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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Toga Party

group No Panty Girl 2017-10-26

Candice was already busy fucking a guy while sucking another's cock while Lisa was fighting off her attackers. I could see one guy had filled her mouth with cock while two more held her legs open and were looking at her wide-open pussy. I looked over and saw Lisa's hips thrashing, she was surrendering to the three hard cocks that wanted her. "Oh fuck, here I go!" I thought as I felt the orgasm stirring around the head of Theo's cock. Theo and the guy who had used my ass for a cumbucket diverted their attention to Lisa and Candice. Lisa was no longer resisting as her hips moved in rhythm with the guy fucking her.

Two Cocks for Kim

group Stickndick 2017-10-26

"Come on we want to see your hot body Kim. Let's get these cloths off you." Joe said as he started lifting her shirt and sports bra over her head. As if reading her mind Joe told Kim to lie down on her back then he could lick her pussy and she could suck Jim's cock. As Kim reached out to grab Jim's cock and lick the tip with her tongue she felt Joe pushing her legs apart and could feel his hot breath on her sensitive pussy. Jim grabbed one of her legs to hold her open for Joe. He groaned as he felt Kim's hot mouth engulf his hard cock.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 08

group Jeremydcp 2017-10-26

"Fortunately, the hospital in Norway was gracious enough to fax us the results of your previous tests." Dr. Monteverde took a seat on the black stool beside my bed as Scarlett stood up, looking worried. "I will get you an appointment to see Dr. Molberg at the university hospital in Oslo once we return home to Norway," Scarlett told me after Dr. Monteverde stepped out of the examination room. You're going to do everything he tells you, Jeremy." Scarlett leaned down close and looked me square in the eyes. "Yet I still love you, Jeremy, and you being away at the hospital without knowing what the doctors would say helped put things back in perspective for me.


Teens in the woods

group Jimmoo 2017-10-26

The kneeling boy then pulled her legs apart giving me a lovely view of her tight pussy, she wasn't shaven but she didn't have too much hair anyway so her lips were clear to see and the boy clearly became very excited as he pushed her legs further apart and started rubbing his fingers up and down her slit. Clearly he wasn't very excited as he stopped then and, not wanting to miss the opportunity he undid his trousers and pulled out a decent sized but very hard cock, he rubbed the tip up and down against her slit then pushed himself deep into her pussy. She was so wet, two loads of cut and a clearly turned on pussy too, she began stirring as I fucked her hard and fast, my only aim to unload my cum into her teen cunt like the boys had done.

Revolution Makes Me Horny

group PUMPKINOFLOVE 2017-10-26

My brain could think of nothing more than the pleasure of my husband's fingers on my clit and Danette's full lips sucking on mine. Dark Browns and Blacks were not tolerated under the new regime and so we found each other, kept each other safe, hid in the homes of White allies. And now, I was grateful for this space, to moan and breathe in the pleasures of a Black woman's nipples and my loving White husband's laser accurate clitoral caress. Riding Jason's long, lean biker's body, my fingers running through my husband's hair as he lazily savored Anne's beautiful swollen clit -- tugging at it gently with his lips.

A Hotwife's New Years Party

group KenLukin 2017-10-26

Jack knows I need lots of variety and that I'm always up for a dare, so as we were preparing for the party he asked, "Katie, how many people are expected to be at the Miller's tonight?" Then I gave the head of his dick a luscious lick, moistened my lips and slid his lovely manhood deep into my mouth. I absolutely love having a new cock in my mouth and I moved my head in and out rapidly, giving him the beginnings of an intense blow job. I took him fully down my throat, and used it like a velvet pussy to fuck his dick as it stroked through my lips, over my tongue and right through the back of my mouth.

Bi Friends: Bryn Mawr & U of P

group 99PercentStraight 2017-10-26

No mean feat, since she went to Bryn Mawr and boys in the dorm rooms at any time was a big no no. Annie was a petite girl with sparkling eyes and a tiny mouth that always seemed to have a smile. I was successfully smuggled in, and we collapsed into the two tiny beds, Anarkali and I into one, and Annie and Jo into the other. Annie had a Charlie the Tuna nightlight on her side of the room, just above the bed. Annie now lay naked, turned towards the room, on one elbow, looking up at Jo, grinning. They collapsed into long mmmmmmmm sounds, and I lay pinned to the wall by my beautiful, totally bombed girlfriend, my young dick a telephone pole with nowhere to go.

Shower to Shower

group Odysseyker 2017-10-26

Turning around to face the jets of water, Becky picked up her soap and began to rub it in her hands, creating a thick lather. "No. I've only lived here a short time," Derek replied, going on to explain that he had recently got a job at the company where Jamie works, and that's how he came to be invited to this one. While they continued to joke about the remark, Becky's brain began to build mental pictures of Derek pounding away at her friend. I don't know if Jamie wants to get you in the sack or not, but I certainly wouldn't mind." And feeling even more confident, with alcohol enhanced courage, she shuffled a little closer and reached out to trail her fingers along the man's fly.


