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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Big Happy Family Ch. 01

group Eddyson 2017-10-27

On the way to her old apartment, Karin said she checked out the house while I was still sleeping. I said Karin is moving out effective immediately and he will cut her a check for her cleaning deposit and the remainder of the current month's rent before her stuff was out of the apartment. Karin winked at me and got an "innocent" look on her face and started to ask in a little girls way if she can have a friend for a sleepover. The next morning I asked Amber if there was anything she needed from her old place and said all she needed was her clothes and a lock box she had hidden behind her boyfriend's house.

Crystal Clear Ch. 22

group Romantic1 2017-10-27

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read the Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. We stretched out "Texas Dawn" to a ten-minute encore much to the delight of the crowd, with Crystal and me going through the song once, before we gestured to our entry portal for Cindy Wonder to come and join us. I watched the mouths drop open of a couple of band members in the room that didn't know of the history between Crystal and Cindy.


The Afterparty Ch. 02

group Laetor 2017-10-27

While she told her story, she stroked Jesh's cock, and every once in a while would take time out to roll his testicles in her mouth or suck hard on the spongy head. By this point I was naked, Tygre was sitting on my lap with my half-hard dick trapped between her asscheeks, and she was running her hand over my shaved head, feeling the small hairs sticking out of my scalp like a chia pet. To make a long story short, it could take some time, but by the end she'd be naked, sitting on Brian's cock while facing away from him, with me on my knees licking her clitty, coming like a firehose all over my face.


The Innkeeper and the Incubus Ch. 01

group kinkygirl85 2017-10-27

"Do you have any guesses?" Mr. Price asked him and there was a long pause while Dr. Fredericks got his thoughts into order and they listened to Lucy gasp and whimper and to the soft squeak from her bed. Sir Crawford stared at Lucy for a long moment, taking in the sound of her moaning, the desperate and whining edge that her voice had. "Did anyone notice her acting strange for the past few days?" Sir Crawford asked, and after a few moments Mr. Price spoke up. Sir Crawford thinks that it's an incubus," Dr. Fredericks explained after a moment, trying his best to ignore his aching erection.


Three People, No More Excuses. Ch. 01

group irvlyn 2017-10-27

Jen's mind swirled with sensations; the exotic and forbidden sweetness of eating a woman, the discovery of her power to excite Anita with her tongue and her touch, Kit's hand invading her, hurting her, pleasuring her. Kit pushed his finger all the way into her asshole, reached around to grasp one of Jen's small, firm breasts and, as he heard the familiar cry of her release, watched her cum trickle down her inner thighs. He watched Jen, overcome by the sight of Kit being sucked by someone else, begin to masturbate, her arms between her outstretched legs, one hand on her clitoris, the other furiously fingering her pussy.

Bob Watches an Easy Bar Pick-Up

group LEATBT 2017-10-27

Bob caught her eye again briefly as he watched the hand slowly work its way a little further beneath her tight skirt. She looked a little flushed now, thought Bob. But he noticed that she was making no attempt to move their hands, in fact it looked as though she had let them pull her legs as far apart as that tight little leather skirt would allow. Bob's mind was working overtime now, he could just imagine how this was going to end up, visualising her held over one of the stools taking cock from both ends, and that barman looked keen too, no doubt he be hovering, cock in hand to take a turn.

Pizza's Here

group phyrecat27 2017-10-27

Little did Natalie know, Gen had no intention of letting the delivery boy just give them the pizza and leave. When he looked up from Gen, he saw Natalie's eyes tear themselves away from his body, blushing. Gen, still being the aggressor, took Natalie's head between her hands and kissed her firmly, shoving her tongue between the other girl's soft lips. After enjoying the feeling of their breasts push against one another for a few moments, Gen reached into Natalie's lacey blue boy shorts. Surprisingly, Gen pushed Natalie away and instead kissed the head of Kris's throbbing cock. Her hips bucked violently against Kris who's tongue was going wild inside of Natalie. Natalie leaned forward to taste Kris's cock that was slowly rising to duty once more.


Bumpy Ride - The Making Of A Slut

group Skei0 2017-10-27

"Yes, but he doesn't know Jas, he was asleep and I was so turned on because of what you said and I was drunk and horny and Dave was fast asleep and I was sitting on him..." I realized I was babbling, but the floodgates had burst open and suddenly I felt the need to explain myself and make him understand. "Well my gorgeous wife...if you can convince Dave to shag you whilst I sit in the same room and without letting on that I know...I'm going to let every man in the room fuck every orifice you have – and I'm going to be first in the queue!" Gently his hand slipped between my legs, sliding easily into the readily moistening lips of my pussy until his fingers were buried to the knuckles inside my warm hole.



group Kinky Rachel 2017-10-27

I looked at Robyn quizzically and she smirked at me: "I told Michelle you had the biggest cock I'd ever seen." She came over to me and pawed at my crotch. When my eyes had cleared I could see that, unlike Robyn, Michelle trimmed her cunt - her lips were shrouded in only the thinnest band of light brown hair. "Robyn," I said, desperate now, "at this rate, I won't last much longer." Michelle was taking more and more of my cock inside her - she had engulfed perhaps four inches, more than halfway left to go. Robyn's hands slipped to Michelle's breasts first, though there wasn't much difference in time. Finally they lay on the bed, sixty-nining, Robyn's tongue delving with pleasure into Michelle's well-trimmed pussy.


