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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Test Driving Wendy - Part Two

group stockingsandgarters 2018-10-31

Sue fell forward on my chest, Steve pulled out and rolled to the floor, Jake stood and went to sit on the sofa next to Mel. I heard him whisper “Ass please” in her ear as he sat down; it made me smile because Mel and I had taken to referring to him as the Ass Bandit on account of his obvious predilection. Steve practically ran over to Mel in his eagerness to beat anybody else to her, grabbed a handful of her ass and said, “I choose you.” Mel laughed, grabbed him by the cock and used it to lead him to a vacant sofa, where she pushed him down then sat beside him and bent over to suck his dick.

Kaylee's Big Interview (part two)

group joeycee 2018-10-31

Tara pressed a hand on the chest of the man who had just been in Tara’s mouth, and he stepped away. Kaylee barely had time to take in the scene before there was a hand on the back of her head, and another man shoving his cock in her mouth. The man from behind had a grip on her ponytail and was pulling her head back while men took turns face fucking her. Kaylee watched as the man pulled out of Tara and rested for a moment before walking away. Tara rested her other hand on the shoulder of the fat man who was now leaning over Kaylee and fucking her deeply but slowly.

My first threesome

group erotikstoryteller 2018-10-31

However, once we were alone together in his car he told me that he didn’t really find my friend attractive and they weren’t seriously dating but he was really attracted to me and wanted to take me back to his apartment. At some point Fitz had removed his pants and had positioned his dick at my face in an attempt to get me to suck it but I didn’t want to suck his dick so he turned me over and put me in doggy style slipped on the condom and entered my wet pussy. Fitz came in my pussy the same time his friend came into my mouth and like the little slut I didn’t know I would become, I swallowed all of his cum.

OHGIRL: Homeless Summer

group ohgirl1 2018-10-31

He asked if he could have some, so I said yes and turned the bag of chips and cookies towards him, as I sat it on my lap He reached for them but went past and leaned over, his hand quickly going up my dress and his fingers sliding into my slippery, cum-coated opening. His cock quickly found my opening and slid in, his hips rapidly thrusting while he pulled the top of my dress down and began sucking on my right nipple. Soon he was finished and I had barely gotten his cock out of my mouth when the curtain parted and 5 or 6 unkempt and homeless looking men burst through the plastic liner of a door and began to vie for position in front of me.

Black Dominatrix

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

Troy is a tall, large Black man. Troy continued to pump his cock into my butt like there was no tomorrow, then he came and pulled out of me. I remember a man named Kurt who visited me with his wife Joan. Kurt was a tall, good-looking African-American man in his early forties. Joan was a tall, good-looking Irish-American woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. This handsome older Black man seemed to love getting fucked in the ass by a younger Black woman with a dildo. As I fucked Kurt, I noticed that his cock got wickedly hard. I loved the sight of Kurt howling in pleasure as he came, filling his wife's asshole with his cum.


Two Couples on a Yacht

group NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-10-31

A few years ago he had met Nina, a lawyer for one of the bigger firms in LA; she was more like Jack than Max. Dressed according to the latest fashion, always on social media, and loved the gossip magazines. Then I walked loudly up the steps and when I was out on deck again Nina was sitting in her sun chair wiping her lips with the back of her hand and Max had his back turned to me. When she spread Luci’s ass cheeks apart I thought she would stop sucking me, but she didn’t instead she said a few words to Nina and kept on going.

Robert and My Wife - 3

group tcg 2018-10-31

I'm laying there telling you how good you are tonight, and then I find out I've been acting like a whore for Robert." Then she went on to say she couldn't believe that another man had fucked her and shot is seed into her, and that she had given herself to him. Stacey and I had gotten back to having sex again, and the experience she'd had with Robert only fueled our sex life, so I thought I'd try and ask her, but I wanted to fuck Margaret. Soon Robert said he was starting to cum, and Stacey told him to go ahead as she wanted to taste him.

A Mad Desire to Fuck - Chapter 2

group kristyflowers 2018-10-31

After seeing that, all I wanted to do was walk into that house, open the door and stuff my cock into that woman who was being fucked from behind. I told Chris about how I walked to the end of the street and discovered that angelic white house, and then how I decided to take a look and saw how all the people of the local town were having one massive orgy in there. It was when her roommate, Vivan, knocked on my door and asked if she could sleep in my room for the night that I first discovered how much Sabrina loved to fuck.  My jaw dropped when Vivian lead me to her room and I saw how Sabrina was being fucked by four guys at the same time. 