Cap D'Agde 5

group naturist617 2017-10-26

I worked my muscles against my hubby's cock but I knew that no matter how hard I tried it would be a while before I returned to my "toned" pussy. I told her that my pussy lips had always been on the generous side � and the reason that my pussy looked the way it did was because I too had indulged in a bit of �beach sex� and had in fact taken my hubby and two other guys on the sunlounger in front of all those people. I could tell that my hubby was quite excited by it � he said that Julie always seemed so prim and proper and now I was telling him that she wanted to head down to the beach and watch other people having sex.

Mom goes camping!

group jacobjancsurak 2017-10-26

The first voice I hear up close was Paul, he said, "Holly fuck, David, Mom's sunning her tits." The young shit had a mouth on him I had never heard before. David, said, "Mom's got a great body, better than that girl from school I was screwing." Paul, joined in to say," I saw that fucking, skinny thing, she did not have half the body Mom ha s." Then I could feel their eyes on my tits. Suck it Mom, suck it." David, pulled hard on my hips pulling me back into his wonderful cock, I felt the cum flow into my cunt, I also tasted the first shot of Paul's cum across my tongue.

Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 04

group RonCabo 2017-10-26

Over the next two days, as Robert incorporated Lorna and Gale's ideas into their website, and worked on other clients' sites, he was repeatedly reminded of a thought he had during his initial presentation to his new neighbors and clients: he needed to have his head examined because he had more than he could handle with the other women. But when they greeted him at the door to Gale's house wearing matching tops that appeared to be little more than black bras—though they weren't actually bras—and black yoga pants that looked sprayed on, Robert began to think differently. Now Gale took hold of his cock rubbing his shaft and balls much like Lorna had done when he was prone.


Meeting an Acquaintance

group Joe Peters 2017-10-26

I still hadn't cum and the two of them knew I needed relief soon so Lisa got down off the chair took Laura with her as they sat on the sofa across from with their legs spread and fingers inserted in their pussies as the stared at me with a wild look in their eyes. She started swallowing as the guy in front blew out a big load down her throat which had no problem with; when the two guys fucking came at the same time putting a big smile on her face so when they pulled out three women came forward to suck off the two cocks that just left her body and another ate her pussy and ass clean of cum.


Vicki's Viewpoint Ch. 04

group odlum 2017-10-26

"When you were with my brother," Ted continued awkwardly, "it was all I could do to keep my hands off of you and now..." He did not finish his sentence instead; he bent over and kissed me. Therefore, when I received a website request to organize a bachelor stag at "The Grand Hotel," I replied that I would only be interested if the event was held at the Richelieu Inn. This was a small, family owned motel adjacent to a shopping center on the outskirts of the city, not far from where I lived. "Gentleman," I announced, "Each bowl on this tray, contains the keys to your enjoyment tonight: flavored condoms." I bent forward presenting the tray to Edward and said in a husky voice, "Since you are the special man tonight, you get to choose first.


Naomi's Swinging Debut: A Sequel

group happilymarriedguy 2017-10-26

And while he arched up beneath, blasting a load of hot cum upwards into Naomi's cunt, Tina ground her aching pussy down against Mike's mouth and for once let out a proper cry of ecstasy as she held onto Naomi, burying her face in my girlfriend's neck and holding onto her tightly while the orgasm pulsed through her. The sound and sight of her cumming at the slim girl's hands was enough for me and I started cumming in Tina's mouth but ended with my cock in my own right hand, jerking gushers of cum across Tina's face and over Naomi's tits (and a few splashes onto Mike below) before stumbling back off the bed.

Can't Win for Losing

group MorningStar 2017-10-26

Another thing we learned that evening was the fact she's a female that has one hell of a time getting an orgasm. I know how much my husband had fantasized about having two females take care of his needs at the same time, and I figured what a birthday present this would be. Learning to show a man how to hold me, how to touch my pussy, how to finger me, how to lick the outside while he's spreading my lips with his hand, how to rub the clit till it's as hard as his cock and knowing that when I let myself succumb to the pleasure it gives me, that I glow from the inside out and that light in my eyes makes me beautiful to the beholder.

I Dare You

group Whatslove 2017-10-26

"I dare you to give Chant a hand job while I watch" said Ethan, my boyfriend of 3 years. He already had a bit of a hard on but jumped a little when my hand came into contact with his dick over the fabric of his pants. "If you keep this up any longer i'm going to cum in your mouth" Chant said. I had forgotten Ethan was even there until I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward. My arse cheeks started to spread apart and I felt Ethan's finger smear something cold all over my virgin arsehole. Ethan started to move his dick out of me as Chant was pushing into me.

