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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Blackmail Game

group Tammi 2017-10-28

Before he even has time to think, her arms are around his neck pulling him to her, her lips are immediately on his, her tongue pressing inside his mouth, and as much as he might not have wanted such a sudden attack by this woman, he can't help but feel the tightening in his pants. His one hand goes to the back of my head, his fingers in my hair and presses me hard to his lips, his tongue pushing inside my mouth, ravaging it. " He says and after telling me to sit in the chair, he takes the terry cloth belt from Diane's robe and puts her hands behind her back tying them with it.

Sabrina at the Video Rental Store Ch. 04

group Silvertuch 2017-10-28

Sabrina had worked at the video rental store for just over two months when Toby walked in. three twenty one." Sabrina said and looked back up at Toby. It has several good scenes." She said looking at another box but she kept an eye on his growing member. "Let's get your videos!" Sabrina said and started for the door. "I'll give you whatever you want." He said and reached over her head to push the door open for her. "If we have that video it would look like this." She said and took the head of his cock into her mouth. In a moment Timmy walked into the room and let the door close behind him.

Michelle, My Belle Ch. 5

group Kimmie 2017-10-28

Troy had both of my breasts in his hands and was gently rubbing my nipples with his thumbs in rhythm with pumping Michelle's butt hole. I came so hard I started to cry and Troy started to cry because he wanted to come but couldn't and Michelle looked like she was crying but it was just the juice from my very happy pussy all over her face. Troy stopped pumping Michelle's butt and said "this is really great but if I don't cum like, right now my balls are pop!" Michelle giggled and said, "works every time." She reached over and with her fingers gently slid some of Troy's cum from my chin into my mouth.

Bi Fun for All

group NDW76 2017-10-28

Gently stroking it up and down a few times Norm could see the glistening of pre-cum collecting at the tip of the stranger's cock. Before he began sucking cock in earnest, Norm savored the taste of pre-cum that he had licked off the stranger's cock head. Norm had eagerly sucked and licked his wife's pussy juice off the cock that had only moments before been fucking his wife to one of many orgasms for that night. The thought of Jacinta rubbing her moist, slippery pussy while she watched the stranger undress started to make Norm's cock hard. The oozing pre-cum gathering at the tip of his cock suggested that this stranger may have been waiting here for some time, until someone like Norm would come to suck cock.


Summer (School) of Love

group Molly Dodd 2017-10-28

Gina grinned while her young stud serviced her, and she turned to Jim. “Since we’re all going to be fucking each other now, I figure it’s fair to tell you about me and Aaron, or confirm whatever he’s already told you,” she said, ruffling Aaron’s blond hair while he sucked Jim’s cum off of her. I mean, I can do this“ - she shoved Aaron’s boomerang into her pussy until their pelvises slammed together - “ and with yoga and a little practice, I can do this“ - Aaron withdrew and moved up to her face, where Gina bobbed up and down on his cock until her nose was hiding in his blond pubes – “but no way in hell can this old lady get all that up her ass, and since I do enjoy a butt-fucking,” she mumbled as Aaron pulled his penis back, “thank you very much for your help with that, Jim.”

Group Fun

group SusanJay 2017-10-28

Alex moved first, she smiled up at him, as he lowered himself next to her, his hand on her waist, he lowered his mouth to kiss her, she felt the bed dip, feeling another man on the bed, his hands on her hips, her panties being slid off her body. She heard the door close, and a few minutes later, the bed dipped again, she opened her eyes, Eric, was now lying next to her, he smiled down at her, as she reached up and touched his face, he let her pull him in for a kiss. They leaned in and kissed, she moved her hand, and pulled Alex's erection between them, they kissed around him, their tongues both circling the tip of him, she then took him fully in her mouth sucking gently.

At the Library Ch. 02

group FiestyMomma 2017-10-27

Following the instructions Starla found on her desk from Krissy, the girls got dressed and got going. She too, had erect nipples while walking up to the front door of Krissy's home. Krissy stood up, removed a flog from the waist of her dress, and gave orders to Starla and Stormy. Krissy then brought over a big machine that had a 9 inch long 3 inch girth cock on it. Krissy went around and with a quick single jerk she removed the bullets and butt plugs from each of the girls. Krissy came in and told them they were being punished for having sex in her library for anyone to walk in and catch them. Krissy was sitting in her office waiting for the girls when the door opened.


group Phoenix74 2017-10-27

Mike kept pulling his head away, then reclaiming Sara's mouth, trying to control the kiss. Realizing that her body was responding, not revolting, Sara began to feel truly scared, that little voice still screaming in her head. And you have a beautiful body," Sara could feel soft, silky skin skimming over hers, the woman gently skimming her hands over Sara's body as she whispered, "Your boyfriend promised me you were into this, but I'll leave if you want me to." She found herself enjoying the kiss, relaxing into it, and then she felt a soft finger, just one, gently slide between her pussy lips, settling over her clit. It just lay there, gently pressing down on her little button, the woman's tongue sliding around inside Sara's mouth.

