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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

second time for us....

group irisandsteve 2017-10-26

He opened her raincoat and took in her lace covered breasts muttering something about how he had thought about this since our last meeting. At that point I couldn’t hold back anymore and disrobed and kneeled on the bed alongside her head so she could take my hardening cock in her mouth. She took our cocks in each hand and began taking turns taking us into her mouth. Then he scrambled to his knees his cock poised above me and jerking himself in a way that caused his hand to blur he unloaded a second time.

At Last, My Fantasy Come True!

group MelissaB 2017-10-26

The man between my legs slides his hands down along my sides, massaging and caressing as his fingers travel, stopping when he gets to my hips. Still breathing hard, the rest of my body freezes in place as his cock makes its way further in, one brief push at a time. The other men take hold of my thighs, gently raking and caressing me with their dark fingertips, helping me to spread wider for the rest of his cock...caressing my breasts...pulling my nipples...squizing my ass cheeks...fingers in my ass...kisses on my neck...biting my tits...raking my sides...pinching my clit...fingers in my hair...hands on my thighs...spreading me open...touching me...feeling me...holding me steady...getting hotter for it....needing it badly....getting even wetter....groaning....moaning....panting...loving every minute of it...


group No Panty Girl 2017-10-26

The occupants of half-a-dozen parked cars looked to see why the interior light had suddenly come on in Joe's truck. I was hoping there was no one who knew me or my fiancé in any of the other cars watching as I put on a show of sucking the big black one. I was about to have a black cock cum in me one more time before I married a white guy. Some guys had got out of their cars and moved closer so they could hear my moans as Joe's cock ravished my cunt. The group standing around got larger and they could easily hear our bodies slapping together and Joe's cock squishing in my cunt.


WOW! I Am A Cum Slut!

group zimabean 2017-10-26

They mentioned how men always remember their first, how great it feels to know that this is the first time guy came inside a girl. Marge was pretty sure her second c***d was fathered by a virgin k** she had let fuck her at some high school pool party. So I laid out on my back and pulled him on top and guided his rock hard cock into my now super wet pussy. He had another hardon and was ready to fuck some more which we did and again he flooded my deepest insides, and outsides for that matter, with more of his hot cum. Five boys stood there with their rock hard cocks in their hands.

The Aruba Experience

group jim313 2017-10-26

By the time we got up to their apartment, my cock was very hard and bursting through my pants and the moment the door closed behind us, Marie zipped down my fly, reached in and removed my fully erect penis and tight, full balls from my pants and proceeded to suck the head of my cock as she played with my balls and I loved every move she made. I was lost in passion and when JP’s penis exploded and sent ropes of hot cum into my mouth, my cock swelled and began shooting jets of cum into his hungry mouth and we sucked deeply on each other to make sure we got the last drops before we relaxed and lay back on the pillows and looked at Tyko and Marie, who were 69ing at the foot of the bed with Tyko on top.


Sharing at the Cinema

group Wes_Sherlock 2017-10-26

Now focused on the other couple Annie and Jude peeked over the rows to see the blonde girls head bobbing slowly up and down in her partner's lap. The kiss seemed to last forever, and as their tongues became intertwined, Annie slid her hand up Blondie's dress, running it up her thigh, moving her underwear slightly to the side and firmly began rubbing her. Jude's hand met Annie's as he also gently ran his fingers up Blondie's leg and began caressing her underwear. Kissing Jude's neck, Blondie's lips traveled down his body until she took him in her mouth and began blowing him sensually. Tearing herself away from Annie and kneeling up, Blondie shuffled towards her boyfriend, took his cock in both hands and began sucking.

Dinner and Some Pussy

group sexylilthang 2017-10-26

I begin to kiss Seth's neck, feeling his breathing become heavy, I nibble my way down his side to his huge throbbing, juicing dick. Anthony comments on my smooth shaved pussy..."no landing strip?" umm mmmm I moan, causing Seth to tingle in pleasure. Anthony says, "I'd love to have a taste of these sweet lips." as he pulls my panties down exposing my wet pussy. Anthony begins to run his hands down the length of my long legs and up again, stopping at the knees to pull them apart. I take his hard, ready to explode dick in my hand and rub the outside of my pussy with the head, teasing. The deeper Anthony's dick slams into me the deeper Seth plunges into my mouth.


group 2017-10-26

I wanted the guys to think I was a whore and guy, black and about 45, looked me up and down before guy asked where would I like it. The black guy passed his end of the love seat to the holding the seat, the black guy walked over and undid The Hispanic said he wanted my ass and the black guy hold the cum in my ass and pussy and rang my husband. there in my cum soaked panties and asked if I looked Every man in the bar including the bartender fucked me 'Guys, I'd like you to meet Cath Hayes from Queens. told him he could touch my tits and pussy if he wanted

Afternoon Daydreams Ch. 01: Birthday

group Soma99 2017-10-26

I had a feeling I was better at giving head then Sarah and wanted to show her up. As she steps into my room I feel like an idiot, just sitting here waiting to find out what she wants me to do to her boyfriend. Was I really about to strip myself naked, put this bow on my head, and parade myself into my living room to be looked at, and eventually groped and used by my roommate's boyfriend? All Sarah was going to say is "It's time for your present" and then I was supposed to walk out with the bow on my head. I think this is when Sarah realized he wanted his dick in my mouth over hers.