My Girlfriend's Sister

group fotisampini 2017-10-26

When she finally reached it, I let out a moan, and it wasn't long before her right hand was stroking me and her left was cupping my balls while I fondled Melissa's boobs and pinched her perfect nipples. As Melissa's body began to gyrate slightly and she began to moan more, I moved my tongue up to her clit, flicking across it a few times before gently sucking into her mouth. Melissa was now panting heavily and brought her hands to her own tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples as she moaned and panted, the telltale signs she would cum for me soon. The started to make out, both girls moaning as Melissa rode my dick and I flicked my tongue across Amanda's clit.

Sharing My Girlfriend

group xmx_xfx 2017-10-26

She then pulled me close again for another kiss but while in between my tastes of her tongue she commented how "all of her clothes were uncomfortable after the long day and she wished we were alone so she could take them off." I began to kiss her harder and slipped my hands first up her shirt to massage her perfect tits, then down to her pants where I undid the button and zipper before reaching down to caress her pussy over her panties. Something about the way Sarah looked with my cum running down her stomach (just barely above her pussy) and Jason's cum glistening under her tits, pushed me over the edge again and I deposited another load of hot cum right below her belly button.

The Sexy SIL Ch. 03

group fluidline1 2017-10-26

I broke into a sweat as the image shifted and to a screaming Swati, tossing her head from one side to the other while Radha pushed a large cucumber inside her pussy and began to imitate the in and out movements. Having got to know Radha, I was certain that she wouldn't take a long time to get down to business as soon as possible. The monitor suspended on the wall facing the large couch, the rows of three overstuffed chairs on either side of the couch, the low divan pushed to one side, a center table and the now partially open door that led to the sitting room and from there to the front door. "My god, I never saw anything like this," breathed Swati, her voice quivering and switching over from fondling Radha's breast to kneading and pinching them.


Teen Stud Pt. 04

group teenstudstories 2017-10-26

Elana put her hands on Matthew's hips and began to bob her head up and down his cock. No one in the tent had any problems with having sex in front of an audience, (except maybe Chris who kept glancing over at Matthew and Elana and he was quite red in the face). It wasn't long before Matthew's cock gave Elana yet another orgasm, with his mouth bringing her sister to her first breath - stealing climax of the night just seconds later. "I guess it's your turn for my cock, Abbey," Matthew said, loud enough that he knew Chris could hear and he grinned. Matthew had roped one hand through Abbey's long hair and was pulling her head back, causing her back to arch.

Firemen are the Hottest

group lowflykiwi 2017-10-26

"Cum for me you hunks", were the first words spoken as I started to feel the movement of my fingers over my lips and clit raise the pleasure I desired. With that I continued to place a light kiss on James' now hard cock while continuing to stroke the other rookie's. I continued to switch until James let out a groan and his knees gave a little. As Rodger massaged my hot, wet pussy lips I could feel him rubbing his thick hardness between my ass cheeks. This new intruder forced a moan from me which reverberated against James' saliva covered cock, he in turn let out a groan.

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 08

group daniellesadvisor 2017-10-26

As Tanya watched, surprised but unable to look away, Lisa pulled her husband's shorts down and released his big cock. Lisa moved behind her friend, reached round her and pulled the small bikini away, freeing Tanya's tits to Ellis's gaze. "Look at her big fucking tits, honey." Lisa said to Ellis, cupping Tanya's jugs in her hands. "You want to fuck them?" Ellis merely grinned, pulled his dick from Tanya's mouth and bent his knees, slipping his cock into her cleavage, Lisa pushing her friend's tits together. "Get on your hands and knees." Ellis said, pulling his cock free of Tanya's big jugs.

The Masquerade Ball

group sexynursechef 2017-10-26

Sir Francis was showing off his enormous horse-cock to all the ladies, who were oohing and aahhing it and begging for a chance to give Master John Goodfellow a hot suck and a bob. He locked eyes with her as one of his brides sat on her face and the Viscountess began licking and sucking her pussy. Florence invited her to lie beside her so she could run her tongue all over the woman's wet pussy, tracing patterns into her oversized clitoris, spreading the lips so she could enjoy the rich taste of cunt. Sir Francis was in heaven as he kissed the Viscountess and tasted another woman's quim.

Chris Comes Undone Ch. 04

group Adalefin 2017-10-26

I saw Margaret actually squirming in her seat as Chris talked about how exciting it was to suck one cock while fucking another. I continued kissing and watched Chris pull the bra cups up to reveal Margaret's nipples, a beautiful soft pink color. I joined them and began to kiss my way down Margaret's sleek body watching Chris hover over her licking and touching her breasts. As I came up for air Chris grabbed me and began to sloppy kiss my wet lips and cheeks, obviously tasting her girlfriend's juices that were smeared on my face. When Chris began to cum it set me off too and my hips arched as I pumped my sperm into Margaret's hot little cunt.