Old Friends, New Experience

group clark_kent 2017-10-27

Maria just said it was probably a hot flash, but Jill could feel her pussy start to leak. "Listen hunny, I'm ashamed to say it but from the time I saw your tits and pussy in the locker room, I've been one raging hormone," gushed Jill. With that, Jill's finger slid between her wet slit and Maria let out a gasp of pleasure. Jill obeyed and lifted her legs high in the air, presenting her waiting pussy to Maria's mouth. Maria soon went back to work on Jill's pussy, savoring her juices as they covered her face. Not wanting to be left out, Bill took his cock and easily slid it into Maria's gaping pussy. Maria carefully inserted the banana into Jill's waiting pussy.

The Visitor: A Friendly Menage Tale

group kdwest 2017-10-27

Even so, hearing that Southern sound got Lea thinking of Sean again, of his arms and chest and ass and mouth... "Oh," Sean said, he eyes holding hers once more, "I love sushi." His tone barely changed, and his expression seemed to hold exactly the same open, welcoming grin, but there was something about the way he said it that made Lea's middle flutter as she imagined him kneeling between her legs. "Yes, ma'am," he said, a quaver of desire in his voice that made Lea feel incredibly sexy and incredibly hot and that made her want him inside of her right now.


Sharing My Girlfriend

group Develish 2017-10-27

My hands cupped both her ass cheeks as I ventured under her short skirt, Susie was wearing one of her usual little thongs and immediately I had a raging hard-on! On my return, I laughed to myself as I found Susie standing in front of Dave with her ass in his face, asking him if she really was that good looking. Susie started riding his cock, Dave was sucking on her nipples, leaving me with no alternative, but to fuck my girlfriend up the ass. Before Dave could leave, Susie gave him a great big kiss at the front door, next thing I know, Dave’s cock was out and Susie’s was sucking hard on it.

Driving Slut sinnndy

group sinnndy 2017-10-27

His eyes were closed again and he had a huge smile on his face and I started licking my way down the passage from his balls to his ass as i stroked his cock firmly. I pretended to fight him making him think I couldn't take it as he started applying more pressure to my head and told me to suck his cock calling me a slut. Louie straddled my face with his ass facing away from my body as he wedged his cock into my mouth as I started licking and sucking his balls. I made a reaching motion with a free hand until Dave came over and I started stroking his cock to hardness again.


Best Girl Friends Ch. 04: Party Games!

group redjules 2017-10-27

Looking around the group Suzanne noticed that Roberto and Dina were now kissing and feeling each other furiously too, obviously turned on by the girls passionate lesbian kiss,while Jack and Luis were both watching the girls avidly with enormous bulges in their trousers. Luis moved closer for a better look as Suzy played with her friend and Jack was watching on the sofa next to them, rubbing his fingers over his wife's breasts as Suzy continued her slow erotic massage. Suzy pinched and pulled at the hardened nipple before bending between her friend's legs and approaching her pussy with her mouth open, her tongue snaking out to lap at the soft neatly trimmed quim before her hands parted the outer lips to gain better access to the soft puffy inner lips and the swollen nodule of her aroused clitoris within.


Brutal b*****rs – Part 5

group 2017-10-27

And within a minute I was sitting naked between Ankur and Ajay and till then Manish explained the driver who I really was a slut he said and why he was taking me for the vacation, now the each and every person was enjoying my embarrasses and while I was about to be fucked in a moving car, Ankur’s dick was out of his pants by now a he held my head and bend me towards his dick and shoved his 8 inch monster in my mouth gagging me like hell after gagging me like that for few minutes I felt something near my ass and it was Ajay making his way in my ass and he shoved his dick in my ass and now they both fucked me like that in rhythm for half an hour and when they were done I was transferred to the back seat where Rohit and Sam used me the same way for an hour or half.


group WVNiner 2017-10-27

“Yeah, but keep your fucking mouth shut.” Our rugged buddy said as he opened the door. “You were gonna suck my cock before he got here, right?” He asked while shaking it at me. This fucker can really eat a fucking cock!” Our rugged buddy said while catching a fresh breath. I knew I couldn’t possibly take Larry’s cock back in my mouth until I found out how well our rugged buddy was gonna land that stab stick home to me. All the while our rugged buddy slammed his cock to my willing ass and called for them to keep my oral hole well occupied. Our rugged buddy stood full straddle over my torso; hairy chest heaving and glaze gazed down into my dark eyes, as he got ready to shoot.

The Estate

group kimbelina 2017-10-27

Jack gradually began to pull himself up the steps and out of the water, sitting now on the edge of the pool as Karen took his cock in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on his long, hard shaft. I was quickly overwhelmed and came in just a few minutes, shockingly turned on by the feel of another woman grinding on me as I watched one of my best friends fuck Jack. Heidi whimpered when I left her alone on the chair, but Karen soon joined her, kneeling between her legs and licking her wet pussy lips as I began to fuck Jack with more abandon.

