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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cap D'Agde 3

group naturist617 2017-10-26

I loved lying there with my legs apart knowing that anyone who cared to look could see my prominent pussy lips. The mood I was in right now made me want to experience the feeling of having both my pussy and my ass full at the same time. My lips were still swollen and gaping, I washed his cum from my ass but I knew that if I could have seen it that it would have been dilated and to anyone who could see it would correctly suspect that I had accommodated a hard cock deep inside it. I looked to my otherside to see the German girl had worked up a bit of courage and she too was sat on the stage with her legs apart.

The Analyzation of Chocolate Peach Ch. 02

group kontajiss 2017-10-26

"Now it is, obviously I had a hard time finding your condo." Darius said, while relieving her of the trash bag she attempted to set by her door. "Ride's tight!" Darius affirmed, eyeing Avanyah, as she set down a serving tray on the coffee table which consisted of an ice-bucket, two rock glasses and bottle of Hennessy. "How are you going to come up to this establishment; fuck my woman; drink of my Hennessy; share a five-dollar cigar with me and approach my grill?" He swung, grazing Darius' chest. Why don't you cover Avanyah's show for right now and I'll call you if there's anything else." Beau suggested, watched his bodyguard depart before turning to Darius. Darius walked closer to the stage, and, from out of the darkness, Caesar stepped into view.


Sharing Secret Urges

group fazza91 2017-10-26

At coffee half an hour later, she and Amelia and she had instantly become fast friends, inadvertently bringing Craig and Dan together for their one mutual interest - half-marathon running. She was still watching him and softly repeating "Poor guy" when she saw Amelia's hand come over and a long finger begin suggestively lingering over the breast closer to him. Five minutes later as his orgasmic grunting ended, Julie felt a shaking Amelia flick it off just after a woman's head had lowered and begun working between the blindfolded girl's spread thighs. Julie got Dan to look after Craig in the master bedroom while they went to the lounge room and set it up.


Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 04

group kappacino 2017-10-26

It felt strange, pushing a wave of ecstasy through my body, seeing this the second guy stood up repositioned himself and began thrusting into my cunt taking Johns cue and pulled my clit ring, there was no subtlety, he was tugging quite hard, but it still sent electric through me. I was so hyper after all that had gone on, John picked me up and rested me against him, as he gently stroked me bringing me down from my high he kissed me, his fingers straying from my breasts to my pussy, feeling their way through the goo, giving me mini orgasms, then putting his fingers to my mouth, so I could lick him clean.


Marilyn's Adventures in School Ch. 06

group walterio 2017-10-26

Thomas then fingered Marilyn's pussy and ass at the same time. Thomas caressed her lovely ass as he fucked her ever so slowly, seemingly savoring every second that his cock was in her curvy bottom. Thomas and Arthur removed Marilyn's panties this time but left her clothed in her uniform. As she lay there now with Thomas's cock deep inside her and Arthur's finger starting to enter her ass, she awaited the double penetration. Marilyn did not move away so Veronica then began caressing the young girl's thigh and let her hand trail up toward the panty covered pussy. Veronica moved herself slowly up Marilyn's body as she continued to finger fuck her student's pussy.


Stood Up and Looking for Fun

group UnorthodoxParamour 2017-10-26

Stephanie kissed down her body, she took off Kelly's panties, and buried her face in her sweet pussy, tongue diving in to get a full taste, inhaling her scent as she did so. Stephanie grabbed Kelly's legs and worked her hips, simultaneously fucking her and herself, Sam's hand in the middle helping the girls along. Kelly started cuming again, pushed over the edge by Stephanie's tongue on her cunt, Stephanie started pushing her hips back in to Sam, willing him to fuck her harder, his balls against her sex she started to cum, "oooh yes, oh fuck me!" She cried out as she came. Stephanie moved forward a bit, letting herself fall to her side next to Kelly, Sam's cock slide from her ass.