Parisian Adventure

group logan_e 2017-10-27

I was sitting in the small bench on the corner of the bathroom and started to undress when I heard the door open and Charlotte asking me to close my eyes. When she got up, she took off my shirt and pulled my pants to my ankles, turning her back on me to start removing her thong – it was the first time I'd ever seen her wear those. I had heard that threesomes can be awkward as one of the people can be left out and to follow that rule, the other guy was behind Charlotte staring at me and her, as if looking for approval to do his next move.

Farmhouse Tales of Sex and Debauchery

group 2017-10-27

There were other instances we had heard off, where Jilly would ask the girls she was having sex with, to ignore her husband, due to his inability to penetrate them, and he would stand behind them rubbing their wet pussies with his flaccid member, as they straddled his wife, lying on top of her with their asses high and legs open. But Jilly was insistent her girls would pleasure her horse husband as the human one was useless and dead in the loins, so she would lead her d***ken sexually aroused rabble to the stables, to milk her horse husband, of his semen, for their bathing needs.

New Experiences

group CandiceCandy2001 2017-10-27

Randy and I decided that it would be nice to spend some time in the mountains watching nature awaken to the new season and started looking around for a cabin to rent for a week. Randy and I decided to try our hands at canoeing and pulled from the dock as Aaron and Rachel stretched out to get some late evening sun. As Randy swam beside the canoe, pulling me as we went, I attempted to get Aaron and Rachel's attention back on the dock. I heard Rachel say "look, she is going to suck him off right here!" I threw the blanket back in a rush, hell bent on denying the accusation, but all I accomplished with that was to expose my naked body and Randy's raging hardon.


Pretty Maids in India

group twatter 2017-10-27

Puja's panties like her sisters were sopping wet with her juices, I spread her out and went to work, sucking at her through the fabric, tasting her muskiness as I pulled the pantie aside and ran my tongue flat against her labia. I took my time, running my tongue flat against the outer lips, first slowly then increasing tempo as she began bucking her hips against my mouth and pushing my head to her cunt roughly. I held her legs back a bit so I could penetrate her properly, I slowly began rubbing my cock against the opening of her cunt, I kept this up for a bit till Puja drew me to her roughly and started biting my neck in passion.


Ambien Ch. 02: Mom Gone Wild

group StoryPal 2017-10-27

Dirk felt the sweat on his mother's body and didn't even notice the tears flowing down his own face. Dirk was relieved when his mother stopped fucking the dildo after her fourth orgasm. "Dirk, did you have sex with me last night?" Denise asked when she woke her son. "Look, Mom, I'm getting tired of hearing that you think you're old and saggy," Dirk said. "And what kind of party is it that you know hot coeds will get naked?" With all of the uneasiness between Denise and her son, she felt a real need for reassurance beyond what Dirk could give her. "Mom, don't dig for what I can't tell you," Dirk responded, fully aware of the blush that probably gave his mother confirmation of her guess.


How did I become a cum slut?

group 2017-10-27

He suggested I suck on his cock; I must have looked at him funny because he said all the girls at school do it. Apparently going from cock sucker to slut is a short leap, boys are worse than girls in keeping secrets in fact I think they brag about it to other boys. By the time I was in high school (6 months after this all started) I had got pretty good at sucking cock, all different sizes and colors. I could not even take a guess at the number of times I sucked cock in those five years before I graduated from high school. Someone put some porn on and it was a naked girl and four men (imagine that, told you I was gullible) getting sucked off and cumming all over her.

Mark and Melanie: The Meeting

group rainman0720 2017-10-27

It had been a couple weeks since our Friday night with Carrie, so Donna and I were going to call her just to see if she wanted to meet for dinner or a drink this coming weekend. Donna and Mark were off talking again; Carrie, Victor, Susan, and Brian were still catching up on old times, which left Melanie and me off by ourselves. Second, I also got the feeling that Carrie had told her & Mark that we had already met her, and that she, Donna, and I shared each other for an evening. Are you okay if I continue?" I nodded yes, so she asked "Can I ask how you'd feel about seeing Donna in bed with Mark?" By now, with her standing close to me and the way the conversation was going, there was a definite stirring in my groin.


