gina or Lacey to answer were neighbors to notice, that perhaps the best place to meet was at a restaurant near Times Square. Gina, perhaps sensing the look of arousal in Lacey's eyes or just noticing that Cam's hand was under the table, grabbed Cameron mid thigh, squeezing playfully. Breaking that kiss, Cameron turned to Gina and took her in his arms, again kissing her fully, though this time keeping one of Lacey's hands in his own, pulling her over towards their embrace. Placing her on the bed, both Lacey and Cameron began to run their hands over her body, kissing her skin, finding every possible way to arouse her.

Dani's Cumuppence Pt. 01

group blackhillsbbw 2017-10-28

Cringing, I felt myself pulled mysteriously down a dark corridor; cobwebs seemed to cling to my face and human hands grabbed at my body! There were even those scary looking clowns like out of the movie Saw. Some appeared to creep in from amongst the trees like "The Night of the Living Dead." I didn't know if it was planned, but I got the eerie feeling that this was definitely a full-blown production. "Shhhhhh Dani." then I felt this positively wonderful feeling shudder through my body as I felt hands begin to delve between my legs and over my body that I assumed hers as well. All the while I felt hands, fingers and body parts of others touching and working me as it made me want more and more and more!

Golf Competition

group Zandy66 2017-10-28

As it turns out we didn't win so headed to the bar to drown our sorrows and there was our girl serving behind the bar and her tits looked even better so the flirting started all over again, each one of us hoping we might get some action at the disco and buffet later. I was standing at the side watching all this stroking my cock slowly when she looked at me and motioned me closer and with Fred slamming into her cunt she turned her head and took my cock in her mouth, using her tongue expertly getting me even harder. Tom and Bob were either side of the bed and commented on her tits swinging about and then grabbed hold of them, giving them a good feel as I fucked her.

Valerie Meets Her Match

group restrained 2017-10-28

Scott's time is next as he pulls his marvelous hard cock out and shoots cum all over Valerie's ass and back. As I'm finishing locking her up I see that Scott has his rock hard cock out of his silk boxers and brings it over to Valerie as she sits shackled on the soft floor. Its getting to be after 9:00pm and no sign of Scott and Sherri so I dim the lights and order Valerie to put on a garter belt, nylons, highest heels she has here, and her new leather bustier. My cock is just throbbing as I hear Scott moaning like a child and Valerie and Sherri giggling.

Kelsey's World Ch. 11

group riverboy 2017-10-28

She liked pushing the envelope, and thought it might be a good way to get Barbara to loosen up and talk about sex a little. "Yes," Barbara said, knowing she should have felt that way about Austin back then. "I just...think it's kinda awesome that he got such a good education from somebody nice like that," Kelsey said. Barbara had seen her in a tiny bikini in the driveway, but the way her big tits looked in the lacy bra took her breath away. The big, black, robotic dildo she'd seen stuffed in Barbara's pussy looked like fun to Kelsey, but she knew from plenty of experience that even the best of those tools paled in comparison to warm human flesh.


Whore within

group geemaninca 2017-10-28

Dave and I ordered a few more rounds and made ourselves comfortable, talked about all sorts of stuff, and just before the bar made last call, Dave got a text “cash is king c u soon hope you have a better offer” “Dude, can you believe this, look at this text” I couldn’t help but laugh, “Well, we asked for it” Dave put on a not smile grin “True, but I would like to get laid sometime tonight.” And in a few minutes, in they walked, right over to the bar, and the bartender said “Sorry, we not serving” Tish smiled at him and said “its okay sweetie, we’re not looking for a drink” and sure as shit, another set of guys ran over and off they went again.

Sleeping Beauty

group Bob Alpha 2017-10-28

Kneeling naked over my wife, and looking at me for approval, he placed his meaty cock on the wet folds of Caprices' pussy. The sound of squishy fluid filled the room as the salty payload leaks past his engorged cock and runs down between Caprice's ass cheeks. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, her tan lobes of flesh held captive in his hands, a white line from her thong bikini creating an arrow pointing down to the round opening below, Mark inserts his index finger into her beckoning asshole. Now beneath her, his big, black cock fully seated in her ass, Caprice's legs spread apart to reveal a slightly reddened pussy, the final act of love begins.