Sarah - Part Thirteen B

group mike8253 2018-10-31

While Maggie slowly slid her wet pussy up and down on my shaft, Sarah played with Maggie’s tits and nipples and whispered into her ear. As I fucked Maggie, Sarah knelt on the side of the bed next to Maggie and played Maggie like a piano, one hand at the far end of the “keyboard” twisting and pulling on a nipple, the other hand at the far left of the “keyboard” rubbing Maggie’s clit and making Maggie moan loudly. Sarah held Maggie close and stroked her hair and face, as I slowly continued to slide my cock in and out of Maggie’s wet slit. This went on for several more minutes, me fucking Maggie in the ass at a steady pace, Sarah fingering Maggie’s slit; and Maggie breathing heavy, making more guttural noises and yelling “Yes”, “More”, and “Fuck my ass” over and over.

The School- Part Five

group 1941aaa 2018-10-31

She then went down on her knees before me and with her left hand, the one on the far side of Peter and Ann, started to fondle my balls and kissed and licked the head of my erection before taking as much as she could into her mouth. I looked over and saw Peter’s hand fondling and squeezing Ann’s breast, before moving down, and I heard him tell her to lift her right leg and saw it rise and then watched as his fingers disappeared up into her. Ann’s legs opened and Peter moved in between them and he paused, giving me a twist to the guts as I watched his red headed cock slowly disappear into Ann. Penny’s hand grasped my wrist in an iron grip and paralysed my fingers.

Independence Day, Part Two

group Delphi 2018-10-31

Daphne felt Steve’s hand creep under the drape of her skirt and slide his fingers along her slit over her underwear like a question. His finger parted her pussy lips, slipping down her little slit as Steve’s dick traced over the side of her cheek and bumped against her mouth. “I want you to know I’m not coming here.” His finger slid her cum down the crack of her ass as he flexed, slamming his cock inside her and narrowing everything world down to pure sensation. “When I leave tonight, I need my mouth, pussy, and ass to be full of fucking sperm to let me know how thoroughly I’ve been fucked.” The words jolted from her lips between gasps as his dick battered her ass.

A Successful Black Man In Canada

group Samuelx 2018-10-31

Damn, I thought to myself as I admired Mouna Hassan's big round ass as the sexy Black woman began undressing. Mouna Hassan doesn't wear the hijab like so many Muslim women I see in Ontario but I still thought she might be conservative on account of her background. Like many successful Black men living in North America and Europe, I married a tall, beautiful, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian woman. There you have it, a look at the life of a six-foot-two, good-looking, educated and successful Black man living in Ontario, Canada. I have a wonderful life and happy marriage with my gorgeous Caucasian wife, and a lovely mixed-race son, and I get Black pussy on the side.


The Connemara Club

group AlanMac 2018-10-31

She then found that she was unsure what way to move and looked to Rosie who grinned and said, "Would you like a little guiding to get you started Marie." Marie nodded and Rosie straddled Gerald's thighs and leant forward so that she was pressed against Marie's back and then placing her hands at the sides of Marie's stomach she began to move and Marie found that she was also finding an easy rhythm and that for the second time today a different position of love making was sending new pleasures through her body.

Double Pleasure With PG Girls

group bava12 2018-10-31

I layed her on the bed and removed her jean and panties and kissed her thighs and her pussy and started licking it.she moans in ecstasy and fingered her with my three fingers.Her thighs begin to shiver.I separated her thighs and licked her hairy pussy again and again holding her boobs with one hand I removed my trouser and put my penis on her mouth. Then I lied down this time Meena is holding my penis in hand and sucking .Latha is sitting on my mouth and rubbing her pussy front and back . We cummed,urinated,teased ,bite and hold each other,licked buttocks,thighs we three fucked Saturday night and Sunday I fucked them in different positions till my penis and their pussy pained.


group pandsal 2018-10-31

Paris has been a favourite destination for many years, not least because Catherine likes to fine tune her mastery of the language at regular intervals: she is Head of Modern Languages at the most sought-after school in our home city. "But I have to ask you again," Catherine said, "are you sure that's something you could cope with: watching me with another man? As we drove there,Catherine asked, not for the first time, "Don't you find it suspicious that Michael has left his wife at home while he is on this jaunt? Michael asked about anal; Catherine conceded that a careful finger would be acceptable but no more.

Fantasy Come True

group starchild 2018-10-31

When we finally came to a building, it had a sign outside saying "The Fantasy Bar." I was now officially nervous. Two girls came to me then, and started to pull my shirt up. The girls started feeling my arms, the men my legs, not touching anything, coming close to my boobs and soaking pussy but never actually touching. I tried to move my hips in the direction of the one man's wandering hands, and he just smiled slyly and pulled his hand farther down my leg. The first piece of relief I felt was when a man was now at my side, and he and the other women started sucking my nipples.

Apartment Mayhem Part 4

group Donato 2018-10-31

"Oh my fucking God, you are so good, yes, yes, eat my cunt, suck me, harder, ohhhhhhh, yesss, there, there , oh , I'm cumming again....", and her back arched off the pool table as Dick sucked hard on her clit and labia, his mouth awash with her pussy juice. She let go of her legs and raised her ass with her hands to give him more entry, His cock was so deep in her but she needed to know that he was completely in and said, "Oh Dick, its so good, give me all of it, I want you entirely in my body, I want to fuck you completely, give me all of it..".


