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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Halloween 2003

group rosewall 2017-10-25

As Tammy left, Richard and Linda did some finishing touches and left for the party. Standing in the living room in a pair of shorts, Mark said to Debbie Moore, dressed as Jane, Watching the two couples, Larry walked up behind Linda and started kissing her neck. After Debbie came twice she moved Richard to his back and positioned his cock at the opening to her pussy. Terri reached a hand inside Debbie's shorts and felt her moist pussy. with a hand moving around the folds of Terri's Pussy, Debbies turned to kiss her. They all went up stairs, after showing Richard and Linda the spare bedroom, they stopped at their room. At the foot of the bed Terri started sucking Richard's cock.


group treacleboy 2017-10-25

Still holding your face in her hands, Marina and you both turn to see her rocking on my cock, pumping that cock in and out of her, plunging it deeper into her pussy, her legs angled in such a way that you can see it all shoving its way up inside her, and then out, and then in, her moans becoming tight, short screams as it goes in her again, in her again, reaching a frenetic stage where she's so lost she doesn't know what she's doing, just wanting more of that juicy cock to fill her up and make her cum, cum soo good.

Best Bartender In The World

group papafrogger 2017-10-25

Donna pulled out of her sister and stepped back stroking the dildo that was shiny from Leslie's juice, "She's ready for it now Bob. Her cunt is all nice and wet," she slid her fingers in Leslie's gaping cunt and fingered her then stepped over to let me suck the juice from her hand, "She tastes good doesn't she sweetie? Donna was standing next to the bed and encouraging us both to fuck, "Fuck her pussy Bob, harder baby!" she pinched Leslies nipples making her squirm and moan, "That's it sis take all that hard cock, milk his cum out sweetie.


Old Friends

group grevieby 2017-10-25

Helén was living with a guy back then, but Hubby says they made love about five times a week back then, not to mention the blowjobs or handjobs she would give him during coffee breaks while they worked together. Whereas Helén is a little petite brunette, Catherine is a beautiful blonde, but a big woman. I remember once when she was over, Helén, Catherine, Hubby and I were sitting on the couch in the living-room chatting when all of a sudden Catherine turned to me and blurted out, ‘I have to suck-off your man’ and proceeded to do so. I just reply, ‘Thats what friends are for.’ And I know when hubby returns home he will be the good husband ready to make love to me and fulfill my every need.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 77

group SteveWallace 2017-10-25

I had thought we'd have some kind of little sex party that evening, but Wes, Scott, Juul, Rolfe, Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, and Monica were all sort of fucked out from working all day fucking. I said, "Linda, I want to tell you a lot of things - all positive, I might add - but I think I should let Lucas find his own pace and words to talk to you." I gave her a very encouraging grin. I think that's why I love all these sex parties and our crazy lifestyle so much; it's filled with orgasms: orgasms from dedicated lovers like Deke, and orgasms from my sisters who also understand the female body, especially how to eat someone's cum from deep inside.


Springtime in the Woods

group passion_fruit 2017-10-25

Katie came over and took my arm, "How would you feel about having your picture taken?" she asked, "Rich has always wanted to take pictures of me with another girl." I could feel Katie's hard nipples brushing against my back as she first cupped my breasts with both hands and then slid one hand suggestively down my stomach, fingertips stopping just inside my knickers. "Right," said Rich a little shakily, "Do you want to give me an email address so I can send you copies?" The tension broken, we suddenly realised we were in the woods, completely naked and covered in cum.

My Friends Parents

group zimabean 2017-10-25

I can't pump this thing up anymore." And as Tom said that he turned the lid releasing a massive amount of pressure along with the poison bug killing chemical that was inside the tank. "Oh my, guess you are right but you better not tell any body." Vicki said as she turned and took my cock in her mouth. She hardly got started when Tom stuck his cock in her doggy style and made about three pumps causing Vicki to sit up in protest. "Wow Kenny, you had Vicki pretty greased up but I got off anyway." Tom said as he pulled his limp dong from her.

Laurie Is Insatiable Ch. 03

group ClevelandRocks 2017-10-25

As the plane began its slow descent into Heathrow, my cock made a hard assent up to my seatbelt knowing that it would soon have Laurie as a willing and able target. As the plane began to level off seven miles over the Atlantic, Laurie snuggled close to me, unzipped my pants and slid her head under the blankets. While I was pumping the mouth I love full of cum, Rachel had sent Laurie so far over the top that I was afraid that screaming would be heard from under our blankets. Our faces met for what I thought would be a tender kiss, but Laurie let a dollop of my cum slide off her tongue into my waiting mouth...nothing like a "snowball" from a hot lover.

Club Night

group MaAndPaKettle 2017-10-25

"Might as well," she said with a smile, "not that much talent about at the moment." Steve racked the balls and, perhaps distracted by Anna's gorgeous arse as she played her shots or the thoughts of lost opportunities with the lovely redhead, promptly missed enough shots to give Anna the game easily. Steve smiled, "I know that," he said with a wink at Anna, "it was the sparkling company wasn't it?" He looked at her with an innocent expression on his face. "You like sex anywhere," said Anna with a wink at Kate, "he's a bloody ram!" she bent and whispered loud enough for Steve to hear. "Kate is coming back with us," said Anna with a smile then she leant forward and whispered in his ear, "two years Steve!