Kayla Gets an Early Christmas Gift

group BlewWater69 2017-10-27

They had parked right by the downward slope and Kayla could stay seated and look down the hill to her Kat. As she looked down she noticed if she had left the trial twenty feet in either direction the outcome might have been much worse. Sean had removed a long rope he had stored under the seat of Brian's snowmobile. The rope went taut and pulled from around the tree and down to the Kat. The Kat lurched around and then started climbing the hill as Brian pushed. Sean moved down the trail pulling the rope and Kayla watched as her Kat climbed steadily back towards the path. "Yeah, I think we beat you guys in football this year," Kayla said smiling.


Craving for David

group alexcarr 2017-10-27

Sometimes he sucks me off too, the way he plays with my balls as he sucks is lovely, "you have such a sexy ass" he tells me as he sucks, and I feel his hands smooth over my cheeks nudging and teasing all the time as he gives me a long deep cock sucking , it feels so good and then when he inserts a finger or two to prepare and stretch it for his fuck I adore that, it makes me ache so very much, but an ache that is soon satisfied with the presence of his stiff cock inside.


Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 4-Jo'

group trumptight85 2017-10-27

But Jo just said “Hmm hmm,” and kept on sucking him, without even swallowing, popping her mouth between the three of them. In a deep announcer’s voice, I said: “It looks like Jo’s standing a little too close to the microphone… she’s trying to swallow it.” Jo had started e****ting right after she’d turned eighteen, when a girlfriend of hers said it was fun and a good way to make money. “I didn’t really recognize them at first, but one of them suddenly asked: “Is that YOU, JoAnne?” and I nodded and said “Hmm hmm” and he then told all the others and then they remembered me and then I remembered all of them.

Five Nights Ch. 03

group toomuchinmyhead 2017-10-27

She kept her face close to mine, and added, "I was so hot watching you lick Marybeth's pussy last night. I hope you enjoyed watching me suck Mike's cock!" And she kissed me again, added a little tongue this time. Any proposal voted down needs to have a replacement, so that each person has a contribution to how it turns out." She looked at us, we all nodded as we ate. But this way there's plenty of time to get our fantasy fulfilled, and no one feels pressured." She paused, then added, "and the person who isn't part of that that night has to go out, leave the house." Then I remembered that since I was "out" the first night, the next cock to fuck Sue would likely be Mike's.


Kentucky Woman Ch. 02

group ManBlue 2017-10-27

A real lady," Amy said, her eyes wandering over Kay's voluptuous body. "No he's not," Amy said and then walked to Kay, bent and kissed her on the lips. "Yes you can," I said bluntly as Amy began to work on my cock, getting it thicker and longer in her mouth. So sensual, Frank," Amy said as she came up and kissed us both tenderly and then quietly left the room. Amy had one leg around Kay's shoulder and was moaning audibly, a hand on her own breast. "Mmmm, gladly," Kay said as she lowered her face to Amy's pussy again and began to use that very talented tongue.

Erotic Summer With My Three Aunties

group raj14sarkar 2017-10-27

My grandmother home is 30 km from Bangalore so my dad asked me to drop Nandini and Rani Aunty so that Smitha aunt will join later. I was watching Nandini and Rani they were getting ready for outside after one hour they came out with sexy deep cut dress. Suddenly Nandini came near and asked so how many times you went for bathroom my boy? So after dinner I was watching TV in veranda, Rani and Nandini came near to me and called to play cards it was 11 k**s and grand ma were in deep sl**p. So Nandini came near and touched my penis wow it’s was to hot and erect Nandini told Rani akka its awesome and super.

Excuse Me Ch. 01

group jushorny 2017-10-27

She continued on, scraping his hips with her fingernails as he lifted his ass, his boxers sliding down his thick thighs, his cock springing free, slapping his stomach before Tania had time to grab hold of it. "Promise me you'll think about this Jay." Her hand stroked an upward motion from the base of his cock to the head, pinching his precum from the slit and forcing his hips to squirm. "C'mon babe," Jay's tone became more emphatic as he held her head and lifted his hips, pushing his cock into her mouth. "Take the jeans all the way off Jay, then turn around for us." As I bent to get the pants off my legs I felt fingers run along the crack of my ass until they teased my balls.

Going Under Down Under

group SubmissiveVirginSlut 2017-10-27

I could tell Michael was enjoying the attention, occasionally resting his hand on Natasha's bare back, or patting my naked thigh when I said something funny. "Sorry Michael, I need to go powder my nose." I hopped off my barstool, grabbing Natasha's hand and giving it a meaningful squeeze. I gently kissed her again, nibbling on her plump lower lip for a moment before whispering, "Let's reward Michael for his attentions." She grinned back in agreement. Pushing Natasha down on the mattress, I said, "Let's give him a moment to recover." I spread her thighs wide so I could taste pussy for the first time.