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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bachelorette CFNM

group hjbjbj 2017-10-27

Mandy's fiance, Ted, was having his bachelor party on the same night, so Jenna knew it was time to have some fun. Dex moved behind Mandy's chair as Kit began to get closer and closer to Mandy - eventually his thong was eye level and only inches from Mandy's pouty red lips. Finally our instructions seemed to reach Mandy's subconscious - she slowly wrapped both hands around Kit's throbbing penis and with slow deliberation began to lovingly tickle the underside of the head with her outstretched tongue. To my great delight, Jenna reached in and took Dex in her right hand and lazily stroked his rock hard organ until several sticky drops of clear fluid oozed from the head.

Cowboys Four Ch. 02

group Sweetcheekss 2017-10-27

Laurie was on the bed, positioned on all fours sucking on Darren’s cock. Michael was kneeling behind her, his hands on her slim hips stroking his hard cock in and out of her doggie-style. She never stopped working Darren’s cock when Michael increased his tempo fucking into her from behind. Laurie rapidly stroked Darren’s cock, his body shook and his mouth gaped open. Laurie put her mouth over the head of Darren’s cock. Darren collapsed on the bed, Laurie licking the cum running down his cock onto her fingers. Michael exploded his load into her soaked pussy, his legs muscles tightening, his head thrown back in ecstasy. Laurie, Rick, Darren and Michael were sitting around the kitchen table.

At the Water's Edge

group celestia chambray 2017-10-27

After tying the horses up to the branch of a tree, Leah wasted no time in heading for the water, kicking off her leather boots and stripping out of her black denim shorts that were plastered to her rump from a day of hard riding, leaving her clad in only a pair of pink bikinis and matching tank top. Suddenly, he kissed me and brought his hand to the breast that Leah didn’t have in her mouth, kneading my wanton flesh. I didn’t think it could get any better, but then Leah moved down my body and plied her fabulous little tongue to my clit again as Troy filled me.

Changing Destinations (Husband leaves for airport,

group magas911 2017-10-27

Maybe we can 'talk' or something and get him to back off in front of Darwin." She giggled for a moment; "Randy's going to get surprised one of these days when Dar takes him to the cleaners. Sure as God made little green apples, when the Beemer left the parking lot Randy was driving, Susan sitting beside him and Darla in the back seat. Watching Randy's hands going from one woman's bottom to the next in constant rotation Darwin got himself a ticket to the same movie. Without turning Darwin swung his left hand in a backhand swing; his fingers outthrust and together in what martial artists called "the knife." He couldn't be careful but hoped he hadn't killed the asshole as he swiped it across the punk's larynx.

Mum helps teenagers learn about sex

group Drifter1 2017-10-27

She also knew that her Mum liked Andy, had told her quite emphatically not to let this one go and so she hoped that her Mum might see that Jackie wanted to make him happy by sl**ping with him. She let the excitement build for a few minutes, Jackie was slowly wanking Andy off and he was alternating between her tits, kissing them and lightly sucking her nipples. Jackie didn’t argue or question, she eased herself back and down and Joan watched as the tip of Andy’s cock slipped into her daughter’s mouth. Joan didn’t want to lose the moment so she leant forward and kissed her daughter softly, once, twice and on the third, Jackie partly opened her lips as the kiss became more passionate.

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 02

group Joanmcarthy 2017-10-27

But as Amy lay there curved across the top of the cabin, it wasn't her breast display that Ned found difficult to pull his eyes away from; stunning though it was. Ned felt he was in heaven; Amy's soft, nubile, ever so feminine body under him, his manhood tightly embraced all the way up in the most wondrous warmth and wetness, uncontrollably surging with pleasure, Amy's hard nipples pushed into his chest where it lay on her firm breasts. Ned reversed the arch of his body; flattening out his hips and lifting himself up on outstretched arms, delivering a long deep thrust that finished with his pubis pushed firmly against her mons.


Madamefifi's Ch. 03

group madamefifi 2017-10-27

Giving Kate and Tom a bit of time to recover, Gemma and Leanne started dancing at the bottom of the bed to the music coming from the video. Thrusting her tongue deep into Gemma, she didn’t initially notice Leannes hands on her breasts and clit, but when Tom started thrusting upwards harder she became aroused again. Having your cock pound into me and take my breath away each time, how when you take my breasts in your mouth…ah….just like that it almost makes me come on the spot, and with Leannes hand on my clit I couldn’t be more satisfied” With tom thrusting her from beneath and playing with her breasts and Leanne playing with her clit and Tom’s cock, she had forgotten Gemma again, but when she felt a hand on her ass she knew what was coming next.


The Death of Dreams

group Millsy 2017-10-27

"Hand job, titty fuck, lapdance, blowjob, that kinda stuff." Karen explained, looking at me like I was some sort of imbecile for even having to ask. I'd known her to get dressed after her act and head to the bar for a pint surrounded by hopeful suitors before quickly knocking back the free drinks they had bought her, handing out business cards promoting the 'escort and personal massage' service she ran herself having used me to expand her client base, and then getting me to drop her back home half pissed.