Island Fever Ch. 12

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-27

And I have the thought that maybe I was supposed to die on that day." I shook my head in a vigorous manner as Lindsay kept talking, "I have the fear that a bolt of lightning will find me again, and finish the job that the first one was supposed to do." "Very well." I placed a kiss upon the crown of her head and mused, "The circumstances are unfortunate, I guess, but I am very happy to have this time alone with you this morning." Lindsay again made eye contact with me as I added, "Seems that you and Trish are together at every turn.


The Confessional Ch. 06

group fukensploogin 2017-10-27

She took a drink from Julie's flask and went to her closet where she had hung up her dress "It's pretty sexy" she said as she pulled off her robe and slid her dress on and turned around "how about mine?" she asked, walking back to the mirror and putting on a bit more mascara. Jonathan was whispering in Julie's ear as Stephen's hand wrapped around Andrea's and he led her off the dance floor, to a dark empty booth in the corner of the club. As he was putting away his blow, a waitress came over and took a drink order from all of them, and as she left, Stephen said: "Cheers," and raised the cigarette butt to his nose and snorted the fat bump of coke contained therein, and then lit the cigarette, a smile spreading across his face.


Charlotte in Vegas

group charlottesbed 2017-10-27

Paul dressed me up and I won't lie and say I didn't get more than a few looks with my corseted cleavage and high heels, but still I found myself surrounded by all these young gals, and I was sort of down about it. Paul had packed me a lot of pretty sexy things to wear at night, and I had this image of a bunch of old fat engineering geeks slobbering over me. It looks good buttoned up to the neck, or you can unbutton it a fair amount and it still hangs pretty nicely (and shows as much as you want to show.). When it was over, Paul let the last one out, shut the door, untied me, took off the blindfold and I practically jumped on top of him.

Christmas Shopping Detour

group rosewall 2017-10-27

Once inside Richard introduced us to his wife, Connie. Lynn looked at Richard then Connie, and said, We don't have a bathing suit." I was wondering what took them so long, do they have anything on and with Connies red hair, I was wondering what her bush looked like. Looking over at Richard, he was sucking one of Lynn's tits and playing with the other nipple. As Richard continued, Lynn started moaning. After taking me to the brink of cumming several times then stopping, she climbed on the bed next to Richard and Lynn. Leaning on my elbows, I licked her tits and looked over at Richard and Lynn. Richard groaned, sighed and pulled his cock out of my wife's juicy pussy.

Jenny and Carol

group Foster_Kaizen 2017-10-27

He held out his hand to shake hers, when Jenny said, "I think you can do better than that Derek, give Carol a kiss and a cuddle, make her feel welcome." He opened his arms and she stepped close so he felt her breasts pressing against his chest and her perfume invading his nostrils. Jenny groaned, "time to swap Carol." The girls moved around and Carols beautiful cunt was lowered onto his face while Jenny impaled herself on his member, slowly working up and down till the head was just at her pussy lips then thrusting down to take him deep inside her.

The New Stepdad Ch. 02

group sghoul 2017-10-27

She took some deep breaths with her eyes closed as Brad gently caressed her back before quickly heading to her bedroom. Once my pants and panties were discarded Janice took one leg and began kissing and licking it. I felt her steamy breath...and then she switched to my other thigh and began kissing her way slowly back down that leg. I turned my head and there was Brad in the bed that I had masturbated in earlier watching Brad and Janice fuck. I took my legs from around her and let me feet touch the ground and quickly turned to Brad. He's going to fuck you like never before." She said in my ear before sitting up and yelling at Brad.


Bachelorette Party Ruined My Life

group yurato 2017-10-27

Maryanne reached out taking the dancers penis in her hands and lifted it to her mouth. Maryanne wrapped her lips around the black thing and started sucking it like a hungry a****l. There I was on my hands and knees, a faithfully married wife and mother, facing my little s****rs ass while she was getting impaired on a strange black mans penis the night before her wedding on a brightly lit stage in front a crowd of nearly everyone she has ever known. It wasn't until Maryanne raised up off her conquest and I watched what seemed like a gallon of sperm poured out of her and I felt my dancers black sperm running down my legs I realized what I had just done.

International "Relations"

group goinstrong 2017-10-27

As the 3 of us looked at each other, she quickly pointed to her breasts and asked "Ist gut, ja?" Why was I NOT surprised I was in the presence of a German couple? After a few minutes of my reciprocal smiles, she slowly reached out one of her hands (under the water), and brushed my thigh. He continued to stroke her breasts, and began to kiss her face and neck. I smiled even bigger, and began to say "Ja, Ja, es ist sehr gut!" Apparently, that's all she needed, for her hand slid to the inside of my thigh and up to my crotch. After my spasms subsided, I was held in place with her now non-moving hand, while she continued to stroke his dick.