Boner and Bess Ch. 2

group Kary_M 2017-10-26

“Ever have a cock up your ass before?” Bess asked with a little girl voice as the head of my cock slowly disappeared inside of her and she shuddered. Once she begin a steady rhythm she began to speak, “You can’t believe how good a nice thick cock feels up your ass Ken. It’s nothing like my fingers. “Look Boner,” Bess said with excitement, “He’s loving it, look how the slut’s ass is shaking.” Just when I thought that I’d die impaled on Boner’s long cock I felt his pubic hair brush against my ass and his big balls slap into mine making my whole body began to shudder.

Beth's Football Gameday

group 2017-10-26

said that her husband Dale wanted to sell the tickets straightened the jersey I told Tammy "maybe I should way the rest of the game" and Tammy laughed with me. stall and her jersey was cut just like mine looking at the bottom half of the jersey Tammy had cut and a pair saw Gary holding the pink panties then laughed and said Dale bent down and said something to Tammy who was in the ribs and told him what Tammy had said about going looks like you want to forget about the game to." I Dale said that Tammy also had a present for their new guys sitting around her including Gary all who looked

Rita & Hal, Surprise Swingers

group BilyumQ 2017-10-26

"The closest I'd ever come to getting caught by one of them was when our oldest was about eight and we were living in the old house which only had one bathroom, with no lock on the door, and one evening I was lying in the tub, a huge old claw footed thing, with my pussy under the faucet letting the water pound against my clit as I played with my nipples when Julie burst in yelling "I got to pee, ma." Going on without embarrassment Rita explained "although I'd slid back in the tub and was sitting up as Julie sat on the toilet and began to pee I knew my face was red from being in the position I'd been caught in." Pausing a moment obviously in thought about that time Rita went on "But Julie didn't even notice my embarrassment or that there was no water in the tub other then what was dribbling out of the faucet and just finished peeing and left as abruptly as she'd burst in." Rita said "from then on I was more careful about it and never had another close call, but I'm pretty sure as the girls grew older they knew what I was up to in my bedroom so often, especially after our middle girl asked if it was "wrong" to play with yourself and I had "the talk" with each of them separately about sex and masturbation."


Anna: Not So Innocent

group cptfritz 2017-10-26

"I tried to signal to Allan with my eyes: I'm not ready for this new level, I'm not sure I want other men to be fucking me, especially here, now, in the open arena of this highly sexualized party! But I saw Allan's eyes watching behind me, staring with excitement as the man continued to slide his cock into my cunt! I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to repeat, I was starting to feel like a complete slut, an a****l, remembering how I had begged the men again and again to keep fucking me, to make me come again! "I couldn't believe Allan was telling me to let this old man fuck me, just because he didn't want to bother trying to get the images back.

The Art of Massage Ch. 05

group RobAnthony53 2017-10-26

While I enjoy Jane's tits, Gail reaches around her lower body and grips her ass pulling her pussy oh so close to Gail's waiting mouth. She squeezes Jane's ass cheeks and presses her tongue deeper into a sweet pussy, lapping up the mixture of girl juice and water. Gail presses her face tight against Jane's cunt and pushes her tongue deep into her gash sending Jane over the edge. With Gail in the middle, Jane and I move our hands over her warm skin, stroking her soft body. I place my hand on top of Jane's and feel her digits running up and down Gail's tight slit. Gail presses her body into Jane and holds her tight; her own climax about to swallow her up.

Naughty girl

group 2017-10-26

He then began to finger fuck her ass as her sucked her huge nipples in his mouth. As she sucked the ten inch cock, he grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. She kept sucking as the other guy found her cunt and began to push fingers in her. He pushed her legs up over her head and was fucking her hard as his buddy was ramming his cock down her throat. The man pulled his cock from her mouth and was now going to push that huge cock into her ass as the other guy fucked her cunt. As they DP'd her the man in her cunt pushed his four fingers in her mouth to suck.