Mother's Day Surprise

group Scott_Heywood 2017-10-27

I shot the counter-Girl a smile and went back into the theater where I saw my Wife bent over the arm of a couch sucking a Strangers cock while Mark was pounding Her pussy and a stranger standing over Her shooting His cum into Her hair. As Lisa got another condom covered cock shoved into Her warn and juicy pussy, She managed a winded 'a long time' and Mark said about 30-40 minutes. She began to slowly rub Her clit and motioned to the old-Farmer as he slowly stroked the cock that had blown a massive load of cum into my ass about 30 minutes before.

Growth Spurts Ch. 05

group grgy56 2017-10-27

Thank you, Tim. James' has such NICE friends." She said as she handed me handfuls of grocery and clothes bags. "And then some of the boys on the team needed some attention when their girlfriends were acting like bitches." Jayne fingers were moving back and forth on her cunt. James and I took turns screwing Jayne and Sarah until they came so many times their bodies they collapsed and flopped around like rag dolls. "Fuck that feels so good, Tim. Are you all the way in? "Oh fuck yes, Tim. You feel so good inside me. I slowly started pumping her ass, pulling out and leaving only the head inside her before pushing it back in.

Massage-a-Trois Ch. 02

group Many Feathers 2017-10-27

And though it was Richard on the table getting a massage and not her, Anna was suddenly having flash-backs about the way Tony's hands and fingers had felt upon her when he'd been playing and massaging her ass in a similar fashion. Anna still wasn't sure if she'd seen what she thought she'd saw, then Richard groaned, not just groaned, but actually moaned as once again Tony slid his hands between the table he was laying on, and her husbands upper thigh, high upper thigh! Well lets see then," Richard stated, and to Anna's shock and surprise, she watched as her husbands hand lifted, pulling down the front of Tony's massage shorts, not too surprised to discover that he hadn't been wearing anything else beneath them.


Belizean Jock Cock

group ndamood4sum 2017-10-27

He (the jock) used a single powerful thrust when he stuck his dick inside me and then started pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow. While this jock had his dick buried deep in my ass, my friend mounted him and started fucking him. When the jock came back to the bedroom, I sucked him off until he was rock hard, and watched him fuck my friend this time. On our way over, my friend kept getting me horny by telling me how they’d fucked for another three hours in the living room. Of course, I didn’t cum that time, but before he went to sl**p, he told me to text this other twink and invite him over so he could fuck his ass as well when he woke up.

Penny Wants Both of Us

group manavata 2017-10-27

As Penny was slowly taking in my thick and hard cock Jit adjusted his position to fuck her in her asshole. Penny kissed Jit and began to move slowly up and down on my cock and also stretched the two halves of her buttocks to allow Jit enough passage for entering her asshole.. Jit had not climaxed when Penny had an orgasm earlier but this time he exploded inside her asshole with full fury. As she returned Jit caught hold of her and pushed her on to his bed and immediately spread her legs apart and in one harsh push filled her cunt with his long cock that had regained its hardness.

The Circle Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2017-10-27

Ellie swooned, "That's so cool." She looked at Matt and said, "I guess I can't call you Dorkface anymore." Matt said, "Yes. Right now there are eight of us: three men and five women, including Tracy and me. Matt spoke up quickly, "When I put my older brother hat on, I would say 'No.' When I put my ordinary horny guy hat on, I want you to say 'Yes.' I can't advise you because I'm full of biases and conflicting feelings. Tracy leaned in and said, "If you want, I'll take care of Jim right now, but I want to watch you and Matt fuck for the first time. Sheila rolled away from Matt, and pulled Ellie's head to her lips so she could kiss her.


Paradigm Shift Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2017-10-27

We deposited our hors d'oeuvres on the proper table so they'd be eaten, presented the wine to Amber, who plastered her body against mine for an epic hug and kiss that almost felt like raw sex, and then made sure we got to the right bar so we could get our first drinks. A dozen other semi-nude swimmers went in the pool, and the usual 'debaters' started their circle in the living room arguing about subjects with no closure, and laughing a lot at the witty comments that got made. Remember, we all need to know your decision before the sun comes up." Darlene turned and walked away, almost giving me a cold shoulder.


The Victory Party Ch. 01-02

group Andrew Ryan 2017-10-27

The other girls who were watching Linda -- Maria, Debbie, and Jeanie -- realized that she was a master in the art of fellatio. Jeanie immediately moved over to Michael, going over and grabbing his cock and whispering, "Come on, guy. Jeanie had the clothes she had won in her one hand, with Michael's cock in tow with the other, pulling him by his erection to the first-available bedroom. Once inside, Michael started slowly, pulling out to the point of almost leaving, and then bringing himself back, teasing Jeanie, whose pussy lips contracted with each movement, with this action. Finally, Michael could last no longer, depositing his masculine fluids well into Jeanie's pussy as each collapsed onto one another, leaving Maria dripping with anticipation as she witnessed the action.