The Trophy Wife: Alternate Ending

group Gary_Alexander_2 2017-10-28

In the evening, Ellie told me about some of the naughty clothing she'd bought (and would let me see when the time came), and about a white bikini Amy had bought, which she'd probably never wear anyplace other than in her own bedroom to try to get Dan to show some interest in her – and then teased me for showing "way too much interest" myself in her description of Amy's new outfit. Or maybe the whole night was a dream: Amy never came over to swim tonight, half-naked, we never fucked, Ellie never shot her, I just fell asleep waiting for her. Ellie walked over to me "I swear, it looked like you were sleep-fucking or something." She reached for my hand, and my cock slid out of Amy's pussy.

Mrs. Wythe - Behind the Supermarket

group hunterjones 2017-10-28

Friends of hers who'd been married for five years or more had started to let themselves go, but Elena took good care of herself. She walked up to a tall man in the produce isle and stood beside him, "These banana's aren't big enough," she said, the way they'd arranged online. There was a little lube sill on his cock, but it wasn't enough to rub with, so she leaned in and licked all the way up the underside. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and she spoke, "Please let me be a good girl for you, teddy." She thought to herself, "Elena, you may be a respectable housewife, but you are in the back of a van behind the supermarket with a huge cock fucking you another fucking your face.

Swiss Girls School Ch. 02

group SilkPantyGirl 2017-10-28

Madison began to kiss Kimberly's exposed neck, and moved both hands down between her legs, gently tugging the blonde pubes. As Madison continued, Alicia smoothly slid up to Kimberly's right side and began to kiss her breasts, squeezing, fondling, sucking the hard nipples. As Kimberly realised another girl was touching her, she gasped in pleasure, and slid her hand down Alicia's bare back, under her skirt and into her panties, feeling the round softness of her ass. She switched it on and gently pressed it against the blonde girl's nipple, then slowly slid it down until it touched Madison's hand, still working the clitoris. Madison moved her hands up to softly stroke Kimberly's belly, and Charlotte let the vibrator slip out, and gently pried open Kimberly's vice-like grip on her nipple.


I let the DHL man see me masturbate.

group 2017-10-28

I lay prostrate across the edge of my breakfast bar, my hand cupped my pubis, his semen was everywhere, and the feeling of his fat cock was between my thighs, I began to masturbate myself unashamedly, his semen like a man oil, 'Rub that pussy bitch', and I did, as he stood there watching my body contort with my self abuse, and when I started cumming, I saw he had been filming me on his phone, 'Oh Fuck', I cried, overcome with my orgasm I could not stop, and he filmed me through the lot.

Poker For Three Ch. 1

group RMC 2017-10-28

I still worked on Alex's clit as best I could and at one point Andy slipped out of Alex and tried to thrust is back into her but his monster cock ended up in my surprised mouth. One hand continued to play with Alex's clit while the other stroked Andy's cock as I sucked it. I stopped sucking Andy to lap up Alex's cum juices but Andy was not content just to sit their with his throbbing cock in hand. Andy's cum was leaking into my mouth as I ate Alex out then I felt my legs being raised as Alex started to suck her juice off my cock.

Limousine: Around Atlanta

group dlawson 2017-10-28

As Karen bent to the side to pull the thong off Beth's right foot, David could see his wife's juices glistening on her lips. As Karen flattened her tongue and began to grind it against Beth's cit, David leaned back against his seat and pushed his pants and underwear to the floor of the car. David rubbed the fingers of his right hand down the cleft of Karen's ass, past her taint and into her steamy, wet pussy. Beth settled deeply back into the car seat and masturbated vigorously while she watched her husband ass--fuck Karen. Beth concentrated on scene before her: her husband roughly plunging his cock into Karen's ass, the sound of his balls and hips slapping against her cheeks, and the cries of the woman as she brought herself to orgasm .