My First Naughty Orgy

group sweetnessuk 2017-10-26

I could see Jessy on the bed being fucked from behind and another guy's cock inside her mouth. One guy stood up on the sofa and stuck his cock in my mouth, the other was fucking Jo's ass. He climbed off the sofa and the other guy pulled out his cock from Jo's ass. "Feels nice and tight, so warm, so nice," the guy said while fucking my pussy. Jessy, still on the bed was sitting on a guys face having her pussy sucked good and enthusiastically. Jo started sucking a guy's cock and I lay on my back. I started to push my finger in and out of his ass, deeper and deeper till I could feel his prostate.

Jennifer Ch. 12

group Mark Singer 2017-10-26

"But my boyfriend is kind of busy right now..." Dan sighed, unable to grasp what was happening, as he felt the girl unsnap the button on his shorts and slowly slide her hand inside. She smiled brightly and opened her lips, letting the boy first rub his wet cockhead over her face before sliding it deep into her mouth. April's lips smiled around Dan's cock as she heard him groan, and began to move her mouth slowly up and down his pole. In the past, she let a few boys fuck her asshole, but never had she felt a cock as big as Dan's inside her.


Tri Delta Threesome

group Don Grampa 2017-10-26

"You can tell if he's done a good job by rubbing your cheek over the shaved area," Sara said as she put her face against Nikki's vulva and moved her head back and forth. Mike and Nikki watched as Emily ran her checks and nose over Sara's freshly depilated pubic area. While Sara was still spread out across the center of the bed, Nikki got out the cards again and it was Mike who lost the next hand. Emily got back with the warm water just in time to see Mike's huge member slide easily down Nikki's throat. Positioned on the bed, her butt almost hanging off the edge, Sara and Nikki pulled Emily's legs back and out, so she was wide open.

When the Girls Are Away

group pstory 2017-10-26

Leaning over, Shelli took Jane's left nipple in her mouth, sucking on it. Jane reached out with her right hand, putting it on Bob's knee. Reaching across, Shelli grabbed Jane's right tit, giving it a squeeze. Pinching her nipple, Shelli again nodded towards Bob's big, hard cock. Feeling the swelling of Bob's cock, the pounding of him in her, the cum blasting out the end of him, combined with sucking on Shelli and her own touch finally had its effect. This combined action was too much for Shelli to stand, and she came, spraying all over Bob. The orgasm was so intense, she collapsed forward, Jane catching her with one arm and her shoulder. Shelli slid back off Bob's face, Jane off his now flaccid cock.

83% oral

All Saints Eve

group BTH2406 2017-10-26

I opened the rear door, took off my pack and as I threw it onto the back seat I said, "My last lift dropped me off about an hour ago." I was shivering and the words came out as though I was stuttering, each word jerked its way out of me like they were tied to a string that had a knot every inch along its length. "HI Beverley, I'm Danny, Danny Lehman." I turned my head toward her as I introduced myself and I felt like I was not going to be able to look away again. She smiled as I turned around to look at her, I pushed up so that most of my chest was now out of the water and I got comfortable on the seat that stuck out from the side of the spa wall.


Well... Ch. 10

group Pegleg 2017-10-26

‘Do you remember Mary and that black dildo in Amsterdam?’ James asked, ‘Certainly,’ I replied ‘she was still talking about it when we got home, telling me how good it felt and how she would like to try the real thing’. Brian and James appeared to slip into Tanya and Ann without much trouble and I gently slapped my prick against Mary’s swollen clit a couple of times before I slid into her like a hot knife into butter. Ann and Tanya held Steve to ensure good contact with Mary as she slowly lowered herself onto him, and her little whimpers soon turned to gasps as his huge weapon disappeared into her.