A Beach Story

group altaff143 2017-10-27

I thought the two guys would take this as a hint to leave, but instead Jamie said to Ivan, "it look like her tits have never seen daylight before. Jamie and Ivan were back, with two girls and another guy, and they were all talking with Sally, and drinking beers. I watched as Ivan's hands went in front of him and seemed to be about to untie Sally's bikini top, when the jeep suddenly turned a corner, and I was thrown back. I began to pretend to snore a little to make it obvious I was asl**p, and after that Sally stopped trying to push the guys' hands away.

Bareboaters Ch. 02

group Jim Dogget 2017-10-27

In Bareboaters, Chapter One, Jim and Mary had taken Isobel with them on a sailing holiday. "Come on, Jim," said Isobel, "We've got things we need to talk about." Mary was already climbing into the water but he took a swipe at Isobel as she turned to put her feet on the ladder, and gave her a slap on her buttock. Jim very quickly forgot what it was he was going to say and enjoyed the sensations of warmth and wetness that his tongue and lips found in the crease of Isobel's groin. They pulled his face roughly away from Isobel's warmth and wetness and he found himself smearing juices into Mary's face as she kissed him passionately.


Conversations with Donna

group Brookell 2017-10-27

Jess knew that Donna was not only beautiful, but smart and a very elegant lady, just the kind of client she wanted to attract into her shop. I have to do some manager work in the office for a while." Jess indicated a very pretty Asian girl who started quivering in place as soon as Donna came in. Jess smiled to herself knowing how 'gone' Suzi was over Donna. "Sure!" Jess led Donna to her office and smiled again to herself when she saw the look on Suzi's face. "Sure thing." Suzi looked at Donna. Donna felt Suzi behind her as they both watched Jess drag him to her office.


Letters to Purvi Ch. 08

group Lalitha Mehta 2017-10-27

"Yes, I would very much like to have you between my legs, your large and hard cock thrusting in and out of my cunt." My head was locked between her soft thighs and she moaned deeply and squirmed like a snake as my tongue washed her swollen cunt-lips. When I finally found her engorged clit and sucked on it like it was a hard cock; she screamed in ecstasy and jammed her crotch tightly against my face. While I swiftly darted my stiffened tongue in and out of the soft skin of her cunt folds, she started sucking feverishly on my aching cock, cupping the bottom of my tightened balls gently with one of her hands.


Tina, Debbie and Jim

group piltdownman 2017-10-26

Jim saw Debbie reach down to rub herself and he seized a damp handful of Tina's hair as he climaxed. He glanced at Tina, saw the untidy hair that had fallen over her eyes then looked at her breasts and her long, distended nipples and he climaxed explosively. He saw her guide the head down between Tina's open legs and gently work it there as the younger woman moaned softly and moved her pussy against it. Tina's eyes were closed but her face was turned to the side and Jim saw the sexy way her mouth opened and closed. It was half way inside when Debbie looked up at Jim. He saw how turned on she was, her mouth was open and she was breathing fast.


After The Restaurant: Wife Story 2

group terrytel 2017-10-26

Long and thick, his dick beat in between her open legs and for the first time she gave little moans being clearly working towards an orgasm. Getting Jude to mount me from on top I experienced that great feeling of a well used cunt and with every stroke watched his jism being beaten frothy on the shaft of my own dick, before eventually dumping a huge load up there myself. When I got back my wife was astride Shazad once more, dress off, knickers stretched between her open thighs, whilst with a couple of his fingers inside her and his thumb rubbing her clit she was moaning away.

Mike and Carol and Lynne and Matt Ch. 03

group palles 2017-10-26

This time, I would take the boys out, and Lynne would have Carol over to our place, knowing that Mike, as usual would come over Friday night after work. Have you been happy since you asked Mike to move out?" Lynne looked Carol straight in the eyes as she spoke. "Will you do a good job, will you fuck her right, she's my friend, and I would not want to be embarrassed by a less than perfect performance." Carol said, getting into the fun of things. I will be happy to accommodate your needs, we'll work it out" Lynne said with a wry grin on her face, trying hard not to betray her desire to have his thick cock in her pussy at her every whim.

My First Time Gangbang

group gbhotwife 2017-10-26

We had spent the first few days sun bathing and having a few drinks around the hotel we were staying at, then on the third night we decided to hit the local strip of bars a This is the story of how I first became involved in gangbangs, I’ve many other stories to follow this nd clubs to see what it was like. After he came in me he moved away and I sucked on the first guy until he came in my mouth, I think that the second guy was going to move in again but by now my mouth was a little dry and I wanted a drink.