Back to School: Incentive Ch. 05

group JohnEvans 2017-10-28

"It means Natalie and I will provide some entertainment before we break into groups," said Sarah sexily. "No, now you're gonna pop," said Yolanda as her lips formed on 'O' and she took Gary's prick deep into her hot, wet mouth. Yolanda's head bobbed back and forth in time with her hand, that was stroking Gary's hard shaft. Sarah saw a couple of guys try to swap their group ticket with some of the other players who were in Natalie's group without any success. They could see Natalie's huge tits sway and wobble behind her curtain of hair, and that Sarah's large, creamy breasts were barely held in place by her hands. Yolanda, Colleen, and Haru moved over next to Sarah, while Mai, Chica, and Jenny were with Natalie.


Summer Heat Ch. 01: Heather's Surprise

group JazzdBoutU2 2017-10-28

"That's when the fun started," said Jeanie with that cute smile, still stroking my now, rock hard cock. Jeanie's mouth continued moving up and down on my cock head as her tongue started swirling around the tip. Heather was cuddled up to me, stroking my chest while I watched my cock going deeper and deeper in to Jeanie's mouth. Jeanie again came up off my cock, caught her breath, looked me in the eyes, and said, "I'm not sure I can cheat on Rob by fucking you, but I had to suck this awesome cock. I reached over and slid a finger inside Heather's wet cunt, finger fucking my sweet wife while lapping at her best friend's clit.


The Thunderstorm

group Zorro69 2017-10-28

His feet straddled Troy's head, who looked up at Angie's face together with her husband's hard penis and swaying balls. As Angie felt her head grabbed her husband pulled her head forward and thrust his dick into her open mouth. Angie's eyes looked up into her husband's face as her cunt was filled with Troy's sticky ejaculate. As she licked the hot salty cum from Troy her husband took a handful of her blond hair and pulled back as he fucked her from behind. She buried her face in Troy's groin as her husband started to roughly fuck her from behind. The feeling of her back passage full of hot sperm started her orgasm so she dropped a hand to her clit and began to rub.

How to Make a Threeway Work

group buffbody 2017-10-28

Kat came up to Jim and said "I have always found you to be extremely attractive like Mark, and started kissing Jim on his lips" First, Kat puts Mark's dick into her mouth and starts to suck continuing to stroke Jim. She was greatly enjoying the moans coming from both of them. Mark suddenly said "This is the best I have had" Jim replied "Definitely better than doing it alone with a chick, it's too tight and love the feel of your cock man, it's driving me nuts" Kat was in sheer pleasure to say anything except screaming "I am Cumming and want both of you together" Mark and Jim let loose their cum together in a splash, it was like there were fireworks in their mind.

All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 03

group dutchpantyraider 2017-10-28

I couldn't keep my eyes of Jennifer's crotch as she slowly shoved the gusset of her bottom to one side, opened her lovely pussy lips with her other hand and lowered her cunt. It took quite some time, but after about ten minutes of fooling around and funny posing all the girls managed to get in more or less a position that put their butts high in the air. To her own astonishment, Helen, one of the girls who had declined participation in the game of fucking chairs, was voted miss Blissful Butt with an overwhelming majority. As Helen and the other five girls were freed from the inspection stools, two assistants game back with boxes containing the winning garments.

Her First Threesome

group Darkwade 2017-10-28

I watched as Fiona reached over and slowly started pulling his cock. As he played with my hair he pulled me closer; I sat between his legs and watched her pulling his now long and very stiff cock. Fiona looked at me and smiled, she was holding his cock in her hand. I then pulled his cock while he fingered Fiona; she moved her legs wider and laid back on the sofa. He moved forward as Fiona pulled her knees up fully opening her pussy to him. With her other hand she cupped my pussy (this was the first time another girl touched me), she spread my lips, pushed the head to my opening, and I slowly sat down.

9: Lyn's special request

group senwood 2017-10-28

Eventually Sam went to bed with both Gail and Dave, who had used her a few more times by morning and Sam was able to experience again Gail's talents, leaving me a chance to enjoy Ben. I had been missing him but realized that any neglect of each other was entirely mutual. 'But if there's anything really very special I could ever do for you, Dave, I would very much want to make that wish come true for you.' Very quietly, almost under my breath, I added: 'I adore it when you don't ask, you just use me for your pleasure.' I shivered. 'What were you going to ask?' came from Dave who was clearly wondering whether I had been just teasing when I had said there was something I should like from him.