Prof Davis Checks In

group tabber 2017-10-25

Stephanie arched her hips upward and I pressed the head of my cock against her hot, moist pussy lips. Feeling left out of the moment, Kyla spun around until she had her head underneath Stephanie's thighs. Stephanie moaned at the passion she was feeling from my thrusts and Kyla's licking. I leaned forward a bit while somehow maintaining my pumping, and pushed Stephanie's head downward until she could lick Kyla's pussy again. Two naked women in a 69 position and me with my boxer briefs slowly sliding down my thighs as I pumped my cock in and out of Stephanie. I pulled out of Stephanie's pussy and slammed my cock HARD between the cheeks of her tight ass.

Tonya's Torment Ch. 02

group -SADIE- 2017-10-25

Andrew slowly slid his spent cock from Tonya's messy wet cunt, and walked over to Gina, "I told you I could get her in my storage room," he said, giving Gina a long, steamy kiss. Gina cracked a smile and twisted her fingers through Tonya's thick red hair, gently pushing her mouth in further, "That's it, slut, suck that clit like you'd suck a cock, make me flood your face." "Keep fingering yourself, slut," said Andrew, looking over at Tonya, "I wanna watch you while I fuck my baby." "Look into the camera," said Gina to Tonya, "Tell us how much you've enjoyed yourself, how much you loved Andrew's cock in your cunt, in your ass and in your mouth and tell us you wanna do this all the time.

Night of Many firsts Ch. 02

group DonAbdul 2017-10-25

As he breaks the deep kiss and begins to nibble on her lower lips, she starts to reach for her wet cunt, seeking to pacify her throbbing clit, but just before she makes contact, he seizes her by the hand and leads her further into the room. By the time he gets to her honey coated pussy, she has had two minor orgasms, and as he eats the honey, licking it off her swollen pussy lips and nibbling on then in the process, her third orgasm is brewing fast like a major storm deep in her loins.

Housewife & Her Tales Part 2

group altaff143 2017-10-25

You wait here, Mem Sahib while I go and tackle her.' Lakshmi said and leaving Anita there, vanished. She could feel the last of her defenses drifting and melting away with his knowing touch and she couldn't help wondering as to how on earth a man like Bhavu had such perfect knowledge about a woman's orgasms. 'Actually there is nothing more pleasant than watching your own reflection sucking somebody's cock.' Bhavu said as he led Anita towards the dressing table. As Bhavu fondled her sensitive tits and nipples, Anita f***ed herself to swallow every bit of his cock ,her lush lips brushed against his hairy base while her fingers involuntarily and gently busily played with his balls.

The Castle Ch. 02

group nisaea 2017-10-25

Turning around in mine and rubbing her ass against my hard cock, she tells me, before leaving for the bathroom: "Did you ever make love in the water?..." When she gets out a few minutes later, she has a towel wrapped around her, and throws one to me: "Here, I'm going to take a shower; want to join me?" "Don't worry about the tents Iann, this land belongs to the Castle, so we probably know everyone here." After saying that, Laurie, followed by Lisa, jumped off their horses and ran to the lake. All of a sudden, after feeling quite a gush of her girl-cum flow into my mouth, she pulls out of my reach and lets my cock fall back down to my belly.


Ann & Ben's Other Seduction

group metacarpal 2017-10-25

Bev was a bit shocked as Ann pushed the legs of Ben's trunks up to expose his buttocks to the massage. "Do you like it better here?" Ann asked mischievously..."Or here?" as she slid it back into Bev's vagina, this time much deeper, making her groan again. When Ann suggested they retire back to their room for some really nice sex, Bev felt like sprinting back to the hotel with them. She found herself standing in the middle of the room, Ben cuddling close behind her, his erection rubbing against her buttocks, massaging her breasts and holding them for Ann to cuddle close against her front, licking and sucking her nipples as she let her fingers wander through Bev's pubic hair before search for her clitoris.

Meeting the Professor

group schoolgrrl 2017-10-25

Lauren looked up at Robert laughing softly, "I was just telling Gretchen that I can't believe we invited you up here... My tongue traced Lauren's thighs as he teased my pussy, her hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer to her cunt. Robert pressed the flat of his tongue hard against my clit and started to flick it, making me moan against Lauren's pussy. Slowly, I began to lick the outer folds of her pussy, using my finger to spread her lips, to rub between them, and find her hard little clit. I sucked her on clit as hard as I came, and Lauren started to juice into my mouth, her sweet thick cum running over the top of my tongue and my lips.