Taking Susie Ch. 03

group NickyFaulkes 2017-10-26

They started teasing Susie, rubbing their cocks on her face and tits, sliding them up between her legs to let her grind her little pussy against their shafts. When she pulled her mouth off me and licked my cock up and down, she said, "Please let me drink your come, pump my mouth and pussy full of it." I grabbed her hair and shoved the head of my dick between her lips and came. She was riding one of the girls and had another bent over so she could get her tongue deep in the pussy and ass in front of her when she turned to Bill and Jimmy and asked, "Anybody want a fuck my ass?"

My Wife, the "Groomer"

group taylorscock 2017-10-26

As Alex removed his boxers, Hope said she had never seen a cock like that. Hope said she couldn't help, she spent so much time admiring his manhood that she didn't realize she had been shampooing his cock and balls for 5 minutes. Clara was already practically drunk, she got on the conversation of how awesome Hope is at grooming and wanted to know if I had ever seen her creations. Clara said, "well we are close friends, let me and Alex show you what she did...we are so proud!" I looked over at Hope, she didn't say a word. Hope said, "Clara, I am so sorry...but Alex has the most incredible cock I have ever seen.

A Cabin By The Lake Ch. 03

group desertkat 2017-10-26

She watched as Bill squeezed Kit's breast his fingers dimpling the flesh and he pulled the turgid tip to his mouth and licked it then blew a soft stream of air against it, hardening it even further. Still gripping Kit's wrist Maura rocked forward and pulled her hand tighter against her pussy pushing Kit's finger deeper. He pinched it hard and held her breast tight; his tongue licking his lips as he watched Kit rub the slim over the tip and areola, the smell of female cum filled his nose and went straight to his cock. She wet her fingers again, rubbed more fluid on the nipple and this time sucked it hard into her mouth.

The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 03

group spaldan 2017-10-26

Shortly after Sam returned from the bathroom, Mark drew an Ace. Carly was somewhat suspiciously slow getting her thumb next to her nose, and she and Mark were soon heading for the coat closet near the front door. A few more cards were drawn and then on my turn I drew the final Ace. This time, it seemed like Jenny might have been a little slow getting her thumb to her nose. For a split second a sliver of light entered the closet, illuminating a dim image of Jenny on her knees, her full breasts thrust out below her as she held my dick in her hands and lapped at my cock head with her tongue.


New Holiday Experiences

group theghostwriter 2017-10-26

Lizzie and Suchada had still not appeared but as I passed their room on the way to the bathroom I heard sounds which left me in no doubt they were no longer sleeping and I confess to feeling a tinge of excitement as I imagined what may be going on behind the closed door. I did not linger but returned quickly to the living room and fixed myself a drink and went out to the warm evening air on the terrace to enjoy the magnificent view over the Gulf of Thailand and the lights of the fishing boats twinkling in the distance.

A Wedding Day to Remember

group Linda Jean 2017-10-26

I thought for a tiny moment and said, “Sure, OK, yeah, I can do that, that’s all you want is for me to be naked under my wedding dress and after today when I leave on my honeymoon with Peter, you will give me the rest of the pictures and the negatives?” Terry still holding my panties to his nose said, “That’s right, Tracy, but the is just one more thing. I said, “NO, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me.” I heard Terry say, “I want to watch you suck him off Tracy, suck the kid off, come on, honey you know you want to, you can play with yourself the way you like to as you suck him, baby.” I pushed myself up with my tired arms and kneeling in front of Charlie as he came in front of me I sucked him in my mouth.


Seduction of a Third

group unblest 2017-10-25

I opened the door, knowing it would be you, a smile on my face I could not control. We quickly broke the kiss, ending the stolen moment, if not the building lust, before she stepped out of the bathroom. You hungrily took me into your mouth, your tongue and lips working my length and driving me wild in a way only you could. I watched for a moment, reveling in the sight before me as she licked you, drowning myself in your moans of pleasure, our eyes locking over her. She tried to pull away from you, whether to moan or scream we would never know, but you held her face down by her hair as you began to explode as well.