A Hike In The Wild

group hunternaz2 2017-10-26

While I was sucking on her pussy and sticking my tongue inside her, George started playing with my cock while Tina was enjoying his cock, licking his shaft like it was a lollipop before sucking it into her mouth. I felt a small quiver come from her pussy and she took George's cock from her mouth saying she wanted my dick inside her. I sucked on his cock pulling back to where my lips were wrapped around the head and then taking him back in as deep as I could, I soon had all his length in my mouth and had conquered my gag reflex. This time she wanted it doggie style, I accommodated her and as I was fucking her I took George's flaccid cock in my hand and started massaging it back to life.

Truth or Dare Facial Part II

group 2017-10-26

As the last drops of cum dripped from my dick down onto Mary's tits, I glanced over to Whitney and my buddy. I felt bad, but everything had happened so quickly, and now Mary and Sarah were covered in my cum, and Whitney was fucking the other guy. At this point all I could see was Sarah's body up above, and Whitney's face bobbing back and forth from getting fucked. I continued to eat Sarah's pussy when I felt Mary's body climbing onto the table. I made Sarah and Whitney cum with my mouth, and now I was fucking the two greatest tits I had ever seen. I looked over and my buddy was standing so his cum was flying over Sarah's face, and landing on Whitney's as well.

Wife fucks boss (and I loved it!!)

group fitzy40 2017-10-26

I turned round to get a drink at the bar which took me about 5 minutes when I turned back they had gone I searched the room but no sign of them I started searching the house until I came to this corridor and I could here my wifes voice as I got closer I could here she was panting and exclaiming in ecstasy I got to the end of this corridor which looked down into a games room and there in the centre of the room was Sheryl lying on a table with her dress hiked up to her waist and her legs wrapped around one of mr Smiths friends as he sank his cock in and out of her, her head was twisted to one side as she sucked off another of his friends another guy was rubbing her big tits while he pulled himself off, she had one hand wrapped around mr smiths cock then she turned her head and started sucking him giving rough justice with her hand to the other guy, then they all swapped around and it was someone else's turn in her pussy, my cock was rock hard I couldnt wait for my turn as soon as they all left I was gonna give her the fucking of her life.

Open Relationship Ch. 02

group Jack_Love 2017-10-26

I jerked my cock slowly beneath the hot stream of her piss from her shaved cunt below her short Alice costume skirt. 'Fuck, I love you when you're all oiled up like this, baby...' I said, and pressed my cock inch by inch up her hot, tight bum. So we hopped out of the shower, quickly toweled, and went into the bedroom where Raul was waiting and leisurely jerking-off to a porno of three blonde teen-whores with clean-shaven pussies getting fucked up their asses by some lucky bastard. The sexy fucking image in my mind of her in the Alice in Wonderland costume drove me crazy, and I soon came deep, long and hard up her hot, tight butt-hole.

Career Fair

group embracelust66 2017-10-26

It probably didn't help, she knew, that she looked like the dowdy middle-aged housewife she was, while all around her, other firms had recruiters who were almost as young as and often more attractive than the students they were soliciting. In a way, it was funny, because if the students knew the kind of money to be earned at Sullivan Thomas, or the sordid goings on beneath its staid, conservative veneer, they'd very likely kill to work there. "Sure, I'd be happy to," Bethany said, wondering how much the girl knew about the firm. "Thanks," the girl said and the two black-clad forms disappeared into the mass of students, leaving Bethany to ponder exactly how much she should reveal about the inner workings of her office.


Déjà Vu

group pandsal 2017-10-26

This was when Mac joined us, kneeling beside his wife, reaching under her with one hand to work on her dangling tits while continuing with the other to stroke his cock with her knickers. I remembered him saying as we walked to his car, "I want to see her getting it," and now he was savouring every moment, first feeling her tits, then momentarily abandoning his cock to use his hands to spread her cheeks for me. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the whole surreal episode was the way Mac and Alice continued to come in for their regular Sunday lunchtime drinks without ever giving any indication that we had ever had any contact other than across the bar.