A Little R&R

group ems32 2017-10-25

I turned over onto my knees and looked back at Tom. Dave smiled at me as I slid my mouth back down on his cock and Tom knelt behind me fingering my dripping pussy, then slid his cock against my lips, not yet going inside me, teasing me. As Dave's cock quivers between my breasts, I take Tom in my hands, gently licking his cock all the way from head to his balls, stroking his balls with my tongue, back up to lick the shaft, tasting myself from when he fucked me earlier. I slide one hand down, rubbing the cock between my breasts, and briefly lift my mouth off of Tom to lick Dave.

Mister Jack Miller Ch. 07

group JackKeith 2017-10-25

I clicked the remote and the door buzzed again and she walked in, giggling like a schoolgirl when she saw the luxurious surroundings I had invited her to, and, as if wanting to have her body exposed to the rest of us for as little a time as possible, she slipped right into the water and asked me to pour her a glass of white wine. Mom and Shari were looking up at the stars, so I figured the girls had timed their little show so only I could see, and was confirmed in that thought when I looked at them and they gave me a conspiratorial wink before Alex finally said, "Okay, you guys, I think we've tortured Jackie enough for one night."


Cherry Pie

group danmeaks 2017-10-25

My girl is just enjoying a late night snack." Vera looks over at Bobby and sees the two girls sucking his cock. "Well, this isn't what I meant by a break, but since no one seems to object; go for it." Bobby leaned back to enjoy the show and stroked his cock as Stephanie pulled Jenny's thong down from under her skirt. If you could live up to him, the cherry pie is on the house." Vera said as she tried hard to look away from Stephanie eating out Jenny. Vera's watched Bobby's cock now as Biff is now going down on her. Bobby blows his wad all over Stephanies cunt and stomach as Vera strokes his exploding cock.

The Cheerleader's Treat

group PornMasterJ 2017-10-25

She leaned up and licked his lips, then whispered, "I think since you did so well in the game tonight, you deserve a little congratulations." And, with that, she ducked down, tiny hand wrapped around his shaft, and began to lick the head of his cock. As Ally began to bounce in Nick's lap, pumping his cock from her tight lips, the boy in front of them and off to the left woke up and glanced back, blinking at the sight he found in the back of the bus. He swallowed as he watched Ally's little body ride Nick's lap, his mouth around her nipple, hand grasping her ass.

training mother

group german-rosi 2017-10-25

Once in my bed room she orders me to get undressed, witch I did …as I was naked I saw her boyfriend in the corner filming me, she picked out a set of red panties for me and a red bra where my boobs hung out , once dressed she blindfold me and took me to the living room, as we entered I could feel that there were others in the room ….she said okay everyone this is our play toy for the night she is a nasty fat whore who likes to be fucked ..she then pressed a ball gag in to my mouth, then she said come on feel her fat ass and big soft tits after all you payed for a fun night now you´ll have one, I felt hands all over my body ..touching me, my boobs, my ass , my cunt, my legs , I was getting so wet that it was running down my legs, when someone removed my panties by cutting them at the sides …someone said woo look a the fur on her muff and they all started to laugh….

Tina Pleases Her Friends

group Kama_Sutra_Nation 2017-10-25

When Tina reached her boyfriend Raju's house, it was locked. Raju immediately grabbed Nina around her waist and clamped a kiss on her lips. "Tina, she is Nina, Vicky's and now my friend. "Honey, enjoy yourself with Vicky while I fuck this bitch Nina", said Raju. Tina knew how good Raju was with his hands on a pussy. As Tina opened her lips, Vicky let the beer from his mouth run into hers. Nina then started pricking Tina's firm ass, and touching her pussy as Vicky's penis kept pounding it. Finally Vicky let out a loud grunt as his dick spurted out a hot load of cum in Tina's cunt. Nina grabbed Tina and looked straight into her eyes and locked her lips with her lips again.

Aftermath Confessions Ch. 05

group DMercator 2017-10-25

She looked right at me in the dark, her fingers entwined in Jeff's hair, pushing one tit into his sucking mouth while she pinch and twisted the large dark eraser shaped nipple of the other. Her mouth was so close I could feel her warm breath against my shaft and the tips of her nipples brushing against my thighs as she began to make little cooing sounds. She kept alternating between pushing her breast deep into my open, sucking mouth and pulling it away as she leaned down to run her fingers between my legs and over my throbbing member. I felt her press against my lips, but when I opened wide to take her in, it was the bulbous head of Jeff's cock that filled my sucking mouth.


Two Months

group goaltender 2017-10-25

For that matter, so did Deb. She was happy to play along with Aaron's request, and found that she loved the feeling of two hard cocks inside her at one time, even if one was only plastic. Aaron and Deb had known Kim and Brandon for years. Deb directed Aaron to take Brandon and head off into the den, leaving Kim free to finish dinner. Deb watched him carefully, worried that she had misunderstood how much interest Aaron had in sharing her with another man, if he felt betrayed that she would even suggest such a thing. I do want to help Brandon and Kim. It's..." Aaron paused. Deb wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, and, sensing no more hesitation from Brandon, wrapped her lips around the head and began to gently suck.