Jingle Belles

group Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

There are six people in the office: myself as office manager, and three girls, Angelina, Jill, Becky, along with two guys, Robert and Tom as insurance representatives. She was moaning like crazy, holding Jill's head firmly on her tit and the other hand covering mine at her pussy. When Becky found the strength to stand, she got up and moved over to the leather couch in my office next to Angelina who was herself just recovering from her orgasm. While Angelina fucked with a steady, yet very pleasing build towards her orgasm, Jill was like a rocket - she started out full throttle and never slowed down a bit! Finally it was Becky's turn and just like the other two, I moved my hand over and began warming her up before I finished Jill.


group Dracon6217 2018-10-30

“No, I have a fiance !” Dan protested and started to pull away, but LaTanya stepped up, grabbed his shoulder and said: “Don't move”as the babydoll blonde began lightly sucking his cock, her tongue explored the growing length of his shaft, causing Dan to gasp in pleasure. As Nina drove the strap-on in and out of his mouth, Anita the redhead knelt down, their faces level to each other with her long-nailed hand caressing his shoulder and said: “Oooh, Officer, you look so pretty sucking cock like that !” cheering/taunting him. Dan felt like he was stuck in a delicious trap, with Rosita's pussy grinding on his cock, working him mercilessly while Nina teasingly fucked his ass with expertise; knowing all the right spots to give him the kind of pleasure and humiliation that is life-changing.

Tom's afternoon liason

group bondtom99 2018-10-30

Jen was moaning, "Ohh, Tom, yes." Then she started grinding on his cock, teasing him. Jen began licking her friend's wet pussy as she continued grinding on Tom's crotch. Undoing her skirt, Jen revealed her wet shaven pussy to Tom. She lay back on the bed spreading her legs. Recovering from her orgasm, Stella moved onto the bed and asked Tom to lay on his back as she took her position on his cock. As she bounced faster, she could feel him thrust harder into her moving his hips to meet hers. Jen sat on his face, placing her wet pussy at his lips. Starting with long deep strokes, Tom pushed his cock, covered in Stella's wet juices, into Jen's wet and waiting pussy.

Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 08

group Samuelx 2018-10-30

Maria Fortes, the big-booty Hispanic mama who considered herself a deeply conservative Catholic was into licking pussy. I loved bending Maria Fortes over and giving her big ass a good spanking. Not only was this deeply religious Hispanic woman a closet dyke but she was also the kind of sexually submissive slut who gets off on being dominated by a rich, bossy white woman. As a dominant lesbian, I've always loved the idea of sexually taming one of those rude, arrogant and downright vicious Black sluts from the inner city. The big Black woman squealed as she got butt-fucked by a dominant white chick wearing a thick strap-on dildo. I smacked Gina's big butt, loving the way it jiggled as I fucked her.


What A Thursday!

group Snuggles 2018-10-30

              Finally, I hear the truck door shut and here comes my Steve with a case of beer and a sly little smile on his face and right behind him was his childhood friend Mike with another case. Steve pulled his wet cock out of my mouth and backed up to the other couch giving Mike room.             Steve pulled me away from Mike’s dick and had me down on the floor on my hands and knees still fucking me from behind and Mike moved to sit in front of me on the floor offering his cock back to my waiting mouth. Mike pulled out and rolled me over to my back so he could fuck me from the front and Steve positioned over me so I would continue to suck on his long stiff dick.

Valentine's Day Threesome

group silkstockingslover 2018-10-30

I sat at the bar, in clear view of the couple, and made sure to position myself so they both got a good long look at my silk stocking-clad legs. Wanting to play her game and keep her happy, I looked up and answered, rather submissively, "I love your sweet cunt, it is so fucking delicious." Linda moved between my legs and rubbed her plastic cock head up and down my already wet pussy lips...teasing me ruthlessly. I quit fucking myself as I enjoyed the orgasm spreading through me and felt a hand slap my ass before Linda began fucking my still pulsating pussy. Again incredibly enjoying being treated like a slut, I leaned forward and engulfed my best friend's boyfriend's super-sized cock.


Black Football Stud

group Samuelx 2018-10-30

I thrust into her mouth and admired Nikki's curvy butt as she jiggled in front of me. With Lisa sucking my cock like it was going out of style, I came. I watched her insert one of her thick brown fingers up Lisa's ass while I fucked her. I squeezed my cock out of Lisa's ass, to see Nikki looking at me expectantly. Instead of letting me squeeze my cock into her pussy, Nikki opted for something else. I spread her lovely butt cheeks wide open, and squeezed my cock in between. Lisa watched us, fingering herself as I took Nikki. It wasn't long before I came, the vise-like pressure of her ass around my cock bringing me to sweet ecstasy.