The Girl I Didn't Know Ch. 03

group angstypleasure 2017-10-25

"Yeah, I have to admit Gordon helped a lot with it," Alex said, putting a hand on my shoulder briefly. "You know," Alex said, sipping a martini, "Tabby might be able to help me to write something I've always thought about, but never known enough to write on - the textile industry in the 1800s and 1900s. "This afternoon you were my biggest fan, and now you're telling me I don't know how to write?" Alex laughed, and reached over to swat at Tabby. Thank you, Alex, I thought as Tabby straddled me and started rubbing on my cock with her pussy. I heard kissing sounds, and I could feel Alex's hand near my groin as she began to work a finger into Tabby's dripping slit.

90% True Ch. 04

group rhev 2017-10-25

I sighed, I knew that I had to work at my part time job on Saturday morning and afternoon myself, but thought that maybe Jen, nina, and I could get together that evening. I couldn't help but think that Jen wasn't that concerned about not seeing me this weekend because she'd been 69ing with Nina all week long. "Lions," I told the short pretty blonde, "Look, if things were different, I'd be all about it, but you know I love Jen. I really don't want to cheat on her." "Awwww," Nina whined, "Jen said she bought a strapon, I thought I was going to get a chance to get both of you to fuck me finally."


My Awakening! Ch. 01

group Magdilynn 2017-10-25

I don't know how long it took me to rejoin the rest of the world but when I did I actually notice Nicklas is sitting to my left sensually taking in every inch of my exposed neck and his warm hand rubbing and lightly pulling at one of my nipples that are now so hard they're tingling with energetic flows of arousal headed straight down my body setting all my quivering female anatomy on fire.

Love in Jamaica Pt. 04: Friends

group tedsgirl 2017-10-25

"Oh yes, you're going to love this." Patti said "Don't be shy, take off the towel." Patti took the scissors and started cutting Claire's pussy hair. "That warm rag does feel nice." Claire said as she watched Patti rub shaving cream all over her pussy. "He'll love it." Patti said looking up at Claire, she just wanted to lick and suck Claire's pussy. "You never know you might like to watch." Ted said thinking back to when Harold was fucking Patti. "I watched you fuck my wife, it was very hot." Ted said wondering what Patti and Claire were doing. "I want to make you feel good." Patti said as she bent down and licked the inside of Claire's thigh.


Nicky's Pool Hall Night

group RedVixon 2017-10-25

I saw that Frank was on the table now and he was on his back fucking Nicky's ass while Amy was eating her pussy. I watched Amy walk over to Frank and whisper in his ear as her hand grabbed and stroked his cock and then he slowly looked up at me. I had to take my cock out, it was already rock hard and the tip was wet again and hearing Frank fucking Amy all the way home was not helping. Frank then got underneath her and Amy said, "I want both your cocks in my pussy just like you did with Nicky." As Frank and I got a good rhythm going, we weren't taking it easy on Amy. We fucked her as fast as possible without our cocks coming out of her.

Sex Party Ch. 02

group jasliz 2017-10-25

The blonde backed away from his wet cock and stripped her panties off, turned backwards and with the help of the redhead sat down on Brandon. It wasn't a minute later before I was watching Brandon slide his huge cock into the blonde's ass. The redhead had knelt next to the blonde in the chair and began playing with her pussy and touching Brandon's cock as it slid in and out of the blonde's ass. Red kept adding saliva and pussy juice to Brandon's cock and the Blonde seemed to love his extensive penis sliding in and out of her bowels. Red helped ease his cock back into her ass and she went to town, dropping and rising off his shaft while Brandon fondled her fake breasts.



group Noghri 2017-10-25

I watched Jan through the mirror as I felt her hands slid over my ass as she pulled my panties up bunching the material into my ass so that my cheeks were exposed in simulation of a thong. "Your pussy feels so wet." Jan pushed her finger deeper into my soaking cunt. The next thing that I knew Jan had pulled my saturated panties to my ankles and was pushing her tongue into my pussy. I felt her hands cup my breasts giving them a firm squeeze before her fingers fell to my nipples, pulling on the already rigid flesh. Tough Jan was doing a good job of hold her panty away from her pussy it was starting to feel in the way.


And, So It Goes Ch. 05

group The Mouse 2017-10-25

I surmised this when, to complement the heavy-duty kissing that was going on, Sue slipped her left hand – the one freer to move – inside the open neck of your shirt, the movement causing a further button to pop open and allowing me to see her hand stroke your breast softly until she was cupping the full weight in her palm, her finger and thumb gently nipping the flesh of your already stiff, naked nipple; the moan of delight that escaped from between your still-locked lips almost caused Stuart to swerve off the road, so sexually charged did it sound.